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Found 4 results

  1. IDEA: Norfolk compares Apples to Oranges to avoid a Lemon... Short Version bottom of the POST... @admin Idea Summary: The NA-Wiki Anchor Point A brand new dynamic and persistent NA-Wiki that becomes the Anchor Point for the Games Group Back Story. A Player versus Player interface for in-game analytics and tables current from the last server cycle. Other GamesLabs owned Media content like YouTube channel, cut down FORUM, Twitch TV, GamesLab DLC SHOP or website would anchor onto the NA-Wiki. Every Player Character [PC] on both [PvP Caribbean] & [PvE Environment] would be able to retrieve their Personal Statics of there in-game life history or look up some else’s Profile. This out of game Anchor helps sell the in-game world... A Bit of Background first... I wanted to compare Naval Action [NA-OW] against EvE Online [EvE] and World of Warships [WoWs] to see if we can learn anything from these two to help improve [NA-OW] and its launch. I’ve played [EvE] for many years mainly PvP focused. [NA-OW] two years (seems longer) mainly PvP, bringing a clan from PvE over to PvP. NA-Legends as well. And [WoWs] with only a few months serious play. Some of you I know believe we shouldn’t compare (especially [EvE]) it’s like apples to oranges. I respect that, but I’m trying to offer ideas to the Dev’s to help improve and grow the game. Comparing success and stories is all part of the process to avoid failures or lemons. Context and Perspective are Everything... Looking at both [EvE] and [WoWs] we can give some polish to this remarkable product that punches way above its weight from these two games with much larger resources. It’s a bit scary how much above our weight we are punching. Wargaming.net [W.n] owner of [WoWs] has a client network of over 150million users. The Company structure is well hidden but is believe to be up there with Take-Two, EA and Activision. In 2016 Victor Kislyi founder became a billionaire. CCP Games started in 1997 in Iceland launched [EvE] in 2003. In 2016 Daily Active Users [DAU] doubled in size (How many ALTs???) leading to a 30% revenue jump YoY $86 million. The company is tiny in comparison to [W.n]. On a side note the 2016 value of the [EvE] in-game economy reached $55mil. That’s a lot of Forged Papers. We can say GamesLabs [GL]is tiny in comparison to [CCP] never mind [W.n] which gives some scale we are talking about here. Both companies started out similar in size to [GL]. Spending size and allocation must be kept in mind. Time HR also, but a quality of finish or polish is the goal. First Contact... First Lemon... http://www.navalaction.com/#ageofsail https://worldofwarships.com/ https://www.eveonline.com/ In all fairness [NA-OW] has a nice plain clean polished view. The other two sites throws too much at you on the front screen. I like [EvE] scrolling panoramic movie background. The Lemon goes to [WoWs] with lots of choices but no indication where to start... That’s not why it got the Lemon either. It the site wanted to re-direct me to the Asian Server with me living Hong Kong. If I did and setup the account downloading the game, I can only play my PC on the ASIA server. If it worked in [NA-OW] the same way @rediii on EU or @Sir Texas Sir in North America I couldn’t play with them without setting up another PC in their locals. This is a major complaint from [WoWs] players. This becomes worse they then split the forums as well. Just look at the STEAM front page. https://steamcommunity.com/app/552990/discussions/ This is very different from Localization... [NA-OW] one persistent universe is a big advantage even at the expense of FPS. Forums & STEAM community chat... https://store.steampowered.com/app/311310/Naval_Action/ Again, STEAM is the perfect easy distribution conduit here. That FIRST movie is fantastic BTW. Would suggest flash frame Map, Economy trading etc. with light over text (instead of voice overs) to give a fuller story. No in PORT pictures given and opening description is “combat sandbox” easily describes NA-L not NA-OW. “About this Game...” section needs a total re-write. How attached do we want to be to Valve @admin ? Would it be cheaper to shut down the FORUM and just use the STEAM Discussions but expanded and login sections POST launch? The best part still is the LOCKED Dev announcements only @Ink can post in. Leads on to... http://forum.game-labs.net/ More locked Subject Markers... Our current GL FORUM is a much better tidier version than the original. This cleanup will be needed again at launch. I suggest Patch Notes are locked and placed