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Found 21 results

  1. Licinio Chiavari

    Next patch?

    If it's possible. Can be confirmed next patch will (finally) address muskets mods in particular and boarding, in general? More importante: Is possible to have a very approx ETA (week, month)? Thanks in advance.
  2. Roronoa Sensei

    New Boarding patch

    So, the patch was released and devs wanted us to test it, i did. First of all i like the other changes, DD and hammocks nerf is ok, but to pull at 8 kn? pls not. I just had a 1v4 me in a Bellona vs Bellona, requin, Essex and Aggamemnon. Battle was going good i demasted essex and Bellona seems to be soft, so i hull bashed him forced to retreat for repair. After Bellona turned back to fight (i was chained down), he just sailed next to me and boarded me (i think i was even sailing 8.2kn, but thats another topic). Should battles really end like this? You just need numbers and one ship with more crew to win? Its not just this, i was on the other side as well, going with a requin to safe zone, tag inside safe zone board and go, no risk at all even though i tagged someone inside the safe zone. As i said i liked the other changes, but the ability to board at a speed of 8 knots doesnt seem right to me. I suggest to make it at least 5 or so, 8 just seems a bit high. That is my opinion, what do you guys think about it? pls discuss Greetings Roronoa Sensei (just a bit Salty)
  3. Pirate Blackbeard

    New Boarding patch

    There does not seem to be a dedicated thread for the latest hot-fix (boarding mod) to be discussed. So I created this one if its not in the right place please move Background/qualifications I am cowardly Ganking Pirate and so is Ned (wanted Pirate), although he is a bit more bizarre because he hangs heads from his ship......both been playing 2 1/2 years and have over 5000 hours between us. We went out hunting with same setup we always use. (we are despicable cut throats). To be honest we had similar results as we had before but this time it felt more realistic and less gamey. What we did do however was adapt and changed how we attacked and what we carried and what mods we used. He was in a Herc and I was in Le Sexy. (I said we were are despicable .....) Our findings: 1. The Nerf to hammocks, light hammocks, cramped etc seems an over reaction and is unfair on everyone. These mods are pretty useless now for all ships, especially 6/7th rates and that's a shame. 2. I like the new DD rule. You have more crew or you dont. That is fine, most people work a crew down prior to boarding anyway. 3. The new boarding mechanic is deadly against light attackers (6/7th rates) as intended. It stops hugging and stern camping of larger ships (3rd/1st rates) for fear of being boarded. 4. The new boarding speed feels right and seems more realistic, no more silly pushing into wind etc. Thoughts/predictions 1. I do not believe many captains who like shooting, will fit board mods for defense, they are to greedy to balance their ships properly. Consequently they will cry on forum for change/nerf etc because their super shooting stack ship is boarded and killed. 2. Smaller ship captains who liked to hug big ships will cry on forum for change/nerf after big ships board and sink them while they were hugging. 3. Captains who do not like boarding at all, will cry on forum for change/nerf etc and blame Requin and boarding for all evils in the game. 4. Real winners will be Ballona speed fit ships who with careful mod choices should dominate the OW. Consequntly all other captains will cry on forum for change/nerf etc...... 5. Outlandish super plans will be proposed and polls will be published proving that this view or that view is right. 6. Some captains will rage quit for up to 6 hours and others will tell of the 'old days' when NA had 370000 players.
  4. Nelsons Barrel

    Endy Nerf?

