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Found 5 results

  1. Since the latest patch my ping has been an unstable 200-700 with lots of jittering. Normally I have close to 100 as I live in the NE US.
  2. Hello. My clan mates and i got kicked multiple times. we are also experiencing high ping issues a few of my clan mates are in battles and they also have a lag issues. Is there a issue going on with the servers ? With kind regards.
  3. Many people in the English Nation are getting dragged into battles by 'friendly' Basic Cutters attacking enemy PVP player fleets that vastly outnumber the Brit players that get dragged in. It is thought that the Danes and Pirates are using ALTs in British Basic Cutters to hang around areas where they can attack Danes or Pirate fleets, dragging in unsuspecting Brit players in the area into a battle where they are heavily outnumbered and CAN NOT CALL REINFORCMENTS. The usual deal is that it's a Basic Cutter, Midshipman, No Clan etc. This is happening very often and is becoming a pain in the back side. Rarely happens against AI fleets. Enough Said.
  4. Hey guys. I am very new to the Naval action and loving it at the moment. Got myself a nice little basic cutter and been doing missions for gold & exp. The first thing I noticed is the latency lag in this game. Especially the response times to moving the ship's controls and gun firing response. I play from australia & already I see a few aus players in these forums chatting about the game and this brings delight to my eyes. I play from NA PVE server & get 225ms latency. Which is not bad in overall responsive gameplay. But what is greatly affected is the rudder, changing of sails, speed changes (the ship delays in response to change in speeds so if I want it to slow down from full, it'll take like 3 seconds to respond and start to slow down), and most importantly gun firing response. At this point it's just an annoyance. But later down the track I can see this as more of a hindrance to more competitive players who don't have the privilege to play near the servers. Especially when you're commanding a speedy brig or frigate that's more agile than the bigger ships (I want that 1st rate so bad! So many guns!). Like all other MMOs latency is a bane to anyone's gameplay whenever they try to play an online game miles away from the server location. I really wish there was a way to fix this but I guess current constraints in technology prevents such an improvement. This thread is more of a discussion within the community & devs alike (if they are inclined to join in the discussion) on what options could possibly help reduce the burden of lagged gameplay in Naval Action. The simplest solution I can think of and is already in the dev's corner of thinking is establishing region based servers around the world. Already you guys have covered NA & EU. I'm sure as time goes RU will also open. Maybe Japan. Maybe Asia (Indonesia perhaps)? And in time maybe Oceania. So that's one way. But how about Cloud-based servers? Would that be feasible for Naval Action? I don't know much about this type of network system but here's a link of the benefits of implementing one. https://www.siteground.com/tutorials/cloud/cloud_servers.htm - could be worth considering for development. And lastly, Client side calculations or prediction. I've only had one experience with this feature. A control physics function that simulates instant response times in controls including gun firing but at the cost of un-synced results. Like shooting at an enemy's broadside where you can just get your back cannons to aim & hit at his stern before he gets away and you see the splash hit but no damage is registered. Since client side has priority in response, it takes quite abit of time for the inputs to reach the server due to your latency. This is also open to "hacking" methods and I suggest not considering this option unless you can provide extra security to your servers. If successfully implemented, this feature could help alot of the players with latencies over 200ms+ but only to a point that improves the "visual" response times since server side inputs are still in effect. So just to recap the options are: More region based servers Cloud based servers Client side prediction There are probably more solutions that I can't think of. Please share your opinion and ideas about this topic as I feel it is a relative concern for those who play at such high latencies. Considering the early stage of this game I am more than satisfied with the current server performances. But maybe later down a few considerations to improve the servers in Naval Action could take place. Poll included as well.
  5. Because of the pace of the game, high latency doesn't make gameplay too difficult. Most of the skill in this game involves thinking several steps ahead and usually you have several seconds to react to your opponents' actions. However there are a few places where latency has a more pronounced effect and I wanted to share some observations about it. Rudder Control: the delay before the rudder responds to input is manageable because it's a delay in when your maneuver starts, but the delay after you release it to neutral is more difficult to manage because it affects your final heading and requires more accurate compensation for delays (and the delay often varies in the span of a battle). The delay also makes fine-tuning your heading more time-consuming. I think this issue would be solved by having the ability to click on your compass to set a heading that the helmsman will try to automatically hold (I also think this would be a good enhancement to the current controls for all players, improving the feeling of playing as a Captain who can switch between 'command' and 'control'). Yard Control: The delay after your input starts/stops is almost as long as the time it takes for the yards to move. When you want to move the yards all the way to port or starboard this isn't a problem, but it's impossible to accurately neutralize the sails quickly, for example when you want to momentarily minimize your heel while on a reach. A keybind to have the crew neutralize sails would be useful here, or an interface/option setting to adjust the sensitivity of the yard control so that high-latency Captains can have them move more slowly. Gunnery: The delay before the cannon respond to your fire command is fine, in fact it feels like a natural/intended delay. The problem is when you need to maximize elevation in aim mode while the ship is rolling: you can't aim higher than the cannons can shoot at that precise moment. With immediate response you can fire as soon as you feel the ship at the peak of its roll, but with high ping you have to predict when the roll will peak but each roll varies and by the time you sense the deceleration of the upward roll it's already too late. Being able to aim higher/lower than the cannons can actually elevate/depress (in the same way that you can laterally traverse the camera further than the gun traversal) would allow high-latency Captains to compensate for their delay far more effectively. You could alter the aiming reticle to notify the player when their aim passes beyond the cannons' limit. If a player fires outside of the current elevation limit, the cannon can either fire anyway or not fire, according to player settings (high-latency players will prefer the latter option).
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