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Found 3 results

  1. Nick was born in France, in a carpenter's family. At 16 years old, his dad died and there was no one to take care of the family's company. Nick went to Brest to find a job in woodwork but maritime carpentry is different to house's carpentry. So he found a job in fishing, his skills allow him to work a little the wood on ships and to learn some tips. When he was 19 years old, a trader offers him a job on a little trader ship. Nick loves travels so he accepted this job as seaman and sometimes carpenter. After 2 years and some crossing, an ugly pirate ship attacked the trader ship. The pirates was very nasty so all the crew surrendered immediately! They captured a cooker and Nick for his skill in woodwork. The Pirate captain was very terrible, he smell the death and had no mercy. No one dared to say his name, all sailors called him Capt No One and said the whole crew was condemned by a curse. Nick sailed for 3 years with this captain and his crew, capturing some ships and fleeing the National's warships in Bahamas. A day, when they were docked in an island no far from Nassau, Nick had the idea to escape from this bad ship. He did it and sailed in a pinnace to Shroud Cay. In Shroud Cay, Nick found a job in carpentry but on land. After 2 months, Nick begun to be sick and understood it was the curse! He couldn't remain on land, he had nausea, land sickness and became more and more wicked and aggressive... He understood he would to sail for all his life for him and for his entourage so he bought a ship, a Trader Snow who needed some works to sail again. With his skill in woodwork, he repaired this ship, added some cannons, recruted some crew and began his pirate's career as Capt Nick the Cursed. Once the flag and a name for his ship choosen, The Wound, he retrieved a map and began his big travel around the Caribbean.
  2. Preface: The following is an extensive list of suggestions intended to take this beautiful game the devs have given us and help it realize its full potential. A roadmap if you will. I wouldn't expect for any of these changes to come quickly as some of them will take considerable scripting time and the dev team is doing this as a project of love, but having a road-map is always useful when trying to find your destination. I hope to be playing this game 5 years from now. The skeleton is there, but for that to be a reality some changes need to be made. I will attempt to detail some of the suggestions I have come across from others on the forums as well as myself below without getting too long winded but if there are any questions about any of the following please feel free to ask in thread or send me a PM. I will try to move in a logical fashion from introduction towards long term sustainability. This post is to spur discussion on game improvements and not intended to be a final decision on numbers or specifics. Warning: I may have gone a bit too far. ################################################################################ (Edit: Added this color to indicate something has already been covered in a previous post or it is not covered in detail in this post or is a recipe and is not super important to understanding the concepts..) section 1-8 > http://forum.game-la...le-of-contents/ 9-10 > http://forum.game-la...p-section-9-10/ 11-12> http://forum.game-la...sections-11-12/ 13-14 http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/12747-the-road-map-sections-13-14/ ################################################################################ Table of Contents 1.)Server Transfers 2.)Sailing Speed a.)Trade Currents 3.)Character Creation and Nation Select 4.)Start Ports upon Map Reset 5.)Conquest Admiralty Missions a.)Conquest Mission b.)Secondary Mission 6.)Diplomacy (National) a.)Mechanics (Admiralty) 1.)Allies and War 2.)Surprise Attacks 3.)Trade Agreements 4.)Raids 5.)Diplomatic Delegation 6.)Trade Mission 7.)Missionary b.)Mechanics (Player) 1.)Reinforcements 2.)Captured Officers c.)Levels d.)Increasing/ Decreasing National Diplomacy 7.)Standing/ Notoriety/ Diplomacy (Player) a.)Mechanics 1.)Traders 2.)Piracy 3.)Letter of Marquee 4.)Bounty Hunters 5.)Letter of Pardon 6.)Faction Change b.)Levels c.)Increasing / Decreasing Standing 8.)Admiralty / Pirate Cove and Admiralty Points a.)Missions b.)National Initiatives c.)Commissions 1.)Commission Officers 2.)Ships of the Line 3.)Outpost Certification d.)Goods and Services 1.)Ships 2.)Resource Bundles e.)Earning Admiralty Points 1.)Missions 2.)Turn ins 3.)Game-play 9.)Resources and Resource Distribution a.)Common b.)Uncommon c.)Rare