    May it be that the endy speed was nerfed within this week or last? If so, why?
  5. Dev team went into forum hibernation. My bet we are soooo close to the next big patch. Maybe thursday?
  6. Hello captains, yesterday during the twitch stream, gamelabstv gave us some infos about the new upcoming patch during the next 1,5 weeks! Don‘t know what is coming from the following points they talked about. -new patrolzone only for frigates -second patrolzone for shallows -item for change the name ingame( maybe dlc) or maybe something like the perk reset - something about a clanlog, I think for clanwarehouse something about a new ship called: Hercules?! What should they change too, or what could change... feel free to discuss...
  7. PATCH ⑭ ✍ Caros Capitães Um novo conteúdo está a ser trabalhado para ser adicionado no jogo Fleet Practice Room " Sala de pratica de armada" As batalhas começam quando houver 10 jogadores na sala. O tamanho máximo do grupo está definido em 6. Os jogadores totais na sala de testes é 50 no máximo. Madeiras como Caguarian e Live Oak vão sofrer alterações. ✐ As madeiras Live Oak e Caguarian receberam uma alteração de -5% na espessura do mastro. ( Mast Thickness ). ✐ A madeira Live Oak foi ampliada em HP e Espessura. ✐ A madeira Caguarian foi ampliada em HP. Thickness irá ser enfraquecido pelo dano recebido nas construções de navios mais leves. Isso significa que, se você estiver navegando em navios de Fir/Cedar, você terá que começar a reparar mais cedo para manter a espessura. As Zonas de Protecção ( Reinforcement Zones ) já não fornecem algumas madeiras raras (em particular Teak e White Oak) que serão transferidas para regiões próximas de portos de capturação. Os vendedores de mercado (BOT/NPC) de reparações (consumíveis) agora os fornecem um preço de venda com alguma margem (em vez do custo) para dar algumas oportunidades para que os outros vendedores compitam nos preços de venda. As Victory Marks de Rank requerido irá ser reduzido em 1 posição para o nível de Master & Commander (classificação 5). Anteriormente era a classificação 6. Os NPC's agora compram canhões saqueados a preços ligeiramente mais altos. Outras afinações: O Battle Rating (BR) do Wasa foi aumentado para 380. Modificações em Upgrades Todos os Upgrades que tenham desempenho de Velocidade e Rotação e Reparação ( speed/turning/repairs ) foram balanceados. Em termos práticos, a maioria de bónus de Speed, Turning, e Repair foram reduzidos. Upgrades que tenham desempenho em Abordagem ( Boarding ) foram alterados. ✐ Barricades ✐ Ladders Os novos valores estabelecidos para Upgrades que foram alterados podem ser inspeccionados neste documento (List of changed upgrades and books).☜ Clica na caixa para leres o Tópico do Forum original.
  8. Wareagle0823

    EXP Didnt Transfer

    So, the new patch is live! I did all the prerequistes prior to the wipe. Just to find out my exp didn't transfer. Its still there in the EU server, but didn't transfer to the Global server like promised. Any Devs able to help me out on this issue??? I have 850+ hours logged on the game...would hate to start over, and I probably wont sadly...love this game and I have talked several friends into playing as well... just want my exp back...
  9. DrZoidberg

    Next patch suggestions!

    Dear Developers! U started to do ur job, as it intended. Congratulation for that. i want to ask u to check steam rewievs about ur game. In 80% of them players are upset about that ur game is life stealer. Some day before i was in British New Orleans PB team. On TS we mostly spoke about that the 4 hour we spend to sail the rates to there is just anoying. U made the low level play easier because of the new NPC capping system. Now u have to decide, if u want old player to stay in ur beatifull game. If u change the OS sailing system, it will revive ur game completly, and u can start thinking about next step. Till u force people to sail over and over the same way without any action, the game is life stealer. I think if u want succes, u must let automatic rearrangement between outposts. There are a lot of boring sailing time implemented, 99% no action in it. This sailing are mostly ship rearrangement between outpost and for hauling. This OS sailing get players from real action, what is bad for them and for the rest. Let all type of ships move automatically between outposts without cargo with 1 day penalty. In outposts should be an option to send ships to other outpost. The ships should get "on the way mark", and should arrive in targeted outpost at server reset or after 24 h (to avoid get advantage by fast rearrangement). This can give more active players on sea (PVE, PVP, smuggling, cargo hauling, exploring for outpost and for trading missons) against non active players. Btw automatic movement should help players struggled with ships in contested port aswell (struggling with ur best ship in a contested port can make player leak again, and can weaken low populated nations). Top of that i think ships from contested ports should move to the closest outpost automatically without any player action/intervention, so players after holyday or long work or just a short break shouldnt get themselfes without thier best ships. I think till u not make OS sail easier, ur player base will always go below critical mass, and ur map wont work again and again appart from that what else u patch. I have that opinion appart form that there are lots of whining against making OS sailing easier. Those whiners are without real life, and im sure they wont leave the game, but normal players will sooner or later if they have to sail hours for some or none action. If u implement teleport system again, that is not good. Then the rearrangement (with no action) still stay in game with boring no action sailing, while u make cargo hauling easier, what is bad for trader hunting gametype. How this can solve the example above about 4 hour sailing. Most of the british still had outpost at Conttoy. If they want to be in the PB next day, they can move thier ships in home water automatically, while to New Olreans they have to move on sea on the next day in enemy water as it intended. What we lose in that way? About 2 hours meaningless sailing in home waters in a big group of rate ships. If somebody dont have outpost at Conttoy, just can make things much easier, if with a basic cutter he makes one from Belize, and then automatic rearrange the rate ship. If u do this, appart from any others issues, the steam rewievs will be much better! I promise u, i will send good rewievs as many as i can with my whole guild. Btw i will send u my other suggestions to u in a next post, i think u should make attention about them. Thank u. Best regards ..
  10. My Thoughts on the patch and changes,i know a few of you will disagree and the less mature will say get gud ,but as it stands this game is very unfreindly on casuals and new players.
  11. Major General La Fayette

