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  1. Obviously We need to keep perspective and not turn the game into a Pirate Fest, but Why not include the most famous Pirates ship ?
  2. Arrr! Ahoy! Arr ye seeking a Pirate crew worthy of sailing amongst to pillage and plunder thee West Caribbean!? If so, yar in thee right haven! K33N’s pirate code is simple: Fly thee Jolly Roger and show no quarter to those whom stand in ye way. Thee Pirate life is for me. Is it for ye? Join our discord today!
  3. Greetings from Military Gamers! This is an official recruitment post for MilitaryGamers.com, the world's premier multi-platform, multi-game online community for US military service members. We're always looking for men and women to join our ranks who have either served in the past, or who are still presently serving, in any branch of the United States Armed Forces. If you would like to learn more about our community, or if you would like to register an account and become a member, please head over to our website at www.militarygamers.com. All recruitment is handled via our website. Once you've registered an account and have become a member, you will find information on our forums instructing you on how to join us in game. About MilitaryGamers.com Our members hail from every branch of the US military, nearly every occupational specialty, all rates and ranks, from E-1 through O-6, and from duty stations and their homes the world over. We have had a game branch (cabal, clan, corporation, fleet, guild, organization, society, squadron, unit, etc.) in nearly every major game title since 2007, where we have established a solid, respected name for ourselves. With thousands of members spread across countless games, we think you'll find that we're the last gaming community you'll ever need to join! Things You Will Find in the Military Gamers Community Camaraderie, esprit de corps, professionalism, a relaxed, casual atmosphere, and most importantly, folks who "get it". As our motto, "Tantum Nos Teneo", states, "Only We Know". Things You Won't Find in the Military Gamers Community Within the MilitaryGamers.com community, you will not find any "realism" units or the like. If that's what you're looking for, please look elsewhere. We do not simulate a military environment or organization. We don't have to. We've all "been there, done that". You won't find any phony rank structures or titles being worn by people who haven't earned the right to be addressed as such. We do organize our community staff, and occasionally some game branches using generic military titles, such as "MG CO", "MG XO", "MG Officer", "MG NCO", etc., because it is familiar to us and identifies who's running what within the community. These titles, however, do not magically bestow anyone with the right to expect anyone else to treat them as anything other than an equal. We have members from all walks of life, all branches of the service, and of all rates, ranks, statuses, and vocations, and when they cross our doorstep, everyone is treated with equal courtesy and respect. Within the MilitaryGamers.com community you will not find any puffed-up "internet commandos" or teenage "squeekers" giving you orders. Everyone is 18 or older. About Our Naval Action Branch We play as the Pirates on the War (Caribbean) server and our members proudly wear the "[MG]" tags. Our community is very active in Naval Action; we hunt together, craft together, and most importantly, help each other get the most out of the game!
  4. The WTF clan invites for cooperation the pirate clans,creating a single capital, to settle in Barakоa and to fight the aggressors of the nation.
  5. The ships that pirates used to practice their deadly craft were unique in their own right when compared to standard navy and merchant vessels. Very rarely did pirates actually build their own ships from scratch. Often, they captured ships and refitted them to serve the sole purpose of piracy. They were "souped up" and made increasingly deadly. There were a number of goals that every pirate captain wanted their ship to achieve. Often, standard merchant vessels (and very rarely naval vessels) did not fancy a pirates' designs. So Pirates would go about refitting a ship, almost always looking to improve upon three crucial aspects : speed, firepower, and cargo capacity. No matter what vessel was to be used, the captain made sure that it would be refitted to utilize, if not over-utilize, these three aspects. Speed: in order to acquire the most speed possible (needed for outrunning the navy) pirates would tack on as much extra sail as possible to catch any and all stray wind that could be caught. Stunsails (studding sails) of all kinds were used, anything that could get you that extra knot. Firepower: One of the first priorities for a pirate captain would be to add guns to a newly acquired ship. any space on the decks that could provide for a cannon was utilized. Extra gun-ports would be cut out of the hull and more guns added. However, pirates would not rely on heavy cannon when fighting. Often, they would swap out heavier cannons for lighter variants. The idea was to not sink the ship, as a pirate wanted the ship in tact in order to plunder whatever was on board. Thus lighter guns would be used as well as demasting shot. Cargo Capacity: As a