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Found 1 result

  1. I thought it might be a good idea for players of different nations be be able to temporarily put aside their differences and play alongside each other. Obviously, they wouldn't be able to attack each other's nations without becoming pirates, but players from two (or more, perhaps) different nations could work together to take on enemies from a third nation. Let me explain further with some examples: A British Barfleur and Trinco are sailing together, and they spot a French Tonnant. Before the British ships can come to grips with the Tonnant, a group of three Danish Christian VII ships show up and start chasing both the British and the French. By themselves, neither the Barfleur and Trinco or the Tonnant can fight off three Christian VIIs. So, the British chase down the Tonnant, and instead of attacking him, ask him if he'd be willing to work with them to take on the Danish. If he agrees, they can send him some kind of UI message with a choice of yes or no, and if he clicks yes, they will have signed a "temporary alliance pact." The pact might last for an hour or so of real time (as opposed to in-game time), during which time those British players and that French player can't attack each other without being branded an honorless pirate, and they can come to each other's aid in battle. If the Christian VIIs then attack the Tonnant, the Barfleur and Trinco can come to his aid, and if the British ships get attacked by the Danish, the Tonnant can come to their aid. However, if other British ships (ones not involved in the pact) show up and get in a fight with the Tonnant, the Barfleur and Trinco can't get involved (they can't join the other British and attack the Tonnant, as they'd be breaking their word, and they can't attack ships from their own nation without becoming pirates), and vice versa for the Tonnant if other French ships show up and fight the Barfleur and Trinco. Those who have signed a temporary alliance pact can only fight together against nations (or pirates) that are hostile to both their nations. Another example: In the open world, I'm probably going to play as the French. However, I have a friend who's Dutch, and might want to play for the United Provinces. The downside to that is that we can't play together. However, if we agreed to a temporary alliance pact, we could. We couldn't attack French ships together because I'd be French, and we couldn't attack Dutch ships together because he'd be Dutch, (although I could attack Dutch ships by myself as usual without him incurring any penalties; he just couldn't get involved without becoming a pirate. Same for him attacking French ships), but we could work together to give the Spanish hell. Perhaps a third friend, playing as a Spaniard, might join us: Then we wouldn't be able to attack Spanish ships together, same as with French and Dutch ships, but we could all fight together against another nation that was hostile to all of us, like the US. What do you think?
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