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Found 2 results

  1. Hey! I think we should have a standard way we test all newly developed ships. Both the Le Requin and Hercules ships where made redemable for some days, but we only had access to 1 ship of each. I would like to suggest that for at least 3 days or preferably an entire week (Monday to Sunday) the new ship is continuously made available as a redemable ship. This ensures that we actually take the ship in to use with out fear of losing it for ever. Then we get to experiment with different wood types, cannon setup and some will get slots on the ships and start stacking upgrades. This will ensure that we get more and better experience that is needed to give good feedback for balancing. I would also suggest that all new ships that are introduced into the game should be excluded from entering port battles and not solds as DLC's until they are properly balanced. You hate, love or want to add/change something?
  2. A ram was a weapon carried by varied types of ships, dating back to antiquity. The weapon comprised an underwater prolongation of the bow of the ship to form an armored beak, usually between six and 12 feet (2–4 m) in length. This would be driven into the hull of an enemy ship in order to puncture it and thus sink, or at least disable, the ship. Ramming "disappeared" as a naval battle tactic in the Age of Sail because, precision maneuvering (heading, turning, acceleration) was lost when propulsion changed from galleries of rowers to wind-powered sail. Reverse movement was impossible under sail and the ramming ship could not easily disengage from a sinking victim. Conversion to sail power was accompanied by advances in cannon metallurgy and technology. When rams were discarded as a weapon, hull design and construction changed to maximize the benefit of sail, to lift cannon higher, and to provide storage for powder and ball. The placement of cannons along the ships' broadside altered the chosen axis of attack. A naval force or ship wanted the enemy bow-on and facing the force/ship's own broadside. When steam replaced sail propulsion, ramming was added back to the tactical repertoire. So yes ramming was "virtually" removed from naval combat for some time but, the tactic's were still used by pirates. The Brigantine, a form of Brig was used during the early 18th century, the Brigantine represented a compromise between the more powerful classes of ship, such as the frigate and Man O' War, and the faster, but less well-armed schooner and gunboat. A Brigantine bore two masts, and was capable of fielding, on average, twenty-four guns over a single gun deck and the main deck; on top of this, they were fitted with a naval ram. In battle, Brigantine's typically alternated between delivering broadsides and ramming. They could move faster than most ships but could be easily checked by fire barrels. So what am I asking? Id like to see ramming implemented into Naval Action. How would this work? 1. A Brigantine or Brig like ship would be added to the game. 2. Game mechanics for ramming would have to be implemented as well. This would include what damage would be sustained when hit by a ramming ship at a given speed and angle. Who gets the ship? The ships would be readily available for the pirates to build and requiring a blueprint for other nations. Applying ramming to other ships? Ramming could be applied to other ships through refits ( adding a visible ram to the front of your ship ) or permanent upgrades ( ram penetration mod, speed mod, etc ). Why ramming wouldn't be OP? 1. Depending on the angle ( anything less then a T bone does less damage ) if the ramming ship dose not finish you off he is at great risk of stopping / slowing down enough to be boarded or shot at. 2. You can move / angle yourself so that you do not get rammed Ramming points of interest? 1. A T bone would cause a loss of side armor, hull / crew, and put the ship in shock if hit at a high enough speed. 2. A hit to the stern would cause a loss of stern armor and hull / crew. 3. A hit to the bow would cause a loss of stern armor and hull / crew. Please give me your feedback and help me continue to research the application of ramming in the 18th century. Also you should help me make ramming a thing in Naval Action so we can see ships split in half. WASAAAAAAAAA!!!
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