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Found 4 results

  1. Hey, everytime when we have a fresh start because of a wipe or testserver it reminds me that trading is actually interesting and the reason why I bought this game initially. Its fun to trade with other players, check what ressources are needed and valueable and based on that creating a effective production. When we had to craft cannons me and @rediii and @Palatinose were the first to sell them for a few days and it was a worthwhile effort. 2 days or so later the economy is already ruined because people can farm much more money with trading ressources in a completely non interactive and in my opinion very boring and counterproductive way. That makes you feel like a retard if you actually harvest ressources or craft stuff and try to sell it. Some changes which would make the economy more interesting: remove all trading goods, they destroy any interaction between players which is why trading right now is braindead afk sailing the same routes over and over force players to specialize. Why are players so insane talents who can build lineships, shallow ships and all kind of cannons? If every player can only craft some parts playerinteraction will be promoted much more I hate afk sailing with a passion so I would like to have all necessary ressources close around the capital. All other ports should be used for RvR purposes (especially if war borders are coming back), for outposts to be closer to enemies and to create safer PvE areas, NOT for 2 hour long ressource hauling. Also I think people should fight for better access to ressources. Lord protector should give the player cheaper production cost of a random product in that port. That would mean more reasons to capture ports and also active gameplay within the nation will be rewarded. The static ressource spawning system is very poor aswell, but I dont think this can be changed anymore in this game. Discuss
  2. I don't know if it is a bug or is intentional. I buy an item that shows it will sell for a profit at another port, obviously, I use the trader tool for this. So I sail to the port and a few times the item I want to sell is selling for 1 gold, instead of the price showing in the trader tool, even though I have reached the port and the tool should update, the tool still shows the profit price, while the shop is buying for 1 gold. Is this a bug that will be fixed or is it intentional?
  3. Why even do PVP anymore? Why even play the game as all the big clans only have access to the lineships? Currently everything is so limited and the only thing that an infrequent player can do in the game is to just bag some AI and do trading. Wnna do PVP? Sure, let me give you this shit ship against all the BS ships with all the way too overpowered upgrades, bow figures and such. Now, to just say this before anyone brings it up, I have NOTHING against 1 dura ships, I think they are a really good idea and will make you more cautious in battle against others. The problem is that as soon as you leave the battle either victorious or the enemy has ran away, you cannot teleport to closest friendly port anymore. WHY? What is the point if you know that there will be some others waiting in the open world to just gank you straight after. I remember the days before the wipe as we would happily sail to an enemy port to get some PVP going on and have a blast fighting other ships even outnumbered and running away or fighting to death. Now when you managed to run away no matter where you were, you were rewarded for that. You could get straight to the safety of a port. Why was that removed? Oh let me guess. Everyone was complaining how their precious little prey got away from their huge fleet of frigates and lineships. If you manage to do that you definetely should be able to get straight to safety. In real life you ran away from something you were not just teleported to the middle of a million ships, you actually got away from them FOR GOOD. PVP is really only limited to the few stray ships that linger to your capital, for the casual players that is. Yeah and about the lineships. Why do we have these conquest marks in? Or even the combat marks? I do sort of understand the combat marks that you can buy upgrades and such with them but the pricing is way out of line. So what I've heard is that only the bigger clans control the conquest marks as they are the only ones really even allowed to get them. It is just stupid. When I first played this game back in 2015, I of course wanted to get bigger and bigger ships as I progressed with the game. And finally reaching the rank of rear admiral and getting my own victory, it felt good let me tell you, even though I used it very rarely. Now it seems I cannot get the ship, nor can I get my favourite, the Bellona. Why? Oh I guess it is the port battles, which were just 1st rates vs 1st rates. That is understandable BUT atleast they were balanced which is the key factor to any video game. I've never done any port battles as I have no interest in them to start with as everything is so controlled and it takes a long way to sail something to the port that you want to fight for. I'll be honest, I don't have the patience for it. How to fix this then? Give the teleport to closest friendly port back after battle, get rid of conquest marks and combat marks and make the upgrades craftable again or just simply make everything more accessible to the casual players, that means lowering the prices for everything or increase rewards. All in all, I respect the developers trying to make the game more realistic but there are so many more simple ways to achieve that and which will actually make the game fun again for moments like these: http://plays.tv/video/5890f8453a2b8c09dd/-d
  4. So. I knew Grape-Shot was kinda strong at the moment, so i thought i'd had to test how far i could go. Was spying in my cutter in enemy waters, when i got pulled into combat. An inger and me vs. a Spanish Bucentaure. The Inger just stayed on range and chained the buc, so i thought that was my chance to get on the buc's stern and take it down. After an hour of constant manouvering i had killed 449 Crew off that buc by simply shooting it's stern with basic 4pdr grape shots. At this point, the Buc. decided to run. Now I'm asking myself, is that supposed to be THIS effective? I can not imagine that in reality a cutter would have been able to deal this severe damage to the buccentaure with his 4pdr cannons.. Discuss please =)
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