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Found 5 results

  1. The community on the Global Chat is kinda funny and people try to organize duels in the PatrolZone, but its not always easy cause the mess on the waves. So why dont we try to develop this particular feature, Solo PVP in the PatrolZone, to a better and higher level, with both duelists streaming the fight on Twitch/Youtube/Whatever and the NA community betting (dubloons, reals, upgrades, whatever but not RL money) on the winner?
  2. Hello to all. This has been suggested many times. But I will make another attempt. I would like to invite you to periodically conduct contractual battles on various types of ships. starting with frigates, ending with the first ranks. These battles will be held in patrol zones. So that even with a loss, the side would receive a profit in the form of combat medals. Here is the sequence of patrol zones so that you can prepare in advance: In the BF discord, a separate channel will be created to discuss the conditions and agreements on such battles. There will also be several voice channels for team A and team B. If these events gain popularity, I’ll make more channels. Discord at the moment is probably the most popular platform, so there should be no problems with this: https://discord.gg/QnftKEb About the ships. Let's start with ordinary frigates. Perhaps even those bought at the store. Never mind. The main thing is to start somewhere and see if it will be fun and popular. It seems to me that this will enliven the world a little and give new players an understanding that PvP is fun and profitable. And also raise the skill for everyone In this topic, I would like to see a proposal for a battle and the conditions, date and time of the agreed battle. And the results of this battle. Everything else, I would ask to remove or give me the opportunity to do this. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Привет всем. Это много раз уже предлагалось. Но я сделаю очередную попытку. Хочу предложить Вам переодически проводить договорные бои на различных видах кораблей. начиная с фрегатов, заканчивая первыми рангами. Проводиться эти бои будут в патрульных зонах. Что бы даже при проиграше, сторона получала профит в виде комбат медалей. Вот последовательность патрульных зон, что бы можно было заранее подготовится: В дискорде БФ, будет создан отдельный канал для обсуждения условий и договорах о таких боях. Так же будет несколько голосовых каналов для команды А и команды Б. Если эти мероприятия наберут популярности, сделаю еще каналов. Дискорд на данный момент, наверное, самая популярная площадка, так что проблем с этим не должно быть: https://discord.gg/QnftKEb По поводу кораблей. Давайте начнем с обычных фрегатов. Возможно даже купленных в магазине. Неважно. Главное с чего то начать и посмотреть, будет ли это весело и популярно. Мне кажется это немного оживит мир и даст новым игрокам понимание что пвп это весело и профитно. А также поднимет всем скил В этой теме хотелось бы видеть предложение о проведение боя и условия, дату и время договоренного боя. И результаты этого боя. Все остальное, я бы попросил удалять или дать мне возможность это делать.
  3. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, @admin said, that, if we paid for the arena server, then he could make it happen. This gives hope to everybody who has less then 2h playtime per day he can invest. And it also gives hope to everybody who wants to train and help and fight against players from the same nation in the art of the wonderful naval action combat which we all so dearly love and appreciate. Here are some Bulletpoints on how I personally would love the Arena to be designed. Feel free to add your thoughts on this. If this succeeds it will be glorious. If it fails, it will have been our last chance. See this as a whishlist. For now the intention is not to make a completely new game. All this is meant to be is 1 server for an arena mode. General premises: No grind! No bots! No loss! Lobby: Only player made matchmaking: You should be able to choose what team you want to play on. There could be queues for different playmodes 1vs1, and XvsX. I dont think we need to specify the XvsX, since the ppl in the lobby could decide that themselves. Once everybody clicks: "ready" then the instance will start, no matter the balance, no matter the amount of players on each side. If ppl want assymetric battles, then they should be able to create them. Lobby while on the OW: If possible you should be able to be in the waiting lobby while doing stuff on the open world. If you get dragged into an ow battle, you will be removed from the queue. If you get dragged into an arena fight, you will join that fight with your preset arena ship. After the arena you will be teleported back to the ship and position you were in before. Ships, mods, books, cannons and perks: Free selection: Before you log into the queue you can preselect your ship and the mods and perks and books and port bonuses that you would like to play with. It could be handled like another outpost where you can have a set of ships that you preset yourself for the arena. Access to everything: Since there should be no grind, everybody should have access to everything there is at all times. So you can either set out in a supership or do some testing in a specially designed ship Transparency: People in the Lobby should be able to see what ship you selected, so people can balance the fights themselves if they so desire. Balance yourselves: It would be lovely to be able to change the ship while still staying in the lobby for balancing reasons. "Oh santissima would be too big for this battle, lets change to a Bellona to make it more even" "Thanks mate!" Instance: No closing circle, Very large circle of death (At least ST size) No land: This could be changed later to have different "Maps" but for the first iteration, I would personally like to just have a plain playing field. (Also the land in the background allways drops my fps ) Even starting position: Duels should be starting with perfectly even wind. Facing of the ships could be either downwind or facing each other. (Sea Trials distance was fine imo) Even starting