    Réunion ACR 19/05 ou 20/05

    Bonjour à tous, Les développeurs ont définit la date de sortie du patch et du wipe qui sera entre le 16 Mai et le 24 Mai, j'organise donc une réunion des ACR, j'invite très fortement tous les membres à être présents, même ceux inactifs depuis longtemps, le but étant de connaître précisément nos effectifs afin de redistribuer des rôles à chacun, notamment pour le craft mais aussi les officiers pour le conseil, la conquête etc. L'objectif est de redonner une organisation et une structure cohérente au clan, chose qui s'est perdue avec le temps au fur et à mesure des départs de chacun, cette réunion est ouverte aussi aux joueurs souhaitant nous rejoindre après le wipe, nous rappelons la ligne de recrutement : Joueur adulte (20 ans mini.) avec une expérience correcte du jeu (environ 200-300h) dans le but de mener la guerre à nos ennemis le plus efficacement possible via la conquête et être le fer de lance de la nation, pour cela il faut évidemment posséder un micro et TS obligatoirement. Cependant nous sommes tout de même ouverts aux nouveaux joueurs si le profil est intéressant. La réunion se tiendra le Vendredi 19 Mai à 22h ou le Samedi 20 Mai dans l'après midi (date et heure à définir selon les dispo. de chacun) sur les canaux ACR du TeamSpeak Français : ts3.navalaction-france.com. La durée sera d'environ une demi heure, voir moins, le but n'est pas de discuter pour rien mais bien de recenser les membres et d'établir certains rôles importants. Merci à tous d'être présents, il m'est malheureusement difficile de prévenir tout le monde car je ne peux contacter tous les membres, c'est pourquoi j'aimerais que tous ceux qui lisent ce message et ayant des contacts avec certains membres actifs ou non, puissent le partager s'il vous plaît. Tous ceux voulant participer sont invités à répondre à ce post (forum Naval Action France) et à indiquer la date/horaire correspondant le mieux à vos disponibilités.
  12. Just to clarify, this text has no intend to attack development or criticize, it's supposed to clarify the current state of development and ask what happened to the things that were promised or that that we forgotten about? Based on the content plans by admin, for November-December, January, February & 1 Half of 2017 - I would like to ask how are things with: Raids will be implemented. (1H of 2017, initially delayed from November-December patch) User Interface changes - Self-explanatory. (1H of 2017) Localization into main European and Asian languages - Self-explanatory. (1H of 2017) Final player ship voting event - previous voting can be found in the shipyard. (1H of 2017) American ship pack Kickstarter event. (1H of 2017) Finalization of War & Peace (tuning of new conquest mechanics). (November-December patch, delayed to 2017) AI improvements and new missions. (November-December patch, delayed due to other priorities) Cross servers instancing implementation (to optimize servers). (January 2017) ??? Not sure what it means, but I never heard again about any servers optimization being under development or planned. 3D HOMM/Mordheim style boarding prototype. (February 2017, under development since October) UI visuals improvements. (February 2017) Localization preparations. (February 2017, how are "preparations" after 3 months?) Leaderboards and PVP rewards. (February 2017, PvP rewards is what we got I guess, what about leaderboards?) Preparation for the release (February 2017. ??? Release will take place in 2017 or 2018 or... ???)
  13. Considering that the game that we have now pretty much revolves around RvR, and devs have made statements previously to the effect that they want to force (push) every player into RvR-involvement (cf. discarded land ownership idea, resource wars etc), I feel like remarkably little has been said on the matter of RvR in connection with this particular much anticipated wipe and patch. How does RvR fit into the new direction of the game? Will Conquest even remain? Or are Port Battles-being relatively fair battles normally-about to be phased out and put into the coming Arena game instead as they don't fit the current direction? Will hostility generation remain, even though missions and PvE are getting cut, making it on testbed practically impossible to generate port battles in some areas? Or will we get a new flag-system or other system where we spend gold and/or Marks to create port battles? Is the goal for port battles, which is the content that many of us primarily log in to take part in, to still be a daily occurrence, or will it be a lot rarer, requiring us to grind for a long time between each Port battle to set up the next one? In most other aspects of the game, devs are saying that balance, easy access and fairness are no longer priorities. The world is a harsh place, the open ocean was doubly so. But for RvR to be viable, some semblance of balance needs to be maintained. Sailing and the partial removal of teleports actually promotes this balance. By making it harder to concentrate forces, and making defence an effort more equal to attack. As long as no-one holds to the illusion that territories should ever be equally sized for small nations as for large. However, the removal of compensation for losses and the increased effort to build ships threatens this balance. If one nation builds a strong fleet, and is able to sink part of the other nation’s fleet in a Port Battle with minor losses themselves. The defeated nation will get no compensation or marks that they can use to rebuild their fleet or regain their loss, and the next day the first nation can attack again before the enemy can grind to replace their ships. A lot of territory could change hands before the defenders are able to rebuild their fleet. How will this be sorted and balanced to prevent nations from being stomped at and kept from ever rebuilding? With resource production being all player-driven, and territories being key to production access, the efforts and results of RvR-players will have very considerable impact on the gameplay and competitiveness of non-RvR PvP-players, crafters, traders and PvE-ers alike. This could force more and more players to switch to the larger nations with more possibilities, or give up and stop playing altogether. How will the number of nations we have in-game today be maintained and kept viable?
  14. chillwolf