pirate, you wanted to take as much from an enemy vessel as possible and also wanted to be able to carry as much crew as possible for boarding. This meant carving out their own vessel in order to carry as much cargo and/or crew as possible. This meant removing any frames and bulkheads that separated the hold (also lightening the ship, increasing speed). Anything deemed "unnecessary" for piracy was removed, increasing space and sometimes speed. Now pirates also fancied a specific type of ship to suit their needs. Pirates were masters of hit-and-run tactics, and thus relied on smaller, faster and more maneuverable ships for piracy, such as sloops, schooners and brigs (there are a few large exceptions, such as Blackbeard's Queen Anne's Revenge, which was originally a frigate, or Sir Francis Drake's Golden Hind, which was a Race-built Galleon). The pirates especially favored ships with low draft hulls. These ships would allow them to maneuver shallow waters where larger, deep draft ships would be unable to follow. Pirate ships were meant to get in quick, strike fast, and leave even faster. They did not want to stick around for reinforcements to arrive. Pirates were usually former sailors, and knew how to sail. Often, pirate crews would be able to pilot a ship with the bear minimum of sailors needed, should the situation call for it. However, pirates needed more crew in order to attack and board enemy ships. Edited: To clarify that the tripping out of the lower decks for extra space not just for cargo but also for more crew. Main Source: Modern Marvels: Pirate Tech Other Sources: The Great Ships: Pirate Ships, The Pirate Ship, A brief History of Piracy
  6. Nick was born in France, in a carpenter's family. At 16 years old, his dad died and there was no one to take care of the family's company. Nick went to Brest to find a job in woodwork but maritime carpentry is different to house's carpentry. So he found a job in fishing, his skills allow him to work a little the wood on ships and to learn some tips. When he was 19 years old, a trader offers him a job on a little trader ship. Nick loves travels so he accepted this job as seaman and sometimes carpenter. After 2 years and some crossing, an ugly pirate ship attacked the trader ship. The pirates was very nasty so all the crew surrendered immediately! They captured a cooker and Nick for his skill in woodwork. The Pirate captain was very terrible, he smell the death and had no mercy. No one dared to say his name, all sailors called him Capt No One and said the whole crew was condemned by a curse. Nick sailed for 3 years with this captain and his crew, capturing some ships and fleeing the National's warships in Bahamas. A day, when they were docked in an island no far from Nassau, Nick had the idea to escape from this bad ship. He did it and sailed in a pinnace to Shroud Cay. In Shroud Cay, Nick found a job in carpentry but on land. After 2 months, Nick begun to be sick and understood it was the curse! He couldn't remain on land, he had nausea, land sickness and became more and more wicked and aggressive... He understood he would to sail for all his life for him and for his entourage so he bought a ship, a Trader Snow who needed some works to sail again. With his skill in woodwork, he repaired this ship, added some cannons, recruted some crew and began his pirate's career as Capt Nick the Cursed. Once the flag and a name for his ship choosen, The Wound, he retrieved a map and began his big travel around the Caribbean.
  7. Consider recent Tribunals, apparently the Pirate Rules of Engagement have finally been defined. Pirates can join both sides of a battle. - obvious mechanic Pirate's own clan mates can choose both sides of a battle. - again obvious mechanic This mechanic does allow for the raising of BR to allow for more Pirates to join the opposing side of the battle. - seen in multiple Tribunals as a legal mechanic Pirates joining the side of the battle they wanted to raise BR on can leave the battle without firing on opposing Pirate side. - seen in multiple Tribunals as not punishable However, No one on any side is allowed to fire on anyone from their same side: No Green on Green firing. - as seen by Ink's Response Here If anyone is seen firing on teammates from their side then they are considered a target by that side and can be destroyed by the side they joined. TLDR: The Pirate RoE is defined as being allowed to join the enemy's side of the battle to raise BR, but cannot fire on the side they join, AND can escape as soon as possible without any Tribunal worthy punishment. Devs and mods can correct this if it is incorrect, but recent Tribunals over the last few months seem to correspond to my statements. How I believe Pirate RoE should work: Open World Battles Only Pirates can join both sides of a battle. Pirate clanmates MUST join same side. Pirates can be targeted by the enemy side AND by any nation joining on the Pirate side. - All verse Pirates on any side Pirate vs Pirate Battles Pirates should be able to tag and attack other Pirates not in their clan. Pirate clanmates MUST join same side. All nations can join the Pirate vs Pirate Battle Anyone from one Nation must join the same side as others from that Nation Pirate Port Battles Pirate Clans should be able to attack other Pirate Clan Ports.
