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Found 15 results

  1. Captains, I had grand plans of completing this before full release of the game, but I simply do not have the time. What I do have is about 75% complete overall and is enough to give the developers some ideas and inspiration of how to flesh the game out, add some color and flavor without having to rework mechanics. The entire approach here is to: Add many more things to harvest and more things to craft, if you want to Nothing that would force a player with limited time to have to do in order to play the game. However those who do choose to put the time and effort into the deeper crafting can get some unique rewards and like this epic open world map deserves, some deeper age of sail immersion. Historical Resources: The concept here is one I proposed last year, but this one is further refined. There are two types of resources, the first type are: Resources that naturally exist and can be harvested in the Caribbean, North America and South America. Resources that are imported from Europe, India, Africa and elsewhere. These can only be purchased in ports of the nation that either produces it in their homeland or dominates the trade of that product by opening a building called Trade Office. This gives each nations some unique and valuable products that they can trade or use; no one will have a resources that gives it an advantage in battle however. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1T384qrwqg0CWYGlZDJ0z1jP_n9bcTI6PWaSS6rnqfsQ/edit?usp=sharing A more detailed (but unfinished) proposal below here, this one has 2 tabs and in tab 1 you can see the depth of crafting that would be available. The major change here is the ability to craft items that are not related to shipbuilding. Huge profits would be made taking the time to create 'Estate Goods' for example and hauling them to a capital or regional port of your ally. Or one could make spars and sell them on contract across the Caribbean. One could specialize in the fur trade, etc. It's all about choices and immersion. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XomSxvgZ6e2GAg0ZvOjfM3TqZR94-1iGbMJbVODoU-I/edit?usp=sharing Wood: I have proposed adding 4 new types of wood, splitting Teak into 2 historical types and Oak into 5 historical types. Click the link and it will make sense. I spent a lot of time over the last year researching and read primarily papers from the 19th and early 20th century on shipbuilding woods from the 18th to early 19th century. I love researching and working with wood in real life. (Note: Compass wood is not a wood, this may surprise some of you, but others already know this. Compass is a cut from a natural curve in a tree. Not every tree can produce compass timber. Frames and knees and other crucial parts were made from naturally grown curves. All the oaks produce the most compass timber due to the way they grow. Pines and Firs not as much. The British suffered a compass crisis so bad that several 74s sat unfinished in the shipyards for want of it in the late 18th century. You simply cannot grow a forest of compass wood. This proposal has your forest 'buildings' producing compass cuts based on quality of forest you have (Prime, Good or Sparse), the level (1, 2 or 3) and the tree type. Low percent productions would be 5% (Sparse level 1 Fir), top percent would be 25% (Prime, Level 3 Oaks). This makes compass cut frames more valuable as they should be! No panic if you have no compass cuts, thanks to a British shipbuilder who helped the Royal Navy out in it's crisis, there is a way to make Laminated Frames. These are not as strong as naturally curved timbers, but will do in a pinch, but you should take penalties to your HP and Planking if using Laminated Frames) Main reasons for this wood proposal: More historical choices and customization to match your style, sailing and combat needs while staying within the limits of the attribute range that is currently set between Fir and Live Oak. More types of wood to make shipbuilding more detailed and immersive. We will be building decks, keels, spars etc. The labor hours can be adjusted with this proposal so that crafting a frigate takes just as many as it does now, or it can be adjusted to where it takes longer, the devs can adopt this without overhauling that part, or they can choose to overhaul that part, making ships more valuable, it is flexible. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HRg4q7yxLlViQ6Ua5TP7wtz-xEHd6EK6en-ILdb_OVQ/edit?usp=sharing A unfinished write up on the wood types: Accurate Resource Locations: This is largely unfinished, but you will see where I was going with it. It works with the concept adapted by the devs original vision of not needed to sail further than 3 ports away to find everything you need to build a ship. If they were to scrap that idea, then this system is ready to go too. Here is how: There are regional forest types and different levels/qualities of forests, mines, plantations, farms etc. The resources can exist as they are now and every forest or mine that is there now would be considered 'basic' or 'sparse'. Productions levels would be adjusted the minimum to serve only in the building of ships for new players or players who don't have a lot of time to sail, but not enough there to stockpile or sell for profit elsewhere. This system adds Prime Forests, Good Forests and Sparse Forest and each forest has three levels you can upgrade to. There would no longer be 'Live Oak Forests' or 'Oak Forests', but rather a region will have either Temperate Hardwood, Temperate Evergreen, Dry Tropical, Temperate Coastal or Tropical. It will make sense