    Brigade Size Entry Box

    For the love of god, if I could just type in 2000 instead of adjusting a slider, I would save hours of my life. It cant be all that hard to add in, please just add this small QoL change. This game is amazing otherwise.
  15. Hier für unsere Deutschen: Original: Hallo Kapitätne. Der neue Patch wurde ausgeliefert. Was ist neu: Crafting Änderungen: Fine Woods wurden bis uaf Weiteres aus dem Spiel entfernt. Fine Woods sind mit sofortiger WIrkung nicht mehr zum Craften notwending und können auch beim forsten nicht mehr droppen. NPC Käufer wurden angewiesen die Fine Woods zu guten Preisen zu kaufen sollten Spieler ihre Bestände verkaufen wollen. Als Wiedergutmachung für alle Schwierigkeiten mit Fine Woods wurden jedem Spieler zwei bis dato nicht-craftbare Schiffe als redeemables mitgegeben. PvE Events - Laufzeit: täglich Time challenge - zerstöre 2 gegenerische Schiffe in der kurzmöglichsten Zeit Kill challenge - Zerstöre so viele gegenerische Schiffe wie möglich in 30 min. (Borading wird nicht gezählt) - jeder kill gibt dem Spieler +1 rep kit. Events werden zum Testen bereitgestellt. Das anfängliche Schiff für alle Events in die Cerberus. In kommenden hotfixes und patches wird die Vielfalt der Schiffe. Gegener und Herausforderungen (demasten, boarding, etc.) ausgebaut PvP events – Laufzeit: 3 mal täglich 3 PvP events werden pro Tage zur verfügung stehen welche in 2 fixen Gebieten ( ein shallow water, ein deep water) auf der Karte spawnen werden. Deep water – Hispaniola channel (nahe FT La Tortue and La Navasse) Shallow water – Bahamas sand bank (nahe FT Shroud Cay and Cayo Romano) Andere Änderungen Schiffe können via "tow request" von Outpost zu Outpost gesendet werden. Verschickte Schiffe werden während der Maintanance zugestellt. Gebt hier Acht auf "contested" Häfen "War supplies" können die "Hostility" nur noch bis maximal 50% erhöhen Der "Social" Perk kehrt in Form vom "Signaling" Perk wieder. Dieser erlaubt den Eintritt zum Kampf bis das Battlerating auf beiden Seiten ungefähr gleich ist. "Coward" Perk wurde entfernt "Brace" wurde testweise hinzugefügt. "Brace" erlaubt einkommenden Schaden gegen Crew erheblich zu dämpfen und verhält sich wie der "Crew Shock" indem es diverse Tätigkeiten einfriert ( Reparaturen, Nachladen). Segelstellung wird nicht beeinflusst sein da die zuständige Crew imun gegen deck Schaden ist. Gefixete Bugs: Seltener Bug bei dem die Gruppen Liste verschwindet Bug bei dem bei einigen NPC Flotten das BR falsch berechnet wurde Bug bei dem gecappte NPC Schiffe doppelte Boni haben konnten Einige kritische Exploits dank dem SPieler Qw569 Tunings: "Duel Room" Reichweite auf 1km erhöht Splitter Schaden von Kanonenkugeln etwas reduziert Maximal möglicher "Grape"-Schaden geringfügig erhöht "Hostility points" angepasst und hängen nun vom Schiffstyp ab. Hafen "Hostility points"-requirements ebenfalls angepasst. Ungefähre Nummern: 1st rates 700 pts/unrated 100 pts. Die Algorithmen für die PB Zonen und Capture Punkte brauchen noch etwas Arbeit und werden in einem Hotfix in der nächsten oder übernächsten Woche nachgereicht.
  16. UPDATE: The official map has been published by the devs with a few changes from the data I had. Go here to find out how the map will look after the wipe: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/16468-important-final-map-player-action-required-for-both-pve-and-pvp-servers/ And to find the ownership of each individual port, go here: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/16468-important-final-map-player-action-required-for-both-pve-and-pvp-servers/?p=312498 Salut Captains, The September Patch is looking to bring significant changes to this game. It should be a huge patch, and contains many different updates, mostly relating to the map we use. In that regard the teasers and bits of information we’ve been given so far may leave some feeling it is a bit lacking. The patch isn’t ready yet, and devs might not have decided all that is going to be implemented. However we have already been given quite a lot of information. Still I read a lot of questions and hear a lot of rumours about what is coming that could be dispelled simply by people reading all the information. But the information is spread across multiple topics and multiple pages of those topics. Devs will obviously provide us more information as well as patch notes around when the patch will be clear, but in the meantime I thought that I will post the information that I have already sorted myself from the answers they have provided. My main interest is the general layout and implications of the new Conquest system and map wipe. The noob-zone in the Bahamas interests me less. The official information that I am basing myself on, can be found here: September Port Changes Plans for conquest mechanics Free Towns Rookie regions Again, devs will continue giving us more information as things get closer, but if you’re very worried about your outposts already, or you didn’t quite understand the maps they have shared, then this topic can hopefully aid you. The Map You can find the current iteration