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Found 2 results

  1. Rickard

    New Shipwreck mechanic

    hello fellow captains for a while now I have been thinking about how to make a certain feature of the game more fun and more in-depth I came up with a new shipwreck system that would make treasure hunting and shipwreck salvage more fun and provide more content in the game. as first I want to point out that the current system for wrecks is a basic system (you find the location of a wreck, you sail to the wreck, you click on the wreck and you empty it) this system is fine and "thank god" it works. but I think it is time to get to the next level with this game and that is why I came up with a shipwreck mechanic that is more in-depth and gives somewhat more content to the game. please let me know what you think about this idea through the poll that I created. New Shipwreck Mechanic : 1 - right now shipwreck are found by sealed bottels ,to get the location of a random wreck you "USE" the sealed bottel and a location will be add on your map wich nobody else can see, i would suggest to change this. ships sunk in battles will become visible in OW (open world) as wrecks wich everybody will be able to see , the position of the wrecks would be around the position of the battle in wich the ship(s) where sunk, this means that after a normal OW battle and Portbattles in wich ships have been sunk shipwrecks would be laying around that Area. the amound of wrecks would be equal to the ship(s) sunk in the battle. shipwrecks would spawn the next day(after server downtime if this still exists then) one by one across the time of the day and not all at once, shipwrecks should be visible for an extended time (1 to 7 real live days or several weeks) after which the shipwreck would be to damaged to get anything out of it and would disappear. every ship in the game will have there own shipwreck skin/design, unlike the current shipwreck mechanic in which all shipwrecks are depicted as 1 shipwreck design. 2 - 4 new shipwreck types will be introduced - Beached shipwreck : if a ship in a battle has been sunk close to the shore the ship will become a beached shipwreck in OW, this means that the ship will be laying on the beach and less than 30/40 % submerged, shipwrecks which have been beached can be salvaged by every player and don't need special Mods to do so. - shallow shipwreck: if a ship in a battle has been sunk 1 mile(1852 meters) or more away from the coast then the ship will become a shallow shipwreck, this means that only the masts will be visible above the water line as seen in the picture below in this post. to salvage a shallow shipwreck the player will need some mods like a diving bell, divers and an air pump to supply the diving bell with air during the salvage. -deep water shipwreck: if a ship in a battle has been sunk 10 miles away from the coast and if the ship is almost not visible on the seabed, the ship will become a deepwater shipwreck. deepwater shipwreck should be hard to spot on the OW and slightly visible in the water .the player will need the very best mods in the game to salvage this shipwreck like a copper plating diving bell, expert divers and a double air pump to supply both the diving bell and the divers which will be using early diving suits and a early copper diving helmets. after the salvage has been done the shipwreck should either be removed from the OW or it should look even more wrecked then before to give the feeling that the ship has been ripped apart a bit. additional ideas to this new Shipwreck mechanic could be that on the moment that somebody clicks on a wreck and clicks "salvage" an instance will be created just like a battle but only the player who is salvaging will be in the instance with the availability for other players to join the instance to either attack the salvaging player or to protect and help him. also because an instance is in real time you could look at the diving bell being lowered into the water to make everything more realistic. I also think that wreck should give the player more loot like: Mods, Materials, special items and junk loot. - special items being a captains log with a fun or educating story or the location of the other wreck or special mission of sorts or special/legendary swords, muskets, pistols, books special notes/letters or just anything that would immerse the player more into the game. - junk loot being wrecked materials and weapons, coins (copper, silver, and gold) and basically anything that could be recycled into its former state or a new material. furthermore the player should, in my opinion, stop its ship above or next to the wreck, lower a diving bell and inspect the wreck/Area after which the player should get information about the wreck (like what class and type the shipwrecked ship was and to who it belonged to) or the player should be told that the inspection failed and the player has to reposition its ship and do it again just to make the whole thing a bit harder to do. the amount of loot should depend on the time that the player has the diving bell lowered into the water after the inspection of the wreck gave the player the availability to salvage.
  2. @admin some points i have: do i think the servers being different on release like we have now is the right move? damn straight it is, ON RELEASE is the magic word!! couple of things this game is in ALPHA not complete so people crying about night flips need to just get over it you're here to test that damn game, people got so engrossed in colouring in dots on the map and keeping them they forgot there purpose of being apart of the game, were here to help change the game to a game of tomorrow not a game of 10 minutes time. again on release this would be an issue so ye split the servers, have servers with limitations by all means ill even be on here standing with you for the limitation, just not right now. you need all of your player base in one location and get a/one server that works ping wise for all of us, reason: your player base is to small and has had a huge decline (slight increase with the new patch) you need us all to help you work on getting this game closer to finished we need more than a few hundred players per server! On the note of stepping toward finishing the game you need to worry less about new ships as much as i love sailing the new glorious models you have created, we need