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Found 2 results

  1. Please provide feedback and your experiences with the limited chain and increased damage.
  2. I have been playing this game for 3 years now and every year the combat system improves for the most part up until recently. @admin has asked for the community opinion on chain and only wants to stay on the topic of chain. This is impossible in my opinion because 1 bad thing leads to another. I will start with chain because its the most game breaking thing atm. First of all it is far to strong at short range. I can rig shock a suprise with my chasers on my trinco. A ship that is in front of me CANNOT repair because my chasers do more damage than his sailors can repair so he basically wastes crew for 2 min. Limited chain does not matter in this instance because you can fire a long time with chasers. The problem with this is that certain ships like the trinco, wasa and ingermanland are very strong compared to others AND this is a very very good way to not use your broadside and just hide behind a ship as long as you want to. This was always the case to a certain extent. Engagements start of at very close ranges these days and this gives the leeward ship little to no chance to get into a better position or even run. If dron441, Liqy, Havelock, rediii attacked me with a trinco and they had the wind in open sea I would never engage because I would be stupid to with the current mechanics. What do I do? I have no stern chasers, he would be retarded if he lost that position in a 1v1 if both ships did the same top speed +/- 1 knot. I cannot take his wind because he will just pound my sails with chasers. This way I will never have enough energy to tack. This is the most extreme in trinco 1v1s but chain destroying 2-5 % sails with 1 chain at close range is stupid. It also breaks rigging specialist because wtf difference does 2.5% make atm? It is also useless at long range and this is also a huge disadvantage. The range NEEDs to be increased and in my opinion the damage/range was just fine before. Also, admin has said it is more tactical now. I would like to hear 1 good argument on why it is more tactical? I have not seen a single battle that was decided over the better "tactical" usage of limited chain.1 ship chains the other and if he is lucky the enemy is rigged shocked. GG. well played Now I will start with repairs. The main issues with repairs is the kiting/buying time tactics used by people today and repair mod stacking. Mistakes are not punished because kitting for 12 min will make up for it. This a good example of how broken the combat is in my opinion: Lord Bomgordel was smashing Raxius in a 1v1. Bom did a tack to make sure he did not give up the wind as any skilled captain would do but Raxius turned downwind and kited bom for 30 minutes, did 2 hull repairs until his ship was 100%. Bom only needed 1 repair but 40min into duel it was basically a new duel. Bom had longs and rax had carros. Bom could not chain rax at 400m because he didnt want to waste it against somebody that can angle their yards and depower. This makes the long gun very useless in the chain game and thats game breaking. Sure a long gun can pen more than a carro at long range but the issue is that at the ranges carros cannot pen, it becomes to easy to turn away and angle ship or yards in the case of chains.... The long gun ship cannot chain and slow the carro ship down because chain is useless at long range. Naval Actions combat system should be about the battle for the wind yet all of the changes in the recent year are in favor of the brawl. There is 0 skill in a brawl and I promise any of the best pvpers now. If you were to duel a RAKER when wind and tactics made sense. You would weap. I Hate to be the one pointing this out and criticizing all the time but I really do believe that the combat system and the current good pvpers including myself as a whole is the most casual it has ever been. I hope people can understand what I mean and if I had better upload I would make a video about it
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