  8. A Microsoft Word document with this bio is attached to this post if you want to read it as it was meant to be. Name: William C. R. Jones, former heir of House Harrington of England Best known as: Captain Red Beard William Known Aliases: William Two Bones, William Remover of Bones, William Breaker of Bones, The Bone Breaker, William Bones, Billy Bones, The Keelhauler of Wicked Men, The Hunter of the Wicked, The Bane of the British, The Scarred Captain, Scarred William, One Eye William, Blood Red Beard, The Red Bearded Devil Age: 40ish Height: Roughly 5’9ft/1,80m Facial Features: Bald, thick red beard, brown eyes, two scars over his right eye, right eye blinded, thin right eyebrow, one scar across his left cheekbone, one scar across his mouth, brown eyes. General Features: William wears a wide black musketeer plumed hat with an orange and black striped feather, a dark green gambeson under a leather vest and a metal breastplate which covers both the torso and the back, as well as a pair of dark leather gloves and boots. As far as weapons, he uses a beautifully crafted dented sabre, a unique blade he ordered which proved extremely effective at biting through fabric and leather, and a lavishly decorated pistol. He also owns a small pet monkey that sometimes hangs on his shoulders. A painting of Captain Red Beard William at his cabin aboard the Jaqueline, his frigate. Known Jolly Rogers (his second Jolly Roger is still in development): William’s first Jolly Roger. It made him officially a Pirate, before he had his famous beard. Biography: Born in the English aristocracy, son of The Earl of Harrington and the Marquise of Salisbury, William was supposed to inherit both titles and strengthen his family’s name among the English nobility. Although he had the most traditional upbringing a nobleman can expect, William always loved to watch the big ships on the docks near his home, and at the age of 17, he renounced his noble titles and joined the Navy as an Officer-in-Training, much to his father’s dismay. At the age of 26 he became a Lieutenant of the English Royal Navy, and 4 years later, after the Captain of his ship fell ill during a trip to the Caribbean and died, he took his place and became a Captain at the young age of 30. But his parliamentary father, friends with the high military of the United Kingdom, still hurt about William forsaking his family to pursue adventures in the ocean, not only got his son demoted back to Lieutenant after a year, but the new Captain they sent, John L. Smithson, was a living nightmare. The Earl made sure that John would make William’s life a Hell on Earth for as long as he served as Lieutenant. William would get half rations, the worst ship duties and had to serve as a personal steward for John, for whom he started to create a very deep hatred. After 2 years, John Smithson became so ruthless that finally he drove his entire crew, led by William himself, to mutiny. As vengeance, William ordered John to be killed by keelhauling, a method only used by the worst pirates out there, in which the punished was tied to a line that is looped beneath the vessel, thrown overboard on one side of the ship, and dragged under the ship's keel, from one side of the ship to the other. Covered in sharp barnacles, the ship’s hull cut like razors, making for a very slow and painful death. After 2 hours of agonizing pain, John died begging for a quick death, which he never got (that is, if anyone could understand what he was trying to say over blood, skin and flesh). But William was mad. The hate was deep. He ordered his new pirate crew to keep keelhauling John until his body breaks apart. Then he hung the two pieces of John’s body to two masts of the frigate they were in as a sign to all who would abuse power (probably also serving as a warning to his own crew). John’s body hung until it rotted away and dropped on the deck, and it is said William took a leg, removed the bone from inside its rotten flesh, lifted the bone and shouted “let this be a warning to all men who would use his rank to abuse and inflict misery upon others!”. He then broke the bone in half with a single hit on one of his thighs and got his first pirate name: William Two Bones. Over the course of the next 9 years, William targeted primarily British Royal Navy ships, earning new nicknames and growing his thick beard, and often the sailors of captured ships would join William’s crew, perhaps out of fear, perhaps admiration of his will to end the misuse of power or just maybe because it was either that or death alongside their Captains, which were always killed by keelhauling. It is unclear at what time Pirate Captain William’s right eye was blinded, but it is believed that it happened when the open magazine in his ship blew up and a giant piece of wood hit William’s face, which not only blinded him, but also gave him some nasty looking scars. He is indeed most famous for his red beard, which is also covered in legend: it is still unclear if William did have red hair, or if the red in his beard was blood from his enemies, since there are at least 6 accounts of William biting his enemies in the neck while fighting them. What is the most terrifying fact about William is up to you, but he surely made a name for himself, or several names, since he has over fifteen aliases among the Royal Navy and the Pirate world. Red Beard William Bio.docx
  9. After being in battle against a national (both in pirate frigates) I thought how pirate mechanics are supposed to offer a different gameplay - but a pirate only ship (pirate frig), through game mechanics can be sold for gold or w/e, which means the chance (certainty) that a national will be purchasing one. I suggest : When you are pirate - the armaments on your ship changes to the upgraded fit when you dock, unless it is already pirate statistics. Such as the pirate frigate vs the frigate. Same ship - different cannon fit, sail/speed bonus or whatever (the bonus/statistic change is not really relevant to the suggestion, no flamewar plz) An example of how it works: -capture a ship from a national/AI -dock at a port -captured ship then updates to its pirate statistics This can also work the opposite way if you are a national capturing a pirate: -capture a pirate ship from a pirate -dock at port -captured ship reverts to its civilian/navy statistics This would allow you to temporarily use a pirate fitted ship until you next dock, after which it reverts back. This way the nationals wouldn't be able to sail our ships whenever they want, because they would have to be a pirate to get access to the alternate fitting for the ship, or capture a pirate ship off a player and use it until you next dock. The ships would look exactly the same, but have better class, more crew, or whatever the bonus is for the ship based on how pirates used the ship differently, or w/e. No flame :^)
