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Found 2 results

  1. So because a possible snowball effect is too heavy with the new system i want to propose a extended alliance system compared to the old one. Because it has more things i call it diplomacy system. With this system a removal of the smugglerflag wouldn't hurt too much too. I explain (hopefully everything) in the text below. There are 4 different relations between nations: Peace Alliance War Truce Tldr: Peace = Still pvp but no conquest of regions; entry to onanothers harbours Alliance = old system with voting but only 1 alliance and biggest nation (count of owned regions) can't form alliances; can join each others portbattles War = pvp with conquest of regions; no entry to enemys harbours; ends after 1 side lost 2 regions or after 2 weeks truce = no pvp; lasts for 1 week; entry to harbours posible Which problem is this solving? Wars right now go on until one side suffers so much playerattrition that they can't continue fighting. At this point the winning side conquers as much regions as possible. This results in even more players leaving the game. Truce is suggested because of this. (read further for explanation) Another thing is that alliances don't break with the current implementation. This is why alliances get some restrictions. (Read further) Peace/Neutral (proper name has to be found to be more intuitive) Peace is the standard between nations. Entry to peace: After a truce ends What happens in peace: Players can still attack each other. This is to build up hostility which leads to war. Hostility does not decrease so you will be at war with oneanother at some point (historical: pirating or whatever) Entering each others harbours possible. Playernames are marked green when you click on them instead of red. If you attack you get a message : "You are in peace with this players nation. If you attack you build up hostility which leads to war. You suffer no consequences. Are you sure you want to attack?" restrictions: You can not join each others portbattles You can not build up hostility in regions Exit from peace: Sinking/capturing players builds up hostility which will lead to war. (BR related) Alliance Entry to alliance: Voting like we know it. Change to pre-alliance system: A nation can only ally 1 other nation. Biggest nations (regioncount) can not form any alliances. What happens in alliance: Players can not attack each other Entering each others harbours Playernames are marked blue restrictions: Can't be disbanded while in a war no ressource buildings in allied ports (to give a reason to cancel a alliance and fight a war - more dynamic) Exit from alliance: Voting War Entry to war: Hostility limit reached If you go to war with someone, you drag your ally into the war and the enemy drags his ally into the war Exit from war to truce: one of both sides lost 2 (should get tweaked after experience is made) regions. That gives a chance for recovery for the loosing side. OR after 2 weeks What happens in war: You can't enter each others harbours full pvp, hostilitybuildup in regions is possible and therefore portbattles are possible playernames are red Truce entry to truce: from war Exit to peace: After 1 week What happens in truth: You can enter each others harbours Playernames are grey(maybe too the same as peace without attack button?) You can not attack each other Special Cases 1. Nation A and B are allied. Nation C and D are allied. Nation D and B are in a truce. War between A and C breaks out. => Truce gets interrupted and war is going on as it should be. (To keep that simple - else it would be too complex) But why? endless war leads to a easy snowball effect. This is even more heavy in the new system with permits and marks. Normally wars lead to the destruction of ones nation playerbase, this is limited with the truce system and a fixed amount of possible lost regions. Also the biggest nation. (or nations if 2 biggest hold a equal amount of regions) can't form alliances. Because players, atleast some, will allways attack a old ally it will lead sooner or later to a war. Because the biggest nation is open to attack for everyone it will lead to a multifront war against the biggest nation and gamebalance gets a bit restored. In the end you have a combined system between fast, dynamic conquest and a slow conquest of multiple regions.
  2. So we've been asked which Nations do we want to see in the game. That question alone opens up so many gaps to be filled either with current plans or new suggestions, so here goes. 1) If, assuming we do actually have Nations, there are going to be a fair few of them because I'm sure NA members will be of many different Nations. Thus, will we get the Globe as it is known today, or to save time and resources will each nation be given a fictional stretch of land? If we DID have a fictional map, it would be slightly better in the sense that devs could perhaps make travel time's shorter, it would also allow for capture of Islands which may not actually exist which leads me onto point 3) 2) Islands. If we DID have a fictional map, we could have groups of islands, some big, some small which offer different economic bonuses on capturing, and depending on their location, varying strategic value. Usually a well dug in island I believe would have up to 3 coastal batteries, a island just landed on would only have 1 battery, each battery hosting about 7-9 very heavy cannons. This leads me also onto my next point. 3)Wars. As far as I can understand the game revolves around PvP. Great. And there are Nations. Right...So are we going to have 20+ Nations constantly at war with eachother? Will that be good for trade with other nations etc etc? Again as you're reading i'm hoping you are thinking of some answers to this too, but here is my suggestion: Each Nation will have a ton of fleets [guilds/groups/clans], why not make a system that allows for members of the more prominent/illustrious fleets to be voted in as Admiralty. Everyone in a nation has a vote, they can pick who they want to fufill which role. Roles: - Lord High Admiral [1] = Overall commander, has the final say. - First lords of the Admiralty [5] = Almost like the High Admiral's war council. - Admirals of the Fleet [10] = Significant leaders of Fleets. What sort of duties would these leaders have? - Providing the safest and most economically stable country for generations to come. - Securing Islands of importance, economically or strategically achieved with constant communication and management of the most powerful fleets. If the above duties require a Nation to declare war on another, so be it, let the PvP commence. Obviously it is difficult to get every fleet to action, especially the smaller ones, which is why it may be worth creating some sort of Squadron linking bigger fleets to smaller ones, each giving each other support when required. Let me know your thoughts & suggestions on all of the above.
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