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Found 8 results

  1. Hello all, o7 Before I begin, I would like to say that I am well aware that there are other posts concerning the (re)implementation of storms into NA battles. It is my intention to not only condense what I have seen suggested but also add to it. I am also aware that storms are in the Naval Action: Legends beta, and if it is already planned that they should make their way into the OW game, then please disregard my section pleading for their introduction, and instead direct your attention to my other hopes which concern additions to storms and other weather conditions. I am also aware of the probable futility of my effort, however try I shall nonetheless, Even the best fighting ship fears a storm Dynamic Weather - Storms + I am of the opinion, along with numerous fellow captains, that dynamic weather or even simply more weather conditions would be a welcome, realistic, addition to this wonderful game. In real life, a sailing ship facing a moderate storm would not be able to carry all of her sail, lest parts of her canvas might carry away. Even, in the worst of storms, a ship might be at risk of capsizing or losing more important parts of rigging, running and standing alike (including entire masts). These threats gave way to the development of storm sails, or stronger, and in most cases smaller sails. Also important to take into account is the steerage afforded by the rudder of a ship. While heaving in large swell, there might be times when the rudder can lose most or all contact with the water, and therefore compromise the main steerage way of the ship and subject it to great danger. The crew of any ship in a storm would, in addition to the danger of their ship, find themselves in a danger mostly independent from the ship. Struggling about a weather deck during a storm subjects a sailor to a number of deaths. He could be swept overboard by a rolling wave, or killed by a falling spar or other loose item. An introduction of realistic storms to Naval Action would bring to the most realistic sailing simulator the worst nightmare of any sailor: the lee shore. Here, I quote from The Pirate Empire Blog, "Perhaps the most famous pirate death by storm was the gigantic pirate vessel Whydah Galley captained by the Prince of Pirates, Black Sam Bellamy. Sam sailed up the Atlantic coast of North America during what should have been a reasonably safe time of year. But he and his men were caught by an enormous storm. It drove the Whydah onto a sandbar. The sudden stop caused all the masts to break off at once, while the retreating wave rolled the huge ship onto its side. The following wave actually picked up the 300 ton vessel, rolled it farther, and dropped it upside down into shallow water. Of the 150 pirates aboard, only two men (Welshman Thomas Davis and 18-year-old Central American Moskito Indian John Julian) made it to shore alive." -Heavier storms In the heaviest of storms, these dangers were only multiplied and paired with even greater threats. Huge waves, conjured by a gale, are a threat within themselves. A ship might find itself extremely vulnerable even to rolling while sailing broadside-to-the-waves. In these conditions, broaching might be more than likely and extremely fatal, especially with a light ship. While running before the wind, waves breaking over the stern of a ship posed yet more dangers. Water pouring over the stern could crush the structure of the ship and/or swamp it to the point of sinking. Masts, spars, and everything else which might find itself exposed during such a storm would be in great peril. Strong winds will easily snap these appendages, resulting in extreme damage to the rigging and danger to the crew. Discussing the damage to the rigging could lead me on a whole new tangent, describing control of a ship with losses of certain areas of rigging, however I shall leave it for the time as incredibly hard and perhaps impossible to control a ship if one were to, for instance, lose a section of foremast. Practicality / Introduction to NA Obviously, not all of this is possible in a game. Some of these ideas are merely interesting concepts. However, I think most of these ideas would be great additions to this game. If you do not agree, please participate in the poll that goes along with this post and comment your thoughts. At the very least other weather conditions should be implemented. I have already seen what a difference this makes while playing Naval Action: Legends. It does much to break the monotony of repeated battles, not to mention the profound effects it has on the quality in terms of visuals in this beautiful game. I hope to see more than storms added, perhaps calmer days not so different from those of previous builds, and maybe days where there are different types of rain. A great hope of mine is to see in a game like this colder weather, although I have left this mostly out seeing as this is the Caribbean, after all. (So not that one.) I think that some level of dynamic weather would be good to implement, even if it is only small changes. Some damage to crew if you take waves over your stern, maybe damage to structure. Of course, in smaller ships with no dedicated gun decks this would be most prevalent. Damage to rigging (hopefully some animations of sails being ripped to shreds or carrying away). In the case of large storms, the possibility of losing a topmast or more would be realistic. More aggressive wind and greater heel to ships is a great start. Along these lines follows an inflation of leeway while sailing and a tougher beat upwind. As previously mentioned, I could start a whole new discussion concerning the effects of losing certain areas of sail, and I would also hope to see that in the future. As brief of an example as I can come up with is as follows: the loss of a foremast should result in almost uncontrollable tendency for the