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Found 2 results

  1. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome everybody! I'm glad to invite you to a revisited idea of buccaneering. Basis of idea was taken from Bloody Hounds thread. But this time, there's more! You can hire people for all sorts of tasks, from small to big, and the whole thing takes place on heavly moderated Discord server. I hope the whole initiative will give opportunity for new in-game interacitons between players. Without more of talk, use the link if you wish, spread the word, and server will become popular! https://discord.gg/gpFEF2s I'll try to answer all questions in replies.
  2. I thought I'd bring some fun PvP to the PvP2 server by creating a Player Bounty system. Read the rules below... Updated 06/02/16 To post a bounty: click "Post" with the following information to which I will update the image above... REWARD: Your IGN: Bounty's Nation: Bounty's [ClanTag] IGN: Last Known Port: Reason: Any Additional Info: To collect a Bounty: click "Quote" on the Posted Bounty and include a screenshot, then message the Bounty Poster in game... *****I,personally, will pay out a bonus 50k to anyone collecting on any Bounty on this list that someone else has placed provided it is: 1) PvP and not a Port Battle; and 2) a screenshot is posted on this Topic. ***This forum (nor myself) is not held responsible for bounties not being paid out. Contact the poster in game to collect. ***These Bounties are for PvP only and do not include Port Battles, unless otherwise stated by the poster. ***It is generally understood that these are ONE-TIME bounties, and not continuous, unless otherwise stated by the poster. ​***Bounty Names with lines thru them have already been collected. List of Bounties and Collectors: Poster, Bounty, Collector, Amount Cpt Blackthorne, any BLACK member, [CBR]Yankyaeger, 100k Cpt Blackthorne, [bLACK]Mike the mongol, [ASP]Keez, 300k Cpt Blackthorne, [bLACK]Ashcanibics, STILL OPEN, 500k Cpt Blackthorne, [bLACK]Sneaky Uncle, STILL OPEN, 200k Cpt BLackthorne, Storm Crow, STILL OPEN, 300k captain jsb, [FEAR]oldcrankyman, **TBD**, 10k-350k Ashcanibics/Doomed/Loco Bandito, [CBP] Captain Lord Tridex, STILL OPEN, 300k
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