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Found 2 results

  1. SOLO player? Tired of waiting for your clan to come back? Are you the last man standing in your current clan? JACKS is looking for NA time zone players to join the Graveyard Crew. We have a solid base all around, our EU crew is running strong, currently looking to fill in the other side of the time zones. Need Ships? We got ya Need Cannons? We got ya. Need a group of solid players to join? Yeah we got ya. We have a steadily growing Market in our Pitts Town Port, many max level ship builders both in Baracoa and Nuevitas. If you are new to the game we help all new Captains in getting set up, not only with your ship but with how to play the game, sailing tips and tricks, economy and trade. We participate in both PVP and PVE activities. On weekends we usually have group events, PVP roams and xp grind sessions. Port battles , hostility defense we always try to participate. North American weeknights may be slow but that's where the Grave Yard Shift takes advantage on Econ and Cargo runs to keep our coffers full. Our atmosphere is laid back and relaxed, but when it comes to combat (PVP or PVE) we always watch each others backs, work as a team and communicate. If you are interested in joining us regardless of time zone see the following captains: EU Time Zone - Hefestus NA East Coast / Central - Tango Fox NA West Coast - Topher Bing or Blackcloud
  2. At the moment, the pirate faction is currently playing just as any of the other nations: fighting over territory and ports, with a little bit of added PvP. If this continues, Pirates in Naval Action will end up being a weaker carbon-copy of the Nations just as they were in PotBS. There needs to be some distinction in gameplay to start separating the pirate faction from nationals. I have already asserted that Pirates should not be a starting choice, however I think another possible step is to begin rethinking how pirates handle port captures and port battles. I am not the first to suggest that pirates should "raid" ports instead of capture them, but this is just one possible way of doing it. There will be an example scenario after the suggestion of mechanics. Steps to raiding a port: Raid Missions: Where other nations go out and purchase "Conquest Flags" to conquer a port, pirates can accept "Raid Missions" in the same way. These missions will be much more difficult that regular missions, in that they will contain a larger number of stronger ships than their regular counterparts. Furthermore, these missions will contain trader ships which must be either destroyed or captured in order to successfully complete the mission (this is to simulate pirates attacking a port's trade and supplies so as to begin a war of attrition). These missions can be taken at any time, and multiple missions can be taken by different captains- unlike Port Battles, these missions are not a single deciding event, that comes later. Just like other missions, National players can enter on their side to help thwart a pirate raid mission. Unlike regular missions, which award extra XP and Gold, Raid Missions instead reward "Unrest" (Yes, a clear swipe from PotBS). Patrol Missions: Conversely, the Nationals can accept Patrol missions, which have them fend off an (NPC) raid on a convoy. Again, pirates can enter these missions to keep Nationals from completing the mission. Unrest Level: Once enough Raid Missions have successfully been completed, unrest and confusion in the port can be high enough to allow an all-out raid of the port. It takes a large amount of successful Raid Missions to reach the unrest level needed to raid a port. Raiding a Port: The Coup-de-grace of the entire process, this should not be a line-fight between huge ships filled with strategy, but rather a quick "get-in-get-out" scenario. Here, pirates initiate the raid much as they would a Port Battle. However, they must do it from the port they are raiding. This will require coordination, as once they begin raiding the port, there will be a signal that the port is being raided (much like the conquest message), however, Pirates who wish to take part will have to wait in port 5-10 minutes (simulating the actual raiding of the port) allowing Nationals to respond. This will culminate in the Pirate/Raid version of the Port Battle. Fleeing Engagement: This what will replace the Port Battle mechanic for Pirates/Port Raids. What has effectively happened is that pirates have raided a port and are now attempting to make their escape. However, Nationals have arrived on the scene and will attempt to stop them. Here, Pirate NPC Trader Ships under command of the pirate player that launched the raid, will attempt to flee via an escape point at the edge of the map. The goals are as follows: Pirates must defend the traders from being sunk/captured while they make their escape. Nationals must sink or capture (more points for capturing) the Pirate NPC trade ships. Aftermath: First and foremost, if a Pirate player launches a "Raid" then the port will be considered "raided" regardless of the the outcome of the PB/Fleeing Engagement. Once a port is raided, it cannot happen again for X amount of time (this is to prevent the farming of a specific port. Furthermore, only one port can be raided in a region at a time; NOTE: this only pertains to raids, Raid Missions can take place for numerous ports at the same time. Once a port has been raided, there will be a cooldown time before the Pirates can re-organize and attempt another raid. Now for the spoils of war: all pirates who participated at any point in the raid process will receive a share of the winnings. Players who only participated in missions will receive a small based on how many missions they successfully completed. Players who participated in the Raid PB/Fleeing Engagement will receive a larger share. There is a direct relation between the amount/quality of loot pirate players receive and how many Pirate traders escaped during the respective fleeing engagement; so if only 1 pirate trader was able to escape, then the reward will be abysmally small. Should the Nationals sink/capture all of the trade ships, then the port will still be considered raided, however it will not take any economic damage. Loot will also coincide with what resources the Port produces as well as what it has in its shop's stock. Here is an example of how this might work in-game: Pirate players pick up a Raid Mission for the British port of Nassau from Kemp's Bay. After successfully completing the missions, Pirates under the command of William Drummond gather at Nassau (the unrest allows the pirates to enter the port even though it is a British port, however they only have access to the Port Raid Mechanic. They cannot repair or sell ships here, or trade with the port.) where he pays a handsome amount of gold to start the Raid Process. A server announcement goes out: "Nassau is being raided by Pirates!" British captains rush to Nassau to stop the pirates. Pirates must wait in port 5-10 minutes while they "raid" the port. British Captains arrive at this time. Fleeing Engagement: Pirates and British Captains enter the engagement. The pirates have 10 NPC trade ships to protect. William Drummond, being the player who initiated the raid is the only one who can issue orders to the NPC traders, and thus gives them movement orders. The British captains engage, and are able to sink 6 of the Pirate NPC traders. The other 4 escape. Afterwards, the Pirate Players escape one-by-one. The Raid is a moderate success, the pirates receive a healthy parcel of gold, XP, and resources from Nassau, while the port itself loses some (not all) of its store's inventory. Pirates will not be able to launch another raid for some time, and when they are ready, they will not be able to raid Nassau again until another port in the region is raided. I knowledge that this is a bit lengthy and requires a lot of moving parts, however, as a pirate I hope this can encourage a unique Approach to Pirates that will make us a unique faction and ultimately a key asset to the game's uniqueness overall. ~Cheers
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