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Found 14 results

  1. I just did the [Hurry Up] mission and couldn't hit the target number of kills because the "never retreats" enemy picked a direction and sailed for the sunset never to return. I then spent about an hour and a half sailing around searching for them made no easier by the vague direction the 'smoke' was coming from and not telling me what ship that direction is in relation to. Still when time runs out I get back to the mission select and it says I finished the mission successfully. I don't even.
  2. Having major gameplay glitch, have asked in global/nation chat and haven't heard of this happening to anyone else. Any time I raise/lower my sails now, as soon as the new sails percentage shows on my UI, all my guns (bow, stern, all decks on both sides) go from being loaded to being unloaded. Ammo type hasn't changed and guns haven't fired, and as far as I know there's no key that "unloads" your guns or makes all of them instantaneously go from loaded to unloaded without changing that ammo type, and I've been playing the game for like 5 yrs now so I'm 10000% sure it's not that i'm hitting the wrong keys. Tried relogging, tried restarting my machine, tried 'verifying game files', tried uninstall and reinstall. No luck. Has this happened to anyone else? How can i get the devs' attention on this? After all the DLC and hours I've played, it's been way too much time and $ to just accept that the game is broken for me now. I reported a bug in game but that's never worked to get devs' attention for me before. Have captured this on video, see youtube link : https://youtu.be/3ULUl1G1H7A Please help.
  3. @admin today, 18h15 UTC, SW of La Mona.... navigation error of the admiral who commanded this fleet?😆
  4. In the process of trying to find the exe that was installed on another user account on this PC, I started the installer again. It defaulted to D drive and started copying. I quickly realized that it was installing again so I cancelled, but there were already loads of files in my drive, so I run the uninstaller, and alt tab to other things. Minute or two later I realize that the uninstaller is still running actively and when I look at the text in the log I can see it is deleting everything in D:\. I can imagine that the installer not finishing might have kept it from generating a file list , but I can also see the possibility that the uninstaller was just coded to delete the current directory too. So uh, just a heads up: The uninstaller might just delete everything in the directory in which it is contained rather than using a file list. Edit2: Actually I did still lose stuff, but I'm not worried about that. I incorrectly convinced myself that I had recovered everything, but I was wrong. There is still potentially an issue with the uninstaller.
  5. Hi there. I think there is a problem with the medium superimposed barbette. It is the perfect size for the dual 12 inch turrets (I know size is based on solely on gun size and not gun number, alas i digress). However I cannot seem to be able to place it down unless it is connected with a larger and pointless barbette in front of it (they both stand at the same height so it makes no sense), and when the larger barbette is removed, the medium barbette becomes invalid. Now I'm unsure if this is a bug, or if it is intentional. If it is intentional, then why? (also I would post photos but apparently I have reached the limit??) PS: would it be ok to allow the option to remove the restrictions to barbette and superstructure placement in the unlock mode?
  6. After i take the fort with the US mission Raid, nothing happen evering is freeze except the movements of my troops. There is a way to avoid the problem
  7. I cannot play the game due to this. I changed my password accordingly to what the window said but no luck so far. What should I do? [SOLVED] After a couple of minute it fixed it self. [[[[NOT SOLVED]]]] There is a bigger issue related to this issue. Creating new thread for it.
  8. I created a DD with 3 dual torpedo launchers. Torpedo fire behavior was set to aggressive. Targeting enemy DD only one torpedo was launched (red circle). Then after a while another 5 torpedo were launched (blue circle). I could not repeat the event so I have very little data to explain the behavior (I would send a bug report ingame (plus I dont send them unless I know I can repeat the experiance) but screenshots such as the under cannot be added, so I am reporting here. Later today I retried to recreate the event and following happened - Only 5 of 6 torpedo were fired, yet the ammo count was reduced by 6 torpedoes (from 24 to 18). Configuration was 3x 2xdeck torpedo tubes. This was the first torpedo launch in the game so no reload was in question. I repeated the same result with both aggressive and normal fire mode for torpedoes.
  9. I've noticed on my designs using triple main gun mounts that sometimes they get stuck with one turret firing only 2 guns even when the target is locked (so not ladder firing). Specifically, this is on designs mounting 2x3 main gun turrets, one mounted in the bow and the other near the stern. Interestingly, I've found this appears to be tied to WHEN the guns fire. A. IF the guns fire as A FULL SALVO, BOTH turrets at once, then one of them fires 2 shells instead of 3. Thus 5 shots are fired. B. IF the guns fired SLIGHTLY STAGGERED, so one turret within a second of the other, then BOTH turrets fire 3 shells. I've seen my ship alternating between a simultaneous salvo of 5 shells and a staggered one of 6. It will potentially do a few of one then a few of the other. It's not clear to me why. Might this be somehow related to changes you made to the Ladder Aiming system? For example, is ONE of them firing only 2 as it's making small changes that keep the target qualified as locked, in which case linked to my or my target's manoeuvres over a certain threshold? If so, would be nice to have that signified. Or is it a bug? I've some related questions, too. I note in the info presented about gunnery on screen when mousing over target we see the hit chances for a single gun but also any gun of 'n' salvo. I don't know if the gunnery model in fact treats these odds differently based on the number of shells fired IN any salvo. Here are my related questions: 1. Does the gunnery model mean that firing 5 shells in a salvo is treated any differently from 6? 2. Does the gunnery model treat turrets firing separately, even if a second or less apart, as two different calculations or as the one salvo? To put the two together, we get: 3. Does the fact my guns are sometimes firing only 5 shells from 6 available barrels, or firing all 6 but slightly staggered, mean the hit calculations are different from if all 6 were being fired as a full salvo? I have some screenshots but have fallen foul of the total file posting limits. Suppose I need to convert and compress them. If it appears to be a problem and you'd like me to gather any specific info on this please let me know as I'd be happy to do so. Cheers
  10. I've played through the scenario and it went well, sinking the enemy fleet minus a single torpedo boat that fled early in the engagement. I'm pretty sure that I've sunk over 75% of the enemy fleet, otherwise why wouldn't it say sink 100% or all enemies? I've set my fleet to AI control so we'll see if it finds the TB in the 50 minutes remaining. Sort of a letdown to think that I'll have to try again because of one boat running god knows how many kilometers away and won't re-engage.
  11. I completed the tutorial final exam today but upon completion of the exam I did not receive credit for the completion or receive any of the rewards. I have included screenshots for reference. The exam was completed in an outpost of mine. I'd appreciate receiving the rewards for this, and maybe a bit of compensation for my troubles (I completed it twice took screenshots the second time) :)
  12. When i started the Battle, i was expecting a large and long fight over 3 days, or in different parts of the map. But... i dont know why, i finished the battle on the first day against very weak troops of the Union.
  13. Taking a look at the town management screen for WO over the past week and I noticed something weird. La Navasse upkeep is 3 times the amount of the rest of our ports when it should be 220,000. Just wondering what would cause this or if it is just a display bug.
  14. So I went to ram a pickle, realised I wasn't gonna sink it so I tried to slow down and turn away but obviously it was a lot faster at turning. It kept turning into me and I eventually ended up on top of it and couldnt do anything to get off of it. My ship then preceded to sail forward over the ship (even though it was completely out of the water!) and then capsized. I seem to also have lost 1 dura on both my cutters in my fleet when I died even though they survived the battle. I know its early access but would I be able to get a full dura Niagara back as I was trying hard to keep it at 5 xD Video is recorded from a friends view. I am the Niagara at the back riding the Pickle. There is swearing in the video btw.... Mounting starts around 2m 10s
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