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Found 5 results

  1. --Privateer--

    Money Log

    Is there a way to see further back in the money log for the clan warehouse? It only goes back a few days and I would like to see back to the last wipe. I'm imagining there would be at least someway to see my actions. Sort of like the chat log.
  2. Is the main PvE server down, I can't seem to log on at the moment. It's back up.
  3. I love that there is no icon on the map to show your position and I love the gameplay spirit that this creates: one of having to navigate for yourself just like the captains of the day.I think though, that the current system of OW navigation is too simplistic and could be improved without making something so complex as to be a turn-off. I propose that a ships’s log mechanic be introduced into the game, along with the ability to mark the in-game map. I would also love to see leeway added to ships but I suspect that this idea has already been rejected by the devs or we would have it in game. SO: how would the ship’s log work? At appropriate intervals your log would record your average course and distance travelled for that period. This would build up into a table of records with which you could plot your course and (if done well) derive your near exact position on the map. (Let’s not forget that, far from being lost in the open ocean a good Captain of this age had the tools to accurately fix their position on the globe within a very few metres). Plotting your position Give players the ability to freely add simple symbols to the map: I suggest an ‘x’ and a line. I would love to see this skinned as a pair of dividers and a pencil Taking distance and bearing information from their log, players would mark their point of departure and then plot the information from the log on to their map resulting in a series of marks giving them a good idea of their current position even when out of sight of land. For example: I've marked an x on my map at my last know location e.g. Kingston. As I move my cursor away from this x the UI tells me the length and bearing of the line that I am drawing. I match this to my ship's log, placing another x and repeating the process for each log entry to build up my course. Not sure if you've sailed past that mission in the fog? Are you just being impatient or might you need to turn around? Now you know: reassure yourself by plotting your course on the map! Advanced players could even fix their point of departure EXACTLY by taking bearings from headlands in the OW view and plotting intersecting lines on the map! Other minor tweaks needed The ability to take a bearing when sailing in OW would be nice. This might either mean a change to the compass UI to give you a bearing as you pan the camera, or an additional tool like a hand-bearing compass view (similar to the spyglass view from battles) which would allow you to take your bearings. I hope you’ll agree with me that this would be a great addition to OW navigation and add meaningfully to the gameplay.
  4. I did an F11 bug report, but was unable to attach this screenshot of my log. Anyone notice anything like this? First broadside of the match on the storm map. Full deck fired, but as you can see from the SS, only half the cannonballs recorded. I was in a Constitution. Am I missed a good reason for this particular log? Grim
  5. I've looked in the forums and haven't found anyone discussing this. This is a result of reading several other forums and it prompts the question, What happens if I am at sea and I log off? In Eve online, the ship just goes to a place where no one can find it, and for all intents and purposes, stops any travel and participation in game play. Some one in another forum on whether or not the map should take hours, days, or months to cross (time compression discussion) suggested setting a preset course the ship would take when logged off and be vulnerable to changes in wind, weather, and attacks. I think there should be an option given. When one logs off, the ship goes to its "happy place" where no one can see it, and when you log back in, it returns to its last known position...or.. with an option, when logged off, your ship becomes one of the NPC ships contributing to game play, but it operates as a NPC ship. If your ship comes under attack, players can assist you for reward, morale, or standing increases. Damage taken, or the sinking of your vessel while logged out is voided on your next login as it wasn't a result of your action (or inaction). And you, as a contributor to gameplay, there can be some perk or bonus given (or even advancement of movement along a predetermined course). There can be a mechanic in place where you can set the course of action your ship is to take, i.e., aggressive (attack all hostiles), passive (run from all potential threats), or defend (if self or friendlies are fired upon, then return fire). The downside, the potential for botting and intentional use of logging off to advance along ones course with out having to face any of the challenges along the way, or to just farm points of some kind. There could be some form of payment perhaps like a decrease of berthing fees perhaps, but I can't think of any other MMO that allows a players ships or characters to contribute to game play while logged off. What say you?
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