  10. Whydah Gally (commonly known simply as Whydah or Whidah,), pronounced "wi-duh", was a fully rigged galley ship that was originally built as a passenger, cargo, and slave ship, owned by Lawrence (Laurins) Prince. On the return leg of its maiden voyage of the triangular trade, it began a new role in the Golden Age of Piracy, when it was captured by the pirate Captain Samuel "Black Sam" Bellamy, and was refitted as his flagship. She was armed with 28 guns, and could sail at a top speed of 13 Knots! Bellamy sailed the Whydah up the coast of Colonial America, capturing ships as he went. On April 26, 1717, the Whydah was caught in a violent storm and wrecked. Only two of Bellamy's crew survived, along with seven others who were on a sloop captured by Bellamy earlier that day. Six of the nine survivors were hanged, two who had been forced into piracy were freed, and one Indian crewman was sold into slavery. Whydah and her treasure eluded discovery for over 260 years until 1984, when the wreck was found – buried between 10 and 50 feet of sand, under water depths of 16 to 30 feet deep, spread four miles parallel to the Cape's coast. With the discovery of the ship's bell in 1985 and a small brass placard in 2013, both inscribed with the ship's name and maiden voyage date, Whydah is the only fully authenticated Golden Age pirate shipwreck ever. Dimensions Tons burthen: 300 tons Length: 110 ft (34 m) Propulsion: Sail & oar Sail plan: fully rigged, 3 masts Speed: 13 knots (24 km/h; 15 mph) Complement: 150 men at launch; went down with 145 men & 1 boy (incl. 6 prisoners) Armament: AT LAUNCH: 18 Active Guns PIRATE UPGRADE: 28 Active Guns Here is a drawing of the Whydah. A scale model of Whydah. Another scale model of Whydah, with a different paint scheme. I think that Naval Action should have at least one Pirate Ship in the game. She is fast, at 13 Knots, has good cargo carrying capabilities, and is sufficiently armed, with 28 guns. In other words, she is the perfect Pirate Ship, or a perfect trade ship. This is THE best documented Pirate Ship, and therefore a good contender for a Pirate Ship in game. I know the Le Gros Ventre, and Indiaman are similar to this ship, and since the Whydah would probably be in the trading ship category, it is really up to the community to decide whether to upvote this ship or not. I think she could be a nice addition, tell me in the comments what you guys think.
  11. I have reported this as a bug using f11 in game, however there has been some debate as to weather it is a bug or an intended mechanic. The problem is that I never receive battle rewards for Pirate vs Pirate ai battles. The screenshots attached show my pre-battle amount of gold as well as my post-battle amount of gold which are the same, despite the history log showing that I should have received 40+ thousand gold for the battle. This has happened on three occasions now, against pirate ai ships of the line. I have waited over an hour and tried restarting my game however I never receive the battle rewards. I have asked other pirates to check if they receive rewards from pirate vs pirate ai battles and they have said that they do receive the rewards, but I'm not sure if they just checked the history log or if they checked that the reward was actually received.
  12. @admin I'd like to see some limitations put onto Free Towns. For several days now, the Dutch nation has been plagued by certain Pirate players, that enjoy hunting in the area between Coquibacoa and Fort Zoutman. The hunting part, i have no issues with. The part i have issues with, is that when we chase them, they just run back to the Free Town, and then pop back in and out for a few minutes until it's safe to start hunting again. For the Dutch players, this just becomes an unending game of whack-a-mole, and there's nothing we can do to stop that. I'd suggest some kind of timer on leaving and re-entering the free port Another option is a port battle-like mechanic that allows a nation to blockade the free port for x hours. This would allow only ships of the blockading nation to enter and leave the free port for the duration of the blockade.
  13. Hoist the colours and raise 'em high! For this be the hour we do or die! We be infamous, proud, and quick to brag! For we sail Jolly as Rogers, under the Black Flag! Avast there! We be the Messengers of Death, a veteran society from the Pirates of the Burning Sea, Roberts Server. We now be callin' fer crew to serve on board in Naval Action! To sail under the Black Flag as free mariners be our intent. However, should we be denied such a luxury, we may seek work and pay in either the United States Continental Navy or the English Royal Navy. We be callin' all sailors with like designs to join up with us. We be an English speaking Euro/Aus based community, who offer website and Teamspeak resources. English will be mandatory in any type of Guild/Society/Clan Chat. We have but one purpose in our adventures: to be merry and free; the society will not be anchored to one single aspect or another of gameplay. Sailors of all types be welcome, for we intend to be active in all aspects of Naval Action, from PvP, PvE, RvR, Economy, Exploration, (And 'o course perhaps a wee bit 'o RP) and whatever else this treasure-trove of a game may come to offer. Lay to it, though; we like to run a rather tight ship: we expect our sailors to be loyal and steadfast to fellow members, to be respectful of fellow Pirates, and to be manageable with our enemies, in accordance to their behavior towards us 'o course. Trolling, flaming, or any other conduct of the sort will not be allowed. Should ye have yer hand at PvP or RvR, we expect ye to be prepared, to fight with the utmost zeal and fervor attributed to us as Cutthroats and Pirates, and to carry a sense of decency as Gentlemen and Women of Fortune when dealing with fellow sailors of all creeds. So if'n ye be willin' to serve with us, sign away! and set yer sails fer plunder, pillage, and adventure! -William Drummond, one of the Lords of the Messengers of Death MoD info: -Facebook -William Drummond
  14. Greetings Being a new member of this community and being part of the pirate nation I am here to make this appeal. Already the pirate nation is the most difficult to play , but after the wipe it has become practically impossible for a new player to do anything . I am here in the name of the Pirate Nation to ask you to restore certain features that we had before the Wipe - Restore the possibility of being able to have 5 ships in each outpost - Be able to teleport to Free Towns - Solve the problem of the economy because it is practically impossible to obtain the goods that we need and the prices are too high. Thank you in advance for your attention.