when you open the link. Example: A level 2 Prime Temperate Hardwood Forest will produce 200 Oak, 50 Pine, 50 Fir, 0 Live Oak and 75 Craft Wood (which represents Birch, Cherry, Walnut etc); A level 2 Prime Temperate Coastal Forest will produce 50 Oak, 0 White Oak, 200 Live Oak, 50 Pine, 20 Fir and 20 Craft Wood, and so on. Tropical Forests will produce a ton of Craft Wood, which when harvested there will represent exotic tropical woods of course (there are a lot of things they will be used for, not just furnishings in shipbuilding as you will see) A region may have Sparse Temperate Coastal Forest and Prime Temperate Evergreen Forest available for you to build, some regions would only have Dry Tropical at varying qualities, or Tropical and so on, etc, etc. Forest Types represent what is accessible inland from that port, not just along the coast. (Note: Teak does not grow in the region of the game and currently this proposal and it would render the historical resource aspect silly if it were to be available as it is now. So Rangoon Teak (the less valuable) would be available in many ports as an import from the 'European Traders' in enough quantities to build with. Malabar Teak would be available in British ports, again brought by 'European Traders' or by players who open a Trading Office to 'harvest' it. This overall makes Teak a more valuable item in the game. In one of the images down below you will see a Mine tree I made, and then in the crafting list sheet you will see how these new resources are used. This is one of the part that I needed more time to complete, but again it adds a lot of depth for the crafters and some new (and historically accurate) ways to get rich. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gi0S2lV-lTvZpCzDAP2G_6ZkQhDOyb-6xwWBlIi0qHs/edit?usp=sharing Resource Map (this is one of the major unfinished parts) and some other vegetation maps I used to work from. The work is in the link above, these images are just superficial. Deeper historical Shipbuilding with endless options for customizing The new wood types and this system will allow you to build a ship out of many different types of timber, but no combination would be stronger than Live Oak is now and no combination of timber would be faster than Fir is now. This adds nuance and flavor to what we have. With this system, the wood you choose for your frames and the wood you choose for your planking defines your speed, planking and HP. You may find you personally like using Cuban Mahogany frames and Pine for your planking for your Le Gros Ventre, or you may choose to build your Bellona with White Oak frames and Rangoon Teak planking. This sheet has 4 tabs, tab 1 shows the potential uses of each wood type, 2 shows the effect on planking, HP and speed of each wood type, 3 shows every combination of frames and planking and their effects and 4 is some charts showing the stats. Here's the cool thing about it, you can choose not to care about this and you can still make all your planks from Oak and pick your frame wood type now and play the game, this adds options for customization. Many of us get a lot of joy out of testing different types of wood and modules on ships and race them, experiment making mission specific setups etc, this system is a wet dream for many players. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15vzY6NwiNPK2DPKdESM5WgLXTzFvJ8sZX_3d39WXtT8/edit?usp=sharing Other images that I used as information and other ideas for all of the above Port Consumption Ideas Lastly one of the ideas I had that I haven't had time to work on is for large ports to have basic needs that they can't supply themselves from the inland in theory. Grain, Sugar, Whale Oil, Turpentine etc, would have a minimum amount that needs to be brought to the port and sold to the AI every month. Any player in port could open a tab that shows how much more grain the port needs to meet it's minimum for that period. To work it would need AI trade fleets bringing a large portion of that every few days, thereby creating a meaningful incentive for players that prefer PVE to either attack or escort (work this into missions) . The rest would need to be brought by players, thus creating another way to make money and creating an attack/escort incentive for PVPers. Example: Charleston being a capital will buy any item you want to sell, national resources (like Dutch Laudanum or Russian Vodka) will always fetch top dollar, but it also has needs for the citizenry and labor force, like grain for example. Let's say it requires 150,000 grain each week; the AI traders bring 100,000, every ship that is captured by enemy players come off that amount. Players that bring a needed item can get good money for it, missions can be issued to players to protect trade fleets of grain etc. If the period ends and Charleston only has 110,000 grain delivered, it produces less of everything until the next period ends. Totals would not be cumulative. So everyone with a silver mine or Live Oak forest in Charleston would see lower production, but not enough to severely hurt you, just enough to make commerce raiding have meaning in the game. Also if all the basic needs of the port are met then all buildings would see a small boost for the period. If you made it this far, thank you for reading
