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Found 17 results

  1. Political situation PVP 2 US (Inter Clan) Information is from players (Inter clan), updated weekly and daily if needed. This is the same sort of format as the EU political Situation thread. The Diplomacy part presents the attitude of the nation's major clans towards other nations. Verenigde Provinciën: Espana: Neutral France: War Great Britain: Alliance Verenigde-Provincien: Danmark-Norge: War Sverige: War United States: Alliance Major clans: DWIC1-6 - Dutch West Indische Compagnie NPV- Nederlandse Protectoraat Vloot SMS - Reichsflotte Danmark-Norge: Espana: Neutral France: Alliance Great Britain: War Verenigde-Provincien: War Danmark-Norge: Sverige: Alliance United States: War Major clans: CCCP - CN - SORT - Pirates: Espana: Neutral France: Neutral Great Britain: War Verenigde-Provincien: War Danmark-Norge: Neutral Sverige: Neutral United States: War Major clans: CBP - BLACK - Black Flag BLANC - French PvP1 players BLOOD - Blood of Black HYDRA - SOB - Sons of Black TFG - Great Britain: Espana: Neutral France: War Great Britain: Verenigde-Provincien: Alliance Danmark-Norge: War Sverige: War United States: Alliance Major Clans: AGW - CKA -Canadian Kicks Ass- Cordova BCS - British Commonwealth Sailors BRA - ELITE - ?- Norfolk nChance MINE - Sweden: Espana: Alliance France: Alliance Great Britain: War Verenigde-Provincien: War Danmark-Norge: Alliance Sverige: Neutral United States: War Major clans: RISE - ISN - SS - USA: Espana: Neutral France: War Great Britain: Alliance Verenigde-Provincien: Alliance Danmark-Norge: War Sverige: War United States: Major clans: ACDC - ASP - BSR - DD - Detroit Demolition IGG - NPG - No Pants Guys MARS - France: Espana: Alliance France: Great Britain: War Verenigde-Provincien: War Danmark-Norge: Alliance Sverige: Alliance United States: War Major clans: SD - SINK - Sink or Swim Spain: Espana: France: Alliance Great Britain: Neutral Verenigde-Provincien: Neutral Danmark-Norge: War Sverige: Alliance United States: War Major clans: note: If anything is wrong please reply or PM! Major clan= edit* no restrictions* *** Mods can we have this replace the current sticky post of the same topic. It's out dated and the old player that started it is no longer active so it's not getting updated. With that and I know Blackthorn/Decken had a clan one like this he was doing, if folks can post there clan info I'll go through this list and update the info. For clan info please send me a PM instead of posting it with your clan info that you want to post. Numbers can be optional but if you want to give current active numbers it might help with new players that want to join one clan over another. The main thing is to let folks know who the players and makers are for each nation.***
  2. [FrCxn] No matter where we are from, no matter who we fought in the past, we'll do our best for the USA now. Private message on the forum or In Game for the US team speak, please.
  3. The US Navy has awarded a new $42.9m contract to BAE Systems for the upgrade of its USS Vicksburg (CG 69) Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser. The value of the competitively awarded, special selected restricted availability (SSRA) contract could reach $45.9m if all options are exercised. BAE Systems will be responsible for carrying out alternations and miscellaneous repairs aboard the US Navy vessel under the new agreement.....Click here
  4. The US Nation hereby decrees The Chijohnaok Doctrine. The occasion has been judged proper for asserting, as a principle in which the rights and interests of the United States are involved, that the American continent, by the free and independent condition which they have assumed and maintain, are henceforth not to be considered as subjects for future colonization by any Eastern Alliance powers. Any future incursions into US home waters outside of the US nation's prime time will be met swift and decisive action during the evenings upon that nation's home ports and economic bases. We will reduce you to one port whether or not you show up. Whether you cry on the forums or not. Our borders are currently defined as such and are considered home waters. Said map is subject to change should we decide to Manifest Destiny.
