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Found 9 results

  1. Hi admin, all! I am returning after a year for release, and this is one change that I would have liked to see implemented in that time. Currently when you go to craft or redeem a ship, the default option is always Fir-Crew Space; this is probably due to alphabetical order, but it needs to change. Any experienced player knows that there is pretty much no reason to build a Fir-Crew Space ship; it's not particularly good at anything, and it's very weak. However new players definitely do not know this, and just redeem or craft the default build. I see way too many vessels crafted and redeemed in this way, and nobody wants them. When new players buy a ship DLC, redeem it in game with Fir-Crew Space, then go try it out in combat, they will think their $$$-bought ship sucks simply because of the build. I have a few ideas for default settings: Fir-Fir (good for traders, common wood) Oak-Oak (decent for fighting ships, common wood) Teak-White Oak (good all-rounder build, this would benefit redeemables a lot) Live Oak-White Oak (go full heavy, at least new players will have tanky ships) We could get really fancy, and have all built traders default to Fir-Fir, all built warships default to Oak-Oak, and all redeemables default to Teak-White Oak, which most people are probably doing anyways. Just my 2 doubloons, I think this would be a good QoL fix as well as a help for new players trying to craft or redeem ships.
  2. I have a friend that played some wipes ago on the PvP server, and he came back and heard that the PvE Xp would be safe on release, so he wanted to redeem his Xp on the PvE server and play on that server until release, and on release he'll have the option to play on the PvP from scratch like everybody else, but also to play on the PvE with what he already had. The problem is that when he went to redeem his Xp it wasn't there, He is able to redeem it on the PvP server, but not on the PvE server. When he selected the PvP server it showed he already had a character created (Although a random nation he hadnt played), but the Xp was there. And when he selected the PvE server he didnt have a character, he had to create one, and when he did the Xp wasnt on the redeemables tab. I did the same thing, but when i selected the PvE server i already had a character created and was able to redeem the xp for it (even though ive never played on the PvE server i might have created the character at some point). Is it a matter of you cant redeem Xp for a server in which you didnt have a character created? I wanna know if you can solve this because he doesnt want to start the game again and i just want more people to play it.
  3. Hi. I got a Friend of mine back. Who also Played back when I quit. Now he also got the Redeemables. But apparently on his Account they are not Shared on the Account. He can only use them on that one Character he has. Nowhere else. Is that a Bug ? Can he do something about it ?
  4. Ok so, Its been a while since i played. last i was on was just after the eu3 mirror server was removed. As part of this all of the stuff i had in that server was moved to EU PVP 1. After coming back a good while later, alot has changed and i want to try to get back into it. However i want to play in the PVE server. All of my stuff that was redeemable from the mirror is still redeemable in PVP1 but not in PVE. SO, i was wondering if i could get the stuff on EU PVP1 to the EU PVE server for me to redeem there. I know that i wont get any of my other stuff but the redeemable stuff should be fair game. Ay?
  5. I would like to analyse what you get in the redeemables from the events. please only comment what you got from the Paints Chest and Ship Chest. I´ll start with mine: Ceberus - French Constitution - Sicily Rattlesnake Heavy: Fir Wood, Stiffness, Regional Strong Hull Bonus Rattlesnake Heavy: Oak Wood, Stiffness, Regional Strong Hull Bonus
  6. So I had an incident when crafting. I got some recipes as a reward (Constitution, Ingermanland, and Essex) but did not have enough room in my warehouse so I lost 2 of the three. So this got me thinking- what if the recipes that can't fit in your warehouse become redeemables? Or all recipes are redeemables?
  7. So I was just looking around the forums for a answer this this, but I can't find any. As of today (when I logged on, as I haven't been online in a few days), two new redeemables had been added to my list. One is for a Le Gros Ventre, and the other is 250,000 in gold. Usually I would think this might just be a gift, but that would be if the game had just been released or finished a major update that needed a hard reset. My question is, Why have these been given out? Are they in-fact gifts, or should we be expecting a hard reset in the very near future? Thank you
  8. Hello! I just wanted to ask a couple of questions. 1.) Will we lose our redeemables if we redeem them and the accounts gets wiped? Also, will we lose them if we don't redeem them at all? I like having them in my "redeem basket", but afraid they might disappear one day. 2.) I've heard there will certainly be a wipe once the game is released. I also understand that we will keep our exp if accounts get wiped. What about crafting levels? Also, what about some kind of compensation? I can imagine people who have a Santisima (if anyone even does) won't be too pleased with losing everything... It's hours of work after all, I'm sure people aren't playing just to test the game, most people would like to keep their progress, especially traders and crafters. Battle exp isn't and shouldn't be the most important thing. P.S. New to forums, hope these questions haven't been answered a billion times already Cheers!
  9. Hi, I bought the in the morning ca. 10 am, 23. Jan. And stated playing the same day, on two different servers. The funny thing is some of my friends whom bought the game that day got two redeemable ships, and i did not. I was just wondering if the redeemables just were for some random people, or what. I'am just asking out of curiosity, because it would really be nice have those redeemables, like my other friends. Btw. I just love this game Kind regards.
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