  2. The game is of course a wargame and the battles and fighting are at the moment the most important part. However i think that that a lot of people would like to see both the economic side and the port handling side be improved so that the game can also cater to people who do not want to fight continuously or like me lack the skills of fighting 1v1. I want to explain the things that I would like to see for ports and this is just my personal opinion. I do believe that the interface of the ports and the management system of the ports should be increased. Also i would like to see that a clan leader who is now responsible for the port, can delegate this responsibilty to a port administrator (call it whatever you want probably per nation there are some fancy titles) This administrator would then be responsible for the running of the port and at the moment that isnt really a lot because there are not so any things that you can actually do with a port therefor i would like to suggest some options that could be implemented and that would stimulate also a bit the trade between ports. The administrator would have access to the port warehouse a bit like a clan leader would have access to the clan warehouse. This would be used for storing the goods that you would need for running the port and its defenses. Like a normal warehouse this can be expanded to store more goods and a different variety of goods. Later will become clear what types of goods i am thinking about and why it would be important to have these goods always in the warehouse. This would not be like your own warehouse where goods are stored but this would be more for storing the goods that are consumed every day. Forts are probably one of the main features of a port. A well defended port is harder to take and every port should start with 2 basic round towers that are next to the town. The administrator would then be able to add additional forts on places he believes are suitable for the defenses of the port. I would like to see it like with a shipyard that you will have to upgrade the forts that you build. Fort level 1: Basic round fort as we know it right now. To build it you will need to have stone, oak, muskets, provisions, iron, canons and a certain amount of gold. This fort could be placed anywhere on the map but depending on the location this can be upgraded to a bigger fort. Fort would also have to be maintained every day and would require a certain amount of the materials that are used for building it as well as gold for daily maintenance. Also after a port battle the damage would have to be repaired a bit in the same way that we have to repair our ships after a battle. This would also be necessary for the larger forts that follow but of course the bigger the fort the higher the maintenance. Fort level 2: This would be the basic suare fort like we know it now. This would only be available if you have allready a round fort in place and could only be placed on certain areas of the map to account for the underground etc etc. I would limit the amount to 2 forts of this type per port to avoid a port being cluttered by forts. Fort level 3: This would be the highest upgrade and i would call it a bastion. These would the upgrade for the level 2 fort and there could only be 1 of these forts per harbour. The places where these forts could be built should be limited due to there extended size. the most important change for these forts would be heavier guns and also mortars to defend the harbour. It would be important for the administrator to always keep the resources available to maintain the forts because if certain resources are not the there the fort will start to decay. This will be shown in the port battle as a damaged fort allready and therefor will take less hits before being destroyed. Same thing would go if the administrator does not repair the forts after a port battle they would still be damaged. Forts should only count as 300 points maximum in a port battle, no matter how many are destroyed, this to avoid too much emphasis being put on destroying only the forts and not fighting a battle with ships. The BR of a port battle should also depend on the size of the forts there are. A shollow water port with only 2 square forts should only get like 750 BR where a deep water port with 4 round forts, a square fort and a bastion would be 9600 BR or more, and maybe with other multipliers like county capital to go to 11000 BR. The prices for the maintenance should be set high enough that only the most valuable ports or the ports that a clan really wants to keep out of a strategic perspective, would have the biggest forts. A useless port would then also show up on the map as useless due to its BR. Trade should also be steered by the administrator and a bit more then it is now. instead of the random dropping of goods per port the administrator should be able to attract traders or trading companies from different nations. He can then choose for instance to have a dutch trading company of level 1, 2 or 3 in his port and the highest level would then drop the rare dutch goods like Grietje van Dijk. I am just giving an example. However if the dutch trading company does not make enough money of course they will not come with the rare resources and they will not drop. This would stimulate the trade between different ports. Of course having a trader in your harbour would also mean that he needs to be supplied with certain goods which would increase the import and export of a harbour. Natural resources that drop in a port can of course not be changed by the administrator, or only in a way that it is now. the benefits of an extended harbour management system would be increased trade, less gold in rotation, other gameplay options, port battles would be more important, important ports would be harder to take not like at the moment where ports are constantly flipped and changing hands. It would also give the nations an option for a long time investment in a port and would make the loss of one of those ports really hurt.