ship to swing into the wind, given the loss of balance. While in the wind, a ship without a foremast becomes a sitting duck as it is mostly stuck in stays. *Edit* Forgot to add this: One of the other ideas tossed around between myself and some fellow captains went along the lines of a weather event, similar to a fleet event. Just like the treasure fleet events, a message would come to all players in the session (for instance, "Rumors of a large storm spread through the West Indes"). A location could be added on the map. When captains sail there, they are brought into an instance where they have to battle the storm and other players in the area. Maybe some incentive could be added similar to the admiralty events, where rewards were multiplied. This allows captains who do not wish to participate in a storm battle their chance to do so, and an incentive for those who might like to participate. These mechanics, if added, would allow for a greater range of uses for numerous upgrades such as optimized ballast and art of proper cargo distribution. There would even be reason to add new upgrades. One such new upgrade could be "Storm Sails," giving +10% sail hp, -2% roll, +10% sail rising speed or something like that. Thank you all for taking the time to read this long suggestion of mine Happy sailing, and may your chests be filled with prize money! o7, Sir John Please be sure to check the comments for any new updates of mine Credit to Liberator for this fine screenshot, link here Taken from the Naval Action: Legends beta, link here
  2. Hi. We are many who think that Naval Action would be a better game if it were more realistic. These are some proposals to achieve it. (This is a 2º version (I have eliminated the suggestions that many people did not like. I think that now this suggestion can be successful.)) 1.PvP battles should close later. It is not realistic that for seconds or minutes you can not participate in a battle between players. 2.Realistic economy: supply and demand. Players must have more prominence, or trade becomes boring. 3.Repairs: instead of having a timer to be able to repair again, it could be passive repair(it can be activated and desactivated as sailing, boarding...), being slower. 4.Masts: they can not be completely repaired in battle. 5.Your ships can travel without you: you assign them a crew and select a destination port, so they sail like a common NPC. Obviously, they can be boarded or sunk by enemy players. I think it´s a better idea than teleporting ships (magic). 6.Stronger storms in battle: ships can be damaged. (No storms in port battles or combat missions). 7.WANTED: rewards system (in your faction) for sinking wanted enemies. 8.Trade missions: the port gives you the goods and you transport them for gold and exp. This increases trade and piracy. If you do not deliver it, you can be fined. 9.Crew´s moral in open world: with food, rum... Fishing would be more useful, and rum would be more valuable. 10.Game translation: this improves gaming experience and attracts more players to Naval Action. Spanish, French, Russian and others... Thank you for reading. If you agree with this, give it a like for a more realistic Naval Action!
  3. @Ink @admin Please add the following feature to Naval Action. This will give some more realistic. Let us load different ammunition for each deck, same as AI already have: Why: Historic ships could load various ammunition on different decks Example with 1. Rate: Example with 5. Rate: Weather Deck: Chains Weather Deck: Chains Top Gun Deck: Chains Gun Deck: Balls Top Gun Deck: Double Shot Bottom Gun Deck: Double Shot Example 2 with 1. Rate: Weather Deck: Chains Top Gun Deck: Balls Top Gun Deck: Double Charge Bottom Gun Deck: Double Shot
  4. Introduction I'm sure there have probably been posts on this, however I will give some more inspiration to this topic. I strongly suggest that this is done before release, since if this game gets media attention and high attention on YouTube (which it probably will) this would be a great feature. I suggest having visual crew on decks with each crew member performing actions according to their rank. After playing "Napoleon: Total War" and viewing the sea combat there I was inspired to post this. NOTE: I do not want this game to copy said game or any other. This game compared to others is done with much more detail and realism, so I find this feature should be detailed as well. I do not encourage copying in this post. A snippet from total war, where the crew moves across the deck Attention to details Not all crew should be modeled, but those who are should be very real and detailed like the rest of this game is. If crew would be implemented like this I would suggest a strong attention to detail. If you have your majority or all of your crew on gunnery, sailors should move away from cables and climb down from rigging and move to the guns. The x/y crew on gunnery would be determined on how many of your ships crew are at the guns. NOTE: Most of the crew will not have to be displayed as they are bellow deck. This means that the process can easily done with numbers and waiting times which does not reduce the frame rate compared to a drastic decrease if you would model all crew. If you have marines on board the marines should be displayed on deck. If you have extra hammocks, more crew should be on deck. If you used the Muskets & Pistols skill book there would be muskets lined up at the railing of the ship. Drummers could be on the deck on navy ships. If you have a crew shock, crew could be cowering on the deck and other crew members "shouting" at them to man their stations. You have boarding ladders or any other special upgrades? They would be shown in boarding. This would take a lot of time and probably a whole patchto implement, but it is definitely worth it. If you are a pirate your crew should be nowhere near as organized as other nations ships. Your sailors would