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Found 4 results

  1. Is it just me or have the number of permits dropped from search and hunt missions (not pvp hunt) been drastically reduced. I used to get a permit every second mission or so. Now I barely get any. I can understand that getting a permit every mission is too much but one every ten to twenty missions is also way too low. There should be an incentive to do these missions. ATM the loot no longer makes them worthwhile.
  2. Some numbers first. We can craft 43 ships. 6 of them are traders. Consequently, 37 warships. From those 37 warships, 20 requires a permit. 54% of the warships requires a permit. From those 20 permits, 9 can only be earned by having luck opening a gold/captain/admiral chest. Consequently, 24% of the warships we can craft depends on RNG. This means that we can open several chests and still dont get the permit we are looking for. As it is, the current system will lead to player frustration. In Naval Action, the ships are our toons, and we want to sail the toons we like. This system based on RNG is just a HUGE mistake. If you look at other mmos end game looting tables, the rewards often gave you a token item which allows you to exchange it for the stuff you want. No RNG. Discuss.
  3. In my opinion there is an issue with doubloon prices regarding crafting, permits, and everything else. They are too high. What do you think?
  4. After some time testing in the testbed server I want to share some thoughts about marks and permits. I really think that it is good to have limits to some ships, and that will promote variety on port battles, however I believe the permits requirements are a bit over the top. Lets begin talking about if its logical to price with 15 pvp marks ships like the constitution, the endymion and the indefatigable. I mean, the endymion is not of the same class of a constitution and between the indefatigable and the constitution, the logical choice is the constitution (more crew, firepower, turn rate, speed, better sailing capabilities). So I would balance that a bit, like: 12 pvp marks constitution, 10 pvp marks indefatigable, 6 pvp marks endymion. No converter between pve-pvp-conquests marks: -A good way to remove those players who are more into economics and crafting in the PVP server. We need them, more than ever, in the new player driven economy. -The best way to destroy hope of recovery after a the loss of one PB fleet. Let me set an scenario to ilustrate my point: 0. War between two small nations like sweden vs denmark, each one only have the RvR playerbase for one PB fleet. 1. Each one have been capable to raise a PB of 12 agamenons and 13 constitutions. 2. In one PB, the swedish lost around a 45% of their fleet (redii and sveno were on vacation). A decisive victory for the danish. The danish get conquers marks, the swedish nothing. 3. Next PB, the swedish are in great disadvantage in firepower because they couldnt replace their losses. Another victory for the danish, they get conquests marks. The swedish, nothing again. 4. Next PB, no attendance by the swedish. 5. Peace deals have to be made. End of the war, end of the fun. Admin would say that there are shallow water ports to get easy conquests marks..., and then, I´ll say, there is no shalllow water ports on the Antilles, neither near them. Now, your thoughts.
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