  3. Hey Captains, I'm very new to this game but I have already learned that crafting ships is a time consuming and expensive process, however, with it's own bonuses. I haven't yet researched this topic on different places since I am almost sure that I will find the best and most updated info on the Forums. Could any of you, let me know a good Guide on the whole process of building ships and crafting and what would I need to get to have a decent start to learn the basics of these two to avoid possible stepping stones since the lack of time as I can not grind all day (perhaps you can't too)? 1. What ships should I be focusing on building first to get started and grow fast, regardless of the market cost and expenses (I care to get more XP than income in my current situation)? 2. Is it worth breaking up a ship and what happens when I do so? 3. Any tips or important things to know will be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance, HMS Victory, May the wind be with you.
  4. Hi, Most Gold and Silver resources looted from ships and Shipwrecks are often in the form of Coins. Also, cannons drop as loot, often not the caliber of gun you want or need. Therefore i suggest the following: Reverse Engineering for some items. This should be the case for Silver Coins and Gold Coins, that could be re melted into Ingots. Also for Cannons, since they could be taken apart and have the barrels melted down and recast again as ingots to be used in Cannons of a different caliber. As we can break down ships, i find it makes sense to be able to do the same with other materials that can be reworked into a previous state. This would help with the Gold and Silver being scarce, and being essential to building ships. @admin So perhaps, a break-down button for certain materials, which refund x % of the resources used to make them. Remelting Iron, Silver or Gold does not really lose that much material in the process, so the percentage could be fairly high, say 75-80% of the original required resources. Remelting 100 Silver coins would then return some 70-80 ish Silver Ingots. Since you need to work a forge to to this kind of work, perhaps coupled with a operation cost of Coal? I suggest the same Coal cost as the casting of these Ingots. It would give the Silver Coins and Gold Coins a second purpose, next to being used in Refits and such.
  5. I wish, just like we can with modules and ships, that we could break up cannons to get resources back. I'm literally rolling hundreds of mediums cannons that no one wants, and I would LOVE to break them up and make them longs. or SOMETHING that I can do to "upgrade" them to longs. Anyone else feel the same?
  6. So, I planned to move my outposts around a bit so when no one else was on I could do some trader raiding. It was a little frustrating using the in game map to see where the gold, silver, and copper producing ports were so I took a screen shot of the map and created my own. Thought I would share it even though it is not very useful. Yellow means gold, white is silver, and brown is copper.
  7. ​I think the resources production rate of scarce resources like silver, magohany oak, etc. is too low and will result into a resouces shortage crisis. Apart from the fact you have to sail long distances to get them, the ports production is too low to serve the whole OW needs. I want to keep the current resource spread on the OW, but the production rate must be increase by 10x or 50x to make provisions for players who loose their ships on the OW to enemy nations and pirates.
  8. ​Are the devs still planning to change some ports resources. I found there is too little ports who produces labor hours and I wondered if the devs will add more or change some ports resources?
  9. I made these charts to flesh out the resources in game. There are a large set of basic goods that would be found in every port. Then there is a list of items that are only found in their respective national ports. These items are either produced there (very cheap) or brought there to be dispersed from other locations (cheap) that that nation owns. This way French players will always be able to provide French Glass at a much cheaper price than other nations, but their ports will need Iberian Dried Pork, which the Spanish will profit from as well, and so on. This will drive more historical trading and give national players a reason to use their home ports and to make meaningful and long distance trade runs, not just the most profitable short run. It will rely on permanent production/consumption settings that don't reset with maintenance. I researched these items across the inter webs, some of them I already knew about, this book was a good read as well "Daily Life in the Age of Sail", as well as wiki articles on the economic history of some nations. If you know of a quintessential national item that was heavily traded in this era, let me know and I can add it to the list. I counted the spaces in the port UI and there isn't room for hundreds of items, however, it will have a limit. A rare common item is comparable in price to a plentiful fine item, the quality and availability will both affect price. Universal British, Spanish, French Danish Swedish, Dutch American
  10. Hey all, quick suggestion - We should be able to craft directly from our clan warehouse (in whatever port it's actually based in). The clunky manual splitting and moving of mats and sub-mats for even the simplest crafts can be a bit tedious and now that we have a shared storage, we should be able to use resources directly from it. Hark! I hear you say, but people will just waste our precious resources! Not really, anyone has access anyway and could withdraw, so this would also be a good time to implement restrictions (who may deposit/withdraw/craft from inventory).
