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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, Apologies if this was covered some place else. What is the requisite to build a labor office? I am attempting to build one in my nation capital at KPR, and it doesn't show up as an option under buildings - just coal mine and lignum vitae forest. Any ideas?
  2. In face of the fact that NA has very limited resources for development and the visual update of ports taking quite some time when we consider that there are hundreds of them, I wonder if it will ever be one of the top priorities, potentially leaving us with the dull and out of scale cookie cutter 5 building ports we currently have. I'd like to propose the idea that the devs create a large amount of elements ( churches, warehouses, random buildings, civilians, soldiers, different forts etc. ) and maybe somehow give the community the tools to create very different towns / cities in very high detail with these elements from the devs that they then could upload in the steam workshop or somewhere else, where the devs could choose the best. Maybe this could save developer time somehow and outsource the work to the community who might even very much enjoy creating a part of the OW and helping to improve the game. As I already discussed with admin, the current placeholders do just fine for now and there is a very small amount of variation like buildings towering on a cliffside at the mythical island of Bensalem ( one of my favourite ports in the game albeit fictional, as I love unique ports and easter eggs like this ) or some small huts in the forest etc. but in general all ports somewhat look the same, except for the 2 different architectural styles we have and I really think NA deserves and can do better. I also know many do not care at all and I can understand their POV and how there are other priorities and more pressing issues ( maybe always will be so ) and hence my suggestion. I think proper ports visualization is only thing still missing in NA in terms of visuals and since they are the port UI background now aswell, I would really appreciate an update on them some time in the future. Thus I will remain a fool waiting and hoping... This is actually from the NA WIP thread in this very forum and I sincerely hope it is in fact still work in progress, as it is how I would like ports to look with other ships, civilians and maybe even ambient noise.
  3. THE PROBLEM: One of the structural problems in the current economy appears to be the constraint the Euro Trader mechanic places on the growth of a nominally healthy contract market. Changes to the ET have been previously mentioned by @admin in the context of adjusting taxation: In order of priority the ET mechanic ought to be addressed first. At the present the ET places an effective boundary to price rises in core commodities used to craft ships and cannons. As the as the price of a contract to sell approaches 4x production costs the length of time to complete the contract increases. This is to be expected. But the result unfortunately appears to be that the maximum that a seller can charge and have the contract complete in a reasonable amount of time appears to range between 2x and 2.5x the production cost. This does not allow the merchant to factor in labor hours as a cost, and is not competitive vs the money to be made in the transport of dropped trade goods. It seems possible to consistently maximize hold values of trade goods at approximately 3x purchase price. This decreases the incentive for new entrants into contract markets where the ET is active. Why invest in production capacity to sell at contract when better money can be made elsewhere that does not require labor hours? There have been exceptions. There was a player who seemed to be consistently placing stone contracts Charleston at 8x production cost. I've concluded this was intended to exploit the ignorance of new players. Not all seal-clubbing occurs at sea. But then again, stone is a market with very little contract activity to begin with, which is what makes that sort of nonsense possible. The ET also appears to exacerbate price collapses in those resources where a healthy production capacity exists. As an example, the iron market is currently in overproduction in US ports and seems to consistently price below 2x production cost. But as the ET limits the price rises elsewhere there is not a lot of money to be made transporting iron out of the US reinforcement zones. The iron market is saturated and is likely to stay that way for a while as a result. Inventory appears to be getting dumped into port stocks, further depressing the possible contract price. A PROPOSAL: 1) The ET should automatically suspend operation in any port where the total sold count over time for all resource contracts reaches a set threshold. Reaching the threshold signals the existence of healthy contract markets and the ET is no longer necessary. Price rises in in production resources will then be mitigated by the entrance of new producers into the markets as the returns become competitive with dropped trade goods. Some server-side data collection will be necessary to establish the threshold, but one possible set-point might be an average of current sales contract volumes in from all capital ports on the Caribbean server. This might not work, however, on PvE, where the player population is probably too low for the average to have any meaning. 2) The ET should resume operation in any port where the total sold volume falls below the threshold. This provides a safety net in the event of a regional population collapse, allowing players to obtain resources, and limiting exploitation in markets with a limited number of sellers. 3) The UI should signal the presence of an active ET mechanic, with the appearance of some sort of flag in the shop screen. 