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Found 13 results

  1. Please increase the NPC spawn rate on the PVE server. Its it beyond ridiculous to have to sail for hours at time to find no target or just huge fleets. There is no reason not to do this. Thank you
  2. I went into a mission sailing my Surprise and having a Brig in my fleet. We had one Essex to fight and I figured that I'll have the Brig put a couple of broadsides into the Essex and then escape. But then it happened to me again... My suicidal fleet ship attempted to board the enemy and lost. This time, however, I explicitly told it to follow me as soon as the battle started. The fleet map/fleet interface acknowledged my command, but as I passed the enemy ship on its port side and turned hard to starboard, I saw my Brig lower its sails and come in on Essex's starboard side to initiate boarding. That's issue number one; why did it not follow me as instructed? Issue number 2 has already been voiced several times: why did the AI trade a slightly damaged Essex for a Brig when it won the boarding? Issue number 3 is where did the rest of AI crew go since only 110 of them went to the Brig and none were left on the Essex? Issue number 4 is why could I not retrieve whatever the Brig had in its hold? The interface told me that it had 22.9 something of something on board, but there was nothing displayed in the window (both of us were at a complete stop when I searched it). Issue number 5 is me getting double the PvE marks and gold. It appears that the system treated the battle as me having defeated both the Essex and the Brig, while I only really fought my own Brig since the Essex just sat there with 0 crew after taking over my Brig. This can probably be exploited in many different ways such as figuring out a way to have large AI ships board a small fleet ship for a much easier fight and quick PvE marks/gold/loot rewards... Now on to my humble suggestion: We have several perks that are geared towards helping individual players in combat. We also have fleet perks that do not give any bonuses to individual players, but instead allow them to add AI ships to their fleet. This is a great feature for traders as that allows them to transport more cargo in one trip. AI, however, is pretty dumb. On top of that, controls that we are given are severely limited. If I have three trader ships in my fleet and I tell them to escape, they will all go in the same direction; there is no way for me to tell them to split up other than to have one or two of them follow me. See above regarding my hesitation to tell AI to follow me from now on... What if by expanding fleet commands we opened up a whole new way of playing? What if we had not just skilled individual players, but also skilled fleet commanders? I would suggest adding options to tell AI to keep it's distance or to close in (for long gus vs carronades loadout), to use different ammunition instead of just "demast", and to be able to set course for each fleet ship similar to the way protractor works on the map. Add a wheel that players have on their screen to the fleet/map screen and have it show the direction of each fleet ship as it is selected. Add to that wheel a control tab that player can drag to set the course for that ship. I think that this will greatly increase capabilities to command a fleet in battle, while still being fairly difficult to master and time consuming in battle.
  3. Just as the title says.. Have you ever... EVER!! seen or heard about such a "patrol"!!!! in naval history??!!
  4. OW sailing can be a drudgery. Often while away from port, our goals or missions change and we wish we were in one of our fleet ships and yet no outpost in sight. One can switch command to a fleet ship in combat, but not in OW. It seems that since in real life, sending the captain over in a dinghy would be more easily accomplished when NOT in combat, why not add this ability to the game? I can think of only positives for all aspects of the game.