d.)Nation Specific 1.)Dyes 2.)Goods e.)Resource distribution Overview f.)Types of Port 1.)Capital 2.)Regional Capital 3.)Alternate Starting port 4.)Mining 5.)Agricultural 6.)Homestead 7.)Forestry 8.)Free Towns g.)Specific port Distribution (Coming soon) 10.)Production and Manufacture Buildings a.)Production Buildings 1.)Logging 2.)Mining 3.)Plantation 4.)Hunting Lodge 5.)Fishery b.)Manufacturies 1.)Carpenter 2.)Lumber Mill 3.)Forge 4.)Refinery 5.)Provisioner 6.)Textile Mill 7.)Academy 11.)Seamen, Officers, and their Abilities a.)Recruits 1.)Recruitment Office 2.)Boarding Combat b.)Training 1.)Experience 2.)The Academy c.)Usage and Abilities 12.)Port Upgrades / Improvements a.)Production Improvements 1.)Timber Rafting 2.)Vein Exploration 3.)Irrigation 4.)Deadfall 5.)Fish Market 6.)Wood Working School 7.)Metal Working School 8.)Bazaar 9.)Port Granary 10.)Weaving School 11.)Recruitment Office 12.)Regional Capital Specialization Upgrade b.)Defensive Capabilities 1.)Local Militia 2.)Courthouse 3.)Standing Army 4.)Local Patrol 5.)Professional Patrol 6.)Simple Fort 7.)Advanced Fort 8.)Town Walls 9.)Citadel C.)Religious Buildings: 1.)Church 2.)Cathedral 3.)Holy Site 13.)Religion A.)Religions by Nation B.)Religions by port C.)Influencing a ports Religion D.)Religion and Unrest 14.)Port Unrest and Happiness A.)Mechanics B.)Raising / Lowering 1.)Raising Happiness 2.)Port Unrest Degradation Percentage Changes 3.)Raising Unrest C.)Levels: 15.)Port Battles A.)Capture Windows B.)Port Battle Mechanics (coming soon) 16.)Pirates and Piracy A.)Experience and Goods B.)Allies and War C.)Piracy D.)Standing Notoriety E.)Limitations F.)RvR 17.)Conquest(RvR) A.)Conquest Period B.)Conquest Victory 1.)Methods of Victory a.)Domination 2.)Attrition 3.)Anarchy C.)Conquest Rewards D.)Conquest Coins 18.)Cease Fire and Map reset 19.)Customization: A.)Sail design 1.)National Dyes. To the meat. ############################################################################## 15.)Port Battles A.)Capture windows: 1.)Neutral ports and Alternate starting ports: At map start each neutral port starts with 1 of 3 possible 8 hour capture windows. (1-8, 9-16, 17-24). Every 7 days if not captured they rotate to the next windows. (1-8 moves to 9-16.) Ect. 2.)Captured ports : Once a port is captured the person who purchased the flag sets the 8 hour window. This is now the permanent 8 hour capture window. a.)Shortening the capture window: There are several ways to shorten the port capture window. i.)Simple Fort: Building the simple fort upgrade in a port shortens the capture window 2 hours off the front of the window. (I.E. 1-8 become 3-8) ii.)Advanced Fort: Building the advanced fort upgrade in a port shortens the capture window 3 hours off the front of the window. (I.E. 1-8 becomes 4-8) iii.)Town Walls: Building the Town Walls upgrade in a port shortens the capture window by an additional hour on top of either the simple or advanced fort. (I.E. 4-8 for advanced fort + 1 = 5-8) iiii.)Citadel: Building the Citadel upgrade in a port shortens the capture window to two hours. (I.E. 7-8) 3.)Captured ports reverting to neutral: If at any point a previously captured port reverts to neutral (via unrest or piracy) then it returns to the rotating 8 hour window model based off the current ports capture window end hour. a.)Example: Mobile is captured by the French and they set the capture window to 10-17. They build an advanced fort moving the window to 13-17. After a few weeks they decide Mobile is too far away to care about and stop paying attention to the port. Unrest drops to -4000 the populace over throws the French rule and the port becomes neutral again. Since the Capture window set by the French was 13-17 the new neutral port’s capture window is 10-17 for the next 7 days. After those 7 days it moves to 18-1. And so on. Until captured again by another faction. B.)Port Battle Mechanics: (This section needs some work and is important to get right for the RvR to function properly. I am withholding it until a time where I feel its more complete. For the time being our current game play will suffice.