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Found 1 result

  1. I think the current Region conquest needs to changed and testing Raids is urgently needed NOW to keep numbers up before the wipe. So, keeping the idea of Raids as laid out by admin, and hostility generation to create a PB, but with the follow changes: 1, Regions have kind of ruined the variation of PB locations (in combination with Resource locations). I think it should be possible to generate hostility in a Region, and then hostility generators vote which non capital port in the region to attack. If you control 50% of ports in a region (as number of ports in regions vary), then Region capital PB is now generated. Change these be to 26 hours, instead of 2 days. 2. Conquest can be too fast, this should slow it down. It will also allow for enemies to have a port in a region for a period of time, without totally taking it over. PB's Region capitals should therefor have some extra benefits, like ships for sale, more resources and materials. ?? 3. Conquest should be about the next region over. It should be easier to raise hostility in an adjacent region to your own, and the distance from capital should also count. Flags were good that way, as the attack had to be launched from a friendly port, which makes realistic sense. It should also be hard to create PB in a region close to the enemy capital, not impossible but the % increase should be tied into how loyal the region population is (if you were to think of it that way). So 100% loyal in capital (full reduction of hostility generation %, 3-4 times harder than now?) and a decreasing number, effected by distance, Raid successes, PvP/AI kills, making PB hostility creation easier. 4. Voting is an important part of this, so as to allow those who generate PBs to decide the target, and then to also decide who enters the PB. A majority vote to kick someone from the 25 should be possible, as this will avoid the frequent occasions when 1 or 2 ALTs or randomers who will ruin the chances of and attacker or defender joined. This is similar to Bobzillas RvR thread suggestion, but I do think it should be possible for people in the PB fleet to decide who they fight with. It should be pre battle instance. It would be really beneficial to see the hostility points the people trying to join have, as people will agree if someone has the points and the ship, they should get in ahead of someone who has not been around to attack/defend. 5. Alliance/Groups. One way I think Alliances in open world might work would be to allow attackers and defenders to create a PB group, based on hostility generation in defence or attack. A "Group" of 25 should be possible to create in OW, so if someone gets tagged or disconnected, a new person can be invited to the PB group. This could also be extended to inviting someone from another nation to join that group and be treated as that nation whike in that group, even if Alliance as a nation is not in force. This could allow Pirates to sell there skills to people who are willing to pay for there services. Creating screening groups of 25 would also be good, as the same could also be done. These groups could then be also rewarded with loot (but no ships, paint or BPs). It should be possible to Tow loot to an Outpost, like you can with a ship. Im sure they are similar to other peoples suggestions, but I just wanted to share mine as I wouild like to see the above happen. Feedback and comments/tweaks welcome!
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