of the map the devs use here: Older public versions you can see [url=http://imgur.com/a/ryp86'>here, here and here. I made a map legend to go with the maps: Map symbols: Orange lines: Region outlines Red circle: Capital Orange star: Regional Capital (1st rate port battle) Yellow pixel: Port location Yellow line: Port entrance with direction of inlet Blue circle: Shallow water port White line(on blue circle): inlet to shallow water port White circle: Freetown Green line underneath name: New Ports Striketrough text: Pacific ports not open until release Map letters: (Indicates historical ownership only) N: Neutral P: Pirate D: Danish S: Spanish W: Swedish UP: Dutch B: British F: French US: United States I: Indian/Native USC: US Capital SC: Spanish Capital DC: Danish Capital WC: Swedish Capital UPC: Dutch Capital FC: French Capital BC: British Capital B - PC: Pirate Capital, historically British B - NC: Neutral Capital, historically British UPRC: Dutch Regional Capital SRC: Spanish Regional Capital FRC: French Regional Capital BRC: British Regional Capital (N)-W: Historically Neutral, Swedish noobs’ capital (N)-UP: Historically Neutral, Dutch noobs’ capital ( -D: Historically British, Danish noobs’ capital ( -B: Historically British, British noobs’ capital (N)-F: Historically Neutral, French noobs’ capital (N)-S: Historically Neutral, Spanish noobs’ capital ( -US: Historically British, US noobs’ capital ( -P: Historically British, Pirates noobs’ capital I also added a map legend onto the map most recently shared by the devs: All the new ports are marked there with a green line underneath their name, and because a lot of people have made the mistake, Free Town is written next to every Free Town on the map. Some background information about the map: About the port wipe The information that we have so far, is that the September patch will introduce a new system of dividing the map into regions. Ownership of ports will also be reset, and whatever ports you own now will not matter to the map after the reset. In essence the map will be reset to how it was after last wipe, so if you look at the PvE server you will get an idea of how ports will be distributed. However, as the regions system means only one nation can own a region, it’s not as clear cut as that. The division into regions will mean that some ports that were historically belonging to one nation will now belong to another or be neutral. The map is based on the territories of nations approximately between 1780 and 1800. According to the developers Historical nations did not care about artificial regions invented today, and several nations may have owned ports in the same region on the map. If that is the case, according to the devs, the region will be all neutral ports in the beginning. There is however some ambiguity here. With Pitt’s Town as an example, that is the current Neutral faction Capital (made redundant by the removal of playable neutral faction). Pitt’s Town is said to become of another nation after the wipe. But according to the map, apart from British ports, there were also neutral and pirate ports in the region now named Crooked. By the strictest interpretation of the devs, Pitt’s Town will remain neutral, just not a capital. But as it has been stated to switch nationality the best guess is that it will become British. The question then becomes if Pitt’s Town is an exception, or if only «nations» mixed historical ownership counts. So if Denmark and Sweden shared a region, it will become Neutral, but if Dutch and Neutral shared a region, then that does not count as mixed and the region becomes Dutch. But what of Pirates? Do they count as a nation in this regard or not? And what if a nation is dominantly owned by one nation, but a single port was owned by another, like the Bovendwinds Region which is dominated by Dutch ports, but has a single French port. Does it become Dutch, or Neutral? I have not yet found an answer to this, but I have used the information available to make some calls about regions that are definitively going to fall to one nation, regions that will presumably fall to one nation, and those that are highly unsure. I will share my data below: The green background indicates the rookie regions. The first column lists the number of ports each region has. The second lists the name of the region. Three is the historical ownership(s) according to the devs’ maps. Four the ownership by the strictest interpretation of «mixed ownership». Five lists the current freetowns and their regions. Column six lists the new freetowns and their regions. The Region Capitals column lists the regional capital of each region. The "Maj. Owner» column lists the faction that historically was dominant owner in a region on the dev map by owning most ports and/or the regional capital. Under «New Ports» all the new ports that have been currently added to the map is listed. By the most liberal interpretation of «mixed ownership» the nation listed as «major owner» should spawn as possessor of a region. Where the nation is listed in cursive there is mixed ownership between two «nations». C