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Found 3 results

  1. Dear Devs, I like and love the game in its status. Because of its working progress, I want to give you my feedback. I play Pirate. In every game, where a Pirate system is able to be played, i love to do so. And yes, I joined Pirates in NA aswell. But I didnt know, that they are a Nation - which is a totaly wrong understanding of what pirate was in the 16th to 18th century. If someone had told me before, that I can choose the "Nation" Pirate, I were joined france frist, scam all the Clans and players, kill some friendly mates and become pirate then. Because this is, what pirates did in those centuires. They never fight to own a harbour. They fight harbours to own more stuff. So here are my points: 1) Pirates shouldnt be able to own Ports. They only should be able to "raid" them for getting stuff out of it. Only 1-3 Hideouts which are only shown on Pirates map, should be owned by pirates. Not more not less. Because being a pirate is kind of a political statement. ATM Pirates are "friendly" to each other because they have to. This is FAAAAAAr away of beeing authentic. So here is the Idea: No Port Capture or battle for owned ports. 2) Be a Pirate : When I capture a ship from e.g. the Great Britains, I will steal the Flag and sail under my new fake flag. As long as i dont attack anyone - to get somethings like a criminal timer and be detected as "fake" Great Britain - i should be able to use every port / facility / chat or more from the Nation, i fake to sail for. Only when i get criminal flagged and or get killed, the flag should be gone. 3) Pirates should not be able to craft ships. They can dock at every harbour (fake flag at Point 2 explains why) and they can buy ships there or get into "deals" with clans of any nations to get ships. Also they should focus in raiding fleeds and capture ships. But Pirates should be able to upgrade or optimize their ships. e.g. enhance Speed and crew, better boarding abilities for fast travel Boardings at 6kn or something similar. Pirate ships should be a very scary thing in open world fights. And i dont mean, that they should be tanky or overpowered. They only need to have things, which nation ships dont have. 4) Turning into "Pirate" should be a penalty for players. So they should be thrown out of their "safed" life in a 150 member clan into a deep community of ugly, angry and beard people who kill each other for no reason, when the rum rations ran out. Learn how to sail, steal, fake flag, keeping morales up and get away with slaves / captured ships should be horrible hard for a normal player. But this should be all, what pirates should be able to do. Sitting in MT to craft things is dumb. No Pirate of our history books ever sit in a port and craft a plank for a ship. They all raid a port and take those ready build ships and the wife of the guy who crafted it. 5) Give pirates some capturing advantage but for. eg. let them be attacked from npc's aswell, when they get a criminal timer. Those timer should be there for 1-2 hours. 6) A Pirate need to learn everything new. Sailing Routes, noone know and all stuff like that. So take away the teleport to capitol function for Pirates. IMPORTANT: Pirates shouldnt be a Nation as they are atm. They should not have any friends in their own "Pirate faction" expect their Clan or ally mates. They should be able to fake flag. They should not be those pve focused Trader / Crafter / Labor hour seller as atm. Take all of the pirates harbours. Give them Hideouts. I saw so many pirates sailing around, who are no pirates and acting like Nation People... Organize political Port capturing Situations shouldnt be able... The Pirates atm are by far not authentic. Everyone who dont see this, should go back in the history lesson (no offense) Added Ideas by other players: From Hethwill: A successful raid by pirates should blast a city morale ( citizens are simply left to their own designs with the feeling their overlords cannot save them ) and turn it unaligned for a full maintenance cycle [ 1 full day after maintenance the port gets blocked to all actions, no entering the port ], and then returns to nation control as normal.
  2. Sartarius

    Port Upgrade

    Hi all, How can I upgrade my Port? Some guides telling that it is possible to Upgrade your main Harbour to gain more Port Docks and store more than 5 ships. Maybe someone can explain that to me? Ive tried to upgrade my Port by doing following: At Capitol Harbour ive bought an additional outpost bur now it says under Outposts "empty". I dont know what to do next.
  3. Ports. All of my comments below are relate to coastal locations. I see no point in pondering if inland zones have any value to the game at this time, aside from supplying suitable resources to its nearest coastal locations. Raw materials, crew recruitment potential etc. Major Naval countries of the world have a historically good starting infrastructure already in place. Assuming we have historical placement of the Nations perhaps pre determined towns/harbours reflect a point in history for creating start locations for each nation involved. (Any country that the game has starting Flags for perhaps) Major Ports. Defences, Known Resources, Major Ship Building facilities, Dry Docks, Major Economic Districts. Expensive Player investment area. Lesser Ports. Minor Defences, Some known Resources, Minor Ship Careening facilities, Minor Economic District. Average Player investment area. Minor location. Fishing Village, Unknown Resources, Undeveloped. Cheap Player investment area. (Possible player selected locations, Pin on a coastline map - we'll build here) Lesser and Minor could be reclassified as Player investment expands them, or indeed they are targetted and reduced due to military action. Some restrictions on what can be developed until reaching a higher classification. (No Major ship building facilities if the rest of the location has remained the basic fishing village etc.) Each stretch of coast no matter how remote would have the potential to become a player base area by upgrading a 'fishing village', Not only providing Guilds a base to work from but the investment will potentially locate a good raw material resource, and create somewhere that may be worth defending and fighting over. Minor Nation Champions It may even be possible for guilds to decide that they wish to champion a minor nation and if they are the only guild doing so, they can 'vote' for which major coalition they become allied to.
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