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Found 1 result

  1. I purchased this game on advice from a friend on or around July 4 and below I articulate some thoughts and feedback developers and testers may find beneficial (or not). I have run through seven or eight 3-day contests. Posts like these tend to be lengthy and might unintentionally take on a critical tone so let me begin by saying that I am very impressed with the game and this forum community. Thank you very much for making this game. The map especially is beautifully detailed and terrain mechanics appear to be really good. It is a great game. Also let me say that I have read many posts here and I wish to say 'thank you' to the many of you who are veterans of the armed services. ---- Let us discuss artillery first: - Reload time is a confusing mechanic . I am unsure why cannon does not discharge upon reaching 100% reload. If the intent is to be realistic in the sense that battery operators must needs clear to a safe distance before discharging ,then I agree that should be involved, however that action should be rolled into the reload time to reach 100% . The reason I mention this seemingly minor item is because many people appear to not trust whether artillery is discharging . The time it is 'stuck" at 100% before discharge is at best annoying, at worst could be a contributing factor to this confusion. - Line of sight for artillery is not so confusing as I believe some represent it to be. I think it is more a function of operator errors in identifying line of sight modifiers like buildings and terrain. I am impressed with the line of sight in the game. Suggestion for other players: Click on the unit you wish to attack and your arty will find its way. LoS was frustrating initially however after a week and a half I think it is quite good and works well. --- Next, the initial confrontation. - There are many posts about the opening scenario delivering a wide variety of opinions and suggestions. Here is mine: Limit the range in which skirmishers are allowed to operate. It seems skirmishers are hugely OP in this opening scrap. Their ability to camp in the southwest, praying on CSA batteries, seems to imbalance the match right from the start. --- Skirmishers - In fact if possible I would remove skirmishers from the game entirely. Skirmishers are part of an infantry brigade not a unit unto themselves. They should be tethered to a parent unit, whether it be the cavalry regiment or brigade, the infantry regiment or brigade, or their commanding officer. --- \ Breastworks & Rifle pits at the cost of condition % - This suggestion posits that, unlike SMG where regiments would build works on their own, the player has the option to instruct brigades to deploy forward rifle pits and/or earthworks. Today, the game does a fair job of approximately placing units where they were last left on the field. In instances where this occurs overnight, surely some kind of works should have been developed. Make it so that player can execute this as a command at the cost of recovering condition %. Also as the battle rages in daylight, again I believe works are viable, and should be built with a corresponding trade-off in recovering condition %. --- Is the game is too easy? - Now, this forum has many intellectual and experienced people on it which is likely not representative of the broader gaming populous however, the true mark of a good game is that even the best players cannot win every time on the top difficulty. Is that the case here? - To be clear on this point I play random every time so I do not know how many times (or if at all) I have played against the top difficulty. --- Fog of War - Fog of war is a little different from line of sight. It seems I can still "see" brigades outside of my line of sight. When I scout this area with a general, will I find a brigade there? If the answer is 'sometimes' I am fine with the mechanic the way it is today. if the answer is 'yes', it must needs be changed. --- Start the battle elsewhere - Provide an option not just for one-off skirmishes, but entire campaigns that start elsewhere on the battlefield. Is this possible? Would it reduce AI predictability? --- Commanders - I got used to the difficulty in identifying Corps commanders and solved for it by assigning them as a group number. However I think it should be easier to identify them by using a mechanic similar to that one witnesses when a unit is losing morale and condition (begins to flash). Have 'em flash a different color or something, and/or have it go from left to right instead of right to left, or whatever. Many good suggestions on the forum. --- Cavalry - Many instances where I have encountered new enemy cavalry or provided some of my own. I am not sure what to say about these units. It looks like a disorganized mess of Dorthraki. Just too many horses! --- Topography - I think it is very close. More shadowing / brightness might help better distinguish low ground from high; adding more elevation figures will certainly help. --- That's all for now again thank you developers and forum community for the opportunity for early access to the game and the opportunity to learn from and interact with you. I look forward to multiplayer when I destroy you all.
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