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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone! The other day I purchased the limited addition of Ultimate admiral dread knots and to be honest its been a huge blast building and playing battleships that never really left plans drawn up by the powers of WW2 such as the Montana class and the Japanese A-150 class of battleships. After playing for a reasonable amount of time now I feel there is something that the Royal Navy needs in game and that's pretty much the topic of what i'm going to discuss here (if you didn't catch the title XD). Firstly I must say that it would be an absolute dream come true if the developers implemented hulls for the King George V-Class of battleships and maybe even the hull of the HMS Vanguard which was built in 1940-46 making it just eligible for the latest year to build ships in game which is 1940. In game currently we have the battle cruiser HMS Hoods hull which may I say looks absolutely dashing but when it comes to battleships there really isn't much to say which is why King George V-Class hulls would be truly wonderful to have. On top of new hulls I was also hoping that possibly with the new hulls if they were to be added that some new British superstructures and towers were made to look like the ones we see on the King George class and the Vanguard. As I stated earlier I truly love this game and so far the amount of hull pieces and different guns could last me a life time however it would just be amazing to have the hulls from some of Britain's most famous battleships like the HMS King George and Vanguard. After playing games such as World of Warships and Atlantic Fleet I've grown a huge love for the British battleships previously mentioned and to have them in a ship building sandbox game were practically any ship design is viable leaves me speechless. One last thing of note about the King George V hulls would be that players could also use the hulls to create even the Lion class of battleships which were mere concepts never finished or the hulls could even be used to create large British battleships with whatever crazy and wacky guns people wanted to place on them. Secondly if its not to much of a stretch I believe if these new King George V's hulls are released they should be given their proper weapons which were 10 x BL 14" (360 mm) guns or to put it more plainly new 14" turrets with four barrels. The greatest part about having these four barreled 14" guns wouldn't even be just using them to recreate the King George V-Class of battleships but to also put these massive guns on other battleship hulls such as the Yamato hull or Bismark hull would be incredible! These guns don't just make the ships look cool they give them some new heavy firepower that would make any Japanese cruiser or battleship cower in fear as massive storms of 14" shells are lobbed at them. No other game to my knowledge has a ship building sandbox were you can recreate these amazing WW1 and WW2 era ships and i'm certain if there is one they have not implemented the massive 14" guns which were mounted on some of Britain's most famous battleships of all time. In conclusion to have hulls and the towers/superstructure pieces from the King George the V class of battleships would make the game even more fun than it already is which is pretty gosh dang fun in my opinion. On top of those hulls to have the signature four barreled 14" guns of the King George the V class of ships would bring so many more hours of fun to this already incredible game and if any developers would happen to read this please take this concept into consideration as most likely not just me but tons of other people would want to be able to recreate these WW2 giants and fight them in battles big or small. No matter if your a developer or just a casual player like me thank you so much fort reading and hopefully you can feel the same way about adding these WW2 metal beats to the game!
  2. So we had a port battle at Marsh Harbor tonight and I notice the defense goes down and suddenly the other team has 250 points. Even at full sales we would of just engaged them at this time. Than the second one goes down (they had two mortar brigs) and it was at 500 points. @admin is this how it's suppose to be with two AI fort/tower kills the Attackers had 500 points. Defenders have no real way to counter this. I remember the old points where 75 for Towers and 150 for forts.....250 is way to high. The battle was over really fast cause of this. While we would of lost the brawl in the long run getting over half points just for killing two useless for the most part AI that don't really help much as there range is two short is bad.; I'm just wondering if they are suppose to be worth so many points than they need to be doing more in defense or defenders need something else as this right now gives Attackers way to much a point advantage in the fights. Again we would of lost to the brawl (as neither us had complete control of two circles for long), but that 500 points straight off made the battle a very short one. Maybe the towers and forts need to be brought back down in points when killed as they should never be worth so many points you can win off just destroying them.
  3. Сейчас все форты в портовых боях имеют одинаковое название Martello Tower, что мешает при координации действий большой команды игроков по голосовой связи или чату. Предлагаю присвоить им имена собственные, например: Martello Tower A,B,... или 1,2,.... Или, как вариант, дать имена исторических фортов той эпохи.
  4. So, as it's only been briefly mentioned I wanted to bring up the idea of detailed Islands. There has been a lot of discussion about port business, trading and the economy, but I'm looking at this in a much more strategic light. The idea is to make 4 different types of islands, with 4 types of sizes, every one of different shapes & strategic value. Below are the types, the attachment gives a very basic example of the sizes I had in mind, and the names to give them. A grand Island you will notice has an extra small isle attached to it, which can be used by the fleet controlling it. I think there needs to be a good amount of islands in the game, perhaps around 60 in total, but obviously a much smaller amount whilst the game attracts more players, 15-25 to start off with maybe. Each island, obviously located in different parts of the map will have different strategic value and can be claimed or even besieged by Fleets at war with the defenders. An atoll is an island formed from a coral reef that has grown on an eroded and submerged volcanic island. The reef rises to the surface of the water and forms a new island. Atolls are typically ring-shaped with a central lagoon. Examples include the Maldives in the Indian Ocean and Line Islands in the Pacific. Continental islands are bodies of land that lie on the continental shelf of a continent. Examples include Greenland and Sable Island off North America; Barbados and Trinidad off South America; Great Britain, Ireland and Sicily off Europe; Sumatra and Java off Asia; and New Guinea and Tasmania off Australia. Oceanic islands are ones that do not sit on continental shelves. They are volcanic in origin. One type of oceanic island is found in a volcanic island arc. These islands arise from volcanoes where the subduction of one plate under another is occurring. Examples include the Mariana Islands, the Aleutian Islands, Republic of Mauritius and most of Tonga in the Pacific Ocean. Some of the Lesser Antilles and the South Sandwich Islands are the only Atlantic Ocean examples. Another type of oceanic island occurs where an oceanic rift reaches the surface. There are two examples: Iceland, which is the world's largest volcanic island, and Jan Mayen — both are in the Atlantic. A third type of oceanic island is formed over volcanic hotspots. A hotspot is more or less stationary relative to the moving tectonic plate above it, so a chain of islands results as the plate drifts. Over long periods of time, this type of island is eventually eroded down and "drowned" by isostatic adjustment, becoming a seamount. An example is the Hawaiian Islands, from Hawaii to Kure, How would you go about business in an Island belonging to your fleet? I think Islands need to be fairly exclusive, available only to the Fleets [guilds/groups/clans] strong enough to capture them, a grand island obviously would need quite a large force to attack. Once you have control of the island, you have a wealth of economic resources unique to that Island, you have another trading port + a stream of money generated from tax in the Large/Grand islands that are actually populated. You will also be able to upgrade the island with finances your fleet owns. Such upgrades would include: 1 Battery [of 9 cannons up to 32 pounders] 2 Batterys [of 9 cannons up to 32 pounders] 2 Batterys [of 9 cannons up to 32 pounders] & 1 Howitzer 3 Batterys [of 9 cannons up to 42 pounders] & 1 Howitzers 3 Batterys [of 9 cannons up to 42 pounders] & 2 Howitzers Martello Tower x1 Martello Tower x2 Martello Tower x3 Fort x1 The upgrades of course would not come cheap, and only islands of real strategic/economic value would be worth investing in. Thanks for reading, let me know what you think
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