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Found 14 results

  1. Hey all, some time ago I found a series of quite interesting paper designs in the online Hiraga archive- a collection of documents regarding warships and warship design mostly associated with one of the more prolific nautical engineers in Japan in the early 20th century. Below I'll post a number of the images from the archive for those interested. First up is the Design B39, which was one of the designs that lead up to Kongo as I recall it. In the same series of designs we have the B41, which is quite similar to the ship "Myogi" seen in World of Warships, though she has 305mm guns instead of 356mm guns. Following that there were a series of pre-designs for what would become Amagi. While there are more designs in the series, below I'll be posting mostly ones from B-61 to B-63. For these, I also have some images of the data charts as well, which may be of interest.
  2. Sorting out what stuff actually costs may be unnecessarily difficult for newer players. It used to be possible to tease this out of the old UI without actually having the building in port. The blueprint window calls the resource collection window. It currently shows labor hours available but does not display any calculations unless a building is present. My suggestion: Allow this to display calculations even if collection is not available. This will allow players considering contract offers to readily look up what the resource actually costs in both Reals and labor without having to own the building in the port they are visiting.
  3. I am cp 50. I was in my outpost at Brunswick. I went to Admiralty store to exchange 40 PVE for Trader Brig Blueprint. Admiralty store took my 40 PVE, BUT DID NOT give me trader brig blueprint. I checked in my crafting under Ships but no trader brig blueprint. I logged off. still no Trader Brig Blueprint. Where is it? Do I need a shipyard to purchase a blueprint? Has anyone else use admiralty store to get a blueprint was there a problem. I logged an F11.
  4. "HMS Neptune was a 98-gun second rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy. She served on a number of stations during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars and was present at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Neptune was built during the early years of the war with Revolutionary France and was launched in 1797. She almost immediately became caught up in the events of the mutiny at the Nore, and was one of a few loyal ships tasked with attacking mutinous vessels if they could not be brought to order. The mutiny died out before this became necessary and Neptune joined the Channel Fleet. She moved to the Mediterranean in 1799, spending the rest of the French Revolutionary Wars in operations with Vice-Admiral Lord Keith's fleet. After refitting, and spending time on blockades, she formed part of Lord Nelson's fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar, and was heavily involved in the fighting." "In the British Royal Navy, a second rate was a ship of the line which by the start of the 18th century mounted 90 to 98 guns on three gun decks; earlier 17th-century second rates had fewer guns and were originally two-deckers or had only partially armed third gun decks. The term in no way implied that they were of inferior quality. They were essentially smaller and hence cheaper versions of the three-decker first rates. Like the first rates, they fought in the line of battle, but unlike the first rates, which were considered too valuable to risk in distant stations, the second rates often served also in major overseas stations as flagships. They had a reputation for poor handling and slow sailing."
  5. Yesterday morning (US Eastern time), while in Charleston, I crafted an Exceptional Brig, with Officer Perk set to "Gifted" . Ship successfully built, and the results panel reported that four new BPs were awarded: Mercury, NavyBrig, MortarBrig and Rattlesnake. Looked in Crafting ... Shipbuilding tab, they were not found. I thought, maybe on server reset. This morning, at 5 AM US Eastern (10 am GMT?) after full PC restart and presumably server reset, none of the new BPs found. What is happening here? And no, did not take a Screenshot, as did not expect the reported BP drop to be not registered. ~ HK ~
  6. Hello dear Devs, thank you for implementing the nice new features. Especially the events. They are much better than the former events which didn't make any sense in my personal oppinion. This is leading me to another question: Why the Blueprints of Santa Secilia, Indefatigable or Endymion haven't implemented yet. Is there a special reason for it? Iam looking forward to your answer and thank you for this wonderful game. Best Regards Donjuan
  7. I advocate a more flexible construction/modification feature in the shipyard. I want to be able to trim the ship fitting my play - in this case making my traders fast, dumping all main guns to achieve more speed and fitting a couple of HEAVY stern guns to slow down pursuers. The ship mod section (and initial construction page) should have sliders to select weight, speed, gun sizes, gun placements, rigging quality, hold, powder storage, ammunition, crew selection (number of gunners, sailors, marines...) and all of course having results in speed, stability tonnage and so forth shown... Then I can make fast raiders with light broadsides, speed traders with only stern guns or heavy Corvettes for pirate hunting.... All in all this will make gameplay more interesting as all will have different preferences, so you never know exactly what you are up against. And in fact more period exact - just look at how all the ships stolen from Denmark were outfitted with heavier armaments by the brits and thereby got slower..... regional bonuses and some upgrades could stay in slots but many would be better integrated here
  8. I'm really not a fan of the new BP obtain method and the way these special events work due to several not so insignificant reasons! 1. These rewards ships and paint schemes should be commonly available items accessible to everybody of a certain lvl but somewhat accessible by all - a crafter reaching a certain experience should not be forced into combat if that is not his main game aspect - there are people playing this game on the basis of craft and trade only/primarily! 2. These saturday events are extremely limiting - me and im sure a bunch of other people have jobs and other real life commitments that are obviously of more importance then a game - I should not have to put my real life at jeopardy to get a paint job or a ship bp! 3. Giving ship bps out at such limited events will mean a massive imbalance in obtainability/access to the ships and risk every balance the game could possible ever have! 4. The event doesn't seem like i could do this on my own in 30-60mins or the regular 90mins - this will mean nearly only clans will be able to obtain the event in the end and it will completely fuck over casuals or pubbies (of which I am neither but I still worry about them) just as the gold mods once did - please remember how primarily clan members were able to pay 5mil for golden marines and pubbies didn't stand any chance in a defense against such a boarder with not even being able to get gold marines! 5. I have seen event giveaways in War Thunder before which constantly forced me into gamemodes that I did not enjoy(Sim and RB did simply not allow for 100 kills in a day) yet had to utilize to be able to get vital or interesting vehicles - from experience I can tell you this wears a player down when he doesn't enjoy the mode and he will get pissed off about it and finally leave the game! - While I understand giving away insignificant stuff like the yacht (which we can just give away to people who would like to sail it once a day) or a ship ahead of a patch when everybody can have it in 2 weeks anyway I don't think any further advantages should be given to players (though paint schemes which have no effect on the game itself I would understand as prizes as well but again I would consider them a common good as it is obviously rather easy to paint a ship). 6. We have paid money for a full game and I personally at least expect to receive that as well. If I wanted free giveaways and non accessible content (without paying money at least) I would still be playing games like War Thunder... I understand that not everybody might share my opinion on this but pelase don't just throw the concerns away and consider what impact this new change of events might have. Feel free to discuss below and pelase keep it civil!
  9. Oblom