  15. The very first aggression entry. How can you have Neutral aggression against Kidd's? It must be a pirate hack....
  16. The currant rvr system is not taking advantage of the only game balancing feature we currently have... Pirates Throughout the development process we have seen nations and allies reach a size that controlled most of the map. Alot of us have seen two or three stalemates in our time here. Why doesn't naval action better utilise the pirates? I'm not talking about game breaking buffs or silly perks. I'm talking about using pirates to alter the way rvr and national monopolys of the map work. Allow revolts to be driven by raids on ports. Once we get raids, enable a two choice system on the successful completion of a raid. (raze or slash and burn would be open to nation players only) 'Take resources' or 'burn to ground' The first option provides the winner with resources, materials, modules, blueprint etc but no ingame money. The second option provides nothing but money! But puts the port into revolt. 20% revolt! The revolt system is designed to add an extra level to rvr. Nations can drive hostility as normal with the aim of conquest or they can fuel a revolt. Once a port reaches 80% revolt that port on server reset becomes pirate. Revolts can only be put down or fuelled by delivering supplies. Any port in a state of revolt has 48hrs to be pushed to pirate or it returns to normal status. Any port that successfully revolts to pirate status doesn't generate resources for the first 48hrs once under the pirate tag. Ports in a state of revolt cannot be raided multiple times. To make this a fair system national ports would generally hold resources and pirate ports would hold cash and gold/silver coins etc. As most pirates care little for ports it will enable pirates and national pvpers a location on the map to focus pvp outside of the normal events. It would also enable at war nations the choice to involve pirates in the war at there own risk. What do you think?
  17. Forsaken Corsairs [AUSFC] Forsaken Corsairs was previously a British Navy clan but turned Pirate for various reasons. We are recruiting Captains interested in all game aspects to swell our ranks. Our goals are to grow the clan and work with other Pirate groups to create a force to be reckoned with! What We Require -Active players -Team speak compulsory -Members willing to participate and contribute to the clans direction What We Offer -Numerous opportunities for PVP and Port Battle -PVE -Strong group of crafters -Insulated economy to ensure low prices -Skilled group of players -Active across all time zones We operate in PVP One and accept members from all time zones and locations. Feel free to drop into our TS for a chat: PW Dangerzone You can also check out our website and register at http://ausezgaming.com/home.php(currently unavailable) Talk to McCandless, John Quilliam, Dogs Bollocks or Fasti for recruitment. Fair seas! Zeal aka McCandless
  18. Yes all, you heard me correctly. Fredrik af Chapman (famous Swedish shipsbuilder) have made complete specifications of a "Pirate-ship" (kapare-fartyg) even though the translation of it is not 100% accurate (more "Letter of Marquis holders-ship) I wish I could translate all this from Swedish into English, but it takes a whole while. SO I will provide some Pictures of the text from the actual book (written 1775) But I will tell you breifly what it says: It talks about the size and how it might not be as big as to take on a ship of the line. It should however be fast enough to outrun such. The ship would rather be equipt with a few big Heavy guns, with space enough between these, for the crew to use oars to move the ship during combat. It should be easy to turn and it should be big enough to hold Canons, ammunitons and food for the crew during 3,4 months. It should be fast sailor in any weather. Full specifications for 16 diffrent size, however no drawings. from 1x12 and 16x2 pounders (188 cubic foot) to 28x18 and 12x6 pounders (4451 cubic foot) Name of the book: "Tractat om skepps-byggeriet, tillika med förklaring och bevis öfvfr. Architectura navalis mercatoria"
  19. While there was (and should be again) an easy way to become a Pirate, attack a Friendly / Allied, it should be hard to get back to being a National. Although an "easy" goal to reach could be simply signing up in low population Nations. When the Nation puts up an edict with a payout to hire Privateers, then that can be a step to bring in Pirates (based on National player preference). We could also add a goal which allows you to sail into the Capital and ask for a pardon. Provided you have not attacked that Nation ships for a while. (Each BR means an hour cooldown for a pardon, up until a max of 360 hours.) It would be relatively hard to get into a big Nation as the sea would be filled with its easy targets. Finally you could go for the real power goal and try and try bring in a Clan, your Clan. Convince National Clans to become Allies with you until it reaches a Voting Power of 30% (let the game assume that the rest will vote 50%/50%), then allow a National Clan Leader (or Diplomat) file an edict for accepting your Clan as Vassal. Meanwhile your Clan will also pass an edict for Vassal (implying also Alliance). At that point the circle is complete, you can see other players flowing around you in the story. But with the important point: you are in charge of how you perceive those players. Not the game, not anybody else (unless you choose so (more to follow)).