  11. Overnight, it appears that the NPC "market makers" prices for various staple commodities, for example, Oak Logs ... pulled stakes and left. Offered price in ports like Charleston went to -1- from -222-. It this a "Big Bang" of free market prices, a glitch, or what? I've not yet cruised the other likely ports for profitable sales, but suspect the situation is similar. Have B/S price support been withdrawn? Is the price of Resources and Materials now determined solely by Player Characters Production/Demand/Arbitrage? Please share your experience and discuss. ~HK~
  12. Updated Feb-11 Hotfix patch. As predicted they increased the production of some resources Gold production increased 2x Fir production increased 3x Oak production increased 3x And with that, they have caused Hemp and Live Oak to skyrocket in price as now they are the resources still left on the old production values. This "knee jerk reaction" will never work Hello all, I would like to take a minute to talk to you, everyone reading this, and hopefully some developers about the current issue with resources and how they are managed on the game side. Forward Now, I am a trader at heart currently. I have put in over 200 hours already sailing around port to port. I am on EU PVP 1 and play for the British Empire and currently over 65+ ports visited. Some long sails which I love. But, recently there was a supposed "iron crisis" when in actuality there was not, and what the last patch effectively did was break the entire current system. Let me explain. Pre-Patch 9.63 Pre-patch there were resources everywhere and pretty much guaranteed whenever you landed at any port you can grab some of everything as a trader. Want 1500 stone? sure have it. Want 1000 oak? sure take it if you can fit it. There was no shortage of any supply, to include Iron. As a trader, if you traveled far enough you could get iron (on EU PVP 1) for 55/unit which was 20 below raw production price. Let me explain raw production value. Prior to 9.63, If a port produced lets say Iron, and it has none in stock, the buy price right out the gate was 75 gold per unit. Now if the there was a larger stock there would be deflation and cause the price to drop. If there was 3000 units in port you could get iron for insanely cheap prices. Most players did not know about this as it was people that were really playing as traders and sailing for 2+ hours that was able to find these ports. The causation of this is that once the iron was brought back to the capital cities it was being sold for over 150 per unit, and at times could push up to 300 per unit. A huge profit margin for traders, but large because of the time spent to go get it. Iron was the throttle control for the player population, It controlled the prices on all other materials without players even realizing it. The rate that iron was coming into the capital cities would send iron prices into inflation and demand was outpacing supply and caused the price to skyrocket. Then players complained, said you need to increase it! Demanded immediate action from the developers. But, that decision to double iron production has sent the entire market into inflation. Supply of every other resource cannot keep up with the iron production The Issue Post Patch 9.63 Players are now calling out there is a Fir shortage or Oak shortage, I will argue that in reality there is not a shortage of either oak, fir, hemp, or any other resource, but the unbalancing of Iron production verse other resources has now caused an overproduction of ships requiring more of everything else. Currently in EU PVP 1 you cannot go to a single port and find quantities of fir, oak, hemp, or gold in anything that the production tick ( meaning the once per hour it ticks usually about 5 units per hour for oak). You can find any iron producing port with over 1000 units of free stock. Iron was the check and balance for the market, it was bottleneck of production and with that it caused the other materials to remain pretty cheap. Before the patch you could find units of all the resources and bring them back to a capital city and the profit margin was not that large. There was an overstock of those materials compared to Iron. Now there is an overstock of Iron. But why such a shortage of other materials? Here are some interesting statistics. To build an exception oak surprise it will cost you 240 gold, 176 oak logs, 164 iron ore, and 86 hemp. Even if you turn that into any other type of wood ship it will always use 80 oak to build. The iron needed is now substantially less as well since they changed the amount of ingots build and also carriage resource requirements. Interesting enough, iron production is over 5000 units per day in most ports. Oak production? 140-340 per day! The amount of oak that is needed per ship is roughly 50% of the iron required, yet oak production is 7% of what the iron production rate is at. ​Conclusion Oak production used to be closer to 20% verse iron production, but with iron being the "Check and balance" of the market it was not noticeable how low oak; and all the other materials, were comparative. Oak, hemp, fir, and gold since the patch has increased in value in the Capital by over 100%. Oak is something at 400% more expensive than a week ago. Iron production should be reverted back to what it was prior, or... the rest of the resources need to be increased. But, if you increase all other resources it causes the same issue there was a week ago, where the player base is screaming that there is an Iron crisis. The real conclusion, is that there will always be an iron crisis if everything else is balanced, yet when iron production outpaces by a factor of 10 all other materials, there will be an extreme shortage on every building material in the game. Which is where we are at now. Obviously, when player controlled ports, resources, and production gets introduced this will all be pointless and my 10 minutes of typing will be all for nothing. Hope you enjoyed the read, and I hope you will add to the discussion and debate.