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 16.)Pirates and Piracy This is a touchy subject with much heated debate on every side of the argument with differing opinions on what role they should play if any at all. I firmly believe pirates need to play a major role in this game in order for it to be a fully functioning sandbox. However I think that role should be more anarchy then nation building. Below I will summarize some of the changes highlighted earlier in the document as well as expand the changes of pirate mechanics further. Experience and Goods: (Section 3) Pirates receive 50% XP against NPCs Pirates receive 130% XP against Players Pirates receive normal amount of goods from NPC traders Pirates receive 150% goods from player traders. (to promote piracy) Allies and War: (Section 6) Pirates can have no Allies. Pirates Can be at war with up to 4 nations Raids Piracy (disguise): (Section 7, a) National Flags Standing Notoriety The entirety of Section 7) Docking at national ports Limitations on Crafting Ships: Pirates can only Craft up to the Pirate Frigate Pirates are only faction that can craft Pirate Frigate Pirate Frigate Requires a commission from their Admiralty in order to craft Pirate Frigate needs some buffing/ tweaking in order to fill the correct role Fairly Fast, Fairly Maneuverable Say 14.2 top speed 3.3 turn rate Stern Chasers 48 total guns 310 crew 700 /2830 / 286/ 3220 Pirate Sol. Glassy cannon. Fast enough to catch most boats but not great in a line fight Pirates can sail anything they capture from nationals. (Crew provided) RvR: Port Conquest: Pirates can only capture and hold a total of 14 ports at a time (Including their capital and alternate starting port)(These ports are labeled strongholds) After the pirates have 14 ports captured they can continue conquering ports in port battles but they do not hold them long: Ports captured after the (14) limit start with a -2000 unrest level and accelerated unrest degradation. They can build production and manufactory buildings in the port but they cannot build or repair port upgrades. With a -2000 unrest rating, (17%) unrest degradation, and no way to please the populace the port reverts back to a neutral port 8 days after the port is captured. If at any point any of the Pirates (14 Stronghold) controlled ports does not have a Warehouse built there by a pirate player, any pirate player can choose to abandon the port. A message is flashed on the pirate nations’ players’ screens saying the port is being abandoned At next server maintenance, if no warehouses have been built in that port, the port enters abandoning mode. Unrest Degradation locks at 30% and cannot be influenced by player actions When the ports unrest level reaches -4000 the port reverts to neutral If at any point during the abandoning process a pirate builds a warehouse in the port the abandoning process ends and the port reverts to its previous level of unrest degradation. Conquest Victory: Pirates win a conquest period by promoting piracy and anarchy After the pirates own their 14 (strongholds) every port they capture via Port battle reverts to neutral after 8 days. To win a conquest victory the object of the pirate faction is to over throw the oppression of European rule and free a majority of the regions ports. At map start a 50 countdown begins. At the end of the 50 days the server takes a tally of nation controlled ports V.S. neutral ports. If the score for neutral ports is higher than any given nation’s score then the pirates win the conquest period. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 17.)Conquest (RvR) A.)Conquest Period: Is the duration of gameplay before the scores of each nation are tallied the map is reset if a faction does not win prior to this. The Conquest Period is 150 days barring victory by other method such as Domination, Attrition, or Anarchy. B.)Conquest Victory: There are several way for a faction to win a conquest period. 1.)Domination: There are a total of 361 ports on the map. 8 Capitals and 33 free ports. That Leaves 320 capturable ports. Each basic port(225 total) is worth 1 point. Each Luxury Port(42 total) is worth 2 points. Each Regional Capital (45 total) is worth 3 points. Each Nation’s Alternate starting point(8) is worth 4 points. That gives up a possible 476 points if a nation controlled all capturable ports on the map. At map start a 50 day countdown timer starts. At the end of the 50 days the server takes a tally of nation controlled ports. If at the end of the 50 period any Nation has 210 points or more total from controlling ports they have won a domination victory. a.)At the end of every 14 days following the 50 day timer the tallies are rescored to determine a domination Victory. This allows for 8 possible chances at a Domination Victory before the conquest period ends. (150 days.) 2.)Attrition: If no Nation wins via domination during the conquest period then the port control tallies are scored at the end of the conquest period (150 days.) The Nation with the most points wins the war of Attrition. (Pirates cannot win the war of Attrition.) 