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Found 5 results

  1. With the Eco patch coming up pretty soon I though this would be a good time to throw this out there. I have a few pretty easy to implement ideas to make the eco/trading system a bit more dynamic and owning ports a lot more usefull. First of all if you craft ressources (extract them from buildings) the money vanishes. In my opinion the money should go directly to the clan owning the port. This would result in many ports used for ressource extraction increasing in value which in turn brings some more incentive to go and fight for those ports. Also there is a system at the moment where random ports drop materials for a few days or maybe a day and than it changes. Never took the time to check exactly how it works but for example Musekts drop in certain ports for a while than drop in others a few days later. This very same system could be used for every port where it consumes one or more random good which does not drop in the port for a few days. After a few days the goods consumed by every (besides the big consumer ports) change. Goals of this random consumtion: Every port on the map is a viable trading port and has the possibility to make money for the clan owning it. Dynamic trading routs: The trader who notices first that a certain port consumes a valuable good a port closeby drops cn make a lot of money quickly. On top of that Roundtrips between two or more ports become a viable option making it more interesting to do traderuns. This leads to the next point: More trading outside safezones: At the moment everyone who does traderuns does them from a port outside the safezone to a safezone/capital port. This encourages safezone camping even more especially with the removal of the open world tow next patch as traders will be going in and out of safezones very often. With a dynamic system trading outside safezones becomes a lot more interesting as it offers profits as well. More OW activity: With people trading outside safezones the chance of finding people to fight or gank outside the safezone increases. If you have no interest in trading but find out there is an amazing traderout somewhere you can go there and are more likely to find people arround there. This drags people away from safezones and sealclubing. I doupt this will impact safezone camping a lot but at least it's a start. I would love to hear some opinins on this. In my opinion it would increase the value of every port on the map and make especially ports which drop high value tradegoods you can't sell anywhere close at the moment a lot more interesting for many clans. This would fit in pretty well with an eco patch while also providing a little more incentive to RvR for ports other than just pure fun.
  2. Suggestion: Introduce taxes for stockpiling in the warehouses. Details: all player warehouses and clan warehouses will have to pay taxes on each used slot every maintenance cycle. If player cant effort to pay the taxes local goverment will size the goods till missed fee + additional charge is payed sized good penatly payment increases each day up to a maximum of xx. A clanwarehouse at a port that the clan owned has no tax cost. Pros: Money drains reduces stockpiling by players "meaningful eco?" + pressure rvr Cons: Can be bypassed by using ship cargo slots to reduce taxes players have to pay taxes (oh no)
  3. Pz, allow officer to craft from warehouse withtou having to take all materials, put them on own dock, craft and move them back to warehouse. It's boring as hell and not necessary. TY
  4. Guilty-pleasure-super-edgy Sorry, not sorry. And now, serious face: I remember the idea of the privateer career parallel to the naval career was put forth as ways of playing this game. I just can't remember why the naval career path was cancelled, and I do think I pay attention to the goins on in here. Anyone know or remember? I mean, I can guess that it has something to do with the economy being offended by it. I may be naive, but I'm frantically looking for ways to avoid the eco time sink and the faint memory of the naval career popped up.
  5. I've been reading these forums like crazy the last days since I found out about the game. As former/current player of PotBS and EvE Online, I have some questions/suggestions about the connection of the economy with the PvP/PvE in the sandbox. First of all, I haven't found yet any big update about the design of the sandbox, maybe it is still early (or me being blind), therefore I have some questions that I really hope the developers will answer sooner or later 1) What will the main concept of the sandbox be? EvE Online - Player alliance/coalition territorial and market domination. PotBS - Faction point/territorial domination a.k.a English/French/Spanish/Pirates gather points from conquering ports to win the round (lasting some months), new round doesnt mean that player loses his/her ships/levels. 2) What will the PvP/PvE risk factor be for the player concerning ship destruction? EvE Online - Ship can be insured, but ship is forever gone if destroyed once. PotBS - Ship can be insured, but according to the model it has 2-3 "lives". After the 2-3 destructions, ship is gone forever. 3) What will the difficulty to set up a construction line for a given ship be (probably difficulty varying from model to model)? EvE Online - Player can create multi accounts (permitted), create characters and train them with the book reading feature (no leveling up) and start his production line. PotBS - Player can create multi accounts (permitted), but has to level up every single trader/manufacturer with missions (very time consuming). 4) What wil the PvP area design be? EvE Online - Solar systems vary in security according to the presence of NPC police from -0.9 - 1.0. Anything below 0.5 is a potential PvP area. PotBS - PvP zones form around ports that are under attack/blockade, if port remains red for 2 days there is a Port Battle (24v24) in which the winner gets the port/island. Thinking the economy through the spectrum of battles and overall war in a war game, the sandbox design that will give answers to these questions, will profoundly impact the importance of a player driven economy. For example: 1) Territorial domination could impact trading routes. 2) Island faction/alliance holder could overtax the opponent manufacturers of the conquered island. 3) Consistent blockade of trading routes or opponent ports could impact the future opponent's shipyard (No resources to build for the supposed upcoming big battles of a war). 4) Player can get a crew from the local tavern and train them for money (with some timer involved). 5) Player has a reputation which will define him as respectable or pirate. This could have an impact on how easily he can find a crew or what levels of crew would trust him, or on which islands he can find a crew. 6) Crew ability to act/fight could be defined by 2-3 factors: Moral and Level and maybe Injuries. 7) Crew trainer could be a profession for a player (having a building and offering fast crew training to other players for money), or maybe an NPC entity. 8) Crew training could be defined by the available equipment for training, trainer level, training fees (default or player driven), port holder (opponent can't train crew on this island). 9) Holding specific ports (with small distances between them and variety in resources a.k.a map balance and design is important) could boost the economy of the holding group. How dynamic and challenging do you want this sandbox to be? Any other suggestions about the connection of the economy to the PvP?? Please developers share your ideas <3
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