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Found 7 results

  1. Whilst I am basically a carebear, I recognize that some aspects of the game can hinder the playstyle of the most skilled OS PVPers out there. In order to resolve this problem, it could be possible maybe to create a "rogue faction" with particular and specific mechanics that could actually become the home of all the elite OS PVPer that are not much interested in RvR and that now are no happy about the state of the PVP. My opinion is that such kind of faction should have some peculiar aspects 1) totally clan based faction, with outlaw clans red to each other; 2) the access to the faction shall be open to players that have already reached at least Post captain rank (I use English rank as an example); 3) the outlaws have the possibility to attack players inside safe zones, with no reinforcement, but only if - the attacking outlaw is in a 5th rate (or lower) ship - the attacked player is at least Post captain (I use English rank as an example) or above AND is sailing a 5th rate or superior ship (also trader ships count) 4) if an outlaw attacks a trader ships (both in the safe zone or outside) in case he sinks the trader he will get no PVP mark, BUT .... only outlaws can get a ransom from the trader in case they tag them. At the beginning of the battle between an outlaw and a player in a trader ship a personal chat opens and parts can negotiate the ransom, if the negotiate succeeds a ransom is paid and the trader can go free (with a recently killed tag, that also prevents any outlaw from further tagging that ship for the duration of the tag), otherwise the battle starts as usual (they are pro PVPers after all and getting an helpless trader to farm PVP mark would not be their thing ... ) 5) some sort of severe debuff - i think mostly in terms of turn and reload - on ships of the line when they are fighting nationals in OS battles (outlaws cannot have captains that are skilled in ships of the line command as the national ones). This debuff will not apply in port battles.
  2. So I've noticed that in discussions about the game, most people seem to discuss playing as the Confederacy. As a Union re-enactor and as someone who plays as Union forces about 95% of the time, I find myself reminded of Civil War re-enacting where the Confederates usually outnumber us Fake Federals, sometimes by a margin of 2:1. So I'm curious, are there more Confederate players here, or am so used to being outnumbered by Confederates that I just see it everywhere I go? ;P So the question is, who do you usually play as? Union, or Confederate? This doesn't mean all the time (we all go the dark side sometimes ), but I mean usually (I know this is rather vague, think more then 60% of the time, or just which side you feel more familiar using). For bonus points, it might be fun to state why we fight for a certain side in the comments! (let's not get political though, there's already a seven page thread debating the issues around the war, no harm in keeping this thread light ) Thanks for participating!
  3. Hello, To limit dumping when a Nation loose and for balanced gameplay. Limit to one change with 3 or 6 month delay for a player to change again. Have a good day
  4. KNIGHTS HOSPITALLER Mission To spank the ever-loving crap out of Spain for no particular reason but that they are near by our home port of Ile-a-Vache off the coast of Haiti. To enjoy the company of a tight group of friends while sailing the high seas. To be a threatening force against those that would appose us. GOD WILLS IT!!! About Us We are a gaming community, playing several games with a focus on a few at a time. As of right now and for the foreseeable future this game is our focus. Community members range in the hundreds while this game clan currently has about 20+ members. We've a dedicated Teamspeak 3 and a steam group used for organizing events. The maturity lvl ranges from family friendly to mature chat rooms. The make up of the community is primarily age 20's to 40's ranging from students, families, civilian and military. What We Offer Fun light-hearted community Teamspeak for you and your friends (even if they're not in the clan) Bring your kids to play (family friendly chat rooms) Casual to hardcore players (Never feel like gaming is a job) Personality trumps skill (no min rank to join) Recruitment STATUS = OPEN - Requirements - 18+ Friendly Attitude Teamspeak 3 (Join us in chat when its convenient for you, talk to us, don't talk to us, join our chat room or a chat room of your own, it's up to you.) ___________ Teamspeak // hospitaller431.ts.nfoservers.com - Jump into the 'Naval Action' chat room and ask to join.
  5. I have played Air Rivals some years ago, i think also called ace online, not sure. There was a system to elect a president for the whole faction. This president then could perform some special actions, like starting events and so on. Maybe you can extend this System with a Senat where every Clan above 10 Players has one Vote and every major Action would have to be voted on by the senat. Possible actions for President: Diplomatic Actions: Peace, Cease Fire, Alliance, War, NAP, Trade Agreement; Military Actions: Declear main targets for the faction which would give a small extra reward. Maybe an NPC Fleet system where you could station npc ships in different ports. Internal Actions: Move capital to another regional capital. Economic Actions: Maybe small tax for all players with which there could be bought new defenses for ports or npc ships. Can enact econimc laws to steer the faction economics. Give loans with interest to clans to support operations. Control the factions npc traders to bring missing goods from trade partners and far away ports to capital and regional capitals.