3.)Anarchy: If at the end of the 50 countdown timer, or at any point when the scores are tallied after, no Nation has at least 68 points then the Pirates win the conquest victory via the anarchy of over throwing the European rule. a.) 476 possible points for ports / 7 nations = 68. C.)Conquest Rewards: (The rewards for conquest can be developed further but these will do now as a place holder.) 1.)Domination Victory: Every player of the Winning nation gets 3 Conquest coins. 2.)Attrition victory: Every player of the Winning Nation gets 2 Conquest coins. In the event of a tie each player in the nations that tie get 1 conquest coin. 3.)Anarchy: Every Member of the Pirate nation gets 3 Conquest coins. D.)Conquest coins: Can be traded in at the Admiralty for 750 Admiralty points each. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 18.)Cease Fire and Map Reset: If at any point during the conquest period a faction wins the map enters cease fire. Every Nation is locked with the current ports they control for 3 days. No ports are capturable. No flags can be purchased. PVP rewards are doubled. At the end of the 3 day cease fire the Map is reset and all ports except Capitals and Alternate starting ports are set to neutral and another conquest period begins.
  3. The following is a bit of an extension and revision of the list of suggestions i provided earlier entitled "The Roadmap". I will link those posts at the bottom of this one for any interested. The following would fall mostly in section 9, resource distribution. The goal is to give the players a reason to want to capture ports, sail around the map, and do more then just sit in their own corners grinding fleets. Map download linked here. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9mOinkVxfkQZ1B1Q1dVUWlSZEE It is rather large so i suggest starting the download while you continue reading and opening it when its complete to get a better idea of what I'm proposing. I will not be touching on pirate mechanics as it is a hot button issue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I Will try to break how this will work down as logically as possible into sections but in order to get the economy functioning adequately it is difficult to not get detailed. I will break this post into 3 parts and keep it short as possible. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I will start with : 1.)Resource distribution. I took an incredible map created by a member of our community, whose name i cannot remember at the moment, and redistributed the games resources (added a few) around the map evenly. I classified the resources into 3 tiers: Common (needed for basic ship crafting), Uncommon (needed for higher tier ship crafting), and Rare (Some luxury goods for trade and some resources needed for high end ship crafting.)I also reduced the number of Regional Capitals and Free towns to better suit the in game lifestyle. You will see all resources are distributed evenly throughout the map giving no faction an advantage. This is the same for free towns and Regional Capitals. Specific resources: (and number of ports that produce the good.) Common: Fir x 14 Teak x 14 Pine x 14 Coal x 14 Stone x 14 Salt x 14 Iron x 14 Hemp x 14 Grain x 14 Livestock x 14 Game x 14 Fish x 13 Uncommon: Oak x 11 Redwood x 11 Silver x 11 Copper x 11 Sugar x 11 Tobacco x 11 Fruit x 11 Lignum x 10 Compass wood x 10 Rare: Live Oak x 10 Gold x 10 Silk x 8 Cocoa x 8 Spices x 8 Nation specific Goods: Indian Tea (Great Britain) x 1 French Wine (France) x 1 Iberian Meat (Espana) x 1 American Cotton (U.S.) x 1 Swedish Iron (Sverige) x 1 Batavarian Spices (Dutch) x 1 Danish Beer (Danmark) x 1 Nation Specific Dyes: Saffron (Great Britain) Indigo (France) Barberry (Espana) Sassafras (United States) Concheal (Sverige) Woad (Dutch) Tumeric (Danmark) Each port produces only one resource except for each nations capital. Due to the capital being so crowded it can only support level 1 production buildings. (Exception is the shipyard which can be up to level 3.) The capital: produces : coal, oak, salt, grain, stone lignum, copper its nation nation good Regional capitals: Produce whichever dye is related to to the controlling nation. Regional capitals can support up to a level 3 shipyard. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2.) The economy: A.)Markets There are no longer markets for trade in every port. Capitals, Regional Capitals, and Free towns are now the only market bearing port types. Capitals and Regional capitals are linked to the Europe for some trade aspects. Free towns are player to player trade only. The player can either yell in local port chat that they are selling goods and trade the old fashion way or they can ship the goods to a market bearing port for trade. Only Capitals and Regional Capitals now consume raw resources. (Other ports can consume provision and luxury bundles but that is covered in other sections of "The Roadmap") Every 2 hours the local demand for a given resource in a capital and regional capital increases by a specific amount adding to the over all pool of demand for the resource locally.