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Found 7 results

  1. I was wondering if you guys plan to scale things in the future (maybe even before release) like ports and landing stages? And if you want to make the crew animations more diverse? Maybe more crew on the deck or even animations like in Empire or Napoleon TW? Thanks!
  2. The current system for navigation in the open world is a choice between extremes. The following suggestion is aimed at giving players a more immersive option. What I mean by "choice between extremes" is that, barring 3rd party options like @Felix Victor's map or use of the distance indicator in the trader tool, a player can choose to either spend a perk to hire a navigator which reliably tells them their position on the map. The result is a GPS-like dot at your current position. The other choice is having no means of navigation other than sight alone. Both options lack immersion. The out-of-game navigation tools require a second screen or alt-tabbing, which is not game-breaking, but having immersive navigation in a sailing game is a matter of principle in my opinion. Thus the following suggestion: 1. The Navigation perk can stay as an option for players that are either new to the game or simply don't want to bother with navigation and accept the cost of losing a perk slot. 2. For everyone else basic (or simplified) terrestric navigation should be made accessible. What do I mean by that? The navigation model should be derived from reality while being a bit streamlined to minimise clutter and complexity of the implementation. The changes to the current system would be as follows: The distance indication in the trader tool is to be disabled. A coordinate grid (preferably a projection of real world coordinates, scaled to the ingame map) must be implemented as a map overlay. A line drawing tool is added to the protractor allowing the drawing of at least three seperate lines. These can be drawn from any point of the map, at any length. Their azimut (horizontal angle) or bearing should be displayed along the line. A cross-bearing button is added to the map tools. Clicking this button will result in three ports being listed with their relative bearing. These values need not be exact (a random error of a degree or two will introduce a bit of realism) but the ports selected should preferrably be somewhat close and their azimut angles should be at least 30° apart. With the tools I listed a player can now find the three ports on the map and draw a line along the azimuthal angle, given by the cross-bearing tool for each port. The point in which all three lines meet is the current position of the ship. I case of measurement errors (random deviation of azimuthal angles) the lines will draw a samll triangle giving an area of possible ship loactions. I made a small picture as an example: Example image Why do I think this should be implemented? This system is based on real world terrestric navigation but simplified, leaving out magnetic deviation and stuff like that. That makes it immersive and fit well within the theme of the game. It also gives players something to do on long journeys. Last but not least it is optional. Players can still choose to navigate on sight and experience only, or spend a perk for hiring a navigator who always tells them exactly where they are. Normally instead of ports a navigator would use landmarks or beacons that are referenced on the map to do cross-bearings. Lacking those having the game select three ports is acceptable in my opinion. Hardcore variant: Instead of listing ports and their relative bearing the player gets a bearing indicator built into the telescope. Using this they can make cross bearings using landmarks of any kind (coastal formations, ports within sight or specific islands) and identify those on the map. This adds possible errors to navigation but works without any magically appearing numbers. What do you think, Ladies and Gents?
  3. Let's put ourselves on our ship by using a 3D-figurine of the Captain in battle instance. Not just decoration, but with a meaning - what this suggestion is about. First, you can walk around on deck with your avatar. That is, on top deck. We don't need to sculpt the whole ship down to the magazine so players can wander about. What artists build as visible ship deck is enough. Where on top of your vessel you will position your figure in battle will be of significance. Because Captain's avatar will inspire all crew around him, he gives a local bonus as long as he is unharmed. Such stations may be: (1) Gun battery (of one side, or chasers respectively) (2) Helm (for turnrate) (3) Mast (for sail handling, speed, raising / lowering) (4) Pumps (5) Surgeon (for more recoveries) (6) Bording party in preparation You will for better control of your ship still use the centralized view like now, but by using a hotkey or icon you can jump into your avatar and change his position on board as you see fit. Another use of the key and you are back at regular ship control views. While you are in your avatar, particular stations of interest on your ship are highlighted as you come closer to them so you may stay there where you chose. If a station isn't normally on deck (like surgeon's operation room), any place on the ship may serve as placeholder specified by the designer. Now comes the interesting part of it all. The enemy can see where your Captain is standing, by looking through his spyglass (like you look for his). And he can decide to direct his fire towards this position, hopefully hitting the avatar (which is motionless and becomes a part of the ship when you are not using it). You cannot avoid the shots by walking around, which is a bad idea, because while you are busy with relocation, you cannot control the whole ship, for this you need to exit the avatar and return to ship control view). Once enemy cannonfire hits Captain's figurine, it becomes wounded and knocked out. You can still command your ship (via your lieutenants), but the bonus to the station will be gone. Can be discussed if we would add a low percentage of your doubloons in chest being spent as treatment costs in case this happens. The degree of the bonus I would leave to devs, if the bonus is fixed, improved by skill book(s), or depending on player rank, or his performance on leaderboard of the server; many ways are imaginable. Players may also decide to use no avatar at all (stay invisible under deck), but that means no bonus to any station Goal is: - more immersion in battle by acting as the Captain - a feeling of vulnerability as you do so - giving a special target for gunnery with the rewards which come with success (opponent loses bonus, maybe crew starts boarding game with morale penalty upon hearing the Captain is among casualties). The type of ammunition does not matter, all hurt. -- Figurine would be the same for all, maybe in the uniform of their nation. An idea for DLC would further be, to offer individualization for that Captain's figurine by choice of other items, weapons, uniform parts, a beard, a wooden leg etc etc... Flavor stuff which does not affect the function. NPC ships, do they have a figurine on their deck? Don't know. Maybe unnecessary, unless the player should have shooting practice of that kind.