in START date order at least. Areas such as “Combat Mechanics Discussions” should include LOCKED Combat RoE etc. that’s Dev updated only. Player feedback is referenced in the lower part as normal. Also “New Player Start Here...” separate headlined section. Not sub to another banner. Too much important information becomes lost and hard to find. In fact, trying to find information starts with Google “Naval Action” then the question rather than using the forum search. This is important if we are paying for the FORUM feature. [WoWs] Collecting Lemons... https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/ https://forum.worldofwarships.com/ https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/ They use the same company and search as [NA-OW] and is just rubbish. Use the same method of Google first because of the three forums. It’s a real mess here and patience is needed to extract useful information and leads to me never just browsing what people say. This unlike [NA-OW]. [Eve]s Forum is all Apples... https://community.eveonline.com/ then https://forums.eveonline.com/ This forum works. Drop down categories with quick tags to latest news. Pop-up advanced searches makes it easy and quick to drill down into subjects with Dev highlights shown and offer other posts of interest. This though must come at a huge cost, maintenance alone... And Probably way too much for [NA-OW] needs. The use of tags is heavily used... https://forums.eveonline.com/c/eve-information-portal One Game, with EXCEL and add-on info sites and not enough screens... This might just be me, but... When just playing [EvE] I had excel models, pricing etc. with the EvEUniWiki and evemarket.com website loaded pretty much all the time. Playing [WoWs] I use the Wiki continually with other website searches on a specific area. [NA-OW] just scrolling down to the bottom of the forum page will give clues to enemies in the game. So, on my return I’ll need to build a new Crafting Excel sheet just to start. Check the API is actually update and correct then use other PCs work to form an [ELITE] strategy with the new update tactics to be implemented... I use more tools than just the in-game universe has to offer... Just Copy [WoWs] but don’t... I’ve mentioned this before and is the key point to this whole POST. The [WoWs] Wiki gives a brilliant progression back story that helps SELL the actual game. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships This wiki is very good and should be looked at resources aside. The Wiki you’ll find invaluable not just as a newbie but way up the chain ladder. Let me show you why... https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Leander This page shows a tier VI Cruiser the Leander. Starts with a brief overview but then looks more like our wiki with the build stats. The right far column at the bottom shows BATTLE level 6, 7, 8. This tells you in Random Battle you’ll meet Tier 6 to 8 ships. Now look left at “Player Opinion”. This is the key element. It gives a general role the tier VI GB Leander Cruiser is supposed to be doing. It always gives a view of where she sits within her peer group. With the downside featured and finally how the ship best functions within the game. Pros & Cons Then a research path suggestion for upgrades. Captain skills and Flags. Go look at a Battleship or Destroyer it’s the same format and with useful information. As much as I love the hard work @OlavDeng2 put into our Wiki it needs a makeover. The [WoWs] Wiki Helps SELL the Game ours doesn’t. http://www.navalactionwiki.com/index.php?title=Main_Page The color, look and feel are so important. The attention to detail of valuable information keeps the [WoWs] Wiki continually open even past the newbie stage. This is about content NOT cost on maintenance like [EvE] Forum. More Backstory to feed Norfolk’s addiction... What keeps this junkie coming back to [NA-OW] asking my dealer for more? Its many different things to many different players from exploring, or trading or killing (AI/PC) or other. I find this one rich vein that poison loves to use... http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/21607-caribbean-great-battle-results/?page=127 A snorted line or two of this will hit the mark... http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/23216-caribbean-invasion-news/?page=81 or dropping a tab into this kool aid... http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/22707-caribbean-recorded-history-clan-power-ranking-rvr-update-due-010118/?page=24 Ego’s are a Go-Go...? These stories are the hook for me, always have being since my first Port Battle at Port-Au-Prince. Attacking [BLACK] having part of my team sidelined by [CCCP] then my ship having more in common with a swiss cheese than any SoL and @Sir Texas Sir adding salt into the Battle Report... With time and hope @Sir Texas Sir would huff/grumble but agree [ELITE] and I both improved. The measure is hard to see. What if we had something like this... https://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/554819715-NorfolknChance_UK/!