(A capital will buy 159 fir logs locally every 2 hours or 1908 a day with a max 3 day cap of local demand at 5724) Each port will buy a given resource that is in demand at a set price until the local demand is satisfied. Any goods sold to the port beyond the local demand can be sold to the European Traders at reduced profit. Contracts will work as they always have. Example: Capitals consume 159 fir log every 2 hours . A level 1 fir logging camp produces 1 fir log per 24 Bullion invested. You can sell 159 fir logs to the capital to satisfy local demand at 45 Bullion a log. The European Trader will buy your remaining stock for 30 Bullion a log You can always list goods at a higher price and sell them to players. You can buy goods from the European Traders at 3 times the local port consumption rate. I.E. 135 per fir log. I have calculated the consumption rates for both Capitals and Regional Capitals as well as production, and sales costs for all resources based on rarity, necessity for crafting , and other factors.. I will list this mostly boring information at the very bottom for those interested. Free Towns are not linked to the European Traders and do not consumer resources. Any goods bought or sold will be strictly player to player at whatever price they set. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ B.)Currency and Banking: The in game currency is now Bullion. Bullion is now a good that can be stored in warehouses, shipped in boats, and and transferred from bank to bank. Capitals, Regional Capitals, and Free Towns all have banks. You can spend any Bullion you currently posses at any port for repairs or to purchase things such as warehouses and outposts. Your production buildings are linked to your Nation's Capital bank account and draw from it for costs related to harvesting goods. National Banks The Banks in Capitals and Regional Capitals owned by your nation are independent but connected. For Example: You can have 200,000 in the Bank at your capital and another 50,000 at a Regional Capital for a total of 250,000 in wealth. If you are in the regional capital your spending power is 50,000 unless you transfer more funds to your Regional Capital Account from your Capital account. There is no limit to the amount of money you can store at any given National bank. You can transfer money between any National Bank freely but are charged a 5% administration fee and the transfers take 2 hours to verify the transfer. You can Transfer money from any National Bank to a a Free Town bank or vice versa but you are charged a 15% transfer fee and the transfer takes 3 hours to verify. You can withdraw your Bullion for free from any National bank you are currently in as a good if : You have an outpost in that port to store it in or You have a boat large enough to haul the Bullion Depositing money in any National Bank in a port you are currently docked in is free. Free Town Banks: The Banks in Free Towns are not connected to one another and stand as independent institutions. Free town banks are smaller and can only house up to 800,000 in an account for any player at any given time. They don't trust the stability of other Free town banks and will not accept transfers of money to and from other Free Town banks. They trust the stability of the Nations far more and are willing to accept transfers with increased administrative costs. You can transfer money from any National Bank to any Free Town bank or vice versa at a 15% transfer fee with 3 hour transfer verification time. You can withdraw your Bullion for free from any Free Town Bank you are currently in as a good if : You have an outpost in that port to store it in or You have a boat large enough to haul the Bullion Depositing money in any Free Town bank in a port you are currently docked in is free. Bank Notes: Any player can be issued a bank Note from any bank that stores some of its Bullion which they can keep on their person. (I.E. does not need to be shipped as a good and is not lost if sunk.) Bank notes come in 4 set sizes. 