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Found 2 results

  1. Recently, the mindset of "Make Safezones Safe again!" has gained a lot of supporters. Requins are sniping noobs all over the place. In this thread I would like to have a formal discussion about safezones, if they should be a thing, and if so, under what circumstances. I think the game (-devs) have to finally make the decision whether or not newbs should get absolute protection in a certain area or not. In their current state, the reinforcment zones are not fullfulling their role of protecting noobs. Those often don't even know how to call for help in nation chat. It's rather the more experienced captains that are gaining from it, so they can craft / trade in peace. The game is getting closer to a release state, Port UI should attract quite a few new players and perhaps we will also see some returning players. However, it will most likely not take them long to say *eff this* after getting sniped @ the capital and put the game away again. There was an attempt to fill the spot of PvP for those that want it, with the Patrol Zones. However, with a pretty bad execution. Personally I don't even dare anymore to attack certain nation players in the zones, because I know the probability of more of them spawning in half an hour later is pretty high. Thus, I think having a 100% safe zone (nation owning the zone is not attackable) is the right way to go, given... 1 Zone per nation Smaller zone than the ones we currently got Chooseable "High-Sec missions", which ONLY spawn in the green zone, granting significantly less rewards than... "Low Sec" missions, which spawn in an area outside the first, green zone, grant more rewards by @Christendom: Ships crafted in the zone are only basic (green or blue) Cannot tow a ship to / from ports within the safe zone The idea of a 100% sec zone should be to give new players a place to get into the game; not give vets a secret cave to hite at to produce all their stuff they need. *Ermagerd, where do I now go to kill stuff??* For there to be a safe zone; I think there needs to be a reliable alternative for players to find PvP. *You scrub, we got Patrol zones for that*... yeah sure, we do. However, with a pretty bad execution. 30 min open battles @ a place where both sides on their own will, to get PvP, is not a solution. A while ago, I posted a suggestion, how the ideal PvP zone (in my opinion, of course) would look like. As far as I know, the patrol zone IS on the devs to do list, however only after the Port UI (and localization?) is done. I fear that will be too late, though. The two zones explained: "High Sec" - Players of the nation owning the zone CANNOT be attacked, at all. "Low Sec" - Players of the nation owning the zone CAN be attacked, Only extra rule is battles stay open for a little longer than the rest of OW - perhaps 10 minutes Zones visualized (Just an example, not too sure about the zones size), just for you to get the idea: Pro's Noobs are safe. Better player retention rate Less salt. Con's Less sandboxy. PvP zones are more Arena-ish.
  2. HarryButpain

    [CO-OP] Noob Zone, sort of

    I understand that NA bleeds players, and that the majority of new players believes that you made starting out in NA as a lvl one simply waay too hard! I also hear a lot of people talking about EvE and those 'high sec/low sec' sectors. So why shouldn't we try to turn every nation's capital region into a sort of high security sector where new players have an easier time doing their grind missions? I mean, it is obvious to me, at this point, that new players assume that because they spawn at the capital, they're also supposed to stay there to do their missions.. I even read that in nation chat and in steam reviews several times by now, so perhaps we should start to accept this fact of life rather than to simply try to ridicule new players and call them noobs for that? In order to make the captial region more 'high sec-like', we could, for example, try to increase the 'join timers' for the owners of the capital region, so that people have more time to come to each other's defense? However, another thing that I find severely irritating is that it is very hard for someone in the OW to find out if an ongoing battle was PvP or not! Furthermore, many people will even become upset with other players when they jump into their battle instances out of fear that they might steal their reward! This makes trying to help each other even more difficult! I believe the game should make it more obvious if a battle was pvp or not. Maybe make it even so that, besides adding a PvP marker when you click on a battle in the OW, players inside a battle instance can call for HELP what would be indicated when you click on a battle in the OW? NA is still in early access and many player convenience features aren't even remotely touched yet by the devs (item descriptions etc.), but at this point, I believe, NA really starts to bleed players and exponentially accumulates negative steam reviews due to player inconveniences such as the situation described in this thread. Personally, I don't really care, I don't even own an outpost in my captial, but I heard from a lot of new players that they have no chance to start in NA due to grinds and ganks. I think you should really encourage 'group grinding' ('fleeting' in potbs language). Due to the vast amounts of grinds, necessary to lvl up, buy cannons et cetera in NA, new people should ask in nation chat all the time for that, but somehow I rarely ever see it.. You seem to lock every player in his own 'lone wolf' battle instance and even make players angry when other players join their battle! Devs, I hope you start to understand where I am going with this..