  4. First of all: Yes, there are more pressing concerns than graphics, because the overall graphics of NA look fine imo! I especially like the detailed ship models and the water is also ok! But i wonder if graphics couldn't be done even more vividly and thus immersive: If i watch videos of sailing ships or boats i notice some details that make sailing so dynamic and enticing for myself: 1. If ships sail in a certain angle to the wind they heel over. 2. Ships rock / pitch when climbing waves and going down again. 3. With increasing speed a vessel also throws up a bow wave of increasing size. 4. Depending on how fast a vessel sails and how high the waves are, bow waves turn into quite impressing splashes of water, when the ship crashes into waves. Imo NA captures 1. in a satisfing way! But 2. and 3. could be done better (more dynamic) and 4. is missing completely! @admin Could you enhance 2. and 3. plus implement the splashing water to make this game's graphics even more immersive!?
  5. I'm new to NA so if this topic has come up before, forgive me. Would it be feasible to offer an option for a "Deck View Only"in battle? Other games I've played have had a choice to limit players to cockpit view only (racing games, aircraft, etc.) and the immersion factor (for me) was significantly increased. This game is beautiful when mouse-scrolled all the way in and the combat is so much more challenging! I mostly play PvE and love to captain from the deck, but understand that it would be unfair to battle in PvP with one player zoomed in and one using a God-like overhead view. Perhaps an option before battle begins to choose "Deck View Only"? Real sailors would love this.
  6. Recently I played AC4: Black Flag and one thing strike me - our version of caribbean is too cold. We need more warm colors on everything. Whole game looks like it's set in arctic ocean region and not warm paradise. While I can understand that small team may lack budget and manpower to make better looking meshes and textures, I can't understand why you chose so cold color palette. And no it isn't my monitor of eyes because like I said black flag looks nice and warm, pictures of caribbean on google look nice and warm and even gazilion years old sid meier's pirates look more warm then naval action! And where is my pet monkey/parrot?
  7. Ahoy Matees! I want to mention a couple observations and suggestions on the sailing mechanics in regards to leeway and currents. LEEWAY I don't know if this has been covered yet and forgive me about lacking clarity in trying to convey but I haven't noticed any LEEWAY (the sideways drift of a ship to leeward of the desired course). When on a beam reach (the wind is coming from the side {65-125 degrees }), my ship should move slightly down wind or leeward. Leeway should increase the more lateral wind there is pushing your sails. Leeway also increases with heel. I know this is a very complex mechanic and not neccessarily neccessary, but it would enhance realism, strategy, and players' appreciation for sailing. DANGER OF LEEWAY: LEE SHORE Also, historically, especially with square-rigged sails, a lee shore was a dreaded thought for sailors. This is when shore is within sight but the wind is headed directly towards it. This is bad because even if a vessel is close hauled, the wind pushes the boat back towards the wind. Sure, the boat may be moving "forward" but in reality the boat is veering and will innevitably head closer to shore and if the wind never changes, would innevitably run aground, despite best possible efforts at tacking. Anchoring is the only hope here. But I digress, it may not be necessary. CURRENT and TIDES Now in the sea trials I have tried to crash into the lighthouse and found that it is not programmed to be crashed into. (I just flew right through it). I know that open world will be the more appropriate time to test the mechanics of running aground and currents. But I just want to reiterate the importance of currents in sailing. Tides and their ebb and flow were crucial to timing when a ship would enter or leave a port efficiently. Also, open water currents would often perplex sailors in navigation and could be a fun addition to long distance travel in the game. I hope this was somewhat clear and I would be happy to try to re-explain.
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