  20. I'm a brand new player. Reading the Nation description I saw the "Very Hard" Pirates option in which you can attach each other, so I immediately created my first character "Skully" in that Nation. Yet I can't seem to be able to attack another Pirate. What gives? === Hehe, do we want to fix up the description? Or do we want to let it ride until Pirate/Outlaw mechanics come in? Whatever the choice, this post can serve as a reference for any new players coming in. As of 9.94 Pirates can no longer attack one-another. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/15862-patch-994-alliances-new-ships-new-features/
  21. NATION INFLUENCE MECHANICS Balancing the Conquest Hi Devs, First of all I would like to congratulate you on the astonishing achievement you have done so far! We have dreamed of this game, open world, naval battles and the era… Thank you! Your game is truly amazing! Please forgive me for the comments below as I’m not telling you how to make your game. But we are your players. We are here, playing and testing the unfinished game because we care. We want to help you to shape it in the perfect game blockbuster on par with those titles out there that have millions of player base. Speaking from MMO experience Alliance-War is too linear for player driven politics. You also have nations that right now mean very little, and you have player clans that mean even less. Voting: Forcing people to do something (like voting) is generally a bad idea and sooner or later you will walk away from this model. When you announced the voting system we have already start working on how to exploit this to our advantage. Democracy or voting will not work on public level. Nation’s clans will start working together and forming alliances behind the vote system. Clan leadership will decide who they are going to be allied with and tell their players to give their votes where its needed. This is what going to happen and if some players will disagree they will be kicked from the clan. Why not give the tools to clan leadership anyway? My proposal is (if you going to keep this system) if player is in the clan, then he has no vote - clan leader decides on their behalf, if player is without the clan then he votes personally. If clan leader is being a douchebag, set vote against the will of the majority and players of the clan disapprove they will leave the clan and form new one. It will sort itself out. However I’m all against this system and here is why... Food for thought on current politics system: IMO, you are working on politics way too early. We need more reasons what to fight for. There is really only one reason so far - the territory, but it's flawed because of its simplicity and lack of tools. There is no other reason really to control territory other than to annoy your enemy. Also The Caribbean is a very small territory. With current game mechanics its easily covered by 150 people that are online and its already feels tight. What is it going to be like when you have 5k people population on the server? Free Ports will be camped and become bottlenecks of the game life. Also the War on Nation level should last for months not days. The alternative: What about Nation influenced territory and Clan controlled ports that are driven by clan’s actions and Nation influence. Clans can only control ports that have enough of their nation’s influence. The Influence: All clans contribute to their Nation’s influence through their gameplay (wealth, production, conquered territory, but also by reducing your enemy influence in the area will increase your nation's influence in the area). Each Nation have capital and 2 other key ports (3 in total) with Influence level 5 (max), which means it can’t be caped. Those ports have everything they need to survive, craft and produce, but in limited numbers as its overpopulated.. The further away the territory from the capital the less influence point it has of that nation and harder to control, but the richer the resources and faster production and other boogie woogie bonuses you might think of. The lowest is 0 influence. No ports can be set there by the nation if it has 0 influence there and all ports will be lost if influence drops to 0. The higher the influence of the nation the higher NPC defence. Distant territories require lots of work to increase influence to setup let alone hold territory. NPC defence tools: Higher influence allows to build higher level port strength, have more powerful cannons, have larger amount and ship size of NPC ships that patrol the area. The further away from the capital the harder it is to keep the influencer level, which means less defence tools available. Those ports will mainly be protected by the players themselves. Best resources and production bonuses should be in those distant territories. If you are an enemy NPC port patrol will try to chase you and sink when seeing you on the horizon. Nation and Clan politics: On Developer level (Game Master - GM) you need to be able to influence politics to be able to keep balance in the game. The nation's relationship needs to be controlled by GM. The Governors of the New World of the Caribbean's did not decide whether they are at war or in alliance with other nations. They were simply told by the rulers in Europe. Situation in Europe decided for them. GMs needs to be those “rulers in Europe”. So, GM must be in control of the politics on the nation level. This also give you the ability to bring deeper storyline to the gameplay through monthly or quarterly patches that brings news story, new nation relationships etc. Nation standings (set by GM through the storyline and 3-4 month updates): 1. Alliance (nation) - as per above your post, can enter ports , attacking give gruesome consequences, can assist in battles as long as the enemy is not an ally or at peace. Attacking an ally will flag you as crim for 24 hours and give some crim points. Sinking, caping, stealing cargo will increase those crim points. Ports that have high enough influence of your nation will have NPC patrol of your own nation chasing you while you are marked as a crim for 24 hours or when you get enough crim points and become a proper crim. Must pay fine or NPC patrols will keep sinking you until you lose equivalent in ship costs etc. Being a crim makes you a fair target to anyone. 2. Peace (nation) - can enter ports, can’t attack, can’t assist. Attacking another player that is in peace with your nation will also mark as a crim for 3 hours and give crim points, but not as much as when attacking an ally. Free-trade rules applied in relationship of trading. 3. Neutral (nation) - to enter ports must buy trade licence for each specific port to enter (expires weekly). Can’t assist. Attacking neutral player will not mark as crim, but give same amount of crim points as attacking player at peace. Accumulating enough crim points will flag as a crim permanently until fines are paid or you’ve been sunk enough. 