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Found 23 results

  1. 1. Pavillon de Saint-Malo. Port de corsaires 2. Pavillon de la Martinique 3. Pavillon de Marine 4. Pavillon de l’Arsenal de Rochefort 5. Pavillon de commodore 6. Pavillon de Louis XIV 7. Pavillon des Bourbons 8. Louisiane française 9. Saint-Pierre-Et-Miquelon 10. Québec La France mérite de nouveaux pavillons ! France deserves new flags !
  2. France on Naval action deserves more flags. Such an historical navy deserve to have a lot more flags. I would like with this topic to send a message so the creators of this beautiful game will add some more cool french flags !:) I think that we should start with the adding of the White flag without any symbol, which was the flag of the royal French navy, and that when ships are being captured, for being historically correct, instead of the white flag, only to display no flag, as it was the way to do. This will allow France Royal Navy to flow its true original flags, and so more !:) the true white royal flag is a must have ! and also the French modern national flag’s (blue white red) dimensions must be changed, as the white is wider that the blue, and the red is wider than the white for the French navy flag it is important that the white is bigger than the blue, and that the red is bigger than the white. Also the blue colour must be almost dark black. i also propose to add more flags like : Louis XIV blue standart with the sun and his motto Nec Pluribus Impar, which would be a cool name for a flag. And the flag of Saint-Malo, thé white cross with blue corner, and one red one, used by Surcouf, the famous corsaire, and other corsaire. Also the blue flag with fleurs de lys would be very nice to see in game. there is a picture of all flags that were used by French ships in the Americas.really cool one !!! There is the flag of the French India company. And the flag of New France! I hope you will enjoy these flags, and maybe you will put some of them in the game. I’ll be the happiest, and France will be cool, and the game will be awesome ! thank you !
  3. Salut à tous ! Les Grognards de l'Empereur (GDE) prennent la mer eux aussi ! Alors on a besoin de monde pour aller se faire de l'anglais et le reste. Notre but est simple, grossir en nombre et reprendre ce qui nous appartient. A la base on joue à Holdfast (même époque) sur lequel on compte environ 200 membres. Donc soyez sur de rejoindre une communauté déjà bien établie. Pour le moment on est un petit groupe de joueurs réguliers, on a un discord mais je ne le donnerai qu'en privé. Donc vous devez me contacter directement, soit sur ce forum, soit sur steam : Faigaf45 Mon pseudo ingame : Faigaf Pour l'Empereur et Vive la france bien sur (message aux modo, j'ai posté ce message dans la partie recrutement guild en anglais, mais je le post ici pour que les français le voient aussi)
  4. History Fama was the flagship of the last great Admiral of the Venetian Republic Angelo Emo, who captained the ship during his continuous missions hunting down Barbary pirate including the siege of Tunis in 1785. Angelo Praised Fama for her considerable speed and agility naming the ship as comfortably the best Venice had. The plans for Fama were drawn up in 1782 and 6 ships were laid, of which 5 were completed she was constructed in the Venetian Arsenal by Giovanni Domenico Giacomazzi, who was considered the best venetian shipwright in of his time and built accordingly the "ad ordinata doppia" system which was implement in 1780 by Angelo Emo who after studying the construction techniques used by the English and the French, hoped to match them or even surpass them. Fama herself spent most of her career in active service, either stationed off of Corfu with the main detachment of the Venetian navy, ready to face threats from threats to the mouth of the Adriatic by the Ottomans or other hostile nations or spent hunting Pirates over the Mediterranean or Barbary Coast. Fama was captured alongside the rest of the Venetian fleet by Napoleon in 1797 when she was briefly renamed Renomee and then renamed again to Du Blois a month later. After her capture she was sailed to Tulon where she was rearmed with slightly smaller guns to fit French standards to take part in Napoleon's Egyptian expedition where she unfortunately collided with the French flagship "L'Orient", suffering severe damage. Despite her damage she remained to Alexandria and was used as headquarters by General Kleber was later partially sunk to block the entrance into Alexandria, she was then captured by the British and sadly broken up without the French, nor British ever realising her potential as a swift and powerful shock ship or as a strong commerce escort and pirate hunter. The Fama Class were given heavy armaments to match larger capital ships but maintaining the speed, versatility and agility of a frigate, thus the name Fregata Grossa came about, translating to Large Frigate, The ideas behind the Fregata Grossa rated ships were to hit hard and fast, able to set combat to their own advantage the theory was a cross between their contemporary super frigates and modern battlecruisers. They also contain similar thoughts used in the huge super frigates of the later 19th century but obviously without the steam engines to power them. The 6 Ships of the Fama Class were: Fama (1784) Gloria Veneta (1794) Le Stengel (1797) Le Beyrand (1797) Diamante (1797) Unnamed (uncompleted) Fama and Gloria Veneta both served under the Venetian Republic with considerable distinction. The other ships of the class were completed during the French and Austrian Occupation periods. Le Stengal and Beyrand both served briefly in the Napoleonic fleet and were then transferred to Austria as part of the peace deal. Diamante was badly damaged during the French Looting period and was patched up but sailed poorly, to deal with this she was armed from head to toe with 24lb guns and used as a floating battery, later she was repaired and served in the Austrian navy as a troop transport ship. A further Unnamed ship of the class was laid but damaged beyond salvation and was sadly broken up with parts being used to outfit other ships but mostly used as firewood. Fama well represents the Venetian Naval doctrine of the time, Venice continuing to fight with a hybrid fleet of Galeass, Galleys and Frigates, due to the history and nature of what remained of the Venetian Empire. Her outfitting, speed and manoeuvrability made her a great shock ship with a strong punch, able to hunt down pirates and operate well in shallow waters and archipelagos with complex coastlines. She is also incredibly well suited for the calm waters of the Mediterranean and able to produce good speed no matter the wind conditions. She was praised for her sailworthiness by her captains and considered the jewel in the late Venetian Fleet. Details Fama was considered a Secondo Rango Fregata Grossa within the Venetian Fleet, then after she was captured by the French she was reclassified as a 3rd rate, although if she were in the game she would likely be similarly placed as Agamemnon, among the 4th rates. Her measurements are (peidi are the Venetian feet): Total Length: 138 piedi or 48.00 meters Keel: 122 piedi or 42.42 meters Width: 37 piedi or 12.86 meters Draft: 17.5 piedi or 6.08 meters (when under French service: 16 fore, 18ft aft (5.2-5.85m)) Bilge Tip (height between the keel and deck): 28 piedi or 9.73m She was crewed by around 450-500 men, depending on how many sailors Venice could muster at the time. The Venetian state had a continuous issue with raising the appropriate number of men to serve on her navies during the later years of the republic. Fama had similar crew numbers to her contemporary 64s by other navies, however due to her smaller size these men served in even more cramp conditions than was generally experienced by the worlds navies, her officers quarters were equally as confined, especially considering that she was used for most of her career as an admiral's flagship, although these close natured lodgings were something the Venetians were always used to back at home in Venice. She sailed incredibly well and was praised for being hugely fast and agile, giving her the best ability to perform her main tasks, protecting merchant shipping and hunting down pirates. Her performance under sail is fairly well documented, receiving universal commendation from the officers who sailed her. I have not yet found any information about how she heeled, rolled and other similar specifics, as Venice had no sailing queries similar to the Royal Navy. Armaments Fama Carried 66 Guns, and her four chasers, below is a make up of weight and armaments during both the French and Venetian outfitting. She also had the potential to point the two cannons nearest the bow on the main gun deck in a forwards direction to aid the 2 dedicated chase guns situated either side of the foremast and 2 rear facing guns. During Venetian period by Venetian Weight 26 x 40lb (26.5 British pounds) (12.04 kg) 26 x 30lb (20 British pounds) (9.03 kg) 14 x 14lb (9 British pounds) (4.21 kg) 2x 14lb (9 British lb) Bow Chasers (4.21 kg) 2x 14lb (9 British lb) Stern Chasers (4.21 kg) Broadside Weight = 1008 Venetian Pounds (667.5 British Pounds) (303.4 kg) French Period By French Weight (reduced to a 64) 26 x 24lb (11.74 kg) 26 x 18lb (8.8 kg) 12 x 6lb (2.93 kg) 2 x 6lb Bow Chasers (2.93 kg) 2 x 6lb Stern Chasers (2.93 kg) Broadside Weight = 588 French Pound (634.75 British Pounds) (287.5kg) Plans The most true plans, showing the proper lines of of either La Fama or Gloria Veneta, as said below in a post stating the edit history of this thread. This is the only record showing the proper 66 broadside gun ports, although the plan below does miss her bow chasers. The other plans like with her sister ship Stengel show the correct lines, but sadly show incorrect positioning for the guns on the quarterdeck, the other plans show only 6 guns either side (12 in total) from when she was reduced to a 64 rather than the true build when she had 7 (14), which are shown correctly here. This is a modern reproduction by Guido Ercole, there are a couple of minor mistakes where she is shown having 28 guns, not her proper 26 on both her gun decks, she is also missing a gun on her weather deck. The rest of the reproduction is still accurate, with the sail plan and also shows a nice idea of what she would have looked like painted. Some less detailed plans, most likely showing Stengel, after she has one of her weather deck gun ports removed making her into a 64. Rough Planking and Framing Methods used Art Many Thanks go to Sella22 for letting me use some of his resources, I would really love to see this ship in the game, she would be a fantastic addition. Thank you for Reading.
