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Found 6 results

  1. First, I just want to clarify that I don't want balance. I like to play the underdog factions - "to do things because they are hard, not because they are easy." That said, here are some suggestions that I think would help the PvP game - which at the present tends to reward the Zerg herd rather than skill or strategy: The price of conquest flags should be based on the distance of a port from the starting faction capital. The number of ports a clan should be able to capture within a 24h period should be limited. The availability of reinforcements should not just be based on the proximity of a national port, but also on the proximity of a national AI fleet and the proximity to an allied port. So, if a fight starts next to a national convoy - then than same nation player should have the chance to call upon the convoy for support. If a fight starts next to the port of a nation, a given clan member has an alliance with, then that player should be able to call in some reinforcements. Implement a diplomatic system where a clan leader can: Dispose of a diplomacy screen where they can see the names and national affiliation of other clans Chat with other clan leaders Set enemy / friendly tags against the other clans Set OW color codes for Friends/Foes Agree on an alliance chat channel (ie: a chat channel much like the clan channel, where members of clans in the alliance can chat together to coordinate actions) Draw / write on the map - in order to better communicate orders / sightings / targets between the clan members Reset their clan's home port instead of the capital. A clan member's map should be updated with the list of clan/alliance pvp engagements. Often players/leave join and are not up to date on current actions - and miss out as a result. Institute a bonus (gold/exp) multiplier kicker/reward for nations that have low populations. Institute a clan fund mechanism where members can kick-up funds to a global pool to then serve in the deployment of low tier ships and production facilities. Limit the number of low tier ships that can be deployed in battle based on the overall clan's funds and/or the number of online clan players - example: This could be done in the following: each 4th rate that joins a battle costs W, 3rd rate that joins a battle costs X, each 2nd rate that joins a battle costs Y, each 1st rate that joins a battle costs Z from the clan's pool). This could also be done by having a proportional limit such as no more that 5% can field a 1st rate, no more than 10% can field a second rate, etc....
  2. Greetings, After reading a bunch of threads about the economy and the place of factions in it (especially pirates), in threads like these: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7958-important-statement-for-new-players-choosing-pirates/ http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/8168-pirates-should-only-gain-xp-from-pvp-kills/ I think I have a solution that would be satisfying to the players and differentiate the factions quite a bit. I believe this system would even be somewhat historically accurate. Summary: In general all faction types have different ways of gaining currency, while gaining ships has a very similar system to all factions. The idea is to give all factions their own Economy that fits their specific faction and empowers the feeling of belonging to this unique faction. CURRENCY: General: All factions gain experience by combat. (Both destroying opponents as well as escaping) Nations(Spain, Sweden, France etc.): Players gain Currency by (In order of Quantity vs. Effort) 1. Completing their admiralty's orders (missions) 2. Participating in battles of their nation 3. Defeating Pirates 4. Trading Neutral: Players gain Currency by (In order of Quantity vs. Effort) 1. Trading / Fishing / Crafting 2. Doing Mercenary work (joining battles on Nation's side) 3. Privateering (missions) 4. Defeating Pirates Pirates: Players gain Currency by (In order of Quantity vs. Effort) 1. Privateering (missions) 2. Plundering (open world random target piracy) 3. Trading SHIPS: Ship Purchasing (ALL FACTIONS): 1. Smaller ships, classified as "Civilian" (Ships up to a point where its unlikely a civilian could own it) - All players can purchase them - Faction Reputation can limit Port slots 2. Larger ships, classified as "Warships" (Ships that only navies would own, very unlikely for individuals to be able to purchase or build) - To purchase, player needs a Nations Reputation points/level (either any nation or specific) - Nation players gain these by doing their Nations missions and battles, Neutrals and Pirates gain it by Privateering for a Nation Ship Crafting (Nations; Sweden, Spain, France etc.): - Players gain Dry Dock licenses by gaining Reputation in their Nation, players gain the right to craft a single ship per license using their Nations docks. Players may not craft ships outside of this, they may upgrade their current ships and craft upgrades. Ship Crafting (Neutrals, Pirates) - Neutrals may craft any ships classified as "civilian" without limitation. - Neutrals may craft ships classified as "Warships" only with sufficient reputation from Neutral or the required Nation Reputation (see Ship Crafting Nations) and possibly on some ships, not at all. - Pirates may not craft any ships, only upgrade their ships and craft upgrades Ship Capture (Nations & Neutrals): - Nations and Neutrals must choose whether to hand over the captured vessel to their Nations Admiralty or in the case of Neutrals, to their Trading Guild - Or to exchange the ship ownership to their Faction reputation. - If the player does not have sufficient port slots (if they are implemented) the player can choose to sell one their current ships to make room or cancel the exchange - Capturing the