  6. DISCLAIMER: This is NOT an argument against the presence of pirates in the game. Rather, it is an argument against pirates being organized, acting, and playing like any of the other Nations. Much discussion and heated debate has (and will most likely continue) surrounding pirates, piracy, and their roles in Naval Action. As zealous pirate myself, I bring forward this case as to why pirates should not be modeled after, organised similarly to, operated similarly to, or in any way be equal to that of the other (true) Nations in Naval Action (i.e. England, France, etc.) This concern arises from observations made in the previously successful but now digging-it's-own-grave Pirates of the Burning Sea. In PotBS there were Four Factions to choose from: England, Spain, France, and Pirate. The three nations of England, Spain, and France were exact duplicates of each other with simply a (slightly) different paint scheme, and flag of course. All three of the Nations had access to the same classes, ships, economy, and missions (albeit these missions were located in different ports belonging to their respective Nations). The factors behind Nation choice came down to where you wanted to start, where your cities were, and what flag you wanted to fly under. NOTE: Major generalizations ahead for PotBS vets. This isn't meant to be a 100% accurate dissection of PotBS; I'm just trying to get a point across. Now to the Pirate "Nation" and where things go from bad to worse. The initial difference is that pirates had only one class, simply the "Pirate", as opposed to the Nation's 3: Naval Officer, Privateer, and Free-Trader. (Pirates would later get a second class, but more on that later). NOs could pilot the large and boisterous line-ships, the Priv his speedy and sleek frigates, and the FT their haulers and Indiamen. Each class also was geared towards a certain type of play: NOs were (generally) tank-like, with a number of defense and attack buffs. the Privateer focused on pursuit, and the FT focused on economy. The Pirate was a rough mix between the NO and Priv. The key factor here was that the Pirate had almost no economic skills, so no incentive to really get into the economy. The second difference was how a Pirate could acquire ships. For nationals, ships could only be acquired one of two ways: by purchasing a deed constructed by another player or by simply building one yourself. Neither option was cheap. But Pirates had a third option: capture a ship. Almost all types of ships were up for grabs, and the ship's stats were identical between captured and non captured variants (save for durability, which was simply the amount of times a ship could be sunk before being lost forever). Third was how Pirates handle rvR and Port captures. When a Nation captured a port from another Nation, the Port did just that: it switched hands from one Nation to another. The captors could build infrastructure and adjust taxes just as they could in their default ports. Port Captures were the defining action that determined who won RvR; Get X amount of port captures , giving 3 points per capture, and hold X amount of ports, giving 10 points per port held, and you win. With pirates, however, this was not the case; Pirates did not capture ports but raid them. When raiding happened, the port was turned over to pirates, but only for a set extent of time, and the waters immediately surrounding the port remained in contention (Pirate PvP). After the time was up, the port was returned to it's original owner (the reverse happened when a Nation Raided a Pirate Port). Aside from this, the pirates and their faction followed almost all the same rules as the Nations. And that, in my mind, was a problem. Reasons: A: Pirates in RvR- As stated above, Pirates were able to participate in RvR just as the Nations were. However, the odds were stacked against the pirates for a number of reasons. Ship disparity- Pirates did not have immediate access to the heavy lineships available to National Naval Officers. In most cases, the heaviest ship that Pirates could bring to a Port Battle was a 3rd Rate Ship-of-the-Line (and due to high prices and abysmally small number of 3rd rates available to pirates, this seldom happened in numbers). This resulted in fights where numbers were even, Pirates could be seriously outgunned (and outranged due to a NO skill that added 200 yards to maximum cannon Range). Pirates would bring the heaviest ships they could to counter the Heavier Nationals, and what resulted was Line-battles between pirates and Nationals. Which, both historically and game-play wise, is not something that should happen. Point Disparity- As noted above, the victor of RvR was determined by both Port Captures and Ports held. Because Pirates automatically gave up ports they had raided after a certain amount of time, Pirates had a much harder time competing with other Nations in RvR. In order to win, Pirates would have to capture almost 3x as many ports as a Nation would to obtain victory. This isn't "hard mode" for pirates, this unplayable. B: Pirates held Economically Important Ports- Certain ports had valuable resources that, whether due to rarity or convenience, made the port important economically. This resulted in high National traffic, which in turn would result in PvP and make the port a target for opposing Nations. There is some good and bad here, but in my opinion, Pirates should not have control of a port that could put Havana out of business. C: Enter the Buccaneer: The Pirate's answer to the National FreeTrader, the introduction of the Bucc changed the Pirates name to cutthroat and (more importantly) injected the Pirate Faction into the game economy to teh point to where tehy could be a major factor in it's development. Buccs sprang up crafting large ships, churning out manufactured goods by the plenty. No longer was capturing low tier ships the norm, but rather building and selling larger vessels (though still not as large as the nationals). Why is this bad? Because now, each faction has their own producers, and so, a majority of the time, products flow only within their faction (especially within the Pirate Faction). This further pushes the Pirates to looking like just another clone of the Nations, albeit a slightly weaker one. D: Small ships were pointless in late-game - At least in battle, even with a descent number of small ships, you could do little to even a low grade frigate. This resulted in pirates sailing heavy frigates and what SoLs they could get their hands on. (Various patches and nerfs would see a large xebec or medium Frigate here or there, but never would a brig or light frigate be useful in PvP or RvR). Thus pirates were driven from their historically preferred ship types, and forced into floating tubs. The result of all this was a Pirate Nation that was essentially an under-powered clone amongst clones, which lead not only to stale game-play and a lack of dynamic atmosphere, but also resulted in Pirates only winning RvR ever one or two years (Roberts Server). So I plead with the developers to not simply make the Pirates another clone of the other Nations (as seems to be the case now in Open World testing) TL;DR -Pirates should not have the same RvR goals as the nations. -Pirates should not have a major economic presence. -Pirates should not feel forced into larger ships EDIT: I have created a separate post as to my suggestions for possible solutions for these issue here: An Approach to Piracy Cheers, William Drummond, the Drake.
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