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Found 2 results

  1. ​After the new port resources changes, it became tedious to craft medkits and finding tobacco and sugar for the medkits. I used medkits plentiful to replace my crew on the sea and with the introduction of the new splinter mechanics, medkits became top priority in my production chain. Now that my tobacco and rum is depleted, I had to find sugar and tobacco. Sugar and tobacco became such a rarity, it is a miracle if I can find those resources at a reasonable price, or I have to pay an arm and a leg for it! Please do something about the requirements of tobacco and rum for crafting medkits, and I think it is unrealistic. Who need to smoke and drink to get healty, only pirates does! I would suggest to change the tobacco and rum to herbs and medicine. Maybe use tobacco and rum to keep the morale up or to give some extra preparation bonuses? Herbs could be found almost anywhere and medicine can be made from alcohol, which can be made from any type of plants through fermentation.
  2. With the latest batch of officer perks coming about, all of us were very curious about what they were and how they worked. The perks that I'm sure caught most of our eyes were the Labour-hour related ones, so we didn't have to wait 48 hours for our LH pool to fill up. However, there was another perk that people started to use more and more. And that was the "Storage Master" perk. In a nutshell, this perk costs 7 points to get, and gives you +1 repair kit in battle at the cost of 5% of your speed. One might think this is pretty balanced, considering the speed reduction and point cost. However, I think this perk is far from that. Storage master allows for 2 repairs. What this means, is that you can get a ship down to no armour, have it run away and repair, cripple its armour AGAIN, and the ship will STILL be able to float and run away. This is, in my opinion, broken. It makes PVP even less skill based and more based on just outgunning your enemy. No matter how well you outplay your enemy, if they have Storage master there is little chance of you winning in an even fight. One argument I hear for the existence of Storage Master is that you can't get the other combat perks. This is a faulty argument for a few reasons, but the main reason being that no other perk can even compare to Storage Master. You can get the perk while ALSO getting double shot, double charge, and one of the ship building perks. Who cares if you have "Prepared" or not? If you are going to keep this perk in the game, then either make it worth 10 points or give it a MASSIVE reload speed reduction, like 10 - 20%. This is really one of the few ways to balance it out without removing it from the game altogether. I have no problems with having the repair upgrades in the game like steel toolbox, carpenter teams, or survival handbooks. I think that having an enemy with great repair capabilities adds to the challenge and thrill of battles. It forces you to work around it and find solutions. However, now that they can repair twice, this removes the fun and makes it overpowered. a ship with no armour could simply repair back to half health twice. Does that seem fair to someone who doesn't have it? No. I'll tell you from experience that it is not. How do we fix it? As I said earlier, I think the only way to keep it balanced is it give it a devastating draw-back. If you can repair back to full health from no armour at all, there should be a serious penalty. For instance, perhaps add on a +15% to 20% reload time penalty? It would make sense as the crew is frantically repairing, there are less people manning the guns, or there are less trained gunners on board. I hope someone considers my suggestion. I hope we can find a solution to Storage Master before the next patch.
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