not have an uniform and would move around the ship differently. ^^^ These are just a few examples what you could do if you model crew independently. This game already has an absolutely great system when it comes to sails and sail damage - Crew should be the same. Realism and non-cartoon ships is this games biggest selling point, so details should be there. Implementation This game is currently not released yet. There are much more important issues to tackle right now, of course. However this implementation would not be as difficult as it sounds. As said, all crew should not be modeled. Most are beneath deck in bigger ships and extensive modeling of all crew on smaller ships is not needed. Each cannon, mast, region on deck etc. would be treated as a small region of action. Although I don't know how this game utilities Unity 5 right now, I know this is definitely possible using Unity as an engine. For example, each cannon needs x/y amount of crew on it. If crew members "move" (none of this is visual except on deck) to a cannon, it would take a few seconds. Example: If you just got a broadside of grape on one side, crew numbers on cannons would decrease on that side more than on the other side of the vessel, if the grape shots even got to there. This would mean until more crew can man the cannons your reload speed would be affected on that broadside making just this a very tactical and exciting aspect in battle. Of course this crew system could be used in many, many more ways. Falling masts, stern rakes, angles in which you board a ship, sending crew to survival etc. are all possibilities. Some of these were planned to be implemented already - this could implement all at once. End note to the developers I really hope you consider and implement this way of having crew. It would add a lot of visual aspect and game play to Naval Action making battles more interesting. However I hope you tackle problems like User Interface, Tutorials, Economy... first. This thread will surely be edited a lot with feedback and more ideas. Check back later. Until then, thanks for reading.
  5. Hi there. I would like to suggest the implementation of a feature that adds a bit of content to manual sailing, the ability to manually select which sails you set. For example, say you want to sail the Lynx as a fore and aft schooner and not set the square topsail. This would allow the boat to sail closer to the wind. Without the square topsail set however, this could affect the boat's sail balance which would cause the helm to tend to drift to a direction. SO, the sails you set would affect sail balance and the user (if he or she decides to select sails to set manually) would need to keep in mind which sails are set and how it would affect the boat's overall balance. Personally, I think this would open up a whole new challenge to the game which I am sure some players would welcome. Others however I am sure would not like the ability to have the ability to choose which sails are set. This would require a button which would switch on this mode. The button could open up a menu with all the sails laid out so one could just simply click which sails to set. Would love to see what people think about this idea!
  6. Hello! This is my first post on here, but I would like to see something that I don't see or maybe I just dont notice much in similar era games. Maybe you could include realistic ship plans such as real ship builders used "back in the day." It would be a cool feature to see, included with a list of materials required to complete the ship depicticted in said plans. As you gather, harvest, purchase or however it's going to work the materials, you could have highlights on the plan or something or maybe just a simple " **% Completed" at the top. For people who have never seen or learned to read a ships plans, maybe you could do a little research on the subject and include a very optional tutorial or learning class on the matter. It would be a great thing for people who are curious like myself ^-^! Something kind of simple like these plans of the HMS Surprise. Or maybe, just a maybe something as cool as the plans in this link : http://www.google.com/imgres?safe=off&hl=en&biw=1920&bih=977&tbm=isch&tbnid=8naud5lHsrZ28M:&imgrefurl=http://www.photographers1.com/Sailing/NauticalTerms%26Nomenclature.html&docid=KtLIRxKNqFNZSM&itg=1&imgurl=http://www.photographers1.com/Sailing/WarshipNomenclatureSmall.jpg&w=800&h=745&ei=ElbTUZL3Fs640AHMzIGwAw&zoom=1&ved=1t:3588,r:9,s:0,i:108&iact=rc&page=1&tbnh=185&tbnw=199&start=0&ndsp=38&tx=124&ty=106 Google ftw! Anyway, that was just a brainchild of mine. Developers, if you would look at this, you could add on to this by replying or emailing me. Haha, please no rush and do all of us proud! I'll be gladfully awaiting hearing the news that the game has been released for a beta or out for everyone.
  7. Hi there! I have decided to post regarding some of the sailing dynamics in Naval action. Please note that my suggestion is only for in battle sailing. As a tall ship sailor in real life, I am really excited about Naval Action overall. I have been playing for just over a week now and really enjoy the game. One area that I noticed right after being in my first battle was the sailing dynamics of the ships. Yes, they are quite realistic for a video game however I see an area which should be improved, square sails. Currently, you are able to sail very close to the wind with the square sail set and not suffer a speed penalty. In real life, if you have your square sail set and you are above, say 45 degrees to the wind, your square sail will slow the vessel down. I really think there should be a speed penalty for the square sail being set if a vessel is pointing too high. Of course, this would make the game a bit more challenging however, whats a good game without a challenge? Keep up the good work! theTopsail
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