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Found 6 results

  1. @admin and players, I wish that you can only make refits in yards. This would improve the economic cycle. A refit is made as a ship. But there is a "special" recipe for it. The materials are written down and will not change later when unpacking in the port. There is a fixed final price for this ship. This final price should be equal to the "minimum price" for raw materials and working hours, ie the actual value of production. Then you sell the refit in a "free port" and receive an additional 1 PvP mark. So a shipbuilder can develop PvP brands without fighting. You can sell unlimited refits to the business. However, a maximum final amount should be set, e.g. 30 pieces. Players can then buy refit for several PvP brands in the store. You can have unlimited refits - the space is unlimited. You can "unpack" the refit in each port. Ultimately, this will remove PvP brands from the game. Maybe the prices for server admins should be adjusted regularly. This is the only way to prevent a PvP brand flood in the long term. Refits should always be a little bit worse than ships in normal sales. This could be regulated with the slots as well as with the wood. Refits represent ships that were built for a need "fast". addendum: Maybe it makes sense to introduce a limit for personal ownership of refits. Actually, 3-5 would be enough for each player I think. What do you all mean? (German texts are always translated with the help of Google.) @admin und Spieler, ich wünsche mir, daß man Refits nur in Werften herstellen kann. Dieses würde den Wirtschaftskreislauf verbessern. Ein Refit wird so hergestellt wie ein Schiff. Es gibt aber ein "besonderes" Rezept dafür. Die Materialien sind festgeschrieben und ändern sich auch später beim Auspacken im Hafen nicht. Es gibt einen festen Endpreis für dieses Schiff. Dieser Endpreis sollte dem "Mindestpreis" für die Rohstoffe und den Arbeitsstunden entsprechen, also dem tatsächlichem Herstellungswert. Anschließend verkauft man das Refit in einem "freien Hafen" und erhält dafür zusätzlich 1 PvP-Marke. So kann sich ein Schiffsbauer ohne Kampf PvP-Marken erarbeiten. Man kann unbegrenzt viele Refits ans Geschäft verkaufen. Es sollte aber eine maximale Endmenge festgelegt werden, z.B. 30 Stück. Spieler können dann in dem Geschäft das Refit für mehrere PvP-Marken kaufen. Man kann unbegrenzt viele Refits besitzen - der Platz dafür ist unbegrenzt. Man kann in jedem Hafen das Refit "entpacken". Letztendlich werden dadurch PvP-Marken dem Spiel entnommen. Vielleicht sollten die Preise für Refits von Server-Admins regelmäßig angepasst werden. Nur so läßt sich auf Dauer eine PvP-Marken-Schwemme verhindern. Refits sollten immer ein kleines bißchen schlechter sein als Schiffe im normalem Verkauf. Dieses könnte man mit den Slots als auch mit dem Holz regulieren. Refits stellen Schiffe dar, die für eine Notwendigkeit "schnell" gebaut wurden. Nachtrag: Vielleicht ist es doch sinnvoll eine Begrenzung für den persönlichen Besitz an Refits einzuführen. Eigentlich würden 3-5 pro Spieler ausreichen denke ich. Was meint Ihr?
  2. Hi Gents, I have stumbeld across a glitch in the matrix. I have a Agamemnon Live Oak/White Oak , Base Armor HP is 6361. Now I equip Bow Figure Elephant with +10% Base Armor HP and also Planking (4-5) +15% Armor HP. Normaly I would have ((6361*1,1+6361*1,15)-6361)= 7951 HP BUT it seems that only my planking with +15% is working and overwriting the Elephants +10%, so that I have in fact only 7236 HP. Thats not even +15% ! I thought that skillbooks and refits witch increase armor are not compatible with each other but my college has the same problem and he has equipt Elephant and Bridgetown Refit which should give him ~20% Bonus but he has also only 7236 HP. Another friend has Floating Battery +20% and Elephant +10% but also gets only 7236 HP. Is that how its intended to work or is it a bug ? Sorry for my English, but just pretend Germany won the war and you would have to learn german in school
  3. 1. Build outposts in the the only 1-3 ports on the map that have the special regional bonus blueprint ingredients. 2. Collect exploit cash in your zerg clan. 3. Put ridiculous buy contracts on the item that is never in stock and only resupplies 1-2 per day for a tiny amount. 4. Profit??? and Monopoly on the refit I like this new system... First i thought everyone could access all upgrades with some effort in this new upgrade/refit system.... oh boy was i wrong... You want competitive PvP without playing the carebear game for weeks on end? Well, hello kitty you, mate. Can only hope the new arena game does better than this. But meanwhile lets find more ways to put casuals and those in smaller clans at a disadvantage to drive them off the game harder, please. /rant
  4. So i got myself a refit for 200 PVE marks, used it and found out that i need a material that is only available in 2 ports on the map. I knew it was a fruitless endeavor but still made my way there accross half of the map and of course it was sold out every time i checked back on it. No chance to get it ( why would they sell it to me even overpriced if it is that useful and im the enemy?). Annoying timewaste and -200 PvE marks. So being the idiot that i am, i get myself another refit blueprint ( that doesnt state what you need for crafting it before you actually have it ). Material only available in 1 port on the entire map. Here i try again knowing where it will lead me to. Sold out and a buy contract by an alt account without me being able to place one since it is a enemy port. What. A. Massive. Pisstake. I know you want to sell alt accounts and make things hard to get so people have "content". But making the game more attractive to casuals ( without watering anything down or making it super easy ) is the better way to sell more and also there is a difference between effort / time investment in a game that is rewarded and mechanics that straight out deny you certain items. The RNG drop chance on upgrades is good or rather bad enough at this... So i know this comes as bit of a rant ( maybe it is) but here i am 400 PvE marks and no gain from it lighter with no refit at all and i just want to know one thing.... Why?
  5. [ version 9.99 ] as available on Server Testbed Report all findings that lead to powerful stacking, strange combinations, in game (F11) and in this thread. Discuss the items with specific examples of being used, how to improve, suggestions that you may have. For example Copper plating and Lead Sheathing. Both can be used at the same time in game, stacking speed for example. In reality ( IRL ) both were used, even combined in the same ship, but no added effect would result. In game we can use them both with "stackable" benefits.
  6. As other nations have refits i think it would be fair to give all nations a refit bonus, but as i am Dutch, I will be making a suggestion for the Dutch refit bonus. As we all know the Dutch were a trading nation primarily, and as such I think it would make sense that the Dutch Refit have these bonuses... -Increase hull capacity by 15% -Increase sail and mast Health by 5% The sail and mast health is for stronger, more durable masts and sails that could sustain the extra weight without losing speed. This would be a great perk for trader ships and would not imbalance pvp.
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