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Found 3 results

  1. Ok so, Its been a while since i played. last i was on was just after the eu3 mirror server was removed. As part of this all of the stuff i had in that server was moved to EU PVP 1. After coming back a good while later, alot has changed and i want to try to get back into it. However i want to play in the PVE server. All of my stuff that was redeemable from the mirror is still redeemable in PVP1 but not in PVE. SO, i was wondering if i could get the stuff on EU PVP1 to the EU PVE server for me to redeem there. I know that i wont get any of my other stuff but the redeemable stuff should be fair game. Ay?
  2. ​Salve capitani! La prossima patch uscirà a breve, probabilmente la settimana prossima (si spera) In questa patch il server PVP​ EU 3 verrà chiuso e unito al server PVP EU One. ​Tutte le risorse verranno mantenute e/o rimborsate nel server PVP EU One sotto forma di oggetti riscattabili. ​Lista di risorse che verranno traferite sul server PvP EU 1 ​​Denaro Risorse nei magazzini Navi Upgrades Blueprint sbloccati Gli avamposti e gli edifici costruiti verranno persi ma il costo in denaro sostenuto per la costruzione e l'upgrade verrà rimborsato Informazioni importanti per i giocatori del server PVP EU 3 (non riguarda i giocatori degli altri server) ​​ I vostri averi verranno trasferiti automaticamente, voi non dovete fare nulla. I vostri averi verranno trasferiti al vostro account indipendentemente, ​questo è un ottimo momento per cambiare nome e/o nazione ​Tutto ciò che avete verrà trasferito sotto forma di oggetti riscattabili Se avete 200 tipi di risorse o navi avrete 200 oggetti riscattabili (un bel casino) per cui è consigliabile espandere il magazzino vendendo ciò che non vi serve. La roba che avete è agganciata al vostro account del server, non importa se avete già un giocatore nel server PVP 1 Sia se avete un giocatore da creare sul nuovo server che se lo avete già avrete a disposizione gli oggetti da riscattare Scegliete con cura il giocatore che volete utilizzare, non utilizzate gli oggetti riscattabili se non siete sicuri di voler giocare con il profilo giocatore che avete scelto. Questo è il momento migliore per cambiare nazione se volete. Se non avete un profilo sul server PVP 1 non dovete preoccuparvi, createne uno e riscattate i vostri preziosi averi provenienti dal server pvp 3 ​Suggerimenti importanti ​Non riscattate i vostri averi finché non siete assolutamente certi del nome e della nazione da scegliere, i vostri oggetti non riscattati sono legati al vostro account quindi saranno sempre disponibili per essere scaricati (ovviamente non in eterno) . Aggiornamento Prima della chiusura del server tutti i contratti, le consegne e le navi in vendita devono essere cancellate e ritirate dalla vendita altrimenti verranno perse nel corso del trasferimento al server PVP 1 Hello Captains Patch will be deployed next week (hopefully) In this patch the PVP EU Three server will be closed down and merged into PVP EU One. All resources and assets will be compensated and/or merged into PVP EU One as redeemables. Resources merged into PvP EU 1 Gold Resources from warehouses Ships Upgrades Known blueprints Outposts and buildings will be lost but the price of construction or upgrades will be compensated in gold Important points for players from PVP EU 3 (this info does not concern players from all other servers) Assets are transferred automatically, you don't have to do anything Assets are transferred to account - not as players. If you wanted to change the name or nation - its a good chance to do it. All merged assets will be given to as redeemables If you had 200 various types of resources, ships, items you will have 200 redeemables in your list. To minimize the redeemables list feel free to optimize your warehouses selling assets you don't need. Merged assets are provided for server account. It does not matter if you have a player on EU 1 or notIf you don't have a player on PVP EU 1 you can create a player and he will have all merged assets from the EU 3 server in the redeemables list If you have a player on PVP EU 1 he will have all merged assets in the redeemable list Deleting vs creating playersDo not use redeemables if you are not sure about the existing player his nation and his name If you don't have a player you don't have to worry about the assets - create the player and redeem the assets If you do have the player please think carefully about using the redeemables. Better be sure if you want to play for that nation or keep that name Suggestion for safety Do not use the redeemables until you are absolutely sure about nation choice - keep them in the redeemables list. Un-used redeemables are tied to account and will always be on the redeemables list. Please translate this information for the national forums. Be careful as these instructions are important. TLDR version All assets will be merged as redeemables Do not use redeemables until you made up your mind about the nation and player name Lets discuss if everything is clear and we will post this announcement on steam as well. Spero di essere stato utile Coriolanus
  3. Dear Devs and Admins, I have some sad news which i hope you already noticed but just to be sure im making this post about it. PvP 3 EU is almost always empty of players. Lots and Lots of players made a switch to PvP 1 eu because there is more action going on (logical today (24-3-16) PvP 3 has 50 people online and PvP 1 is already on medium). Yes i know the servers will be merged at one point, but im just wondering why not merge the server asap? lots of people are losing intrest in the game because PvP 3 is more a dead server then an alive one. U cant organise port battles or nice pvp battles because most of the server is empty and the people that are online just wanna do their missions. Ofcourse thats not the only reason people are losing intrest its also content but im hoping you guys are working hard on that! Yours Sincerly, A worried PvP 3 captain -Admiraal Mitholyn
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