  5. Hey Folks! Dear developers, can't you rethink the whole PvP systhem? ATM it is a chase or try to run, gank or be ganked simulator. Many things take way to much time, so the most people are running even it is a fair fight. If you lose a ship, all of your officers lives, your upgrades, or your cargo, it takes WAY to much time to rebuilt. For example, to craft a renomee, with, lets say pirate refit, copper plating and speedtrim, it takes at least 2-5 days, if you craft all your needed materials by yourself, and ship them from a city like Gustavia, or Wilhelmstadt, or other capitals. What abought a Constitution? 7days? Come on! I understand that players lurk each other in the real world, mostly at least just massive insult each other, if they sink there ship. The penalties for loosing ar way to high! So what hapens? Everybody is running from a fight if you can, me too. One dura ships btw. are useless, caus you will lose all your Upgrades, which are mostly not craftable, but needed.... So why not make dura a thing that you can restore with gold and time? So when you have your first rate sunk, your dura droppes to zero, but you still keep your ship and upgrades and you need to pay 500.000 and wait 2 days till your dura is restored? Maybe the ships with restored dura may become slightly woser (lower hp, speed and armor) than new ones, but still usable. Even captured ships gain a second chance and at least some use then. The trader not looses 100 % of there goods, maybe only 30%, and the corsair will get a propper reward from the admirality, or the 30 % of the goods. Why not? Will make it at leas less serious but more fun and less punishing. The officer with 10 lives is also a miscreation, so people will mostly surrender. Cause level up a new officer will consume up to 6-8 houres. More time to grind, then using time to play trough a normal AA+ game. Make the game less grind and less useless sailing around (when you attract more players, the ocean will get more populated). PvP ist the core of this game, so reduce the penalties of loosing a fight, and we all get more fights and more fun. Even if you loose one. Give normal gamers with 5-8 hours gametime in a week, a chance to have some fun (no not just with cutters), dont frustrate them with grind when they lose a ship ind PvP and give them the chance to participate in bigger Events, then we will have full servers all the time. Dont listen to the gamers who say, that achiving something must be hard work. It should be a challange, but not "hard" work. hold fast Karotte
  6. There is any chance to implement manilla galleons fleets when Pacific finally get open? Will be nice to try to intercept big and strong NPC fleets with lots of loots. Btw, why dont implement too the great spanish armadas (armada de barlovento, armada de guarda, armada de la carrera de las indias, armada de nuestra señora de guía)? Right now, the NPC traders just dont worth nothing. I know there is a huge effort to just get rid of NPC traders (and i really like the idea) but with the average pop of players it cant be done for a long time without break the game, because OW stills empty enough to do it.
  7. Creating a new post for those that may not have come across the OW public map, that is buried in the other thread. Map is updated: http://arcg.is/1F3BtOD Still looking to use a better base map with rose compass etc. New content and features have been added: Combat areas Trade Routes Fleets Capitals Lore As always looking for content and submissions. Please submit content by reviewing the location on the OW map and posting latitude/longitude location. Lat/Long tools are available on the bottom of the map. NOTE: content on the map is open to change quickly and is not validated, viewers beware. Quartermaster
  8. This is a real simple topic on something I personally would like to see. (If you have any reasons against or for that I haven't thought of please feel free to comment as I'd like to get an understand about this tiny aspect of the game, Thanks! Before I had the chance of seeing the power of hiring a fleet at a port I'd reached a level where I was unable to hire one. Not only did this make a mission that was of the same rank as myself difficult if no friends were online to help, but trading alone without a fleet is a scary thing indeed! My suggestion is to allow, larger ships to be purchased as a fleet when your rank increases and allow higher ranks to also purchase even if its only one! Thanks, BlackestBeard
  9. Ladies and Gentlemen, We hereby announce the first British Council meeting. This is a joint effort between AUSEZ and RGL. The British Nation needs a global strategy. Therefore we would like to organize a Council of all British Fleets. This Council would enable us to unite the British Nation and focus on a global common strategy. We invite all British Fleets who are interested in cooperation to join this meeting. British clans that have been invited directly via other means so far are as follow: RGL - Royal German Legion AUSEZ - Australian Colonial Navy SLRN - Sea Lords Royal Navy SINK - Barely Afloat BWITC - British West Indies Trading Company TRR - The Rum Runners SGS - St.Georges Squadron of White SOGGY - Soggy Biscuits Other clans that have been invited, but have unable to get a hold of; in quick notice are as followed: Relic - Relic Gaming RD - Royal Dogs ZEUS - The Zeus Gamming Community DRUNK - Drunken Sailors The meeting will take place in the Teamspeak of the RGL on Sunday, the 21st February 2016 at 9 pm GMT. IP: PW: 0815 To keep the Council well-structured please sent only two representatives of your Fleet. The council will meet every week at time and place above. New British clans are invited and may join the council. Point of contact: Wang (AUSEZ) Sir James Alexander Gordon (RGL) Saintus Gordon Smith (RGL)