  5. As requested, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DECLARES TOTAL VICTORY OVER THE DANMARK-NORGE NATION. The great RUS Clan - Broken and refusing to fight. The great RDNN Clan - Defeated and refusing to fight. DANVE - you guys are cool (except for that Lars guy...) The Victorious United States Nation will now focus on more formidable foes that are actually are willing to fight and not cower in their home waters. The Victorious United States Nation will LET Danmark-Norge keep their existing ports as a token of good will and to let them know that their pleas for mercy have been heard. We will be humble in victory. Victory came swiftly to our side, we did not expect capitulation so easily and we expected more out of the once great Danish fleet. Our prime time warriors will no longer press against the weakened and broken foes in Denmark, please feel free to come back out your holes and sail around freely in your own waters. Should the once formidable, now broken Danish fleet rise up from the ashes of their cowardice, hostilities will again renew. Any future incursions into American home waters will result in determined and precise destruction of the Danish way of life and production capabilities. You have been warned. We will now begin the economic restoration of the eastern part of Haiti and soon our Freedom and Capitalism will be visible for all to see. Please note that our Declaration of Victory does not extend to our dear Allies, they are free to conduct war as they see fit and will continue to assist them in any and all future actions including incursions into Danish territory if that is their wish. We would also like to thank our Allies, utter domination of the Danish nation would not have been achieved without their help. To the remaining members of Danmark-Norge, I hope you remember this defeat for years to come. You reap what you sow. You have been broken and now cower behind your new masters the Swedish Nation. Now enjoy your new anthem.
  6. Political situation PVP 2 US (Inter Clan) Information is from players (Inter clan), updated weekly and daily if needed. This is the same sort of format as the EU political Situation thread. The Diplomacy part presents the atitude of the nation's major clans towards other nations. Verenigde Provinciën: Britain: France: Peace USA: Spain: Denmark-Norge: Sweden: Pirates: War Major clans: DHC - Nederlandsche Hispaniola Company - 50 OJ - Oranje Flotilla - 20 Danmark-Norge: Spain: British: Dutch: US: French: Peace Pirates: War Swedish: Major Clans: Pirates: Spain: Neutral British: War Dutch: War US: War French: War Danmark-Norge: War Swedish: Neutral Major clans: FC - Forsaken Corsairs - 30 AUSNZ - Southern Oceanic Ruffians - 30 SIN - Sinister Order - 50 GUN - Gunboat Diplomacy - 30 MQNS - Mannequins SSU - Salty Sailer Union - 11 Great Britain: Spain: French: Peace Swedish: US: Territorial Agreements in certain areas. Dutch: Danmark-Norge: Pirates: War Major Clans: SOB - Sons of Britain - 150 WIS - West Indies Squadron iRuin - Imminent Ruin - 30 20R - 50 BWA - Blackwing Armada - 50 TPM - The Powder Monkies - 22 BM? - British Muraders HOSP - Knights Hospitaller - 20 SOH - Sons of Hano - 30 KF - The Kraken Fleet - 23 members Sweden: Spain: Neutral British: War Dutch: Neutral US: Neutral French: Friendly Danmark-Norge: War Pirates: Neutral Major clans: SW - Nya Sverige - 40 BORK - 3rd Swedish Flotilla - 20+ USA: Britain: Territorial Agreements in certain areas. France: Neutral Dutch: Neutral Sweden: Neutral/Friendly Denmark-Norge: Neutral Pirates: War Spain: War Major clans: SOL - Sons of Liberty - 170+ USS - Continental Navy - 140 MOB - Man Overboard TSF - The Scarlet Fleet TPM - The Powder Monkeys - 20 VCO - Voodoo Shipping Co - 40 CMC - Continental Marine Corps - 23 USMC - United States Marine Corps - 40 PRTZN - Partisan Group - 20 France: Britain: Puerto Rico War / Hostile Spain: Neutral Swedish: Friendly US: Neutral Pirates: Hostile Danish: ??? Dutch: Friendly Major clans: 18E - 10 LMN - 20 PURGE - The Purge - 20 OMG - 20 Spain: Britain: France: Neutral USA: Strained Sweden: Dutch: Danish: Major clans: ARF - Armada Real de la Florida Legion Del Mar note: If anything is wrong please reply or PM! Major clan= edit* no restrictions*
  7. Queridos compatriotas! El estado de nuestra nación es conocido por todos y no solo por los nuestros, sino también por el resto de naciones. Hemos estado en guerra con nuestros vecinos de USA desde hace ya bastante tiempo. Sin embargo, recientemente hemos recibido una propuesta de paz. Por su parte los diplomáticos enviados por los clanes de TDA y TF hablan sobre entablar relaciones de amistad y cesar las hostilidades. Esto son los términos propuestos: 1- TDA y TF se ofrece a devolver los territorios de CUBA que controlan para que tomemos el control de nuestra isla de nuevo y podamos defendernos nosotros mismos a la vez que devolvernos la zona de los novatos de la facción. 2- Se cesarían las capturas de puertos pero se mantendría la posibilidad de atacar flotas de ambas naciones. Por nuestra parte un grupo de clanes y capitanes libres nos hemos reunido , debatido y hemos llegado a una conclusión por nuestra parte pero antes de dar una respuesta queremos consultarlo con el resto de compatriotas para conocer su opinión y si fuera necesario cambiar la respuesta. Firmado: FCE CGH PU EI SIR KAOS BSG LMD
  8. I have created a forum specific to PvP 2 in attempts to bolster population on this server. Below are sample boards. Please review the forum and join if you find it interesting and usable. TY To be able to post, it is much like any other forum: simply click Sign Up, fill out the info and click Join. Then check your email and click the activation link. http://napvp2.lefora.com/ Main Layout Nation Boards Bounty Board
  9. Please fix the ranks for the USA players. There is no such rank as Lt. Commandant. It is Lt. Commander, Commander, and Captain. Commandant was a shore position for schools and prisons, not a rank.