means it is a capital region, and an asterix means the region is a capital with mixed ownership and thus mixed ownership will have to be ignored. Some more statistics: Number of ports: 378 Number of regions: 75 Number of Freetowns: 31 (formerly 33) New Ports: 14 By the most liberal interpretation, this will be the division of regions between nations: US: 3 Pirate: 4 Neutral: 4 French: 8 British: 18 Sweden: 1 Danmark: 1 Dutch: 2 Spain: 34 By the strictest interpretation of «mixed ownership», these are the regions per nation: Brit: 7 Spain: 13 US: 3 Dutch: 1 Sweden: 1 Danmark: 1 France: 6 Pirates: 1 I have also made a more visual representation of region ownership, to help decide where your ships might be safe and how nations will be positions when the new conquest system kicks off. The regions that are more or less guaranteed have been coloured according to their nation on this map: On the next map I have coloured almost all the regions according to what nation has the most claim to it on the historical map. The map is coloured based on the principle that what made Crooked a national region is a rule and not an exception. Sharing ports with pirates, Neutrals or indians does not make them mixed ownership and thus neutral. Rookie Zone The devs are going to establish a rookie zone in the Bahamas. You will be able to get most information available so far by reading the official OP here: Rookie regions - new player experience What happens in October Obviously we do not know that much yet. However: In the October patch we should expect a reset of the resources distribution which will affect production buildings. NOTE: I started writing up this and making the maps before today's announcements from devs. Some mistakes may be lingering from when I tried to adapt the text to account for the information changes. I will try to add more information to this topic as I discover it and as it is shared by developers. EDIT:UPDATED according to:
  17. So I heard on Jodgi's speed trials forum (http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7212-ship-speeds-testing-and-discussion/page-13) thread that the trincomalee's speed was nerfed (again) and I haven't seen any patch notes to confirm this. There also aren't any patch notes for having removed the 1.5x BR mechanic. Can I get confirmation of exactly what's happened with this ninja patch and what else has been snuck in to the game by the devs? Concerning the Trincomalee speed nerf, have other ship speeds also been nerfed to bring them in line? Because from what I'm reading of Jodgi's testing, a fir-speed Trin is now just as fast as a fir-speed constitution, and my fir-speed surprise would actually be able to keep up with a Trinc traveling downwind. This effectively removes the trincomalee's role as a hunter/chaser, because the constitution would be as fast, with more sail/mast health, more crew, more broadside health, and more firepower.
  18. Ho pensato bene di tradurre il nuovo Patch in Italiano... spero sia utile. Se ci sono errori di battitura o se sono necessarie chiarificazioni, ogni commento sarà ben gradito. Principali e piu esaltanti aspetti: battaglie di terra (ovvero istanze battaglie che rispecchiano la posizione di navi e terra in OW). Abbiamo sviluppato una tecnica incredibile per replicare gli stessi aspetti della terra in OW all'interno delle istanze di battaglia. Questo porterà una nuova dimensione in combattimento, sia dal punto di vista visivo ma anche dal punto di vista di gioco (specialmente quando si combatte vicino alla terra). Aspettatevi multipli bugs con questa nuova tecnica inclusi problemi di performance dei vostri computers. Battaglie con molti giocatori vicini alla terra probabilmente abbasseranno gli FPS. Per minimizzare il problema suggeriamo di cambiare i setting grafici. Regole di ingaggio: cambiamenti. · Le battaglie vicino alla terra hanno cambiato le Regole di Ingaggio. · Giocatori che sono coinvolti nella battaglia saranno posizionati nella stessa esatta posizione che avevano in OW. Se un giocatore ha nemici di fronte, i nemici saranno posizionati di fronte all'interno della istanza di battaglia · Siate piu cauti quando ingaggiate i nemici per evitare situazioni in cui potreste essere posizionati circondati da nemici. · E' stato aggiunto un cerchio visivo per la compensazione dei LAG. Quando si seleziona una nave da attaccare, si vedrà un piccolo cerchio attorno ad essa. Se si attacca il nemico all'interno di quel piccolo cerchio la posizione all'interno della istanza di battaglia non è garantita. Se volete essere sicuri della vostra posizione all'interno della istanza di battaglia, dovete attaccare al di fuori del piccolo cerchio. · Il posizionamento (spawning) in battaglia con terra in vista non è stato ancora completamente testato in battaglie con numerosi giocatori. Avremo bisogno dei vostri commenti. Cambiamenti per quanto riguarda i rinforzi. · I rinforzi da ora in poi saranno "posizionali" ma essi saranno sempre ad una certa distanza dalla battaglia principale. · Perchè il posizionamento (spawn) è adesso completamente posizionale (ovvero