/pvp/overview/ Take sometime here, look through the tabs from statics to warships. At warships drill down look at the cruisers or aircraft carrier. This page is NorfolknChance_UK life in [WoWs]. Imagine that with analytics including PBs or PvP encounters or PvE missions and captures... @mixedgril731 (Mixy) one of my [ELITE] plays for the same clan [ANG3L] in [WoWs] so type “mixedgrill” in Find Player search box. His profile shows a much better player than Norfolk with all the same stats. And long battle history going back to 2012. If a player wishes to restrict his visibility then he can... but a tool like this could or may reveal too much info. A quick check could find Norfolk likes to use this ship and most kills are this type of ship so giving away strategy. Partial Visible stats maybe... This the statisics is a real focus on [WoWs] and bragging rights in [NA-OW] is sometimes mute if you get me drift. Would something along these lines be of interest? [NA-OW] Apples [EvE] Lemons... This in my opinion is the combat mechanic. [NA-OW] when you hit the mast and it falls this kills the speed. If you kill crew this slows down which every part of the ship is under manned. [EvE] is more numbers simply put apart from the 4 types of damage/resistance types you cannot affect different parts of a ship you hit. With specific mods yes but what you see visually is not what happens. This is just age showing and is a tad over critical possibly, but I enjoy combat much more in [NA-OW] to [EvE]. [NA-OW] Apples [WoWs] Lemons... The major complaint with long term players (I’m not one), is the random battles. You can enter them in a division of 3 only. The rest of your team could be Muppets, retards or a Mahon descendant it’s just Potluck. This becomes an issue when I add perishable DLC Mods to my ship and a win will give huge reward while a loss a waste of real money. Teamed up with a bunch of morons and I don’t mean newbies is annoying. [NA-OW] operates with multiple sized gangs or teams and is a MAJOR advantage over the [WoWs] main game mechanic. And should be exploited, with additional content like Team torments controlled by the Anchor. The Out of game Anchor Could run competitions, police bad game behavior and update directly the player with news and events. It’s a hard link that would use other areas to then give the player access to such things as DLC, STEAM wallet or exclusive deals. The idea is a fix-controlled protocol outside the game that helps your in-game experienced. I’ve tried to highlight a thought processes using a persistent [NA-OW] Wiki. This controlling access to other Game add-ons. Giving a one type of mat finish that can be added too with time. In expensive but can be effective at generating PvP or PvE storylines that then playout in the game. It actually helps SELL the game as a whole... Finally, … Thank you for taking the time to read. These are just general thoughts that am sure you could add to it. If you think its garbage let me know and if you can do better likewise... Norfolk nChance [ELITE] Short Version Stormy Daniels with plus 150 film credits had a net worth of $2m or just $13k a movie. Since she added Donald Trump to her persistent story line her wealth accelerated. The 360 Anderson Cooper interview alone was $1m (she waivered the fee). Her Crowd funding law suit $500k. Her DLC back catalogue now pushes her 2018 earnings as much as $7m. This with no new films, no new content... This Like watching Porn without the storyline... An out of game useful persistent updated conduit to help sell the in-game naval Action is needed... Now please go back and read the full storyline...
  2. From the album: Davy Kidd's

    These are massive getting this back up must have taken a dozen men!

    © ©dwk

  3. Davy Kidd

    Anchor 2

    From the album: Davy Kidd's

    The big guys looked as though they would never come back up, can you image the number of men and sweat to retrieve it. Great set of breaks though?

    © ©dwk

  4. From the album: Davy Kidd's

    Portsmouth Naval Museum looking west into Harbour and the Spinnaker.

    © ©dwk

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