  5. Hello Everyone. I wanted to tell/ask something. The time frame of ships in-game/that are possible to be in game are ships that are build in 1690-1820. This means we will get lots of 18th century ships , gotta love them. Dont get me wrong , i love 18th century ships , they look awesome , the sailing is amazing. They all have something great. Gotta love those ships. But what i was wondering: Why not make the time frame a little...wider? With this "wider" effect i mean: 17th century ships. Reason: I personally love the 18th century ships , they are awesome in all kinds of ways. They are natural beauties. All kinds of 18th century ship-rates have their own benefit. Its great. But.. as some other people have explained in other Topics , lots of 18th century ships look the same. With this i dont mean the collour , but the design. Example: We got the L'Ocean , beautiful ship , i sailed with it and fought with it , its amazing. Its such a lovely ship. Then theres the Santisima Trinidad , same thing , i love the look of it , its great in battle , lots of cannons , amazing. But here's were my point joins in: the design of both ships is pretty simillair. Again , dont think i dont like the 18th century designs , i think they are amazing. But because they look so simillair and we have lots of those kinds of ships , i would love to see some other kids of designs. This is one of the reasons why i love the 5th rate ship of the line: La Renommee. It has kind of the same design , but the back is way different. And i think its gorgeous. Same thing with The Ingermanland , i love the ship even more because its a different kind of design. Especially in the back. Ofcourse , how a ship looks is not the only thing that matters , how their abilities proof in battle and in sailing is a very import example too. Ofcourse , 18th century ships were more developed , but 17th century ships are good in sailing. Looking at the fact of how a ship reacts on the sea , doesnt really matter in this case. But i would love to see 17th century ships in-game. I will take some examples to show you. Le Soleil Royal (1670) I choose the photo of the back , because the back is were it matters about most in this Topic. Just look at this ship. Its beautiful and very different from the ships we have in game right now. And for those who want a back story , its their too. Back Story: She was build in Brest between 1668 and 1670 by engineer Laurent Hubac. She was launched in 1669 and stayed in Brest harbour for years.She was recommissioned with 112 guns and 1200 men when the Nine years war broke out in 1688 as the flagship of the escadre du Ponant (squadron of the West). She was said to be a good sailing ship and her decorations were amongst the most beautiful and elaborate of all baroque flagships. The emblem of the "sun" had been chosen by Louis XIV as his personal symbol. One more example: Seven Provinces (Zeven Provinciën) 1665-1694 I got the same reason for the photo from the back: Matters the most in this Topic. Just look at her.. she is beautiful. The Seven provinces is my personal favorite ship. She looks stunning , has lots of cannons , and sails like she rules over the seven seas. But thats not all.. she has one hell of a back story too. Back Story: The Seven Provinces was a line ship of 'de Admiraliteit van de Maze' with 80 cannons on board , the name was also writen as: '7 provinciën'. The ship had a lenght of 163 foot and was 43 foot wide , and had a cavity of 16,5 foot. The men were with more then 420. The ship was build in 1664-1665 on admiral site at the 'HaringVliet' of Rotterdam. The builder of the ship was: Salomon Jansz van den Tempel. It began her carreer as flagship of viceadmiraal Aert Jansse Van Ness. After that it became the flag ship of luitenant-admiraal Michiel Adriaenszoon de Ruyter (1666-1674). She fought at 'de Vierdaagse zeeslag' at North Foreland (1666). She also fought at the 'Tweedagse zeeslag' (1666) , and at 'Toch van Chatham' (1667). And in the seccond English war. The ship also fought at 'Slag bij Solebay' (1672) , the 'dubbele slag bij Schooneveld' and at the 'Slag bij Kijkduin' (1673). In 1674 it went on expidition under controll of Admiral Michiel de Ruyter. After the death [ kiling of the Prince of orange] of Admiral michiel de ruyter it became the flag ship of Schout-Bij-Nacht Jan Van Brakel in 1678. In 1691 Johan snellen got the ship under controll. He died the same year on board. It also participated in the English/Dutch fleet in 1691 under the command of Edward Russel. In 1692 it got shot by the french and it caused a leak in the battle of Barfleur en La Hougue , the ship sailed back to port. After that it got sold in 1694. This is the reason i call her... unsikable , because she has never bin sunk . So why not 'wide' the time frame out to the 17th century?