    From the album: Oblom

    Расставил рецепты с нашего любимого http://www.navalactioncraft.com/blueprints Сейчас там какая-то неразбериха, постарался сделать все это читабельным. Добавил Буцентавр Фотошопом, так как в оригинальной схеме на сайте его нет.
  10. There is a pirate drama series called "Black Sails" that is a pretty entertaining watch. My question though, as far as the ships in the show, are they purely fictional? If not, can we find the plans to those ships, or ships that draw similarities, their actual names, etc.) would be nice to see some of them in game. nostalgia.
  11. Would be great to be able to buy/sell ship blueprints - perhaps in the materials area of the shop/marketplace.
  12. I've gotten to crafting level 35 from mostly crafting basic ships, and over my entire crafting career I have yet to get a single random BP drop. I was wondering if anyone knew if you needed to use at least one crafting note or more to be eligible for a random BP drop.
  13. Ok, this is going to be a rant segment on the drop rates. Prior to my latest shenanigans I have made plenty of ships including 10x Snows. Now I'm grinding to get a Merc BP so here I am crafting up a storm making Snows and selling them (see Pics below for evidence), but I'll be buggered if I can get a Merc BP to drop. In the last 8 days I have crafted and sold 10x Snows, 1x Cerb and 1x Crafting Note and in the process have acquired 2x crafting notes, but where has all the Merc BPs gone? Why is the drop rate so god damned low? I can craft Frigates if I want (lvl 25) but all I am trying to do is get a Merc BP to put a few on the market at reasonable prices, is it so much to ask? /end rant If anyone is wondering on the high sale rate, I build quality ships and price them low so they are affordable for new captains. Can I suggest to the Admins/Devs to please increase the % chance drop rate as someone crafts more and more of one type of ship? How expensive is it going to get when I get sick of this and start grinding Frigates for a Trinc BP?
  14. Уважаемые разработчики! Являюсь большим фанатом данной эпохи парусных кораблей и бла бла бла. Не буду много разглагольствовать, приступлю сразу к делу. Идей и фичей накидали на форум уже достаточно много, много хороших, понятно, что реализовано будет не всё и не сразу. Я имею опыт игры в проектах Wargaming, а также множества других симуляторов и (бла бла бла). Вот лично мне, а я пишу мнение сугубо своё и не отвечаю за остальных, всегда не хватало в таких играх "конструктора" собственных боевых единиц. Почувствовать себя в роли инженера, проявить смекалку и (бла бла бла...). Ведь это было бы вполне уместно в данных условиях, в те времена существовало достаточное количество "частных" кораблестроителей, чьи интерпретации вариантов сочетания габаритов, такелажа, рангоута, центра тяжести, конфигурации парусов и (бла бла бла) были уникальными, у некоторых лучше, у некоторых хуже. Как человеку творческому, мне всегда не хватало вот такой составляющей в играх, чтобы можно было не только что то спроектировать, но и опробовать боем. О каких конкретно возможностях я говорю? О создании своего варианта рангоута, парусов, формы корпуса, чтобы всё это как то и чем то высчитывалось и выдавало в совокупности некий уникальный результат. Возможность изменения размещения крюйт-камеры, количества орудий по бортам\баку\корме, их типа... ну я думаю идея ясна. В качестве баланса можно присвоить каждому значению какой то балансный вес, который в сумме для определённого уровня не должен превышать некоего значения, хотя, кому я зубы заговариваю, это и так очевидно. В общем с такой фичей лично я бы залипал в этом конструкторе и забил бы на реал насовсем, битый месяц проектируя что-то стоящее. Если Вы прочитали это, то большое спасибо, что не оставили моё мнение без внимания. Очень в Вас верю, что Вы запилите нечто стоящее, надоело разочаровываться, когда я запускаю только что скаченный свежевышедший симулятор кораблей\самолётов\трактора\бомжа и т.п. С уважением, Кирилл. PS прошу прощения за "бла бла бла", времени было мало, завтра рано вставать, смотрится конечно не очень изящно, зато получилось кратко. PPS Доступ к игре ещё не приобрёл, приношу извинения, пока ограничиваюсь просмотром видео с геймплеем, да и цены кусаются
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