4) Once the ET threshold has been successfully set the stamp tax can then be applied in the reinforcement zones to activate in concert with it. When this threshold is reached a healthy regional economy exists that will support taxation. The tax will now generate an outward pressure on player production toward ports outside of the reinforcement zones where applying the tax in the absence of a healthy economy would merely hasten implosion. AN OBSTACLE: There are not currently enough types of necessary or desirable production buildings. My thinking on this has shifted somewhat since posting here: At that point I thought it was possible for a non-alt player to compete in the economy against a player using one or more alts. I have since concluded that this is in reality quite difficult. Alts have an effect on the economy that reaches beyond direct competition against another player. They enable a player to opt out of contract markets, or exploit them without fulling participating. They can sell in a market, and in some cases manipulate it, but do not actually have to buy anything from it. Some players with alts might buy at contract but there is no inherent need to do so. Having (briefly) been the resource manager in one of the newer clans I am also not convinced that players with alts have any inherent incentive to cooperate in stocking a clan warehouse. But that is a separate issue. This ought to have been blindingly obvious at the time. But the effect wasn't completely clear until after I purchased the Admiralty DLC and discovered I could do something similar. The difference being the DLC provides a slight brake on this in the form of labor hours and outpost permits, but as a practical matter there is no difference between the two when considering the actual effect on the economy. Alts and the Admiralty DLC become weeds on the hull. The economy can tolerate a small amount of this but at some point, the drag created will cancel out any meaningful forward motion. Any sort of adjustments to the contract markets are unlikely to have a visible positive effect, as long as a players have a way to sell resources without being obligated to buy any. The number of types of useful player production buildings needs to be radically expanded. It probably ought to be at least double what can be controlled by a player using the Admiralty DLC, or a player using a single alt. The only other alternative to radically expanding the number buildings appears to be abandoning the contract system altogether. But this removes an entire tier of player-generated content from the game and seems to me to increase the onus on the developers to develop more.
  4. Based on community feedback, this idea is no longer being considered. Please continue to provide constructive feedback on ideas that are being presented to assist Game-Labs with thinking through new ideas for the game. Thank you. - H. Darby Hello Captains. Some of you might remember "such is a lord" topic To make conquest bear more importance on release the number of buildings slots in port will be limited. This means that the city governor will be able to only allocate 25 land plots for construction of mines, manufactures and shipyards. This means only 25 Captains can own something in the city. (number is arbitrary and currently is equal to the number of port battle winners) The system will work like this. Once you conquer the port you will receive land grants from the new governor in all cities in that region. These land grants will be required to build buildings in the cities If the port is captured by an enemy nation - enemy nation will of course takeover the land and destroy your buildings. To be able to build anything in this city you will have to recapture it. Those who don't need buildings can of course sell those land grants to adventurous businessmen. If you win the port battle alone you will get all the permits to yourself. This system main goals are Control resource supply to avoid inflation in the future Provide huge incentive to conquer and participate in conquest (ps. that's why night flips are no longer viable and tolerable)
  5. As of now, shallow water ports have 3 towers, and deep water have 5 towers. When you take the port, whoever bought the flag becomes "lord protector". My idea is to dig further with the lord protector, and ideas on port battles. The lord protector after taking the port, can go into the port and build certain defenses. The lord protector does not have to build defenses, and if he does not there will be 3 or 5 towers depending on the port as normal. The ideas for the lord protector on what types of defenses he can by are... - Extra tower, this will either make it 4, or 6 towers depending on the port, along with increasing the towers need to capture/destroy, to +1 (deep water you'd have to destroy 4 for ex). - NPC fleet, this will add 3 ships based on the port, if it is shallow 6th rates, if it is deep 4th rates. If more than 15 players for defense are in the battle, the npcs will retreat so more players can join (best have it at 15 and not 25 so they can get out before others try to get in). If it is on the 5 minute timer, and at least 15 players join they will despawn before the battle starts. - Upgrade towers to a fort, this will require the extra tower upgrade to be bought, seeing as they plan to add land to port battles, hopefully the towers will be along the coast. Instead of having the towers, a fort will be placed based on the port, if it is shallow or deep. The forts will be similar to towers, with a flag on the walls/points(possible star fort), if all 5 flags(deep) or 3 flags(shallow) surrender (they'll turn white once destroyed), the fort surrenders. Of course only the walls based on the coast will have these. Rough draft of the idea of the fort: http://i.imgur.com/z4kJGMD.png Shallow water fort: http://i.imgur.com/G3bDUgg.png The red lines are to indicate that the forts will have limited range such as the towers, but slightly more range. - Protectors can upgrade the fort one more time, adding mortars on them. The mortars will be placed at the points of the fort (3 for deep, 2 for shallow). Let me know if you have any further ideas on this, which ideas you like and dislike along with why. Any changes you think to this idea too.
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