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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone, I wanted to ask what peoples' opinions are for a change to how cargo effects ships. Depending on the type of cargo and how much of it you have, it should effect ships in different ways. Example 1: If you are carrying a large amount of saltpeter, then your ships should explode more violently. Saltpeter is used in the production of gunpowder, it's chemical name is Potassium Nitrate. This compound is very volatile. Example 2: If you are carrying fir logs or other types of woods you should have a higher chance to catch fire, or higher chance for the fire to spread to another part since there is more wood to burn. This would be caused by a larger amount of burning wood would create more heat, which would allow the fire to spread farther faster. Example 3: Carrying a large amount of cargo should weigh your ship down and decrease the heel of the ship. So cargo ships would tilt less when in storms or going over weaves. Example 4: Rum or other alcohols should burn much faster, and be harder to put out since the alcohol would float on water. Although since the alcohol burns faster it would not last as long as a equal amount of wood burning. Alcohol would mostly catch cloth on fire since it takes more heat to set the wood ablaze. Let me know what you all think, and please fill out the poll if you get the chance. Thank you.
  2. Hi there, Two separate but related points: It's a bit unrealistic that fleet ships cannot carry cargo. Sizable convoys of merchant ships were a frequent occurrence in the Age of Sail, and defending or attacking them should consequently be a possibility. This is currently impossible, as since a player can only carry cargo on their flagship, the flagship must be the merchantman (not a frigate escort), and the fleet cannot carry cargo, so there is no opportunity for enterprising players to pick off one or two merchantmen and escape before a general engagement. Additionally, trader players are constrained in their ability to carry cargo. As such, the constraint on fleet ships carrying goods hampers effective commerce and limits the number of targets for cruising raiders to attack. It's also a bit unrealistic that prizes cannot retain their cargo and be sent into a friendly port. At present, a raider wishing to keep a merchant prize or the cargo it contains must either load the loot into the modestly-sized hold of the raider and send the prize empty into port, or stop the raiding cruise as a whole, send the raider into port, and sail the prize to safe harbor oneself. This hampers players from undertaking long-range commerce raiding cruises that were so frequent in the 18th century, and as such players tend to stick near the coast and their outposts rather than getting out into the world and exploring. PvE in particular is extremely well-suited to frigate-style players, who, with the more limited player interaction that PvE entails, should be able to sail far and wide taking or sinking everything in their path until they run out of prize crews. Instead, the current parameters keeps players relatively local and able to actually capture just one merchant prize at a time. Though I understand the concern that players will use the post-battle teleport feature to move their ships and cargoes around, there are several possible solutions here. One is to create a new "prize" category of ships actually captured in combat on the post-battle capture screen. Pre-existing fleet ships can only be sent to an outpost empty, while prizes can retain their cargoes and be sent in different directions. This can either be accomplished with teleport or by creating NPC characters in open world of the prizes sailing home, which will require an allocation of crew. Fleet ships should also be allowed to carry cargo, to give players the option of escorting their prizes to port or running their own merchant convoy (after battle, fleet ships should retain the ability to be sent to an outpost, but only empty, so as to prevent players from using combat as a means to teleport ships and cargoes without incurring the fees of towing). These features, I believe, would make for a more satisfying, realistic, and exciting game, particularly for raiders and traders. Cheers--
  3. Will be nice to have a "transfer all cargo to warehouse" button. It is annoying to select one by one of the goods to drag to warehouse, while is much easier do it with just one click.
  4. Hello there gentlemen, Teleporting with cargo can be easily exploited : your capital is out of stock of iron/oak etc ? Teleport to your outpost the evening. The morning, buy everything, teleport back to capital. Sell. I believe it will be detrimental for gameplay, as owning ports and securing trade routes would mean nothing. So here we go, what do you think about it ? Should devs do something against it ? Some suggestions : - impose a tax on cargo on teleport, which make it far less lucrative. - increase teleport cooldown, which makes it less spammable. For example, once a day. - make it impossible to teleport with cargo, losing the cargo in the process - deleting teleport altogether (which raises issues of how travelling around that big map)
  5. Historicly the production of goods: export as well as import was controlled by the goverment: As an example: Goods that had limitation to export from Sweden was Iron ore (Swedish ore) Copper ore Gold silver all types of oak The production belonged to the goverment or as we say in sweden "Belonged to the Crown". An also the Import was restricted for the same goods. U would need a permit to move these and u would need to pay "Tull" (tax) Sugestion: (Im using the Swedish nation as an example) Some Resources should only be produces in the capital of each country/nation TO move these Resources the player would have to "smuggle" it out to a free Town or get an exportpermission from the goverment (expensive) for any Town, belonging to any nation (specified on the permit). If trying to smuggle the resource out from the harbour (capital), the ship would be marked "Contraband", same as the AI fleet, allowing anyone (in the same nation) to capture/sink it. Now the goods will be destroyed (or put back into the storage of capital) and a reward instead payed to the "capture" with 10% (or more) of value as well as a reward for capture (full reward) or sinking (1/4 reward) Other nations will only see Another ship without the "contraband" Now the Swedish iron ore is exeptional pure and the highest grade. It could be used for to build a cannon or carronade, with reduced weight and a with better range and precision. Another use could be for all iron-material in an "Golden" vessel. (this is just a sample for the use of nation-produced resource) So to build an "golden" ship: Thepine for the masts could be coming from Denmark "Danish Pine" The c otton (Canvas) from USA "American cotton" The Hemp from Spain (cables) "Manila hemp) The Fir (rudder ) from France "French fir) The liticum wood from Dutch "Dutch liticum" The Oak (planking) from Britain "British oak" The Iron from Sweden "Swedish iron ore" The Pirates wouldnt have any specific national production at all. Or a very very small amount of Everything This might create a new kind of player and it might also call for a better defended trading ship.
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