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Found 1 result

  1. A Microsoft Word document with this bio is attached to this post if you want to read it as it was meant to be. Name: William C. R. Jones, former heir of House Harrington of England Best known as: Captain Red Beard William Known Aliases: William Two Bones, William Remover of Bones, William Breaker of Bones, The Bone Breaker, William Bones, Billy Bones, The Keelhauler of Wicked Men, The Hunter of the Wicked, The Bane of the British, The Scarred Captain, Scarred William, One Eye William, Blood Red Beard, The Red Bearded Devil Age: 40ish Height: Roughly 5’9ft/1,80m Facial Features: Bald, thick red beard, brown eyes, two scars over his right eye, right eye blinded, thin right eyebrow, one scar across his left cheekbone, one scar across his mouth, brown eyes. General Features: William wears a wide black musketeer plumed hat with an orange and black striped feather, a dark green gambeson under a leather vest and a metal breastplate which covers both the torso and the back, as well as a pair of dark leather gloves and boots. As far as weapons, he uses a beautifully crafted dented sabre, a unique blade he ordered which proved extremely effective at biting through fabric and leather, and a lavishly decorated pistol. He also owns a small pet monkey that sometimes hangs on his shoulders. A painting of Captain Red Beard William at his cabin aboard the Jaqueline, his frigate. Known Jolly Rogers (his second Jolly Roger is still in development): William’s first Jolly Roger. It made him officially a Pirate, before he had his famous beard. Biography: Born in the English aristocracy, son of The Earl of Harrington and the Marquise of Salisbury, William was supposed to inherit both titles and strengthen his family’s name among the English nobility. Although he had the most traditional upbringing a nobleman can expect, William always loved to watch the big ships on the docks near his home, and at the age of 17, he renounced his noble titles and joined the Navy as an Officer-in-Training, much to his father’s dismay. At the age of 26 he became a Lieutenant of the English Royal Navy, and 4 years later, after the Captain of his ship fell ill during a trip to the Caribbean and died, he took his place and became a Captain at the young age of 30. But his parliamentary father, friends with the high military of the United Kingdom, still hurt about William forsaking his family to pursue adventures in the ocean, not only got his son demoted back to Lieutenant after a year, but the new Captain they sent, John L. Smithson, was a living nightmare. The Earl made sure that John would make William’s life a Hell on Earth for as long as he served as Lieutenant. William would get half rations, the worst ship duties and had to serve as a personal steward for John, for whom he started to create a very deep hatred. After 2 years, John Smithson became so ruthless that finally he drove his entire crew, led by William himself, to mutiny. As vengeance, William ordered John to be killed by keelhauling, a method only used by the worst pirates out there, in which the punished was tied to a line that is looped beneath the vessel, thrown overboard on one side of the ship, and dragged under the ship's keel, from one side of the ship to the other. Covered in sharp barnacles, the ship’s hull cut like razors, making for a very slow and painful death. After 2 hours of agonizing pain, John died begging for a quick death, which he never got (that is, if anyone could understand what he was trying to say over blood, skin and flesh). But William was mad. The hate was deep. He ordered his new pirate crew to keep keelhauling John until his body breaks apart. Then he hung the two pieces of John’s body to two masts of the frigate they were in as a sign to all who would abuse power (probably also serving as a warning to his own crew). John’s body hung until it rotted away and dropped on the deck, and it is said William took a leg, removed the bone from inside its rotten flesh, lifted the bone and shouted “let this be a warning to all men who would use his rank to abuse and inflict misery upon others!”. He then broke the bone in half with a single hit on one of his thighs and got his first pirate name: William Two Bones. Over the course of the next 9 years, William targeted primarily British Royal Navy ships, earning new nicknames and growing his thick beard, and often the sailors of captured ships would join William’s crew, perhaps out of fear, perhaps admiration of his will to end the misuse of power or just maybe because it was either that or death alongside their Captains, which were always killed by keelhauling. It is unclear at what time Pirate Captain William’s right eye was blinded, but it is believed that it happened when the open magazine in his ship blew up and a giant piece of wood hit William’s face, which not only blinded him, but also gave him some nasty looking scars. He is indeed most famous for his red beard, which is also covered in legend: it is still unclear if William did have red hair, or if the red in his beard was blood from his enemies, since there are at least 6 accounts of William biting his enemies in the neck while fighting them. What is the most terrifying fact about William is up to you, but he surely made a name for himself, or several names, since he has over fifteen aliases among the Royal Navy and the Pirate world. Red Beard William Bio.docx
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