  10. Here is my suggestion for a balanced fleet mechanic... Player may hire various ships of various sizes and various skills for various prices. Players may also build a ship and hire crew, captains, and officers of various skills. The size of ship that may be staffed would be set by some command points, which would increase as player rank increases, based on BR and at a set base amount. Example Ranks and base command points: 1 - 20 (lynx) 2 - 30 (cutter or privateer) 3 - 40 (pickle or 2x lynx) 4 - 50 (brig or snow or lynx and cutter...) 5 - 65 (brig or..) 6 - 80 (navy brig or...) 7 - 100 (niagara or cerebus...) 8 - 120 (renommee...) 9 - 140 (surprise...) 10 - 170 (frigate...) By using ships in battle, where that player wins the battle and where the NPC allies do not sink and where NPC allies stay until battle conclusion, the player *may* earn additional command points (perhaps 1-2, but with low frequency...maybe a formula like BR Destroyed / 50 = % chance per point up to maximum points of BR Destroyed / 25...so if you sank a cerebus you would have 4x 2% chances to earn 1 command point ) allowing them to command larger or more numerous vessels. Ok, so now it sounds like players may have massive fleets! How do we balance it? First, crew must be hired. Player will pay a set amount to convince a captain to join. The *notoriety* (new mechanic) of the player influences the notoriety of the captains that he may hire. The notoriety of the captain influences the notoriety of the officers. The collective notoriety of the captain and officers affects the morale of the crew. Notoriety is gained by fighting in battles, providing it on a sliding scale based on enemy BR compared to your BR...fill up wish ships and sink small fleets you get a reputation for cowardice (trade ships excluded)...solo large ships and others will hear of your skill and bravery. In addition to the hiring of the crew, the captain will take a percentage of all loot, as will the officers and crew, based on notoriety and based on number of crew. Each will have a % determined by the player, the higher % the more they get paid and the more effective they are. For example, a captain may refuse to work for less than 10%, an officer for less than 2%, crew will always work, but may mutiny if not paid enough - see morale (crew and officers are not individually compensated, rather x% to captain, y% to officers, z% to crew, divided equally among standings). Finally, the NPC ships will take experience points for their damage done in battle, increasing their effectiveness but slowing the player's leveling progress. In this way, it is both in a players interest to build or buy good ships, hire good captains and crew, pay their sailors fairly...but then where does the player's money come from to hire these if once hired they are taking a good share of the profits? Competing priorities balance the mechanic. A huge fleet makes a player go broke and not level. No fleet causes the player to lose out on gaining for command points (not necessary, but nice to have). If you allow your vessel to get to 0 durability, it sinks with your captain, officers and crew, severely impacting notoriety (others will hear of your miscalculations). Ok, that's my whole idea for fleets. Thanks for reading if you made it this far.
  11. Hi there, First post, but I have been playing Naval Action for a week or so on the US PVP server and have taken part in quite a few battles (both on my own and capturing/defending ports). One are that seems a bit disappointing at the moment is the fleets (I heard it is turned off above 1st Lt for now) but I have a big suggestion that I think will make fleets far more exciting. What I propose is that player fleets are manned using their own spare ships and crew, rather than "hired" ships. So when you outgrow your ship that you have lovingly spent days outfitting, rather than having it languish in your outpost, or getting sold, or worse, broken down for parts - instead if you have some spare crew left over after manning your main ship, you can bring it along as your AI controlled fleet. At the main port screen all it needs is a button alongside the repair/sell buttons that says "Send to fleet", to move it to your fleet screen. Then you can turn on (tick) upto your maximum allowed number of controlled ships (for your rank) and the game simply goes, "well if you can have 150 crew at your level, and you are using 120 on your snow, then that leaves you 30 crew for your cutter which is next in line". The bonuses that this would bring to the game are: 1) Its exciting to get to re-use your favourite ships 2) Players would buy more ships from other players, (rather than hiring from fleet) stimulating the economy. 3) Players could create a specific task force for a specific purpose, with ships and weapons picked accordingly. Of course there might need to be some limits to prevent people from creating a fleet with a dozen basic cutters, (maybe a maximum of 1 basic cutter in a fleet? Or none at all?) but I think the crew limit, along with the existing ship count limits would work pretty well in controlling any spammy exploits. What do you think?