  6. After another battle yesterday that we lost due to some tactical, i had thought that the french were getting a bit braver again. However this morning i see that another french port has been put on a timer of 03:00 to 06:00. It seems that not only in battle but also in the whole RvR, the only thing they can do is run away froom a fight. We all know their kiting tactics but now we can even be kited in a port battle because of the absurd timers. Our friends the french declared very formally a war with GB but honestly if you only put your timers at times our better players arent on it can only be that you are scared to fight. Meet you on the battlefield, I hope ....
  7. Some French players set as a necessary prerequisite to set a common diplomatic position in all the server before beginning speaking again together... The alliance system of the French clans is not unified: VLTRA declared war to EDR while CBC, MRF and ER are allied with them, EDR are allied with the main English clans while CBC, MRF and ER would like to be at war with them, ACR are allied with Danes, etc. No clan will give up his alliance system. This can't be asked as a prerequisite. To set out this question of diplomacy in Louisiana and come back to a possible discussion between French players, I propose the following agreement: Diplomatic proposition: 1- - EDR and players linked with them stop attacking Spain. 2- AND - CBC and players linked with them stop attacking Great Britain. 3- AND - EDR stop screening for Great Britain against Spain. 4- AND - CBC stop screening for Spain against Great Britain. These four points being obviously inseparable. Advantages: For France: End of a great source of internal conflicts. For Great Britain and Spain: One of their present opponents is removed. I sincerely think that this is the only way to get all off the present mess, at least between French clans (but this might have contaminated other nations). Each clan will keep his friends, and the situation will be more clear for other nations. We would be in a sort of status quo in Louisiana, neutral about all conflict, up to some nation attack one of our ports, thus becoming enemy of all French. I just put here an exception, for the Spanish clan SH, to which I ever proposed that they freely take Sotto la Marina in exchange of Arensas. This proposition is obviously still valid and would not provoke a war between France and Spain. I hope that will help and that will be accepted by parties.
  8. EN I start my own newspaper for french. There is so many on others nation that we probably desserve ours. Althought you are all choosing a newspaper to realte your story, I will incarn in mines differents character. Sometimes it may be a solider, a sailor, a governor or why not a lady. Correspondance 1 Today, is a letter found into a wreck few miles away from Terre de Bas. Sadly, it's written in old french. It may be hard to understand bur more harder for me to translate it in an english which should not be a shame in regard of the quality of this letter. I don't know who is this Claire but i doubt she will be able to find hi heart back. It seems Yann is gone isn't he? Who knows? For thoses unlucy to read french, i made a bad translation to the letter than you can find bellow. it's not perfect but probably understandable. Thanks a lot to google trad for his help Bests regards, Kierrip Direct link to the letter Claire, I am writing to you this evening on board the Cutter of L'Agile to express my concern about not being able to keep the promise I made to you. If I do not really fear for my life, except that the loss of those would deprive me of the pleasure of admiring you, I am afraid of being deprived of my honor. The Swedes are everywhere. The French ; gone. The reception at the governor's house would not have been worst placed than on Monday. The Alliance of Royal Corsairs (ACR clan) has gone for new shores. We will not see them again. The exotic fruits and flowers arranged on the tables could not completely hide the absence of so many captains and we passed a weird meal interspersed with toast to the health of the king and the prosperity of his colonies. The governor of Fort Royal, you know what i think about him, could not hide the trembling of his hands at the announcement of the worst. While we had no news of the Royal Squadron (ER clan) and the Familiy Mouth ( BAFF clan), they would have compromised themselves with pirates; Yes pirates! Not hung in front of good people of Port Au Prince, already frightened at the idea of the misfortunes of the West Indies, the captains were broken from their command and demoted from the naval lists. You may imagine in what fury these news may have thrown me. To compromise his honor! And yet ; here, far from you, we lack everything, everyone misses us. What happiness, however, would it be to be able to squeeze his brothers in arms again into our arms? Who would not forget their