position: Group battles should be setup in 2 lines like in ST. Out of cannon range. The Order of ships should be decided either by shipsize with the biggest ship in front, or by the players positioning within the lobby so they can position themselves. Rewards: No rewards: To make it simple, I would suggest there being no rewards. If you want to gain something, you can allways go onto the ow, where you can also loose said thing. No Leaderboards: This is a little tricky, but here is the reasoning. Leaderboards will make people a) cheat the leaderboards or b) not try out new things or c) behave strangely, like flee just to get the opponent to leave out of boredom so they can get the "win" out of it. The arena should be about the fun of playing and fighting, not about the letters on the exit screen. The players themselves will allways know who really won. Non-owners: Free trial for non owners: There could be a short free trial mode for all NA users, so they can get a feel for what the Arena is and if they want to buy it. That could be something like a free 10 battles pass. There could be a tradeable expireing permit that every owner gets as a redeemable so he can drag 1 non owner into 1 arena battle per day. Same lobby for both servers: The arena could be accessible for PvP and PvE payers alike. I dont know if the PvE-Crowd would want that, and i dont know how hard it would be to program that, but if it's super easy, one could make it available for both servers, so the PvE-Community can also get access to this feature. Feel free to add your whishes, ideas and thoughts to this thread. @admin Please tell us what of these whishes are realistic and what your price calculations are. Hopefully we can make this happen together so more people can enjoy that glorious combat at the heart of Naval Action.
  4. Situation: People are more likely to make their first steps on PvE server than PvP, for learning the basics in a less cruel environment. Or they move there after having realized their fate on PvP server is too much that of being a victim. If they don't leave entirely. -- Here is a suggestion for smoothing the differences between those servers. This idea is about offering a bit of PvP even on PvE server for accustoming players (back) into fighting human opponents. It has to be 100 % voluntary, though. Meaning, one human player can offer a PvP battle instance to another player on PvE server where they happen to come across each other, including their respective fleet ships, if any present. The human player who receives the offer in Open World can accept or decline, to his liking. If he accepts, they enter battle instance as you know it from PvP server. If he declines, they just proceed with doing whatever they were doing before and no battle is initiated. Maybe cooldown time after such request makes sense, five minutes. So nobody gets harassed by an obtrusive bully with constantly repeated demands. -- Pro: - Players can try out fighting other human players without having to move over to PvP server (and getting frustrated there). PvE server wins some more attraction, by having more to offer - Players learn PvP fighting in an environment which stays secure otherwise, equivalent to a "safe zone" often proposed for PvP server - Idea is more likely keeping players in the game, if they find out duels are nothing suitable for them, they will simply not accept new invitations, and stay happy - shifting from PvE to PvP server could be done after testing combat against humans and promises more success thereafter, less remorse having done so (unpreparedly) - experienced players can teach unexperienced players on PvE server the basics in such instances - Players who have already been on PvP server and retreated to PvE server may still have a little human-versus-human fun if they want to try again - each step taken is voluntary and nobody to be blamed afterwards - people on PvE have a use for fast ships (and related upgrades) again, not only tanky ones, which at present are the only ones which count on PvE Con: - PvE concept of 'no PvP on this server whatsoever' gets a workaround hole - related questions; if others could join the fight, if reinforcement zone should work like on PvP server, if each side's strength should be visible or hidden, if his opponent being able to deny when he is in the weaker ship is so interesting to someone used to gank from a superior perspective... - one could be satisfied completely with the polite duel asking option and never move over to PvP server, which I think is contrary to the plans of devs for all players on PvE server, at this time
  5. Hey guys Bringing a new point to the party. The 50 minute battle timer needs to at the least be doubled - if not made indefinite. Why? With higher skilled players the instance turns into a dance. Each player avoids exposing his precious sides. They hold their shot patiently and only fire when they can deal the most damage with the least risk. And so nearly every time I duel a skilled player the timer comes into effect. Either one guy decides to rush at the end - and gets rekd for it, or the guy losing gaps it when the timer expires - unless they are honourable. This timer only gets more annoying when fleet battles occur. Like we found in Sea Trials, we had to throw skill out the window and bum rush at the end to have a winner. The same happens in OW. Yes there is a grace period of 30 mins but in that period both sides can leave whenever they like and when your 'life' is on the line a lot of people are tempted into bailing. Just had a good battle against Eric Shun (Seaman Staines). He was in a bellona with longs on the bottom deck and nades on the top two, attacking 2 small bot frigates when i chanced upon his instance in my POS conni. Clearly his bel was as fast as my 2 perm mod conni so i was always worried about taking a full BS in the side. It took the entire timer to wear down his very good positioning and patience. (and one of the bot frigates when it was nearby). It made me think that maybe this was happening to others. Can the timer please be lengthened? PS. we let each other go after such a great fight.
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