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Found 3 results

  1. I don't understand the correlation of the PortBR and the BR that has to be killed during hostility missions. For example: Old Providence has 2.600 BR. Yesterday we did two hostility missions, were we killed (before the brits intercepted the hostility): 7 x L'Oceans or Santis (each 900Br) = 6.300 Br 3 x Victory (each 800 BR) = 2.400 Br 1 x Bucc. = 700 Br Total 8.400Br achieved hostility Level ~33% This means we have to kill about 30-33 first rates to flip a port with 2.600 Br. If I transmit this to a port with ~12.000Br we have to kill at least 145 first rates. Maybe there is a different factor or other influences in the relation of Port-Br to during-hostility-killed-BR. I think there should be a clearer correlation between killed BR during hostility and Port-BR.
  2. ~title edited for better understanding. Abstain from going overboard with "not so correct" adjectives to describe something ~The Moderation Team ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: Changed the Title again to cater for the OVERALL "madness" in this stupid game mechanic !!! Even when used by every nation now, it stays what it is: a broken game mechanic which has to get fixed ASAP ---> Dear Devs, pls change mechanic that War Supplies can raise Hostility Level to only 50% maximum !! ---> The missing 50% to 100% have to get achieved by PvE and PvP infront of the port... Problem solved !!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Honestly, i am rather new to the game, but never noticed so much exploiting aka gaming the game aka cheating to such an extent in such a short amount of time like in this game !!! For all, who dont know what i am speaking about, todays "raising hostility" (hahaha) from The Danes at bermuda is only the tip of the iceberg: Since the first attempt to get the Bermudas, it was ALWAYS quiet over there, nearly NO enemy ship was seen there...many of us were mission running all the time, building up defence points just in case... Here and then, there was a lonely Pirate Trader who wanted to buy some goods in bermudas, sometimes we catched him, sometimes he slipped through...no bad feelings When i logged off at afternoon, there was ZERO hostility in Bermudas, ZERO...and me alone had build up a few thousand defence points (dont know, how much this is) through PVE mission running... When i log in, 2 hours later, i noticed suddenly that Danes got a Port battle over there...UNBELIEVABLE !!! When chatting with others, it came out, there were NO fight, there was NO mass PVPing, there didnt showed up hundreds of danish ships overwhelming the defences and building rapidly hostility...NO, THEY JUST DROPPED WHAT IS CALLED A "WAR SUPPLY BOMB" !!! How stupid, how cheating this is...how can this even be possible ??? Suddenly a fleet of traders showing up, slipping in MINUTES into the port, delivering their cargo...eh voilà: they get their Port Battle...Lol: No Brit did ever had a chance to react, even when someone would had been there, how could he stop dozens of traders alone ??? What gaming the game is this, what purpose has such a stupid rule ?? What benefit has such a rule for the game ?? I am speechless Seriously, those Danes participating at this event should be ashamed for exploiting a broken game mechanic to such an extent...and also, you, the Devs, should also be ashamed to allow such actions !! Period !!! Nothing more to say...goodbye
  3. I believe hostility system is a step into the right direction, however it’s not working now. Fixing it may improve the game significantly. I’m saying this as a guy who proposed the system in the first place ( afaik ). Sometimes systems don’t work as you intended, or are modified to not to work as intended Edit: The newest version of this post is available under link below. It's constantly updated and allows you to put your comments on top of the text: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QReWu6p7LJ3hhKpi4Lf5pbKQrK9NeqDVZU8NdTJtm5c/edit# What doesn’t work: hostility mainly generates PvE, not PvP system of entering PB’s is prone to exploits (log off screen, wave of screeners jump out of harbour) without using exploits, a decently organised defender has a huge advantage, making capturing a port extremely hard and costly system generates 1-2 battles per nation per week, with no meaningful encounters in between (not counting PvE) larger nations gain big advantage in both hostility generation, as quantity is quality now war supply hostility bump is not limited, allowing for a hostility bomb tactic What is important to notice: RvR is completely a domain of clans, and as such every system related with RvR should support clans people want screening encounters, it’s worth to give it to them people want more or less fair fights, which balance out nation size difference and which require skill, not numbers players raising hostility are PvP, not PvE players. It’s hard to convince PvE player to join even a PvE hostility generation mission. That’s why hostility should focus around PvP port battle system should value people's time, giving them interesting, meaningful and fair encounters quickly, without tedious work Some ideas to improve the current system: remove PvE missions completely. Instead, when attacking fleet reaches the mission, launch a notification that the fleet is raising hostility. Allow for any defending captain in an attacked region to teleport to a battle, filling in defending fleet to a BR limit of an attacker. In case defenders don’t show up, raise hostility by X and allow to launch next mission eg. 10 minutes later. this still allows for uneven screening tactics, however it also promotes PvP battles of different fleets in even encounters it saves time of players to get a good PvP In case players won’t show up on a regular basis, you could tweak mechanism to fill in defender’s fleet with AI up to attacker’s BR create war supply encounters, where eg. 4-28 hours in advance (chosen by attacker) there’s a notice that war supplies will be delivered to a harbour. Delivery ships would be allowed to deliver goods only in the specified time (eg. 1 hour), raising hostility eg. only by 50% if all goes well. This would allow for a large screening operations and delivery operations. it makes economy significant for war effort it could be launched both by a defender and attacker it would create more of meaningful encounters at times when port battles are rare, and often happen once per week it empowers organization that clans offer multiple other types of missions could be created with a similar mechanic. Eg. raids could be set 4-28 hours in advance, requiring attacker to sail his ships into the harbour within 30 minutes. Any ship that would get in would have to reach a certain area and eg. stay there unattached for 2 minutes to raise hostility, while defenders could join battle only to a limit of attacker's BR already in the mission. This could raise hostility eg. by up to 30% adds variety allows for experiments with different mission mechanics, defining which are fun, in the same time not influencing player's experience so much creates another opportunity for screening encounters Those are more or less rough ideas. If they were thought through and modified in search of corner cases and exploits, I think after implementation they would improve experience a lot. They would also make game available for much more players who don’t have time to sail for 3 hours in search for PvP, however would likely invest 30 minutes in order to do so. It would make organized even PvP battles more often, which is probably the best side of NA. ps. My first post wasn’t noticed probably since it was in on 5’th page of a large thread, and as such TLDR. That’s why I create this one in a separate thread.
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