forfeiture at the announcement of their return to fight the real enemies of our nation? The British are no more than the shadow of what they were. The certain disintegration of their strength, which was seduced as much as sedition by Swedish flag, renders them vulnerable, and more than one captain has been tempted to indulge in gentle vengence. Unfortunately, you know, Claire, I was born only to serve. And if I can not serve you today half a land separating us, I remain faithful to the courrone. Order is given to the captains of His Majesty to keep our borders and especially to protect our young sailors. Every day the press brings new batch of future sailors. Every day brings its share of misfortune. Cries and vociferations have nevertheless ceased in the taverns of Fort Royal. The city is depopulated and the countryside and manufactures are emptied. . Failures of resources and doublons, the economy to pereclite before even hatching. At Fort Royal, everyone is hiding; The press rode. The replacement of our sailors is difficult as traders now avoid our ports. Death rages everywhere and a heavy, smoky atmosphere hangs over Martinique. We will not give up. I sometimes give in to despair and try to convince me that ceding Guadeloupe is not giving up my honor. How many acres of land north have been worth since the Bridgtown mine was discovered? And yet my resolution falters. To lose Guadeloupe, who will be accused in Paris? The royal corsairs who yielded to the difficulty of federating our forces, the French who yielded to the malice of the pirates, or the last captains to stand before the enemy? What would I not give Claire to see the ramparts of Brest and your golden curls? Tomorrow will bring us again its share of defections and disasters. Hope my heart that I remain far away even if every day the idea of leaving these sordid caribbean to find you haunts my thoughts. With all my heart, rest assured that despite these tragic thoughts the memory of our goodbye does not leave me. I will be worthy of you, of your family and your father will finally let us love us. Yann from the fistinière
  9. When the Global server is established, the members of OMG, BORK and PURGE clans are moving to France to join the SINK clan in establishing France as a mighty republic. Vive la France! With these combines clans, and all the individual players committed to France, we will have 30-40 regular players or more. We may not be as big as GB or the USA, but we will be better... come join a nation dedicated to fighting for the just cause. Contact myself, Bach or Teutonic to make the move.
  10. For the first time in a while, France has a clan with more than 1 or 2 people in it. SINK. As of today, we have 5 clan members and are looking to recruit additional players into France. This clan is initially focused on developing new players and getting them promoted in rank / crafting level as quickly and effectively as possible. If you are looking to change nation, please contact me or any of the SINK clan members for help moving across to France. ElricTheTwo for France on PvP2, or message me on this forum. Any donations to the French rebuilding cause would be welcomed... Ships, redeemables, BP's... anything that would help (like a few regions for crafting - hint, hint)....
  11. it is interesting how france complains about nightflips but then decides to nightflip great britain hipocrisy confirmed PVP 1
  12. I would like an open discussion to see where Individuals, Clans, and Nations are as far as diplomacy goes for after the port wipe. There has been a lot of bad blood and alot of personal attacks and it has created a lot of poison and made the game toxic (at times). While there are other nations with their own diplomacy stuff to consider, I will start with my own (personal) stance. US, GB, VP, and Pirates. Its a vicious war and I have no qualms with continuing it. BUT not to the point where pirates take a capital or the pirates capital is taken (no nation will be able to resist Pirate Immunity, it will be a bum rush). This is because that will force the pirates into an alliance thus breaking what it means to be a pirate. Whether they cap or are capped the end result is the same. Additionally, the loser can also abuse their alliance to join battles and take up spaces and troll etc. I am on the fence on what to do, I back GB's US alliance 100% and would not support any peace if it meant they fight alone, but I also do not want to see Pirate nation ruined by a bad mechanic. (Thank you devs, we all know you work hard and that this is not the final product and was the lesser of several evils given your constraints o7) War or Peace among nations, that's what this thread is for. Please post your thoughts for your nation and your allies/enemies. This is not a thread to formally agree to anything, just a way for us to brainstorm and get what we're always saying and thinking written formally down.
