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Found 6 results

  1. I had a L'Ocean in battle yesterday: 4 Brit L'Oceans + 4 small ships vs 1 Spanish Santi south of Bensalem. I had a LO/WO L'Ocean with Cartagena Caulking and others. I was COMPLETELY undamaged and fully crewed and took just ONE broadside from him when he was more than 2 thirds hull damaged and less than 55% sail. 35 leaks and I sank instantly despite immediately putting everyone on survival and reducing sail. He proceeded to kill us all despite being significantly damaged and with 53% sail left. This inline with the Devs design to make ONE ship defeat a VASTLY superior enemy. I simply can no longer support a game with such ridiculous mechanics as this. Period!
  2. Captains. Lets talk about balancing of repairs. Multiple players request limitation of their numbers. Some think that they make battles much longer. Our goal with repairs is the following Provide the money sink Give the option to the captain to recover from mistakes (for example the ability to repair masts only in port would be ok in a single player game but wont be ok in a multiplayer game - because no-one would like to stand still for 1.5 hours losing masts at the beginning of the battle) As a result of this goals repairs must stay in game and captain should decide himself how many repairs he carries and how many times he can repair in battle. What we would like to hear is your ideas on repairs that could improve combat depth (increasing importance of first proper shot and focus fire). For example - we are considering. Add speed debuff when you repair sails/masts. Ships cannot repair sails/masts at speed. Add speed/water intake dependence: structural and penetrating leaks will take a lot more water if sailing fast and will take much less water if you are stationary.
  3. Anyone else notice anything screwy with penetration/leak models today? Did they change anything when they tweaked mission rewards? I seem to be taking on a LOT more water today then before, even with no posted leaks and still with armor/structure remaining. Sometimes it's hard to tell how much is due to my just being bad vs. mechanics changes.
  4. I would suggest upgrading all grades of planking for leak/damage protection. Removing the speed cut back would be nice too!
  5. My question is about whether the Leaks counter shows all leaks or are there hidden leaks that are not counted? I have been in the situation where I have had to stay in Survival mode to deal with flooding but the Leaks counters for both sides and locations have been at zero. If I drop back to gunnery or sailing, I start taking on water again despite there being no leaks shown on the board. I can understand being in Survival while displayed leaks on the board are being dealt with but why are there invisible leaks that are not recorded?
  6. Hello all, Recently I have tried to aim better as I get bigger ships (Victory at the moment) since now the broadsides actually matter a whole lot since they have longer reloading time. I usually try to aim right at the lowest part of the hull, and I want to believe that while getting the same damage on the armor, I actually make some leaks on the enemy ship as well. Does the damage model work this way, or am I being a fool for trying to shoot there? I also thought that even if they don't make leaks, if the enemy ship starts getting some water my previous low shots could make the floating issue a bigger deal? (not sure about the last point but it kinda makes sense to me if the balls penetrate the hull) I tried to get some answers in the forum but I still need some advice in this matter. Thank you for the answers!
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