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Found 4 results

  1. So I was having a jolly good fight with a Swedish fellow Canon Ball and the fight was drawing to a close, boarded him once perfectly fine, he disengaged so I started to board him again. Here was me thinking, right, this fight is in the bag, it's been a while since I killed an Ingermanland. When I pulled I expected me to be sailing around quite merrily within a few moments outside the Swedish capital as they're so terribly desperate for content I'm told. But no, I ended up being catapulted several hundred feet into the air hitting the water and then capsizing losing another expensive ship to a glitch (my snows ain't cheap, copper plating usually goes on them etc but I can't remember what this build was). Please gib me my snow back.
  2. So i was think that maby instead of the normal one were you just watch your ship sink from up in the clouds instead maby you could take our ship we are using and put it in a video like say a fire hit our powder and we blow up, go it a side view and let us watch as our ship is blown in half then go under water and watch as our ship sinks and things slowly sink and drift out of it. Or if we get rammed hard enough from the side, instead of just our masts breaking and we flip go into a 1st person view at the wheel so we can see the other ship plow through ours then watch as the ship starts to sink slowly in the middle and as things slide to the center into the water. Or if we take to many shots to one side we go to a side shot and watch as we flip on that one side then watch as everything falls into the water. This i think would make death a bit more interesting. And since we are dieing its not like we will have a instant respawn or anything and make it if they dont want to watch they dont have to. But make sure its randome based on what kind of damage it was and were it took place such as center, port, aft, bow, etc. Examples given below.
  3. Afternoon all, played a few more games since my first post and had a few more observations to make. I've seen a few threads discussing ships surrendering, perma-death, ship destructions etc and how this should be implemented. Personally i think that forcing ships to surrender rather than aiming to kill them should be a captains first priority, partly for "realism" but also because it then opens up other game play options such as selling booty etc. With no fear of death in a game, it makes it impossible to psycologically make someone surredener and its much safer to sink a ship from a distance instead of boarding and risking losing. But gameplay benifits of surrendering in a hopeless fight could do the trick. A simple way to do this would be to have a cooldown before you can command another ship... with a longer cooldown if your ship sinks in action than if you surrender. A way of thinking about it in real life terms could be that if you are taking prisoner, you could be exchanged and be employed again BUT if your ship is sunk, chances are you would die or end up in the hospital.... and you wouldn't be exchanged untill you've recovered, increasing the time untill you could get back in the action. In realife, if a merchant ship was vastly outgunned by an opponent and to slow to escape, they would often surrender without a fight and i would encourage this with the incentive that yes you have lost your ship but you can quickly get another and move on, but if you fight it out you will likely still lose but it will take alot longer. I think it could also have interesting implications with regards to insurance. I have not seen this feature discussed anywhere but this is definately a realistic feature which could be brought in if you lose a ship (the more expensive the bigger the cost with warships being more expensive to make it more efficient for merchant ships) Should you fight to the death, the insurance might have to pay compensation for the dead crew, so the captains payout would be less, another benifit for surrendering rather than fighting to the death.
  4. Hey, I encountered a strange bug in which the AI seemed to randomly die. Youtube link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOv-FNUFs5o&feature=youtu.be Hope this proves useful!
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