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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, all Quick suggestion My suggestion here is that marines be useful members of a ship's company, instead of just standing around doing nothing until boarding. At the very least, I hope they would man the pumps aboard a sinking ship or help repair... in reality they even helped man the mizzen in many navies, though I wonder if they would be a little op if they worked that way in NA But then again, marines were op in real life and a necessary part of every ship Notice how only 192 of my 255 crew can work the pumps (My ship was clearly and rightfully lost, but I can imagine other situations - namely leaks - where it would be reasonable)
  2. I have seen this around the forums in a couple places and really liked the idea and thought it should be floated here. Give the marines a use outside of boarding, have them be able to shoot from the deck of your ship at enemy ships and crew if you get within 50 meters or so. Maybe a new crew priority option to man extra muskets or swivel guns to give a bigger bonus. I think this would give a new depth to marines and boarding crew that would make for interesting dynamics.
  3. Could we please have 2 marine perks on 4th-5ths to allow us to have 10%-20% marines and 3 marine perks (10%-20%-30%)for 5-7th rates? I personally think an officer perk with marines would be better and give the captain a marine percentage slider in the manage crew settings. Something like 5-10-15-20% Maybe remove fleet perk 1 and give it to all so that we dont need to waste an officer slot on that. The reason for this is that ships like the trinc, endymion and frigate suffer from low crew with with 20% marines.
  4. Currently: on testbed, marines upgrade is a hard % of your crew: 50% for the 6-7th rates 30% for the 4-5th rates Not Sure about 3rd-1st rates I don't like being forced to run a large % of my crew as marines, or be forced to run no marines at all. So here is my Proposal: Marines upgrade gives you an option to carry however many marines you want, up to a certain maximum % (same % per class system as what is used on Testbed now) of your crew. This is accomplished with a sliding bar tool, just like our crew levels work currently. Here are two examples: On Trincomalee, I want to carry 55 marines, so I select the marines upgrade and then use the sliding bar to choose exactly 55 marines. On Surprise, I want to carry 150 marines; well, I can't, because the hard cap of 30% marines is still in place for 4-5th rate ships. The most I can carry is 72 (30% of 240 crew) not counting the extra hammocks or crew space. I think this system will give a nice variety to the way we kit out our ships: some captains may favor more marines, some may favor fewer marines, some may still sail with no marines at all. Thoughts?
  5. We are now entering 2017 so i think its about time to make a new thread considering the animations and crew on deck doing battles. So here is a rundown of crew the would make the battles more cenimatic and different in gameplay with new crew characters on deck. Marines Marines should stand on the sides of the ship either "firing at will" meaning firing at any ships the comes into musket range (50-100 meters) or "volley fire" you chosing when they fire given the enermy is in range. This would help bigger ship preventing smaller ships hiding under their cannons as thats the place where the would be most exposed too muskets fire, making them lose crew relatively fast. Futhere more the game would need more varients in the marine moduls, sharpshotters marines, boarding marines and maybe defence marines. Officers Officers is already in-game and they dont really need anything new they are great as is, but if you have an officer he should be standing on the officer deck looking around with a spyglass over the battle Swivel Guns Should proberly be moduls you could add too your ship, like Cannister Swivel Guns or Ball Swivel guns that works in the same way as marines firing on enermy ships with in range. Of course cannister swivel taken out more crew with lower range and ball swivel gun with longer range also focusing on crew but does less damges too crew but a more damage too ship insted. Sailors and scurvy dogs! Sailor and crew moduls are in game, but should not be connect too sailors on board, as all ships have crew. More crew on deck in masts doing animation please, it would make the game so much more immersive and great. The main reason for not adding in crew is it may couse fps drops for some, but if there is an option too have crew and not have crew in game settings that should not be a problem. I do realize that this maybe be time consuming for devs, but i really think it would make the game so much cooler as almost no game bothers too add crew like world of warships, PotBS or any other similar games i have seen. Correct me if i am wrong but i remeber reading devs where not gonna add boarding attack animations with is fine, but i do hope too see more crew in 2017 as crew is such a big part of these kinds of ships and era in time. Please consider adding more. Looking forwards too what 2017 can bring for this mighty fine game. Cheers.
  6. Would it be possible for players who use the Marines Perk to have the ability to shoot muskets from rigging amongst other places? The process could happen automatically upon reaching an established range to the enemy ship with the amount of marines onboard dictating the number of casualties (per minute)** ; or just by a random function increasing causalities sustained with distance. This should put the marines to good use when not boarding. Let me know what you guys think!
  7. So...i engage this pirate Trincomalee...i'm in a trinc too. Combat goes awesomely, he's clearly going to sink and i'm almost at full armor... 'till he hooks me into boarding and i discover that practically half of his crew are marines; one single attack, 189 kills, my morale goes to 0 and the ships is lost. I feel there's something very wrong with this. Maybe it's my fault, should've stayed away... but still...half crew are marines. Once such a ship hooks you you're doomed, no way to escape that, even if your ships is brand new with a broadside ready to fire. I wish there were some mechanics against this thing. Marines should be visible, shouldn't count towards the crew of the ship and should die when hit by enemy fire; and more, they should slow down ship operation, as having people standing around while you reload your cannons, run to patch up leaks does slow you down. Please rebalance marines, allow ship crew to counter pulling (maybe enabling boarding should give you the option to cut ropes even with very little preparation), please to something.
