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Found 10 results

  1. I have attempted to update the client and it continues to give me the error. Any thoughts/ideas/tips?
  2. So in response to my previous post, I assume there will be no way for me to replace the ship I lost after hours of work and careful sailing only to lose the ship due to something out of my own control? I really enjoy the game but the incident outlined in my earlier post has ruined the game not just for me, but also my friends and clansmen. So I inquire, is there nothing I can do to replace my vessel being an original supporter of the game and following all of the development over the years, through the good and the bad? Here is a link to my earlier post: Thank you for your time, Signed: A dishearted captain.
  3. So I was in a battle against an ai Bellona in my Aggy with my usual fleet of an Endy and Surprise. Long story short, by the end of the battle, both were the usual AI and were pressed up against the shore. The Surprise was even bouncing up and down. After leaving the battle, I went back to port. To my horror and surprise, my Endemyon was not in my fleet at the port. So I lost my ship. The ships had almost full health at the end of the battle as I was looking at it to laugh at the beaching, so I did not lose it by it sinking. And it was not beached as much as the Surprise, who came with me. She was a great ship and I am worried that happened as it happened to a Belle Poule of mine earlier. I assumed she was sinking that time, but now I am skeptical. I hope this can be resolved soon before I or other players lose perfectly fine fleet ships!
  4. I will get right to the issue; I was capturing a T-Brig with a Bellona on the PvE server and successfully won the boarding, I emptied out the T-Brig hold and clicked on the sink captured ship box (made sure not to change ships as always) to my surprise, not the ship, as soon as I sunk the T-Brig I was immediately sent to the T-Brig and the Bellona sunk. NO I didn't change ships so let's not go to pilot error. After that the screen blinked and I ended up in a Free Town with nothing but my two fleet ships and some cargo in them. F11'd completed. Another clan member noticed an odd occurance with him post boarding as well. The crew exchange read, 9999999 and then went back to normal.
  5. 08:40:38.795 Error: regexp too big IPBoard.prototype.textEditor.codeToSmilies()index.php:1510 BBCode.prototype.postToHtmlConversion()index.php:1221 BBCode.prototype.toHTML()index.php:1104 .init/</<.getData()ckeditor.js:146 .init/<()ckeditor.js:120 f.event.prototype.on/r()ckeditor.js:6 f.event.prototype.fire()ckeditor.js:6 f.editor.prototype.fire()ckeditor.js:7 .getData()ckeditor.js:27 IPBoard.prototype.textEditorObjects<.getText()index.php:1575 _topic.prototype.topic.ajaxFastReply()index.php:1882 createResponder/<()index.php:732 1index.php:1510:150 http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/16031-august-23rd-1716-labor-offerings/?p=30257220160824-LaborOfferings.txt
  6. Recently when launching into the game I am faced with a major issue. My ship is not visible and the camera is stuck at sea level and cannot be moved. Occasionally I can see the ocean floor when the waves sweep over the camera. Sail controls and camera controls have no effect, so I am completely stuck and can't do anything. I was able to play the game without any issues until this started happening at random. Only thing I can think of is that I recently reformatted my OS onto an SSD, and also installed the game onto the SSD. However, the game worked fine for a couple of days after that reformat, so I assume that is not the issue. Reinstalling the game didn't fix the problem. Reinstalling the game onto a regular hard drive had no effect. Verifying game integrity via Steam showed no problems. Pressing Home button has no effect. Sent report to developers via F11 key. Screenshot attached, showing sea floor as waves sweep over camera. No ship visible. Only GUI displayed is chat window. Chat works fine. For about 10 seconds after closing the F11 report window, the FPS, ping and number of players online is displayed at bottom of screen. Ping displayed is 0, even with firewall off & antivirus disabled. Internet connection is fine. Assuming the zero ping is a false reading. Any help greatly appreciated. Acer Aspire V3-771G Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit Intel Core i5-3210M 2.50GHz Nvidia Geforce GT 630M 8GB RAM
  7. I get the subject error message whether attempting login from Steam or internally
  8. So a few months back there was a topic regarding a specific incident of the game crashing. It happened when you would tab out on the game (usually while waiting for the timer) and then try and load the game back up again. I mentioned the error, but due to it happening so rarely, I had never caught it in a screenshot.... until today! Here's the story: The timer was at roughly 40 seconds. I tabbed out (minimized game) and opened up my Chrome browser to get my music playlist going. I heard the water and the ships creaking, so I clicked the Naval Action icon to maximize it again, however nothing happened. I waited a dozen seconds and tried again. Still nothing. Third try brought up the generic "program has crashed" screen, so I chose to close the game. When I relaunched it, it brought me back into the game, where I could hear the waves and ships creaking, but all I could see was a black screen. That's when the error popped up. It then proceeded to take me back to the lobby. Hopefully something can be done about this annoying and rare error.
  9. I can't login to Steam....getting the following Error Steam: SteamAPI_Init() failed. Anyone any clues please? EDIT: Sorry I should have been clearer, this error comes up when trying to login to the game, using the Steam Login method
  10. Hello, I've found a really game breaking but that leaves the game unplayable when it occurs. I believe this issue has been reported here as well, but without a reason for it being found. If you issue a unit command, like Fallback or Hold without a unit selected the game will no longer take any input. This leaves you unable to do anything. Can't open a menu, can't select units. You are forced to alt+f4. At game start without a unit selected I pressed H, thinking this was the keyboard shortcut for the new elevation map. This also occurs with F, and I am assuming all the shortcuts for unit commands. CPU: i7 950 GPU: SLI GTX 480 (Just saw a new driver, I will try updating) RAM: 3x2GB Mushkin DDR3 1600 SoundCard: Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro MOBO: P6X58D-E - ASUS Thanks!
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