  12. Good evening sailors, soldiers, pirates and gentlemen! Recently, we have all been testing the new port battle feature, which has been all fun and games, yet there are hardly any instances were there has been a defending side in these ports, therefore we are hardly really testing out the feature. I believe that many people would prefer that these ports to be more sufficiently defended by players. Now, several members of the Dutch faction are willing to engage in testing PvP port battles. However, due to geographical difficulties and a lack of people attacking our own ports, we ourselves have been feeling a bit bored, and I bet other factions are feeling the same. ~~~~~ As of now, port battles done by the Dutch will largely only be for the PvP purpose, as we have really no other need to capture any more (as we have way more than enough resources). We are willing to engage in port battle PvP with any faction that wishes so. This may possibly include factions that we have friendly relations with. This is not a declaration of War. We are not fighting for hostile reasons, but just to test out the mechanics. ~~~~~ Yet, because we want these ports to be defended when we attack, we are looking for suggestions for organizing port battles so that we can properly test them. One suggestion is that we will announce the port or area that we will attack in 24 hours in advance. By doing so, there should be sufficient time to create a defense, and even perhaps interesting fleet battles trying to intercept the flags before they reach the targeted port. The other is to have a week long competition in a certain area of the map (most likely Haiti). Feel free to add your own suggestions or thoughts below.
  13. So, as it's only been briefly mentioned I wanted to bring up the idea of detailed Islands. There has been a lot of discussion about port business, trading and the economy, but I'm looking at this in a much more strategic light. The idea is to make 4 different types of islands, with 4 types of sizes, every one of different shapes & strategic value. Below are the types, the attachment gives a very basic example of the sizes I had in mind, and the names to give them. A grand Island you will notice has an extra small isle attached to it, which can be used by the fleet controlling it. I think there needs to be a good amount of islands in the game, perhaps around 60 in total, but obviously a much smaller amount whilst the game attracts more players, 15-25 to start off with maybe. Each island, obviously located in different parts of the map will have different strategic value and can be claimed or even besieged by Fleets at war with the defenders. An atoll is an island formed from a coral reef that has grown on an eroded and submerged volcanic island. The reef rises to the surface of the water and forms a new island. Atolls are typically ring-shaped with a central lagoon. Examples include the Maldives in the Indian Ocean and Line Islands in the Pacific. Continental islands are bodies of land that lie on the continental shelf of a continent. Examples include Greenland and Sable Island off North America; Barbados and Trinidad off South America; Great Britain, Ireland and Sicily off Europe; Sumatra and Java off Asia; and New Guinea and Tasmania off Australia. Oceanic islands are ones that do not sit on continental shelves. They are volcanic in origin. One type of oceanic island is found in a volcanic island arc. These islands arise from volcanoes where the subduction of one plate under another is occurring. Examples include the Mariana Islands, the Aleutian Islands, Republic of Mauritius and most of Tonga in the Pacific Ocean. Some of the Lesser Antilles and the South Sandwich Islands are the only Atlantic Ocean examples. Another type of oceanic island occurs where an oceanic rift reaches the surface. There are two examples: Iceland, which is the world's largest volcanic island, and Jan Mayen — both are in the Atlantic. A third type of oceanic island is formed over volcanic hotspots. A hotspot is more or less stationary relative to the moving tectonic plate above it, so a chain of islands results as the plate drifts. Over long periods of time, this type of island is eventually eroded down and "drowned" by isostatic adjustment, becoming a seamount. An example is the Hawaiian Islands, from Hawaii to Kure, How would you go about business in an Island belonging to your fleet? I think Islands need to be fairly exclusive, available only to the Fleets [guilds/groups/clans] strong enough to capture them, a grand island obviously would need quite a large force to attack. Once you have control of the island, you have a wealth of economic resources unique to that Island, you have another trading port + a stream of money generated from tax in the Large/Grand islands that are actually populated. You will also be able to upgrade the island with finances your fleet owns. Such upgrades would include: 1 Battery [of 9 cannons up to 32 pounders] 2 Batterys [of 9 cannons up to 32 pounders] 2 Batterys [of 9 cannons up to 32 pounders] & 1 Howitzer 3 Batterys [of 9 cannons up to 42 pounders] & 1 Howitzers 3 Batterys [of 9 cannons up to 42 pounders] & 2 Howitzers Martello Tower x1 Martello Tower x2 Martello Tower x3 Fort x1 The upgrades of course would not come cheap, and only islands of real strategic/economic value would be worth investing in. Thanks for reading, let me know what you think
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