  8. At this point Marines are confined solely to boarding actions and with the latest patch they have been restrained a little with their abilities to insta-prep. One of the historical uses of Marines was as sharpshooters on the decks and masts of their ships and they would do this whenever the ships entered close combat (see: Nelson being killed by a sharpshooter etc). PROPOSAL Equipping the Marines upgrades enables a passive "crew killing" ability when under 100m range.The mechanics of which would be a "X% chance of a crew kill" dice roll wherein the quality of Marines increases the frequency of the roll (i.e. 1 roll per minute for Common, 2 for Fine, 3 for Mastercraft, 4 for Exceptional) to reflect training improving reload rate. Targeted enemy crew can be randomized between weather deck gun crews (if targeted ship has them) or sail-handling crew numbers. While this is a bonus to combat pre-boarding, the downside will be the visual cue of constant musket shots (puffs of much smaller smoke) when under 150m. This has the potential of obscuring vision of the Marine carrying vessel when trying to make cannon shots, while also signifying to the defender the presence of Marines. Marines in the background sniping at sail handlers in the Battle of Copenhagen 1801 Nelson, mortally wounded falls to the deck of the Victory while in the background Marines line the gunwales trading volleys while sharpshooters pick out specific crew.
  9. Cost me 2 duras and 450k for the Tiburon flag, made a few mistakes in the 2nd battle and got capped, but it was loads of fun. I make Ingermanlands myself, and I used the money I got from sinking Swedes a few hours earlier.
  10. Всем привет! Перед тем, как создавать эту тему я воспользовался поиском и не нашел обсуждений на эту тему. Что хотелось бы обсудить: чрезмерную имбалансную нагибучесть морской пехоты. Суть проблемы в том, что сейчас очень много "героев", сводящих пвп противостояние к нападению толпой, слому мачт и захвату корабля посредством золотых мариносов. Своего рода однокнопочность последней секунды (и кстати бесит, когда еще секунда более чем есть, а кнопка не прожимается после пары кликов, не задефить даже, починили бы уже). При этом частенько получаются ситуации, когда такие герои выходят победителями из боя, где их команда в два раза меньше. Это магия прям. В итоге все сведется к тому, что на каждом корабле будет этот модуль (что в общем тупо минусует свободный слот), а ничего не подозревающие новички потеряют интерес к игре после потери трех-четырех прочек на пустом месте. Перебаланс, как мне кажется изменил бы картину морского боя и сделал бы его интереснее. + Поубавил бы прыть однокнопочным ганкерам (так смешно наблюдать, как сливающие по перестрелке ганкеры стремятся забордить поскорее имея в кармане нагибалку) Заключается это в пунктах: Количество мариносов на корабле Невероятно большой коэффициент к атаке по сравнению с матросами Никаких негативных эффектов от модуля I) Начнем с первого. Все источники, которые мне удалось найти, свидетельствуют в том, что 100 пехотинцев могли сидеть только на линкоре, Не на суперфрегате на подобие консты и триньки, на на эссексе и уж темболее не на реноми!! Вот тут приводится список команд кораблей различных флотов, можете полюбопытствовать, сколько могло сидеть на фрегате, сколько на линкоре Предлагаю этот параметр перебалансировать и не ставит количество мариносов более 0,3 для желтого модуля II) Насколько морской пехотинец сильнее матроса? я не знаю, какой коэф. в самой игре (маринос vs матрос). Предлагаю сведущих в этом тестировщиков отписаться. Но на мой взгляд сейчас это смесь стереотипного шаолиньского монаха и боевого мага. Кто такой морской пехотинец? дядька с мушкетом (ну да, там мог быть штык) и саблей. Он не сверх человек. Разве что стреляет метче матроса ввиду того, что упражняется в стрельбе да штыком воздух потыкает раз в день. Не думаю, что в рукопашке мариносы были существенно сильнее матросов., вооруженных пистолетами, абордажными саблями, топорами и пиками. Вспомним еще, что ежедневный многочасовой тяжелый труд делал этих людей очень выносливыми и сильными (в отличии от пехоты, редко привлекаемой к работам). Баланс скорее к почти равному. Тут приведу реконструкцию экипировке III) Отрицательные эффекты от мариносов - тут скорее я за их отсутствие. У пехоты было свое место на корабле и она не мешала канонирам или матросам выполнять свои обязанности.
  11. With the new crew focus system, the marines act as an additional "subsystem". The marines are effectively locked into being set as "marines", and don't help with any of the tasks on the ship. For one thing, I don't believe this is historically accurate. Marines would have helped with manning the guns and handling lines. But let's ignore that for now. The purpose of the marines is to help with boarding combat. Shouldn't they at least help with the "boarding" subsystem? If I switch on "boarding", a bunch of my non-marine, able seamen leave what they're doing (guns, sail handling, etc) to go and prepare for boarding. The whole reason I turned some of my crew into marines is so that they would help me in boarding combat, so why aren't they included in the number of crew that's getting ready for boarding combat?
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