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Found 9 results

  1. Hullabaloo

    bug logged out at sea and lost ship

    Hi Logged out in Openworld and used 'wait' function. Logged out safely. Logged back in about an hour later (5.30pm 9th April 2018) and found myself in port and have lost ship I was in (Endymion) Clan mates have checked Combat News and there were no kills of Pirate players in that area over that time. I understand it is a known bug Cheers
  2. Bronze Republic

    Lost Fleet Ships

    So I was in a battle against an ai Bellona in my Aggy with my usual fleet of an Endy and Surprise. Long story short, by the end of the battle, both were the usual AI and were pressed up against the shore. The Surprise was even bouncing up and down. After leaving the battle, I went back to port. To my horror and surprise, my Endemyon was not in my fleet at the port. So I lost my ship. The ships had almost full health at the end of the battle as I was looking at it to laugh at the beaching, so I did not lose it by it sinking. And it was not beached as much as the Surprise, who came with me. She was a great ship and I am worried that happened as it happened to a Belle Poule of mine earlier. I assumed she was sinking that time, but now I am skeptical. I hope this can be resolved soon before I or other players lose perfectly fine fleet ships!
  3. Bubba Smith

    Lost a Bellona to a T-Brig

    I will get right to the issue; I was capturing a T-Brig with a Bellona on the PvE server and successfully won the boarding, I emptied out the T-Brig hold and clicked on the sink captured ship box (made sure not to change ships as always) to my surprise, not the ship, as soon as I sunk the T-Brig I was immediately sent to the T-Brig and the Bellona sunk. NO I didn't change ships so let's not go to pilot error. After that the screen blinked and I ended up in a Free Town with nothing but my two fleet ships and some cargo in them. F11'd completed. Another clan member noticed an odd occurance with him post boarding as well. The crew exchange read, 9999999 and then went back to normal.
  4. James Thomson

    Defeat / Escape Rewards

    I find it really injust that if you manage to run away from your enemy (trader example) succesfully, or have to flee after causing major damage to enemy but also take fatal damage to your self that there is 0 reward for this. After you have given your very best and fought till the end you should get reward! It is frustrating that after 30mins of fight you might need to run and get no rewards at all, its not often this happens but when it does its like wet rag to your face. Also there is no xp for traders that are bullied / chain pulled to battle that they escape succesfully. There should be rewards for those. Just my thought, didn't find thread of this yet. If there is one please move my comment there.
  5. As my first post I have a suggestion. I request an inkling of where I am on the map. To be clear, I am not after a laser perfect GPS pointer...nope. But navigation in that time was also not as hit and miss as their charts, compass, speed measurements, and other navigational aids were accurate enough to allow ships to cross the oceans and build great trade empires. What I suggest is a circle, an area indication of where the Navigator believes the ship is. As the ship travels and spends more time traveling, the circle gets bigger indicating the growing inaccuracy that occurs, to a limit. The point is that the player is somewhere inside the circle. This way those that are navigationally challenged (waves hello) can have some reference point, based on the science of the day, for finding our way around. I know that the developers are wary of putting a marker on the map. But if done right, the marker need not be precise, just an indication that we may need to adjust course to make our destination. Especially since sometimes the fastest route is not the direct one. Ok, first post done...now I will saunter off and see if I can figure out where my ship is.
  6. TristanJ

    Lost 200 compass wood

    Hello I bought 200 compass wood and when I went to drag it into my cargo hold and it was not there but my gold was gone I lost 150k (thats the amount I bellieve) can I please get compensation. That was most of my money.
  7. Goodblue

    stuck in OW

    I was going to play on my laptop just for crafting purposes. I logged on and entered the port. Nothing wrong with this part but when I left the port, my ship was gone, UI was gone (F11 made it appear again) and I was stuck at the position (0.0, 0.0). I tried reinstalling like 3 times but got the same problem every time. After the second reinstall something weird happened. I had a badly damaged ship with 30/30 repair kits and a cooldown stuck at 9m30s. I don't know if this is one of the reasons but I haven't played on my laptop since before the wipe. I tried teleporting but it did literally nothing.
  8. Halt Tranty

    New patch (jan 27) bug

    Ok this sucks I updated the game with the patch and tried to log in. The game immediately asked for my name (I usually just logged in through steam and never had this line pop up before). I thought "oh cool, I can finally changed my name like I read you could on a forum post." My steam name is Smackcrack4 and that's what it was in game as well since steam login. When I bought the game, I made my forum name to be what you see here. So I entered the name "Halt Tranty" and got in the game. And that's where I noticed that my entire progress through the ships was gone, it was like I'd never played the game before. So please developpers, check your logs and see where "Smackcrack4" was and either put my name back as that or transfer my progress to "Halt Tranty". I'm not going to grind 50 hours or so to get back to the Trinc. Please fix this as soon as possible, and let me know if I need to do something on my end. Thanks in advance. P.S: I'm pretty sure it's my fault for not putting my steam name in, but in case it's a bug, you have information on it now. My face right now:
  9. Situation: So we have an hour to play a PVE match, Its stormy weather, half your squadron chases ai ships 1 way, the other half the opposite direction. After 30 minutes you find you are the only ship left and the remaining ai ships were with the group who went the other way. You sail back on roughly an opposing course to 10 minutes but fail to see enemy ships. Can we have an option to either finish match earlier if we are out of visual range for say 10 minutes of last enemy ships, perhaps stating whether the 'withdrawel' would be a loss, win or draw depending on current score. Or possibly a trigger once every 5 minutes or so where you can force an ai ship to set off a signal rocket (Yes these were used historically) so that we can see a flickering light on a horizon for say 15 seconds which will give us a rough heading toward them. i know I state PVE in the topic title but this could also be a voluntary action by pvp captains in the same situations.