  10. While sailing my Basic Cutter on routine trade interdiction duties on behalf of His Royal Majesty, King George III, I encountered a large American assault fleet just north of Xpu Ha on the Yucatan peninsula. The fleet was sailing south towards British territory, and their bellicose motives were self-evident. As a loyal subject of the Crown, I immediately notified British national chat of my observations and proceeded to shadow the fleet, comprised of three Victory-class 1st rates, two Bellona-class 3rd rates, a Constitution, two Trincomalee-class 5th rates, and multiple Frigates and Surprises. The fleet, aware of my presence, made for Xpu Ha and entered the port, leaving a single Trincomalee outside with sails down to keep an eye on me. After standing off upwind for a few minutes, me watching him, and he watching me, I observed additional USA ships sailing down from the Tumbado area to join the rest of the assault fleet in port. Before long, I intuited that the Trincomalee was waiting for me to sail away so that he could give a signal to the rest of the fleet that it was clear to move out. In a maneuver that I can only describe as somewhat inspired, I spotted some NPC fleets just south of the port and quickly raised my own sails and maneuvered to intercept them. As I sailed in front of an NPC Constitution, blocking my Cutter's view from the Trincomalee back in Xpu Ha, I quickly dropped my sails, confident my small profile would be invisible from the port. Within seconds of this ruse, I was proved right, as the entire US assault fleet spilled out of Xpa Ha and veritably filled the channel with their sails. I immediately raised my own sails and gave chase. The wind had shifted to my favor, so despite the fact that I was south of them, I was able to sail on a comfortable beam reach while maintaining a position well upwind of them, completely preventing them from engaging me as their square rigged ships could not sail up to reach me. And they had no fore-and-aft rigged ships to deal with such a situation. I continued to give position and status updates to my British compatriots in national chat, where a plan of defense was quickly formulated. As the assault fleet approached Chinchorro, the wind was shifting to the east and I moved to the head of the column to obtain a more advantageous position. Due to the nearby presence of land, this allowed one of the Surprises to engage me in battle, though I was able to bear off and ensure that he'd be nowhere near me once the battle instance loaded. Once in the instance, I set off on a close reach and easily sailed away from the Surprise, but while doing so, the captain of one of the Victory-class ships purchased a conquest flag for Brewers - a ways south of Chinchorro. However, because of my shadowing of the fleet, and my reporting to British national chat, it was obvious to all that Brewers was almost certainly a ruse, so one of my compatriots immediately purchased a conquest flag for Asuncion - a USA port nearby Chinchorro - in the hopes of tricking the assault fleet into switching to defense. As I dropped out of the battle instance, none the worse for wear, I saw that a rainstorm had set in. Despite the reduced visibility, I spotted sails in the distance and quickly identified one of the fleet ships I'd seen previously. They had completely reversed direction and were headed towards Congrios / Asuncion for what they thought was a counterstrike. Our plan had worked. I continued to shadow the fleet and found them anchored off the estuary between Congrios and Asuncion, sails down, waiting for a British assault fleet that was, unbeknownst to them, never going to materialize. After sending a NavyBrig to engage me, which I again easily sailed away from, it became clear that they'd fallen for a trick and with the last few minutes of their conquest timer slipping through their fingers, they relented and dispersed. I shadowed the three Victory-class 1st rates to what appeared to be their home port in Tumbado, exchanging a bit of goodnatured ribaldry via PM with the conquest flag holder. Hats off to my British countrymen who, through subterfuge and misdirection, were able to completely stymie a US assault fleet, preventing a British port in the Yucatan from being lost, with no losses of their own and absolutely minimal cost. A lovely evening, indeed!