corrispondenza tra OW e istanza di battaglia) e si può essere posizionati davvero vicino al nemico - le navi che iniziano la battaglia avranno i cannoni scarichi (come era prima durante i primi test del gioco). · Importante: PB (Port Battles) continueranno ad essere giocate in istanze separate (vecchio sistema) fino a quando non saranno completamente modificate e rielaborate con i prossimi patch. Riduzione del "ganking." · Ganking è considerato un problema da una larga parte della comunità e doveva essere ridotto. Abbiamo ripreso una vecchia idea DA TESTARE che era nel gioco prima del suo release. L'attacco iniziale non ha alcuna limitazione, esattamente come prima. Ma entrare un una battaglia già iniziata non cambierà l'equilibrio tra le forze piu di 1.5 BR. Nel caso siate coinvolti in una battaglia equa, i nemici vicini alla vostra battaglia in OW non saranno in grado di cambiare le proporzioni (odd) della battaglia in corso. Ovviamente, se vedete una grossa flotta all'orizzonte è sempre meglio scappare. · Attacchi nelle aree protette sono proibiti dal sistema (anche contro NPC) per evitare alla vostra flotta di entrare forzatamente in una battaglia provocata da un ALT nascosto o per errore. Aggiunto il Brigantino con Mortaio · Navi con mortaio storicamente accurate sono state aggiunte al gioco. La loro funzione principale è quella di distruggere fortificazioni e navi ferme. Questa aggiunta non è stata completamente affinata e ci aspettiamo che voi forniate commenti e opinioni sui Brigantini con Mortaio per migliorarne la giocabilità. · I mortai si selezionano con il tasto "K". La distanza minima per poterli usare è 1.5 chilometri. Il proietto impiega circa 30 secondi per arrivare al bersaglio. Stanza per duelli · Se si entra la stanza dei duelli il combattimento inizierà automaticamente con un altro giocatore in attesa che ha la stessa vostra nave. Per favore inviateci i vostri commenti sul timer della battaglia e il timer in uscita dalla battaglia. Contenuto per PvE · Grandi flotte di NPC sono state aggiunte in OW · Gli Eventi Epici (Epic Events) compatibili con la taglia della vostra flotta sono stati aggiunti in OW e piazzati a caso · Ordini di battaglia sono stati aggiunti alla lista delle missioni - consentono i giocatori di partecipare alle battaglie con gruppi di NPC · Le battaglie possono essere giocate da gruppi di giocatori · Si possono scegliere missioni di ogni livello (missioni con navi singole o con gruppi) · Importante: NPC catturati in battaglia sono trasferiti direttamente all'Ammifagliato - l'Ammiragliato provvede automaticamente alla ricompensa per la nave catturata. Ma non si possono piu catturare navi NPC. Solo mercantili possono essere catturati. Altri cambiamenti · Si può disabilitare la ricarica dei cannoni per l'intera murata premendo il tasto "F5"- questo libererà equipaggio se non pensate di utilizzare quei cannoni in combattimento. · Il sistema delle falle (leaks) è stato modificato. Se si spara nelle parti giuste della nave nemica quando la nave è sbilanciata dalle onde, si può affondare la nave se si creano numerose falle. · Il numero di giocatori allinterno di un Gruppo è stato aumentato a 12 er i combattimenti in OW o eventi. Gli eventi di battaglie (events) grandi e piccoli accettano solo gruppi fino a 6 giocatori ber evitare battaglie sbilanciate. · Tutte le navi fino a Fregate Pesanti sono state aggiunte negli shop NPC. · Aggiunte altre notifice quando si crea un nuovo personaggio e quando si distrugge un Outpost. Si spera che questi nuovi annunnci e notifiche ridurranno la distruzione di Outpost per errore. · Gli ufficiali dei Clan potranno cambiare la descrizione del clan e espellere giocatori dal loro clan. · Quando si installano i cannoni si potranno vedere il loro effetti sulla velocità guardando nella descrizione della nave quando si è in porto. · Le BluePrints già ottenute dai giocatori non saranno piu ottenibili costruendo le navi. · L'abilitazione e disabilitazione della Chat con i nemici adesso funziona in ogni istanza · La lista Ignore non permette di ricevere inviti al commercio Spam · Ulteriori opzioni grafiche sono state aggiunte per i settaggi della visualizzazione della terra (per ridurre gli effetti grafici della terra durante grandi battaglie vicine ad essa) · Il comando di melee Disengage adesso costa 45 punti di preparazione · navi non preparate all'arrembaggio iniziano con 25 punti di preparazione · Il cambiamento dei prezzi per NPC è stato disabilitato - porti che producono beni hanno un prezzo, porti che comprano beni li compreranno ad un prezzo. Questo è stato fatto per ridurre alcuni bug che permettevano un guadagno considerevole. · Il consumo di risorse da parte degli NPC è aumentato per numerosi beni · Il bonus per gli NPC nel comprare beni è stato rimosso · I bug nel comportamento dei BOT è stato rielaborato in attesa di una rielaborazione definitiva · Il sistema di Penetrazione è stato leggermente migliorato · Il bonus per le Hammock è stato aumentato · La Grind per rankare e aumentare di grado è stata modificata abbassando gli XP necessari
  19. Samuel van Heerden

