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Found 1 result

  1. Right now the game suffers from a problem of ships lacking visual variety. Personally I think more unique models are needed, even if it means getting creative and making stuff that never existed. Right now most factions (the semi-major ones like austria-hungary, russia, japan and italy) (in the same time era) have no visual diferences between same spec ships besides the flag. The turrets are the same, the hulls are the same etc. I understand why you recycled the british quad turret for almost all other factions, the others never made one (if they did, to find them you need more that a simple 1 minute google search). But in my opinion, in those cases, you should get creative and design new unique turrets (based of existing triple/double designs) that were never deployed/designed. I know most of this game's models are historically accurate, but when history doesn't give you stuff to work with, maybe you need to invent it your own. I'd like to see more unique turrets (same specs but diferent looks) for diferent factions. I my opinion, there should be 3 (main) turrets designs per each faction (per time era) that would be then scalled up or down acoordingly to caliber (1 small (up to 300mm), 1 medium (up to 400mm) and 1 big (the biggest), this is just an example) (in the 1940s). Though in these examples they will be suggesions for battleships. Examples: I've seen a bunch of WWII italian battleships, and aparently they were fond of placing the turret counterweights (scopes? I never know...) at the same height as the turret center and give the thing a rounded top (almost like a old semi-bald man's head and hair). Russian/soviet ones are a little distinct, but you could make the medium ones the shape of a hexagon (from the top) with a high rear end (like the Knyaz Suvorov, Gangut and Pyotr Velikiy), and the big ones similar to the Sovetsky Soyuz and the Kremlin ones (whose top and side shape is a little tricky to describe). (And yes, those pictures are from WoWs, don't cry about that as some people in this forum do with any design or idea from this game simply because of its origin). For the austro-hungarian the shape of the S.M.S Viribus Unitis turrets with the pointy spots between the barrels looks nice. Also I found this long yet rather informative page with some self-drawn designs. I'd check it out. They also talk about never built battleships. There are quite a few ideas to be taken from here. Japanese ones... well, for the big ones (up to 500 mm) you could simply use the yamato turret. For the mid ones (up to 400 mm) maybe use the turrets from the Kongō-class battlecruisers? These are just examples, they might not be aplied to certain eras (as they were build in diferent time periods) and weren't quad turrets (you'll have to, from these designs, to invent quad ones yourself). This isn't really related to the topic, but I think it would be interesting to share these interesting facts and rumours I found during my research: I did find some interesting rumors about a QUINTUPLE (5 cannons) turret design for a "G-Series" of battleships, aparently designed by a General (Edgardo) Ferrati. Though I can't find sturdy evidence or other references, as so it remains mostly speculation, however I think its just a funny interesting thing to discuss. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/6875-the-ferrati-quintuple-turret-battleship/ https://stefsap.wordpress.com/2015/11/26/general-ferratis-1915-battleship-g-series-designs/ I also discovered that the french Dunkerque and Richelieu class of battleships, known for their quad turrets, have a interesting feature. The space between the 2 pairs of guns, is due to the turret being split into 2 sections by a armored bulkhead, so if the turret gets penetrated by a shot (but it doesnt suffer catastrophic damage) the other side might be able to continue to operate. In theory, that makes it, instead of a quad turret, 2 twin turrets stitched together. Richelieu being assembled: So this is the result of a small 4 hour google search. I apreciate constructive criticism. Thanks for reading this. EDIT: Devs should decide wheter every faction will have "turret" equality spec-wise (same array of components) or if they will diversify. Im saying this as some factions like the french already have arsenals like small quad turrets others dont. If the devs give each faction historical armaments, then the quads of many other factions gotta go. If they go the equality path, many factions will require new designs that didnt exist historically, like a german quad turret.
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