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Found 7 results

  1. Will there be an option to change the face of your general in the campaign? Maybe the ability to choose from a selection of portraits? Because I don't really like playing as a guy with grey hair and a silly beard. I want to play as a guy with a silly mustache instead. Hell, you could even include a non-historical female portrait option for those who'd prefer that.
  2. It seems like every time I start a new game, the traits my general gets bestowed are random. Could we maybe get the points free so we can pick the traits we want? Because I picked 'logistics' as my background because I want the 'logistics' trait. NOT the 'Tactics' trait, thank you very much. So is there any logic behind the traits you get or are they randomized?
  3. While I understand you have the game set up in a way that allows me to be the Ultimate General, where I just give orders and the units do all the formations themselves. I still feel as if I have very little control over the battlefield. This is due to the fact that formations are very difficult to create on the battlefield without maneuvering each regiment on their own into the formation you want. Keeping them in that formation is a nightmare!! I would like to see options for brigade formations implanted. It would be helpful to be able to set up formations within the "camp" menu so we can click on that option while on the battlefield and all the regiments form up into the brigade formation. The way this could be done in game for a more realistic feel is to have the options in the commanding general menu for the brigade. Maybe I want the brigade to form into one big line so I can attack with my line being as wide as possible. Maybe I want three regiments up front and two in reserve in the back. Depending on how big the brigade is, the formations would be carried out. Maybe I have a brigade that has only two regiments, so the best option is almost always a full line for attack. A brigade with three regiments could form up with two regiments in the front and one of them in the middle rear as reserves. An option to set all my units in column formation while marching on the road would give my marching units a speed bonus while in column formation and on the road. The general would be out in front and when they get closer to the battlefield, I would be able to click on the general and click on a formation option to set up an attack formation I want. It would be fun for us in the camp menu to make our own formations that can be implemented on the battlefield. As far as individual regiment formations, I should be able to click on one regiment and have basic options. Such as wheel right or left so I can face them easily to a flanking enemy without having to maneuver my mouse all over the place. I can set open formation so they spread out a little, but still maintain their ranks. This way it would give them a speed bonus while maneuvering though wooded area's, but their concentrated firepower would be effected. A skirmish formation would be nice as well, to allow me to spread out the line as far it it would go for less contradicted firepower but a more maneuverable unit. It is basically the men are spread out in a row of two at least 10 paces apart, the front group fires and the back group moves forward to become the front group and fires. A leap frog type of maneuvering. A lot of times a brigade formation would throw out a company or two of skirmishers in front of the main advancing line in order to draw the fire away from the main line. That could be a way to set up a brigade formation as well. I hope you can implement more options for troop deployments, the game is fun but maneuvering individual regiments all the time gets tedious. Options within each generals menu to form up a brigade fast would be very helpful. Also just as a quick afterthought. Have an option to attach a regiment to a brigade. Say a regiment from another brigade is on their own due to the brigade being wiped out, it's still combat effective and can just quickly be attached to another brigade for the rest of the battle. One last thing. I have not played the campaign a lot so I really don't know if you modeled different uniforms. A lot of Civil War units had different uniforms, it would be cool to see that implemented into the game. What would be REALLY cool is if you guys could have a uniform editor within the camp menu. This way I could edit uniforms for a regiment that I really like and I could always see them on the battlefield. Being that the campaign is my campaign and not necessarily historically accurate, I think that would be very cool. In preset historical battles make the uniforms accurate. In short, give me more formation options that were historically accurate or allow me to build formations within the camp menu. Give me more historically accurate uniforms in preset historical battles and let me edit uniforms when I play a none historical campaign. Thank you guys for all the hard work you are putting into this game. I was really itching for a good Civil War game and this game really scratches that itch! ;-p
  4. I'm a fan of this game and on my favorite features of this game is having your own custom general and having a career. One thing I would like to see is an option to create, or recruit, custom generals. I would like a feature that would let you spend reputation points, or money, let you add a leader to you army for different prices. A colonel say 5 reputation or $5k, BrigGen. 15 or $15k. The reason I would like to see this is that I love to customization of your Corps. My friends and I always fantasize about being leaders at different points of time in history and being able to have them in the game with me would really boost it for me. It would also make me feel more attached to the person that I created. At least that's my opinion. I'd like to see what you guys think!
  5. I am sure someone must have mentioned by now that the user interface is a real challenge for those of us who are vision impaired. The lack of contrasting colors makes alot of the UI impossible for me to see unless I get really close to the screen. Different shades of grey. white all kind of blend into a snow pattern. same with blues/greens for open water map. I would really like to see some contrast in the UI even just simple stuff like some color in the port screen the seperates different things. And the most helpful would be in open water especialy the compas where cardinal points could be highlited with color so you can tell what direction you are sailing. and when you use the map if would be amazing if the co-ordinate grid were easily distinguishable. at present i have to again go close to read the numbers because they tend to blend into the back ground of the water. just making the numbers bolder and perhaps highlited would definately improve this also. Another request would be to allow adding friends from any nation especialy on the PVE server where there is no chance of causing and tactical advantage by secret messaging the enemy lol.
  6. Can anybody tell me, where a Divisonsgeneral is in battle? In my campain i had a few wounded or killed divisonsgenerals...but how is that possible? Did they fight with my 1. Brigade or where?
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