more to do in game the ships can wait and will come later, we need more content & more end game content!!! PvE content Add missions as said a bazillion time's in the forums give us escort missions, hunt pirate x last seen around Las Tortuga's for example, or the flip side as a pirate hunt trader x last seen around Trinidad with cargo worth x amount, give us mission like capture the privateer/envoy, or destroy ship x of nation x. nation x has blockaded nation y's port help release the blockade PvP Content Give us PvP events that is king of the hill style, nation x has blockaded nation y's port help release the blockade - give people the tools to create player made blockades, give us weekend/monthly pvp tournaments to attend, give us a blacklist/hit list were traders & ship craft'ers (with an offer of a ship crafted, marks or gold) who get jumped by players get the chance to get redemption on there hunters thus creating the thrill of the hunt and at the same time creating the hunter becoming the hunted. PvP sealed bottle's - when some one opens these every one gets a message it has been opened, the player opening this gets an exact location everyone else gets a rough location, this bottles will have a warning on them so people know before opening, now these when opened have a chance to for players get pvp rewards such as books that have an advantage in pvp instances only! RvR Content The new and shiny hostility we have, is a good step forward, but there is a huge abuse bug with in it for example some one was to jump a shallow port you could grab 4 missions enough to flip the port 4 players use 1st rates it takes a few minutes to complete each mission, there isn't enough time to react to this, proposed fix 1. When a hostility mission taken against one of your ports you get a message to tell you there is a mission in the area of port x 2. Put a limit of the ship size allowed into the hostility mission also the missions spawn area is just crazy far from the ports give us the opportunity to be the clan war company's you have started to create - i mean this nicely but go balls deep into this let clans RvR against the same nation let us be company's flying the flag on behalf of the nation but let us have the chance to fight each other, i understand why you want to keep national identity but it would be far better for the game to let us fight who ever we want with RvR only not OW PVP!! we need more diversity with our PB's: now i'm talking the size of the fleet inside of the Port battle why not vary it give us different goals instead of the same capture circles or kill ships all at once, maybe give us multiple phased PB's with different teams vs each other like 1st phase brake the enemy lines - kill x amount of ships with in x time, 2nd phase hold circle x for x amount of time 3rd phase brawl/last man standing 4th phase knock down towers/forts in x time you must win 3/4 phases to take the port now with the change of fleet size allowed in the Pb these phases can scale to the size of the PB fleets or some phases removed Now we have a tax system in place which is great by the way, we have a more interesting dynamic at hand and you are halfway there!! this is a little PvE'ish but again could be a lot more fun and encourage RvR/PvP, why cant there be a moral system put in place on each port which is linked to activity/trade/tax on the people of the port if the moral drops to x amount then there should be a message/mission like the sunken fleet one to take that port of the clan holding it and get rewarded for taking it with ship notes, paints, marks for example, give the port special trading items within that port for the nation holding it, make less important ports have meaning. Trading Content now this section is just dead and needs a haul over! you need to give traders something to do give them: a reputation system access to some special goods only available to traders with a certain reputation give them real trade mission's like port x needs x goods you have x time to make it there with x goods Crafter content give crafters a meaning again there is so much more crafters could be and do for example they could: have crafter missions to craft ships for for the AI nation for rewards, which then can be captured by players from the AI later on let them have crafter orders that can be sent to them directly within there own nation from players give crafters access to more and rare crafting products for them to sell to the players let crafters have the ability to change the structure of the ships they are crafting let them put bigger cannons on ships (still have some limits to how big) with draw backs for doing so, it will put more varied ships on the water with different setups place more cannons in certain areas of the ship's and less in others example you have a 74 cannon ship, you have a limit of 74 on the ship, but the break down the ship by area then have a min-max cannons allowed in certain areas till the ships max cannons is reached again this affects how the ship behaves on the water ALTS: dunno why there is so much hate towards ALTS? just FYI people almost every mmo game has alts INC EVE in fact that particular game is really bad for it, i sail with a group that used to play said game and they have like 5 or 6 yet know one complains about it in that game. Town ownership Now you crazy people opened up Pandora's box here and i like it, you need to keep going with it give us more creativity and upgrades in the town owner ship this list could be endless: we could: have the ability to upgrade the city buy aggressive AI patrols buy bigger warehouses clan docks - so people can leave ships that don't affect the players limit buy upgraded forts/towers Clans/clan companys we have a few things here i would like to see: clan motifs for our sails make us stand out so people know who you are i would like to see the ability to see who is online in your clan friends list Misc we need custom paints - maybe craftable or rewarded we need custom sail colours - maybe craftable or rewarded we need to be able to rename our ships - should cost after the initial rename we need more interesting rewards - paints, sail dye's, visible figure heads, ship renames change all books to craftable - only by crafters ! allow workshops to melt down cannons down to raw mats + upgrades we don't want should be able to be broken down to raw mats doesn't need to be a lot