    Where is this Patch?

    Hey all, So have been off the game for a few weeks as I heard about the following, http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/9563-upcoming-patches-this-week/page-1 So we can change nation when this drops and we can keep our XP right? I have been patiently waiting as my character is currently a pirate and I would very much like to sail under the Dutch flag. With the news that this was in the pipeline I put the game on hold. As the title states 'Upcoming Patches This Week' im confused as to why we have no word on this? Last I checked the original topic has over 13k views and I presuming many others are awaiting some new on this? The Devs/Admin are near faultless on these here forums at keeping us up to date and I have seen posts from them over the last week or so since they posted this in different topics/posts, so I am a little confused as to why we have not heard anything about this patch and where things are at? I'm not looking to start a debate about this that and something else, im just looking for some clarification, is the patch still coming? Has it hit some problems that you didn't anticipate and in turn led to a delay in its release or it it simply now not going to happen? I would love to know so that I can get back on the game but am kinda waiting for this. I do not want to start a new character if this is coming very soon, and if its not coming then I can either carry on as a Pirate or suck it up and roll a new toon. Please please any information on this would be fantastic! And to anyone reading this post, Im not looking to cause arguments or start moaning or firing shots at people or anything like that so if you don't have something useful to contribute I suggest you ignore this post Fair Winds Captains, Samuel
  20. I would love to know where the patches can be downloaded. The ones on the site either lead me to non working links or nothing happens. I don't even have the very first patch. Please help!!!
  21. Halt Tranty

    New patch (jan 14) bug

    First post so be lenient please. EDIT: the problem was my keys were conflicting because I had bound Q and D to the normal turn function and also to the incrementally turn function. The game chose to use the incremental command over the standard one and the "bug" was created. SUGGESTION TO DEVS: in the launcher key settings, clearly state which horizontal + and - is the normal turn and which is the incremental locking turn. Thank you all. I've played a couple of hours since the patch went live and the servers came back up. When i got in to my first game, the bug happened for the first time. Basically it locked my rudder fully to port or starboard every time I tried to turn the ship. No I was not double tapping to lock it manually, I know how to do that and it is not what I was doing. My keyboard is AZERTY so I was pressing either Q or D to turn. When I let go of them, the rudder should come back to neutral on it's own, but it didn't. Additionally, to move the rudder, I have to tap it and that nudges it one way or another a "tick" and locks it in place. So to recentre it, I have to nudge it several times in succession, which means that I always have to pay attention to my rudder. Even worse, half the time it will just go from one full lock to the other. The second time it happened, my cannons also behaved weirdly. They are long 6 pounders, and were loaded with double. I know how they arc and I've played around with caronades as well. Those 6 pounders arced like caronades and the aim was off every single time. To add to that, the shots would disperse even more than usual, criss crossing each other only a few metres away from their firing point. I almost never see rounds cross each other, and certainly not so blatantly at that close range. If anyone could tell me what I'm doing wrong, or if it really is a bug, I'd appreciate any help. Thanks in advance. P.S: in the second battle, the bug happened much after the battle had started. The game froze and crashed, I re-logged quickly and found my rudder going nuts again so I alt-f4ed and re-logged (again) but the problem hadn't been fixed.