  11. Clear Skies is a USA clan on the PVP2 server looking for members of interested, into all parts of the game. TS is not required to enter the clan but is required to be in port battles. we offer an easy going clan heavy into PVP , co-clan ship building and resource collecting. No rank requirement or ship requirement we are willing to train any new comers into the game. If your are interested please send me a in game mail. Clear Skies Leader, Toad King
  12. I decided to put all my news articles for the US on one post so every one can see the updated and new articles.
  13. The Flying Gang [FLY], USA, is a small clan for me and my finnish-speaking friends. We might consider to take new finnish-speaking members. Currently there are only few members in the clan. We use Teamspeak 3 to communicate. The Flying Gang [FLY], USA, on vasta perustettu, pieni klaani minua ja kavereitani varten. Voimme harkita uusien, suomea puhuvien/kirjoittavien jäsenten ottamista mukaan. Juuri nyt meitä on vain muutama ja käytämme Teamspeak 3 höpisemiseen. Näin alkuun opettelemme pelailua ja tutustumme maailmaan, tulemme tekemään kauppalaivasto-reissuja ja sotimaan vihollisvaltoja vastaan milloin pystymme. Contact / Ota yhteyttä: In-game name: Jomppeli (finnish, english)
  14. PVP2 - Clan [uSN] - join us here! UNITED STATES NAVY CROWN HAVEN NAVAL STATION, NORTHERN BAHAMAS AFTER ACTION REPORT FROM: JLAM, Ensign, USN SUBJECT: ANTI-PIRACY PATROL01Feb16 1) Lt. McPrankster, En. JLAM, En. Joshua Barney, and En. Ahlos Dahel, organized an anti-piracy operation approximately three hours prior to this posting. It involved approximately 9 USN particpants (both officer and enlisted) as well as over a dozen citizens of the USA. People were ready to fight the pirates, but lacked leadership and direction- they quickly answered the call to battle once a unified force was acting. 2) The pirates operated out of Cabo Canaveral, and used a Basic Cutter as a scout vessel. The cutter would spot targets, and engage them. The main pirate task force (two Cerberus, one Renommee, one Snow) would then launch from inside the port and attack the target. They appeared to primarily target NPC trade vessels, but also attacked vulnerable player trade vessels. This pirate group had been operating up and down the Florida coast for most of the day, and were spotted well beforehand near the Bahamas. After the operations, they were seen sailing southeast towards or near Walker's Cay in the northern Bahamas. 3) The first engagement was primarily built up of Cutters, both player and AI. While we held a numerical and battle rating advantage, we could not catch up to the pirate frigates. After reinforcements arrived, two Cerberus, Renommee, and some other ships, we determined the best plan of action was to disengage from the battle, and allow another battle to commence with the larger allied ships. 4) The second engagement consisted of the major allied ships and cutters against a Pirate Renommee and Cerberus, while myself and a USMC vessel chased down the lone Pirate Cerberus and initiated a third engagement. Sometime shortly thereafter, the pirates escaped from the second engagement, but we were able to lock down the Cerberus in the fight. 5) With time, more allied vessels joined the fight. Simultaneously, a fourth engagement began against the pirate Snow. The Snow was sunk, and after a long chase, the Cerberus was summarily destroyed. USA Losses: 0 Pirate Losses: 1 Cerberus, 1 Snow
  15. Tenacity Gaming is an established gaming community on several games including; League of Legends 5+ Teams, Minecraft, Space Engineers, Rocket League and more. Tenacity Defence Fleet Tenacity has only recently joined the ranks of Naval Action with only a few members so far taking up arms, this is soon to increase and on that premise we are advertising here to recruit more sailors to join our ranks for the up coming adventure that lies with the Tenacity Defence Fleet. We are open to all captains, all nations, all languages; we ask that you can speak some English. Age requirement: 17+ We are a Community of players so all are welcome to use out TS3 server, and meet like minded friendly non toxic players! Tenacity Defence Fleet will be created for the British Faction initially as that is where most of us have raised our sails. other factions will have Fleets created as and when member numbers for that faction are adequate. Tenacity Gaming Website Registration is free, any issues contact Zorodek or Fester Adams on the TeamSpeak (linked on the website!) Tenacity Naval Action Forum When you arrive on the Tenacity website, please post an introduction on the forums, tell us what you play. if you wish to join the British Tenacity Defence Fleet, please post here: Captains Application The Fleet will Cover all areas of the game, Crafting to War, Trading to Exploration. Thankyou For Reading - Dan aka Zorodek
  16. WolfAceKing(SeaWolf) SeaFury and Darksoulsreaper is starting a new guild named Confederacy. Confederacy is a usa and pirate guild. Our main focus is PvP and Global Conquest(capturing ports/port battles). We want this guild to be small (about 50 members max) but elite that will fight to the death if need be. We offer custom banners depending on your rank in the guild. As well as tips for fighting,ranking up and etc... For more info/questions or you would like to join please visit our steam page here. PS Don't mind wolf and fury fighting in chat they like to yell at each other at times.
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