4. Free Trade (nation) - same as Neutral, but no trade licence is needed and no ports fees paid. 5. De Facto or Pre-War (nation) - state that reflects relationship between the two states in practice, but not necessarily ordained by law. Can attack, Can’t assist. Can’t enter ports - has trade embargo on trade goods delivered from ports of Nation in Pre-war state unless flagged as contraband. Attacking will not flag as crim or give crim points. Taking cargo from Pre-War nation doesn’t flag it as stolen and can be traded without discounts to NPC. 6. War (nation) - can’t enter, can’t assist. Attacking and sinking gives glory points to player, reduce influence points of the enemy and gives influence points to your own state. Caped cargo traded normally as Pre-War. This system, controlled by GM will control player behavior in general and naturally influence gameplay balance where its needed through continues game progression and further relationships built or destroyed. Clan politics: Players must be in control of their clan diplomacy against other clans (not nations). Clan standings against each other are also driven by Nation’s Diplomatic standings, but in some cases can be overruled by clan’s standings. For example the fight between two clans from different allied nations over a territory is still possible if clans declare war. Declaring war is like buying a flag and lasts for 7 days making clans at war a fair target to each other. Example: France and England are allies, but French clan A declares war on English clan B and despite that two nations are allies in general these two clans can freely attack each other for 7 days and are treated as if they would have been at war on nation level. Clan standings are set by clan’s diplomats and used as a diplomacy tool only, while Nation standing still apply. Example: France and Holland are at war, however diplomats from French clan A and Dutch clan C decided not to attack each other despite that their nations are currently at war. They both have set their standings against each other’s clan as a Peace. This makes their clan members to see Peace flag on their ships when they meet out in sea. Attacking them will have normal consequences designed by politics mechanics and current political state between France and Holland (War), however this might bring a tension between the two clans or maybe even punishment from your own clan for attacking an ally. This system has multiple flows, which can easily be flowed by having enough alts in the opposite faction allowing significant influence on voting in favor of one faction and on GM level you can’t even control this. Pirates Because pirates are not a nation, a pirate character (born or made through gameplay) should have nationality. Pirates is a faction that has various pirate professions or types of activity. Profession is picked at any free port much like current smuggler tag and gives specific to this profession bonuses and has 24 hour cooldown before another profession can be picked. Filibusters - in service of no one they free roaming the sea. True to their name they hunt lone traders, trade caravans and even military fleets. You can become a pirate or born a pirate (same as now). Picking up this profession flags you as fair target to everyone. Filibuster gets bonuses in exploration, ship speed and maneuverability in the open and in battle. Corsair or privateer - in the service of a specific nation. Letter of Marque gives them license to kill a particular enemy nation. His black flag will be accompanied with the flag of nation he serves. For each player ship sunk corsair receives payment from the crown. Corsairs can also be hired by player clans to help them fight other clan. Corsair is treated as a member of the nation where he received the Letter of Marque until it’s expired. Note: This profession can also be picked by a member of any nation without becoming an actual pirate. Head hunter - if there is a bounty on someone’s head Headhunter can take the job and claim the prize. This does not apply when the prize is for another pirate’s head. Headhunter is able to track his target down, pinpointing his location on the map Raider - a pirate who is set to attack and plunder settlements. Receives extra rewards in successful capture. The are no Neutral ports. There are only Free Settlements that claimed freedom from the crown and answer to no other nation. Because of that they are a welcome refuge for any pirate. Because Pirates are not a nation, but a faction they cannot claim any ports. Instead they have access to any free port that cannot be captured. Pirates make leaving through combat in the open sea, capturing traders and raiding ports for plunder. They also have easier access to rare “treasures” such as Pearls, lost Crowns etc. All that allows them to buy necessary resources to cover their ship expenses. Using a network of smugglers they are able to secretly trade with all nations. Pirate faction also has their own influence just like the other nations. Higher level of influence allow them to enter more Free Settlements and have there better prices. The Map Right now travel is done in two phases. Long and annoying sail to a destination, then a “save” of location through creation of outpost and fast travel. Sooner or later we have a nation or a faction that covers the entire map and can zip around real fast. Massive sea space becomes very little as life is now based around those Free Ports. Access is everything. It determines the value of the ports. Those ports that are closest to the free ports are valued more than the others. With the proposed Influence System there will be a zones that are harder to conquer, but have better resources and productions. This will make larger points of interest that attracts players so you don’t have to roam around for hours to find targets or any other p2p activities. ---------------- Other little things that would make this game a real pearl. 1. F2P will always attract more player base, but we do understand that you need to make revenue. Game could sell things that don’t have impact on the combat efficiency, so players who spends lots real money won't be in advantage. Instead Naval Action Store (NAS) could sell customization items for the ship and your character. Needless to say that all customization needs to be within the spirit of time. You can sell for real money even ship customization slots for each ship. For example one slot can allow you to customize sails, another name of the ship. All customization is bound to a specific ship and gets destroyed when the ship losses last dura. 2. Identification in the open sea. Simply clicking on the target is easy… too easy. Would be nice to have a spyglass that gives you the information of the ship you are looking at. The information received and the maximum distance is determined by the quality of the spyglass. Besides you could sell in the NAS componentry for decent spyglass. Among the current information we get from selecting the target the good spyglass should tell the speed of the ship and the quality. While looking at the ship through spyglass the assessment bar is filling in. It could take some time for the bar to fill in completely and to “assess” the ship. Once done you should be able to see more details such as how many dura left, upgrades installed etc. At the end of the day those things would have been visible in RL. Maybe even create Assessment Perk that will allow you to assess ships faster. Lots of cool food for thought 3. NPC trade caravans as mission for Pirates. Takes cooperation and lots of pirates to take on fully protected caravan, but rewards are also great. 