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Found 1 result

  1. Idea: Dynamic NPC Nation Overlays... Short version at the bottom... @admin You’ll need a drink for this, try to bear with me... Summary To build out Multi Nation storyline campaign arcs that intersect. This out of game backstory pushes the in-game content taking a few weeks to complete. Background and some views... Basic idea was seeded from a post by @Cetric de Cornusiac. Please read his post. http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/26636-create-national-councils-for-regulating-the-big-picture-of-each-nations-stance/ I didn’t agree with many of his assessments or solutions, but he makes a really good point that the Nations need to have a purpose. His view was to open up the Lite Sandbox but have the Nations players control this at the expense of clans. @Christendom and @Wraith have wanted Clan restrictions lifted to the point of doing away with the different Nation overlays allowing Civil Wars and self-rule opening up the Lite Sandbox still further... A while back we had a Nation alliance vote function within the game. The idea was good and added richness but it just didn’t quite deliver. Further back [PvP EU] had an EAST v WEST problematic alliance added with night flip issues. On my [PvP Global] we had the ironclad Care Bear alliance GB/US/Dutch which developed into a slow stranglehold on the entire server when it couldn’t be broken. Another view concerns this Open Sandbox PvP world push is/will crush RvR, trading, crafting, exploring and all the other parts that are NA-OW. Leading to fears of just a NA-Legends carcass left behind. I may be wrong in this view, but the more power the PC wields they’ll usually migrate down to the path of least resistance. Any PC Nation driven alliances will struggle to be dynamic even if adding more mechanic restrictions to stop the walk down the slippery slope... Name dropping... First let’s drop the word “Clan”. This is just cosmetic but is an irritation. So, [ELITE] will be a “Division” of GB Nations Royal Navy within the Caribbean. Divisions can Own their own PORTs as normal. Divisional conflicts did occur in REAL LIFE. Sub-division leaders were often in conflict with their peers and Senior Ranking officers within the same Navy during the same theater points. Nelson’s account of Cape St Vincent was challenged by a jealous Rear Admiral Parker. At Copenhagen our beloved Nelson completely disobeyed a direct order from his Commanding Officer in front of his own flag Captain. A Controlled Civil War... Via a Purchased Note from the Admiralty. When triggered will offer a limited time window to engage in a civil war against a same Nation Clan/Division. On the time expiry, there will be double the time cool down before you may trigger another Civil War against the same clan. No same Nation clans can get involved. The Pirate Clans unique feature allows them to be hired by either side for defense or attack. This automatically would put two hired Pirate clans at war with each other for the duration. PORT Battles as well will be acceptable. With this we have some form of retribution for those who don’t treat other same Nation clans with respect. If you’ve solo player ideas let me know. Now we need to bring all the full Divisions together to fight for the King, Emperor or Blackbeard as God intended. How Nation Guidance should work... Back Story... What NA-OW will have is an out of game back story of each Nation with traits, traditional alliances and map areas. Below, look at the four EvE Online [EvE] races with sub titles. You can get a visible image of differences within each race and temperament. https://community.eveonline.com/backstory/races/ NPC Nation Templated Mission Arcs... Imagine... In-Game you and all other same Nation PCs are sent a letter. In it a brief story outline... Example... GB Nation [ELITE] Division, Your king as requested all Englishmen to rise to the challenge to push the French from the Caribbean. This will be a long campaign and not just one or two battles. Accept the first scenario to start the campaign. Plain Co-Op 5th Rate cap epic mission dropped around K/PR. Teams of six of same Nation. Bonus multipliers apply if team members include different divisions or solo players. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=50&v=vKSR4l11oio http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Campaigns Missions can be replayed multiple times but only rewarded once. After a few days the second letter arrives. The Map above shows French and British demarcation lines. Any French AI or PC within British waters must be sunk or taken a prize. Here the French ships deliver more rewards than other ships inside GB waters. Again, this last two three days. The next mission in groups with multi clan or solo multipliers is to raid French shipping lanes. Again, this builds into Hostility and Port Battle triggers. And so, the campaign rolls on... The rewards must multiple with French targets and with solo or different Division members in same group. So, the Campaign as moved from a PvE/Co-Op thread into a PvP one. Storylines could include craft or exploration. The French... While all this is rolling out at the same time the French receive similar posts and Campaign objects. This time if the nation is smaller in size... The Dev’s here can tweak the templates. The French maybe way too small in PvP numbers against GB. So, allied bonus may involve a local Nation like Prussia. This is the big bonus multipliers that enforce the alliances. GB players may find it odd or strange getting ganked by Prussians in GB waters... Nation Templates and Story Arcs... The templates are just that, Dev’s manage them like they would a weekend tournament. Its flexible. http://lorebook.eve-inspiracy.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1:cosmos-epicarc-guides&catid=1:cosmos-epicarc-guides&Itemid=2 This is the [EvE] lore or story arc for all EPICs, have a look through all the structured storylines. PvE Co-Op Solo and PvP all included. It seems mammoth in size and detail. However, look closer and the missions for the four races all play the same way. Copy, Balance and Multiply... That’s the key, five core story arc templates just change names and ports or boost with allies. No new coding. We have eleven Nations; a new story line template (GB) would have a counter balance arc (the French) that then can be copied 11 times. This out of game content can be as deep or light as you like. The hook is the BLING on offer as a reward at the right stages. This with multipliers help Divisions to come together... Sorry for the length, let me know if you think its rubbish etc... Norfolk nChance [ELITE] Division GB RN Short version NPC Nation Campaign story threads. Built from several missions taking maybe a couple of weeks to complete. Encourages Multi-clan and solo participation with PvE to Co-OP then PvP conclusions against other nations. This out of game campaign drives in game content and builds player retention.
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