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Found 7 results

  1. Today , and some more days in the last weeks.... i did not have fun at naval action legends. This is because of capping cirkels. Wen i go in and sail and fight , i want to have a fun fight. I dont care if i lose or win , as long as it is fun. But once they enemy captures our cirkel in the first few minutes... its really boring and annoying. Loads of people think this... But i got some solutions for this problem. 1. Make a SingelPlayer/Multiplayer Button. How it works: If you dont want people to be an ass and you just want a match were you only fight , you click on singelplayer , instant fight and only bots. ( I personally Would like this alot ) 2. Make the cirkels disappear. How it works: Let there be no cirkels/bases anymore. Problems Solved. You cant be an ass by capping it in the last minute or in the first minute.. and everyone has a good time. Problem Solved. I would really appreciate it if the admins/ people who can change this would take a good look at this. One of the 2 solutions above here would make it work :). Here is a screenshot from what happened today:
  2. Hey Captains, Who of you know what strengths and weaknesses these three vessels have? Which of those would be worth buying form your experience and why? Also, should I use cannons or carronades on the specific ship if I want to do both PVP and PvE? Thanks in advance, HMS Victory May the wind be with you.
  3. Renommee - why their sailing qualities worsen? Dear captains, Why was the Renommee in speed (15kn) and turn rate (3.12) with the last patches so severely trimmed? The Renommee was neither a "super-ship" and she was not a real frigate. With its old characteristics it stood as a "smooth surface corvette" between rate 5 and 6. And with its: - Structure - Armor - Cannons this ship was underlevelt to all other frigates. Only a few players sails the ship, in my opinion only special captains! With their current values the Renommee as a ship has become no sense in "Naval Action" - it can now be completely deleted from the game. But I would like to know before hand why was it so changed? Thank you Jakob Kettler Renommee - warum ihre Segeleigenschaften verschlechtert? Geehrte Kapitäne, warum wurde die Renommee in Geschwindigkeit (15kn) und Drehung (3,12) mit dem letzten Patch so stark beschnitten? Die Renommee war weder ein "Superschiff" noch eine richtige Fregatte. Mit ihren alten Eigenschaften stand sie als "Glattdeckkorvette" zwischen Klasse 5 und 6 und war in den Bereichen - Struktur - Panzerung - Kanonen allen anderen Fregatten deutlich unterlegen. Nur wenige Spieler fuhren das Schiff bisher vergleichsweise! Mit ihren aktuellen Werten ist die Renommee als Schiff sinnlos geworden - sie kann jetzt getrost komplett aus dem Spiel gelöscht werden. Zuvor möchte ich gern wissen, warum wurde sie so verschlechtert? Danke
  4. Hi, I was really looking forward to sail the Surprise and Renommee. In fact, I have no real interest in sailing vessels bigger than these two classes. However, the surprise feels fairly underwhelming.. Let's see what the Surprise got in store compared to the Renommee, Surprise got slightly better sailing capabilities upwind and has 10 more 6lb cannons while Surprise has 2 9lb cannons less than Renommee. Surprise has also bow chasers and that's it: + some upwind capabilities + 10 more 6lb cannons (but 2 9lbs less) + Bow chasers The Renommee on the other hand is the fastest ship in the game, has better turn rate, ricochet capabilities & more armor. + fastest ship + turn rate + ricochet capabilities + armor + 2 more 9lb cannons (but 10 6lb less) I feel that the surprise is too sluggish to compete with bigger vessels. The surprise is big enough to be targeted by higher rank vessels but lacks turn rate to evade broadsides and the firepower to fight back. The only use I see for the surprise are her bow chasers to keep an enemy in battle. I was for whatever reason imagining that I could use Surprise to outmaneuver bigger or heavier ships but thanks to her sluggishness she's apparently just another class on my way through the ranks Speed: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YLG3e6NVTbO0IQjOjoQ2AxupVjpVvW5sUItyFb2MNTM/pubchart?oid=2049998003&format=interactive Surprise: http://navalaction.wikia.com/wiki/Surprise Renomee: http://navalaction.wikia.com/wiki/Renomee
  5. Note: These posts are not meant as thorough reviews but as quick and dirty presentations of the ships. I need to do another round of testing on speed and handling in particular since today's patch. According to Admin, the max speed of a vanilla Renommee is currently 16.5 knots, close hauled performance may or may not have been changed. Can't play now How does La Renommée fit into the ship lineup? In the fleet for hire list Renommee is placed between Cerberus and Surprise, that gives us an idea what the devs think. I think it's the prettiest ship in the game. Renommee has vertically sloped armor and an elongated teardrop shape that gets me thinking of aqua- and aerodynamics, it looks like it's built for speed. Let's gawk some more at her before we proceed: Beautiful, right? The numbers: The top speed going with the wind makes Renommee able to catch and run from anything that isn't a Frigate or a Trincomalee. So it has more choice that most ships. The turn rate is smaller than the Surprise's, but not by much. Speeds: You can see it's only fast running with the wind, other speeds are middling going to downright bad close hauled. It has some problems tacking if you're going slow, if you tack from close hauled you run a considerable risk getting stuck into the wind for a while. That spells trouble in close quarter combat and you need to pay attention to your speed so your opponent doesn't rope you up then pound or capture you. I haven't played it enough, but I've fallen into a drive-by shooting, extending, tacking with sufficient speed and repeat rhythm with the Renommee. Getting stuck those seconds is a nuisance against bots, but can mean deadly loss of initiative against a decent human player. Armor: HP seems scaled appropriately to it's spot in the hierarchy, but I can't comment on armor thickness. The armor slopes are there for all to see and I think they add to the survivability of the Renommee. The puny bot guns struggle to penetrate the armor if you come at them with a slight angle of attack. The Cerb doesn't have this luxury, it seems. I'm curious to see how the armor fares against real players in real ships armed with real guns. The players I meet tend to run, I've tried to tag players in bigger ships as well, but they run. I'll have to get back to you on that issue, I'm sorry... in more ways than one. Armament: 13 niners each side plus two sixes or 18lbs carronades mounted forward on the quarterdeck. It's fine, I guess, but the Renommee's thing is not firepower. Oh, and those two niners mounted low on the stern. It's set up to run and chain and you may have noticed my love of running What are your thoughts, tactics and experience with La Renommée? Before I forget, there's one more thing... bewbs!
  6. From the album: Medium Ships

    The Renommee in OW
  7. I already mentioned this in the thread for feedback of the current progression. Change the BR of the Renommee to 100. Quoted from the topic: Now I know this might not be the final progression system but it really felt like this needed some attention.
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