  13. Some people probably don't know about the french counter-revolution, so here is a bit of context first: The Chouannerie & the Army of the Emigrated In 1795, the french emigration supported by the Brits came back to make a d-day, the Expedition Of Quiberon. It obviously failed, but it is an interesting chapter of History and of a failed d-day.
  14. Declaration of the end of THE TREATY OF THE ANTILLES, COMMERCE AND FREE NAVIGATION The here signed nations France, Danmark-Norge, Sverige and Verenigde Provinciën, parties to the The Treaty of the Antilles, Commerce and Free Navigation, as ratified on June 24th, 1716, hereby declare in unison the mutual understanding that the Treaty shall be officially dissolved as of Server Maintenance on August 22nd, 1716. As per the spirit of the Treaty and intention of its Authors. RATIFICATION For the French Council (CSNF) Kaïr For the Danmark-Norge Council Strategist For the Swedish Council SinkingN0ob For the Dutch Nation Council Ronnevaer Willemzn
  15. Gagner la guerre, au delà d’un très bon bouquin de Jean-Philippe Jaworski que je vous invite à lire, est le but de chaque général, amiral et joueur de Naval Action présent dans la faction France depuis ces périodes troublées où le feu et les flammes ont envahis les Antilles. Avec des amiraux tels que Desmoines, Ours, Kama et bien d’autres, notre nation a pu s’essayer à des stratégies diverses et variées et se recentrer sur ce qui fait l’essence de ce jeu ; la création d’une communauté tournée vers le même objectif. ... La suite ici
  16. Honneur, patrie, valeur, discipline Capitaines! Welcome to Sea Lords Virtual Fleets and thank you for your interest in joining our illustrious group. We are a small, but rapidly growing band of like minded individuals of varying experience and expertise, who like to indulge in a little light role playing in a friendly, disciplined and co-operative environment and blowing the enemy to smithereens! A lack of experience is no barrier to joining as we are happy to assist you to become one of the finest Captains on the Great and Narrow seas. If you wish to apply to join, please follow this link http://forum.sealordsvf.org/index.php?/topic/6904-sea-lords-marine-francaise-recruitment-instructions/ and post within the forum. Please ensure you have answered all questions, so that our yeomen in the fleet can process the application. Also, we use English as our working language. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have about SLVF, or SLMFr, and I will do my best to answer them quickly. Once again thank you for your interest in Sea Lords Virtual Fleets and we look forward to meeting you on the High Seas! Yours Aye Sea Lords VF Recruitment Team
  17. [PVP2] Let me tell you a tale, a tale of two brave Frenchmen and their assault into the waters of Port Royal. These were not your typical, ordinary, or average men, they were men of stature, men of experience, men that longed for PVP. They sailed from Île-à-Vache, westwards toward Port Royal. They had heard of a valuable commodity, of the likes of which they craved: glory, from the sinking of Brit scum near their Capital. As they approached the inlet to Port Royal, they could see a large group of British sailors, and they knew the Brits were no match for them, so they attacked. The battle commenced and sails were unfurled! Quickly diving into the British horde, they showed no fear as they went broadside to broadside against the startled Brits. "Stop! I can't lose this ship!", they cried. "We don't have nearly enough ships for an even fight!", shouted another Brit. But that did not stop the Frenchmen. Those two brave souls gave them hell, chasing each and every last one of them until the Brits escaped combat. Let the day of March 21, the year of our lord 2016 be remembered for all of time, as the day Britain was no longer a threat.