5k, 15k, 30k, and 50k. In order to be issued a bank note from a given bank you must have at least funds equal to that of the bank note you are being issued. (I.E. I have 37,000 Bullion stored in the Bank of La Tortue so i can be issued a 30k bank note from that bank.) You can only have one bank note on you at a given time. Bank notes can be used to repair you ships or purchase repairs in any port and the cost is deducted from your note. You can redeem your bank note for Bullion at any other bank then the one issuing it with: a 5% fee from National to National a 15% fee from Nation to Free port or vice versa a 15% fee from Free town to free town. Or to the bank that issued it for free. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3.)Sailing Speed: Since the new resource distribution and banking mechanics will require more sailing form the player a propose we increase the max open world speed by 30%. With a max speed cap of 26 knots. Some think this will ruin the immersion and imagine ships flying around the map but i think it will do the opposite by drawing more players out into the world to sail around for a reason without bogging them down with work like hours to do simple tasks such as sailing. I present the following examples as of the proposed speed increase. For the following i will be using http://burningsail.com/which is an excellent community built navigation aid that very accurately represents the time to sail between two points at a given speed. Considering 20 knots is near current max open world speed I will use this as the start of our example and a 30% increase i propose as the new max speed of 26 knots. I will set a start and ending destination at various distances and give examples of time to sail currently and time to sail after proposed speed increase. I will do this at max current speed and max proposed speed as well as at a very good current speed of 15 knots to the increased speed of 19.5. Please consider this is maintaining that speed for the entire duration despite open world wind shifts and such. In other words these times will increase even more in the real world. Tumbado to Mantua: 20 knots 14 minutes game time (current max speed) 26 knots 11 minutes game time (new proposed max.) 15 knots 18 minutes (Good current speed.) 19 knots 14 minutes (Good new proposed speed.) Tumbado to Las Tortugas: 20 knots 25 minutes 26 knots 19 minutes 15 knots 33 minutes 19 knots 26 minutes Tumbado to Santa Rosa: 20 knots 50 minutes 26 knots 39 minutes 15 knots 67 minutes 19 knots 53 minutes All of these voyages are in the same region yet are extremely time consuming for the player. How often do you set sail and go afk or alt+tab to do something else. This is not immersive. Its the opposite. How often do you sail around for an hour or so looking for some pvp only to find some lone navy brig which of course you attack out of bordem. The Navy brig crys he is being ganked or out gunned out numbered and hes right. But no one wants to play a game for 3 hours a night and do nothing but wait for people to sail around. The increased sail speeds do not break immersion and lead to to fleets flying around the map. It will lead to more people on the OS shipping goods for the economy, trading in far off ports, and more frequent pvp with less pain from sailing distances. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Part 2 coming tomorrow will include: Regional capitals and their child ports. Uncommon and Rare fishing instances. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Other Sections of the un-revised "Roadmap" (Section 1-8 here : http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/12696-the-road-map-table-of-contents/) (Edit: section 9-10 here http://forum.game-la...-section-9-10/) (Edit: Section 11-12 here http://forum.game-la...ections-11-12/) (Edit: Section 13-14 here http://forum.game-la...sections-13-14/ ) (Edit: Section 15-18 here http://forum.game-la...sections-15-18/ ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Boring Econ Specifics I promised earlier in the post. Feel free to skip or ignore if not interesting to you. You will notice all goods make a 20% profit from production cost to sale to European trader and an additional 50% profit if the resource is sold to fill the local port consumption. All number can be tweaked. The goal was to set a standard profit on goods in a regulated market based on rarity of said good. Edit: i noticed that the formatting of excel did not transfer very well for the pricing information if anyone is interested i can make the excel documents available for download. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Super cool map download link again > https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9mOinkVxfkQZ1B1Q1dVUWlSZEE
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