ship and handing it over to the Nation Admiralty or to the Traders Guild will reward the player with the ships value of Reputation points and Currency Ship Capture (Pirates): - Pirates can capture and hold any ship they wish and cannot trade in ships for their Faction Reputation, Pirates can however sell the ship normally - Pirates too can(should) have port slot limitations based on their Faction Reputation PRIVATEERING Important part of my proposal is the Privateering and as such it deserves an explanation. Neutral and Pirate factions do not have access to bigger/better warships on their own, the factions simply do not have/need facilities to construct them. As a general rule these factions did not have the need for such ships either. However players no doubt do not want to be completely limited to their faction ships either, where Nation players naturally should have access to them if they have sufficient credentials. In essence Privateering are missions. To start Privateering, the player needs to check the Nation factions if any of them are offering contracts (randomly open) and once they enter a Privateering contract they get a mission to sink or capture X amount of ships belonging to their current enemy Nation faction within the timelimit. If the player fails to sink or capture the desired amount of ships, the mission fails and they are blocked from that nations missions for a period of time. (they can still do other nations!) While Privateering the player is considered the faction they are Privateering for and cannot be attacked by allied and/or neutral factions. (e.g. Pirate Privateering for Sweden is considered Sweden faction and can only be attacked by Sweden's enemy, France and Pirates) While Privateering the player may only attack Pirates and the Factions enemies that the player is Privateering for. (e.g. Pirate Privateering for Sweden is considered Sweden faction and can only be attack Sweden's enemy, France and Pirates) Player can end the Privateering contract at any time, failing the mission and returning the player to their own original faction and its rules of engagement. Ships sunk while Privateering will yield the usual rewards but the player gains the Nation's reputation they are privateering for, rather than their own. Completing the mission yields significant reputation and currency rewards. This is my take on the economy, thank you for reading. Please leave a comment! BR, Growl
  3. Im tentative on starting this particular thread...but here goes. I will begin with the question - how will the game conduct wars between various countries in this game? There have been various points raised by individuals that one could 'vote' about which country to war against but there will always be dissent with this option and i have the opinion that there will be chaos if we go down this route. Alternatively it could be decided by the country / factions leadership to fight against a particular side - but this also has issues - (who decides who is in charge?) I have a possible solution. - Rolling switches over time (suggestions for better name here) ill elaborate. Each nation will have a turn at war with another for a certain period of time (ill throw out a month as a suggestion but it could be any period of time) and then there will be a small window for negotiations (with lower XP for attacking during those times, and more for avoiding combat with that nation) and then the switch to two other nations being at war, or one of the combatants fighting another nation. possibly there can be more than 2 nations at war at once but ill need help from someone to come up with a viable matrix. this type of switch-over will be very beneficial. - it will allow players to explore the whole map over time without always getting attacked - it will encourage more vigorous trading between all nations - prevents boredom over time with nations like the brits and france always being forced to war. - get to attack everywhere if you play long enough. (add more here) This brings up the other half of the title Balance. As we all know by now there will be certain nations that will have larger player bases - England, France and the US. Correspondingly, over time these nations will inevitably squash the other nations back into their home ports over time until everyone will try to play for the victorious nation - we all know its true. so how can we help the underdogs out? I propose the freelancer - Privateer - as a nation choice. If you go down this route you will get a selection of nations who are offering letters of marque - and these will probably be the smaller nations. Every now and then your letter of marque will come up for renewal, and if the nation you are fighting for is getting too powerful you may not be able to renew with it. Possibly you could rig the system so the more experienced at privateering you are, the smaller the options become until you can only choose the smallest contractor. This will make the small nation rife with experienced players - allowing it the chance to become a powerhouse, and possibly giving all the nations a cyclical change from weak to powerful depending on how many choose to take the path of privateer - and creating a more dynamic game. it could also be possible that entire clans could work into this - as a clan contract out to nations that require assistance - moving with the balance changes, and ensuring that larger nations always have a significant opponent where required. i can hear the cries of the naysayers already for this one, but unless we do something there will be an inevitable end with one nation dominating all the others. - please suggest alternatives if you dont like this possible solution. let the debate begin Dazed
  4. I was wondering which flag will neutral players fly?
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