  18. CEA - La Compagnie Étrangère des Amériques The Compagnie Étrangère des Amériques (CEA) was founded to further french economic and military interests in the Americas (on PvP 1). Rallying in particular those captains not native to the French language, or at least bilingual, we are aiming to help increasing the overall organisation of the French Nation. However we’re also open to any captains less comfortable with the English language. With some of our officers and players able to maintain basic or even better levels of communication in French, we’re also happily maintaining French speaking squadrons as part of the CEA - and of course we’re reaching out to all French speaking players and existing fleets, hoping for good cooperation. La Compagnie Étrangère des Amériques (CEA) a été fondée afin d’aider les intérêts économiques et militaires français (sur PvP 1). En rassemblant en particulier les capitaines qui ne parlent pas français, ou qui sont au moins bilingue, nous souhaitons ameliorer l'organisation du camp Français. Toutefois nous sommes aussi ouverts aux joueurs ayant un moins bon niveau d'anglais. Comme certains de nos officiers parlent un peu français, nous aimerions organiser également une escadre française au sein de la CEA. Nous esperons rentrer en contact avec d'autres joueurs ou flottes francophone dans l'espoir de travailler ensemble. ______ Thibaut Tox Hawk de LaRoche Tassimeau des Assasins Taz le Diable Kavoro Pel ______ Thibaut Tox (fluent in Dutch and English) Hawk de LaRoche (fluent in English, good/decent in French) Tassimeau des Assasins (fluent in German and English, good/decent in French) Taz le Diable (fluent in English) ______ In order to join us, contact one of our members (preferably an officer) ingame and/or create a thread on our forums. We're open to all those fighting for France, a certain willingness to play in a group and to cooperate with other players in general of course being a self-understanding requirement. As such we'll strongly encourage all our recruits to make use of either TS or our own forums - ideally both - on top of ingame communication. English being the primary language of communication among the founding members, it is also the CEA's primary language (of command). We're however open to anyone not entirely fluent in English or a potential french-speaking subdivision. Afin de nous rejoindre, contactez un de nos membres (de préférence un officier), soit in game ou au travers de notre forum. Nous acceptons tout joueurs se battant pour la France dans le jeu, à condition d'etre partant pour jouer en groupe et coopérer les uns avec les autres. Nous encourageons fortement nos recrues à utiliser TS ou nos forums -les deux idéalement- en plus des outils de communication in game. L'anglais est la langue principale de communication entre nos membres fondateurs ainsi que la langue principale de commandement. Cependant nous sommes ouverts aux moins bons locuteurs anglophones ainsi qu'à la création d'une division francophone. ______ Website: Blikege.net Forums: Blikege.net/forums Teamspeak 3: ts.blikege.net​
  19. Double issue (due to delayed release of the second issue). Not a whole lot going on to report in the American Faction.
  20. Captain's Log - Day 1 - In Fort Royal, Martinique Sailing from Fort Royal on the 12 gun cutter L'Albatros, we spotted a battle not far out of the harbor. Joining battle, we found 6 of our comrades in cutters battling against a British Trader Brig, Brig, and a Cutter. Other comrades joined shortly after to assist. Sighting the Trader's Brig attempting to escape the battle, we gave chase. Another of our comrades drew his cutter alongside the Trader's Brig, but he moved to close and the Trader pulled him alongside her. The Trader's Brig killed many of his crew in boarding action while we watched helplessly from afar. Luckily, our comrade disengaged before he could be taken. As the Trader made to continue his escape, we came alongside and maintained distance while tearing thier rigging apart. We then blasted her hull with shot, and finally boarded her. By the time we finished off the last of the Trader crew, our comrades were nearing after successfully sinking the other two British ships. Unfortunately, the Trader Brig sank before we could fully capture her. After the battle we sailed south towards Marin, and laid anchor near the harbor.
  21. 'Tromp' Tromp built in 1779 by the Dutch and captured by the British in 1796.
  22. Dear Sirs, Madams, Captains one and all, I cordially invite you to reignite the bonds of old. In fact, possibly the oldest alliance in the world. ------------------------------- I'm an Ex-PoTBs player (Pirates of the Burning Sea). I enjoy PVP - and look forward to engaging in as much as possible in Naval Action. That said, I have a deep appreciation for missioning and PVE. And I'm always looking for help from people smarter than I with Economy / Crafting / Trading. All skillsets wanted and needed. The Auld Alliance primary timezone will be North American hours. There is, however, opportunity to have a Admiral come in and take a squadron from EU or AZ timezones. Edit: we now have a dedicated EU Squadron. DESIRED ATTRIBUTES: Respectful of your teammates AND your opponents Gentlemanly like No forums PVP Desire to learn (skill is secondary - we're here to have fun) The prereq's only require a commitment to the desired attributes.FIGHT FOR FRANCE. FIGHT AGAINST BRITAIN (whom will undoubtedly be the largest faction in the game...) The Auld Alliance is your opportunity to be a contributor and to influence its development. Website is under construction and is open to development by Alliance members. In the interim, contact me (GRIM DEGRIM) through NA forums.
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