4. Port battles done vs actual forts on land 5. One of a must have customization is a ship name and various designs of the carving that can be applied to display given name 6. Nation flag on the ship in the open sea. It is much better to look through spyglass and try to recognise the flag of the ship that is chasing you instead of simply clicking on the ship and get the lazy info. 7. Trader’s Network (TN) aka auction house. If you really want to drive player economy this is a must have. Make it more interesting. In order to get the info player needs to buy and maintain pigeon post. TN does allow you to buy remotely and place delivery contract so other players can pick it up and deliver anywhere you required. This promotes player trading, smuggling, and of course piracy. I can probably think of another 2-3 dozen of things but you get my drift. ------------------ More than happy to discuss in private all of the above if you decide you want to use any of these ideas. Im off to hunt me some traders. Yarrr! [bLACK] Koltes
  22. For those looking to suggest, comment or flame on Pirate mechanics, there is http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/14245-pirate-mechanics-suggestions-collection-thread/. I also do not want to get side-tracked as in http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/13995-going-pirate-going-national/ . This topic is purely about the Black Plague bug. And we are going for a simple yes or no. Right now you can turn Pirate without too much hassle and not lose any asset or blueprint. As I said on http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/14165-the-betrayal-of-the-ausez-to-the-british-empire/?p=264990 "People say it is easy to switch to Pirate. I would phrase this as, it is not hard to switch to Pirate." Now we do have the immigration office to help out folks to switch Nations. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/14518-the-imigration-office/ But at the end of the day, Nations are "punished" by not having the ability to allow players in at the same conditions folks can join the Pirates. And that is the Black Plague bug. I'm not talking about what kind of potential penalties we want to impose on switching to Pirates (or any other enemy Nation). Nor do I want to address the final method of switching to a Nation yet. But since switching to Pirate is a very easy affair, I would say that for now switching to a Nation should be just sailing into their capital and ask for a pardon. Nothing fancy, just as "easy" as turning Pirate. The goal is: First and foremost we must cure the Black Plague!
  23. The Danish Norwegian nation has for the longest of time been affiliated with the pirate faction, and we have had a very constructive relationships with our dealings in warfare. Thanks to many of the pirate clans, we've been able to carry the game against much more larger foes and threats. The signatory of this post still remembers with fondness the help and mutual assistance we gave each other in common campaigns, before I took a hiatus of leave in the summer months for vacation. But both times and sentiments change and we've found it impossible to deal with their latest «diplomatic approaches». A friendship is based on mutual respect and understanding. While we do understand to an extent the predicament they face, the respect presented by the latest diplomatic approaches from Lord Vicious (Sorry Pirate clan leader) have in late been absent. On the contrary, it has been directly hostile, manipulative and insulting. I had a word with his pirate lordship the other day on teamspeak, in order to confront him with the incursion against the port of Macao on the eastern coast of Haiti. He explained to me that the capture of the port was sanctioned by our diplomats. Which is strange, since I had been assured by all our diplomats since we got news of their plans that the Danish diplomatic corps had refused any support for the Pirates against their enemies if it meant we had to turn over any Danish ports. According to Vicious on the other hand, our diplomats wanted to make a back room deal which meant they could attack the Swedes by using our ports as a staging ground, and we would allegedly only put up a token resistance to “show” the other nations that we didn't break any treaties. As I explained to him, no Danish diplomat has a carte Blanche to negotiate any such things without their respective clan leaders involvement. This fell on both deaf ears and on an increasingly heated temperament from his part (which ended in him rage quitting our conversation). His position was uncompromising as he continued to make threats not only against the Danish nation as a whole but also about releasing some “incriminating” evidence that would show proof of our elegidly backroom dealings with them. I await in anticipation for him to release those, so we can address it individually and in honesty. Until then my position is the same as it always has been: The attack on our ports is unacceptable and I demanded the withdrawal of the Pirate forces. This demand was not met, so I verbally gave him a deceleration of war as I am now giving it officially on the national news: From this day forth, and until all Pirates have been removed from Danish holdings, the Danish nation is at war with the Pirate clan “Sorry”, and any pirate that might aid them. This situation will last until the SORRY clan has been expelled from the Antilles treaty borders. To prove that we did not and do not have any “hidden” agenda, we have promptly negotiated a temporarily ceasefire with the British, a temporarily defensive cooperation with the Swedish and assistance from the French in order to face this threat, as pr the Antilles treaty. We will cooperate in and out of port battles, and begin operations to reclaim the pirate holdings in eastern Haiti (Macao), and defending any other ports, whether it be Swedish or Danish. Signed Helgur RDNN Clan leader. edit: for clarification, see bolded and italic text for the amendments
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