  13. In Pirates of the Burning Sea, players produced resources. Each account had 10 slots to put buildings into, creating a limit of how much any account could produce. Goal: no player can be his own ship production facility, creating a vibrant world economy through buying, selling and trading. Actual result: players buy 5+ accounts and become their own production facility, leaving the world economy mostly dead. As I see it, the problem with this model lies in the fact that no actual player hands-on-keyboard work is required to produce stuff. Similar to the current concept of "crafting hours", I could just buy 5 accounts and have 5x the crafting hours per day to play with. It's just a button I push that works instantly so running 5 crafters is easy (running 5 combat ships would be super hard because each ship needs a full time operator to be run well, but crafting does not). Can this problem be solved for player production? That is, can we make production require real work, somehow, meaning that trying to run 5 accounts at the same time isn't feasible, without it being stupid-boring? Or is it okay and we just expect that during some looming "50% off!" Steam sale, the global economy will cease to exist as everyone goes out and buys more accounts? (As far as I know there is no technical solution to this problem. You can't restrict accounts to "1 per IP address" for example, because there are a lot of legitimate reasons many separate players may appear on the same IP address, such as internet cafes or college campuses. Possibly "tracking and banning" could be a solution but seems like a draconian way to solve it.) I was thinking one idea might be that you somehow generate "operating licenses" by killing ships...? Every ship you sink gives you X hours of resource production. Basically permission from your government to keep operating in the area. It will therefore be impossible to be an "inactive resource producer". You COULD try to sail your alts together but that would be very difficult, as this game is relatively attention-requiring (and would be nearly suicidal on a PvP server). Only an active player would be able to have active resource production, and it would only be relative to how much he plays (i.e., how many ships he can sink). Any other ideas on solving this problem, if it needs to be solved?
  14. The Crafting XP system is unnecessary and is causing all this resource drama The only reason why people are complaining about resources is because there is a terrible incentive system where they feel the need to craft beyond what is needed. I think the popular view on the the raw material prices are here because of artificial incentives and misaligned purpose of the crafting system. Resources are meant to be there to make rich navies more powerful. The current 'craft XP' system means that thousands of crafters are using up materials just for earning XP, not doing anything that's actually needed by the nation, and also whining on the forums, not because of high ship prices - which are the economy's reason for crafters - but for the prices of crafting things for XP. This inevitably breaks the player-led organic market. There are huge supplies of inferior ships nobody wants, and resources are consumed more than factions need. It's a market failure. My solution: 1. Get Blueprints by wrecking ships you've captured. 2. Get rid of Crafting XP and level completely. 3. Make crafting progression all about securing the materials and rare manufactures. 4. Limit AI to producing 1 durability ships, in order to make player ship crafters more important and meaningful to nations. This will mean people only craft things if there is a player led demand for them. A natural market. Hence crafters will benefit the nation. Hence Resources will benefit the nation. Hence taking ports will benefit the nation. The inflow of new resources will actually materialize in more and cheaper popular ships, rather than in XP farming. Crafter incentives are lined up with national incentives. Nobody will have excuses to whine in forums about resources, because Resources will now be a game-changing, significant part of the faction vs faction game, rather than an XP farming minigame. Sources: 13 years playing open economy games, 4 years at a world class economics degree and one year's experience at a developed world central bank.
  15. I heard some people complaining that it's not fair that richer players can buy off all the resources that are produced by one port. Well, one solution to that problem (if it is considered a problem) is to allow Buying Contracts only in ports where you have a warehouse. Since Warehouses are somewhat limited, and it's risky to set one up in every port, it would mean that Resources would mostly go to the storages, and then it would not be so much a matter of money, but about who is there first, or more frequently. Crafters could still for example put up Buying Contracts in the port where they craft, and give new players an incentive for making money in a way that is actually meaningful for their nation.
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