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Found 7 results

  1. I recorded my Trinco duel with Rorona, explaining my thought process and plans in subtitles. This gives you an unique option to get "into my head" during a fight. It can be a good guide for those of you who want to polish their PvP skills. ( I know I could have done a few things better and more effective. Critique and comments are welcomed. ) @admin I think this video, or similar ones, can be quite useful for new PvP players. Should people find this video interesting, I can voice-comment similar battles in the future.
  2. what if.... PvE server had "duel mutual accept - attack! accept! RoE" 1v1 PvP ? - removes the need for mutual accepted "green on green" instances - adds a simple pvp layer to pve without changing the nature of server - not mandatory and everyone is safe from pvp unless accepted
  3. I think patrol missions proved that many more people willing to PVP. So in these missions, we can see shop bought ships, as well as many special crafted, expansive ships. Everyone can compete, and more or less, there is some reward. What if we can pull custom PVP missions from admirality. Example, I am a Prussian. I pick my mission from admirality for some price, cm, gold etc. I select a port, may be KPR. I select my parameters, 3x3 ships , up to 5th rates or 1500 BR vs 1500 BR or 1000 BR vs 1500 BR (for %50 more reward?), or even I add a reward, 50 pvp marks / 100 cm / 500k gold. These all can be selected, some increasing reward multiplier. Reward is what you get from a normal pvp battle. A mission is created just outside KPR and announced for British, I can select to enter with my group or wait for random guys from my nation. At the preset time Prussians and Brits meet at mission zone and join the mission. If mission pickers do not show in 15 min. they are defeated, it costs them the mission picking price. Attackers approaching mission zone has invisibilty and can not attack others at this time only join mission. After battle ends, attackers has more invisibility than regular time. This can give good pvp guys a good content, other than already coming to noob capitals and waiting for pvp, looking for noobs tagging npc, etc. It will prevent ganking, revenge fleets etc. Ships have to sail to mission, they have to carry repairs, most of ow pvp requirements needed, but both sides willing to fight. So what do you think, can this proposal with future improvements work?
  4. Prob suggested before but....) ability to signal to an enemy ship in the OW and challenge to a 1v1 duel. If they accept and one tags another then then battle starts and instantly closes.
  5. I just fought a guy in a duel who got upset because I maneuvered myself into a position where I could kill his crew. The guy said "You don't kill crew in a duel, thats for PVP! I a duel you trade broadsides!" He ragequitted the duel (surrendered) and I was left, wondering "A duel is not PVP, then?" I know, sometimes you make some rules with your opponent, like the use of officer skills and stuff, but here we just said "let's fight" my strategy was of couse to sink him and I wanted to achieve that by using the tactic of kiling a part of his crew. We know, we can repair our ship in battles to almost brand-new status, but losing crew; that's something you cannot compensate and therefor is, in my opinion a legit way to get the upper hand. I kind of find it boring to just sail next to each other, trading broadsides; that's why I want to get a duel into a maneuvering fight with manual sailing, sternrakes, maybe even demasting. right now it's the only to get some fair 1v1 PVP so why not go "all-in" and fight with all possibilites the game simulates? What do you guys think? Is it "un-gentleman-like" to maneuver, sternrake or demast in a duel? Is it okay to do all these things or do you think it should be just broadside trading? Maybe you even have some experiences you can share? PS: Maybe this Thread is better in "General discussion"? I'm not sure.
  6. Quite simple A Practice button where you create your own lobby and can lock, kick and move players into teams for practice purposes. Example a fleet wants to practice to better their skills in line fighting so leader creates the lobby and selects ships that are allowed to enter, players join they move into their teams if you want it 6 v 6 or have all 12 and select AI as the opponent its up to the lobby leader. You don't lose durabilities nor do you gain any rewards its just purely for training and skirmishing between friends, allies or rivals Im quite surprised that this kind of option isn't already in game.
  7. Write in this thread if you want a duel 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2. I propose that all Players decide a place to meet in private. Via dm. I propose that the duels should take place close to a free port. And that the duelist should meet in equal GREY ships that easily can be bought in a shop. With 5 duras. And that it should be a deathfight. A Grey ship is one that you can loose without grief. ...... Ligatorswe seeking duels. I am playing as danish-norwegian and all my outposts are within the danish-norwegian broders. I an flag captain. All ships up to Bellona. I prefer to player in a Grey commons ship. Anyone
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